At The Hotel With My Aunt (Part 34)


By the time we returned to the hotel, it was already dark. The beige curtains of the room were wide open, revealing dozens of windows at the opposite end of the building. Some of them had a soft, golden light emanating from them, as whoever occupied those rooms had too kept their curtains open. I remember seeing faint shadows dart across those backwalls, and I briefly considered closing our own to get a bit of privacy. But my mind was flooded with the images of what had taken place earlier that morning, and during the concert itself.The sensual tingles and tickles of my fairly recent orgasm still lingered within my groin, even an hour or two after the concert. My head spun, and my hands trembled. And now, I was in a hotel room alone with a pretty older woman who had done unspeakably erotic acts upon a member of her own family. Her older sister’s son. A nephew.What was I supposed to do next? What was I supposed to say next? What was I supposed to think next? A part of me knew it was wrong, to accept what had happened as it occurred and never speak of it again. But there was another part of me, a greater part that wanted more. A nasty part that hadn’t had enough. It was something animalistic. Something that I couldn’t articulate back then. But I can say now with some confidence that it was stronger than any drug known to mankind. It surged through me like a shot of morphine, this bestial lust of carnal desire.Amy went into the bathroom, bahis şirketleri closing the door behind her, presumably to strip off the little black dress and put on something more comfortable to fall asleep in. I, however, could no longer stand. I had to sit down in the lounge chair at the corner of the room, the same place where she had given me a delightfully explosive handjob earlier that day. It almost seemed to envelop me in a kind of trace, the mere idea of all she had done to please me, and just what I might see if I could look through the bathroom door and watch her strip the little black dress off her finely aged body.Then, as if God Himself heard my silent plea, the bathroom door swung open.From the doorway did she step, in nothing more than a lacy black bra and a thong. As a mother of two, I would never have expected to see her wearing that kind of garment under such conservative clothing. For her husband? Yes, maybe as a reward for a wonderful date night. But to wear that for a classical music concert while in the presence of her nephew, never. My eyes were glued to her; to her pink flesh, to her delicate breasts, and to the seductive curve of her hips. With a heavy heart panged by the passions of adolescent lust, I stood up.By then she was rummaging through the luggage bag she had brought with her. What she was looking for I did not know, nor did I care. I wanted an answer. I needed an answer to the question that had bahis firmaları plagued my thoughts ever since my cum was dripping off of her slim fingers.“Why did you do it?” I asked, as I inched toward her.She looked up, and though her green eyes met my own, I noticed a flicker in them, a very slight glance at the bulge in my black dress pants. “What do you mean?”“Why did you do those things for me? Why did you take it upon yourself to make me feel so good? Why did you give me, your nephew, a handjob and a blowjob?”She chuckled under her breath and returned her attention to the luggage on the bed. “Because I know what it’s like to be young and swimming in hormones, and if I’m here, why not help you get off?”“What are you doing now, then?” I asked. “Why are you dressed like that? To tease me?”“No,” she said, as she shot a glance at me, her eyes disapproving. “Why would I want to tease you? I’m looking for a hair tie. Don’t want to get my hair wet when I…” Her words trailed off and her hands idled. She looked up at me, slowly that time, and understood exactly what she was doing to my sexually-charged mind. “Oh,” she continued softly, in a warm and sultry voice that too held the accents of her motherhood. “I see. Well, I want you to know that if what you’re feeling gets the better of you, I’m willing to help you get there.”I took a deep breath, and with my heart like an iron weight that tethered me to the earth, I neared her. “So… kaçak bahis siteleri If I told you that right now, I want nothing more than to feel what it’s like inside you, what would you say?”“I don’t think I’d say anything,” she said, and reached behind her back to unhook the lacy black bra. It fell to the floor beside the bed, leaving her succulent breasts exposed for my viewing pleasure. “I’d simply get onto the bed and let you do what you needed to feel satisfied.” And she did just that. Before I was even aware of what she was doing, she had crawled onto the bed, arching the curve of her back, and subtly offering herself like a bitch in heat. I didn’t waste any time dropping my pants, the actions performed subconsciously as if it was a natural expectation after what she did to me earlier that day.I stood at the edge of the bed, my eyes refusing to look at anything other than her scanty ass trapped behind the thin strand of fabric from her lacy, black thong. I placed my hands on her ass, holding firm and squeezing the cheeks together like a little kid playing with a new toy. When I wrapped my fingers around the straps of the thong at her hips, I pulled them down and off of her, exposing a tight asshole that I too wanted to invade. But I held back this temptation.On that night, it was her pussy that would be mine for the taking.It was like nothing I had ever felt before, taking myself in hand, a throbbing piece of meat that seemed to pull me forward, until its solitary eye touched the moist lips of such an incestuous delicacy. I ran the tip of my cock along those lips, making sure there was enough grease to slide in without causing her any moment of discomfort.

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