Bathroom Stall


I see her eyes peer at me lasciviously from the slightly ajar door to the women’s bathroom. She flashes a smile as I exit the men’s room, and she reaches out and crooks a finger calling to me to her. I feel drawn to her but I am confused, as I have never been in a situation like this before.

My confusion must show in my eyes as she just lets out an exasperated sigh that pushes a strawberry blonde lock of hair from her face. She looks into my eyes as she reaches out and grabs me by the front of my shirt and pulls me into the ladies room.

I feel her body pushed up against mine, her breasts against my chest, her hips grinding into mine, the electricity of her mere touch flashes along my whole body. Her hand on my shirt moves up to the back of my neck and she pulls me over slightly as she stretches up to kiss me with a passion I didn’t know existed. After a moment I come to terms with my surprise, and my arms leave my sides, one reaching behind her neck, to the spot where it meets with her jaw, while the other one finds itself in the small of her back pulling her into me even tighter.

She moans as she feels my hands moving along her body. My hand on her neck grabs a fistful of her hair and I pull her head firmly and slowly backwards, baring her neck as I break our kiss. I bend down and bite gently down on the sensitive spot where her neck meets her shoulder, eliciting a most delicious low moan from her gaping mouth.

I let her fall slightly away from me as I pull back and watch her eyes return from the trip they made into the back of her head when she felt my teeth on her throat. She recovers quickly as I glance around the rest room, seeing the layout for the first time. I see three stalls and a sink with a mirror on the other side of the room.

I look down at her and place my hands on her hips and walk backwards towards the middle stall. She resists at first, but then a wave of understanding washes across her face. She moans a little bit.

“Oh fuck… yes…” she says as she pushes me back, hard into the open door.

I stumble back through the stall door and I fall onto the seat of the toilet.

“Mmm this should be tasty.” she says as she licks her lips. Her arms move behind her head fastening her hair out of the way as she kneels before me. She smiles as she ever so slowly, unzips my pants, and pulls out my half hard cock. Delighted she looks up from the rapidly hardening cock in her hand.

“I enjoy this part… probably more then I should” She whispers as she lowers her lips and brushes them across the tip of my cock. Her smile disappears as she fills her mouth with the first inches of my manhood.

A wave of pleasure washes over me as she begins moaning and taking as much of my cock as she can into her mouth. I feel myself becoming overcome by lust as her head bounces in my lap. The sounds of her slurping up my cock drive me wild. Her moans as she tries to take as much of my length as possible are the dirtiest and most beautiful sounds i have ever heard.

“If you aren’t careful, I’m going to lose control.” I say as I feel myself becoming more bestial. She lets my cock pop out from between her lips, and looks at me with an look of faux innocence.

“Oh? So you want me to stop then?” Her innocent face changes its character as she Maltepe Escort sees the fire of desire in my eyes. Her lips spread into a wicked grin and she delights in the tortured moan that escapes me as her lips slowly, oh so slowly, travel down my length until she can take no more.

I let out a sound similar to a low growl, as I let go of what little control I had left over my natural bestial impulses. My hands move to the back of her head and roughly grab her by her beautiful strawberry blonde locks. I then proceed to fuck her face at the rhythm I desire. At first I roughly pull her head up and down on my thrusting cock. She gags slightly with every thrust but she doesn’t even try and stop, her hands are on my thighs but she doesn’t push me away, she tries to pull me in deeper with every thrust. As she deep throats my rigid cock, saliva slides down my shaft and begins to soak into my pants.

After a few minutes I slow down and proceed to move her face slowly and steadily up and down my shaft. After the rough face fucking, this is much slower and more sensual. I take her from the head of my shaft all the way to the base and back again, slowly but surely. After she figures out sudden change in tempo she begins to enjoy the feeling of my cock moving slowly and consistently into and out of her mouth. Her hands try to pull it in deeper and faster, but my grip on her hair keeps her at my desired speed. Her moans vibrate along the length of my cock and fill me with an electric thrill.

When I have had enough of this sexual appetizer I pull her head all the way off my cock, and hold her still so I can look into her enchanting blue eyes.

“Did you like that?” I say in a low growl that is my natural voice when I am this far lost to my inner animal.

“mmmhhmmm.” she replies,her eyes half lidded, as her hand comes up and wipes some of the saliva and smeared lipstick from her chin.

“Good now stand up and turn around.”

“Oooh, all demanding, I like it”

She stands up and runs her tongue along her teeth. I deftly spin her around and her hands come up as I push her hard against the stall door. One of my hands travels up the inside of her very shapely thigh and takes her skirt with it as it finds its way to her shapely ass. The other grabs her now messy hair once again and pulls her head back so that her ass is pressed back into my crotch with my cock nestled between her delicious cheeks.

“Good, then you will love what comes next.” I bend over her and whisper into her ear. My hand that had been fondling her shapely ass finds that her ass and hips are completely bare.

“What a naughty girl, you didn’t even wear panties tonight did you?” I ask quietly. She feels my hand move down her ass and around to feel her dripping wet cunt.

“Oh yea baby, I’m a naughty girl. What’cha gonna to do about it?” she says as she turns her head as much as I allow with my hand still holding her hair firmly.

“I’m going to make you into my naughty little FUCKING slut. I am going to make you BEG me for my fucking cock. You’ll be my little cum-slut when I am done with you.” I whisper intensely in her ear, as the words cause her to grind her pussy back against my rigid cock.

“Ohhhh yessss” I hear her moan as she continues to try to grind herself Kurtköy Escort onto my cock. “Fuck me! Give me that thick cock.” she says as I enjoy the feeling of her ass cheeks grinding along my length, her wet pussy against the underside of my shaft..

I use my hand wrapped around her leg to rub her hard clit as I move back a bit, just enough to position the head of my cock against the tight wet entrance to her pussy.

“Do you want my cock?”

“Oh ggggod yes!”

With her answer I push forward, the head of my cock pushing slowly into her tight cunt. I feel her stretch to accommodate my girth as she moans with pleasure.When the head is in I stop moving and just hold it there as she moans and squirms trying to push it in further.

“Beg for it” I whisper in her ear.

“Give me more!” she moans

I push in another inch ever so slowly feeling her cunt contracting around my cock.

“Oooooh… more!” she moans louder, as she feels my cock stretching out her dripping pussy.

I pull out slightly and push further into her cunt stretching her as I do.

“mmmm… MORE!” she practically screams. He hips are grinding on my shaft as I give her a little more each time she asks. I keep this up until I finally push all the way in and feel her cervix against the head of my cock.

By this point she is an animal. She has long forgotten that we are fucking in a ladies restroom and is begging for me to fuck her.

“Now that you have all you can take, what do you have to say for yourself?” I ask with a hint of malevolence.

“FUCK ME! POUND my pussy! Make me your SLUT, anything! JUST FUCK ME!” She screams, as her arms strain as she pushes against the door to gain leverage and try to fit more of my cock into her gyrating cunt.

“Your wish,” I say as I pull my meaty manhood all the way out of her. “Is my command.” As I ram myself all the way home once again, to the sound of a pleasured moan and the slap of her ass against my crotch.

“Oh ugh… GOD… ugh. FUCK… yesssss” She lets flow with a load stream of profanity, a new word for every powerful thrust. I reach up her dress and fill each of my hands with her beautiful tits, hard nipples against my palms.

I fuck her. Slowly at first, but I increase the tempo until I am pounding away at her stretched wet cunt. Each full thrust elicits another howl, which spurs me onward. I release her breasts and move my hands to her hips. Each thrust produces a loud wet slap that fill the restroom.

“You are my good little slut, aren’t you?” I growl as I push into her.

“Yes…. uhh…. I am your good little slut…. mmmm” She mewls as I fuck her. Her hips gyrate and drive me to further depravity.

“Tell me… ugh yes… how much you …. mmmm … like getting your tight little cunt pounded” I moan softly into her ear from behind.

She moans with each trust, and pushes to meet me. Her hands are on each side of the metal door, her legs spread with my manhood between them. Her dress is pushed up and I can see her delicious ass spread before me. I take her ass in both hands and push into her pussy as she answers my query.

“Oh… god… I am your dirty little slut! Uhhh!… Yes!… I love taking your big thick cock wherever you will fuck me! YES…… Fuck me Kartal Escort like your dirty FUCKING whore!”

And then I hear the bathroom door open with a squeal. I hear the click of heels echo through the room as I finish my thrust and her moan joins the faltering sound of surprised womens’ shoes.

I pull her back by the shoulders as I sit on the toilet in our stall and whisper in her ear “Show me how much of a slut you really are.” I release her.

I see a pair of red high heels enter the stall next to ours, as my beautiful strawberry blonde vixen proceeds to slide down the length of my cock with only a slight throaty moan. The door next to us closes with a bang as my vixen pushes herself up once more.

“Is that all you’ve got? hmm… maybe you aren’t as much of a slut as I thought.” I tease quietly with a sarcastic grin.

You get up and turn so you are facing me, and I can see my comment has lit a fire in your eyes. Your arms wrap around my neck as you slide down my girth moaning quite audibly.

“Oh, I will show you what a true slut can do” You whisper in my ear and pull back seeing your words have pleased me very much.

“OH!” She lets cry louder than before with a wicked grin, as she impales herself once more.


“FUCK…. ugh…. YOUR…. mmmm… DIRTY… OooH…. SLUT!” she practically screams, her eyes rolling back into her head.

The woman next to us must be getting more than she bargained for as my partner works herself towards a thundering loud orgasm.

I grab her ass and thrust up to meet her every time she engulfs my cock. The sexual wet slaps paired with the sensual moans echo throughout the room. The stall walls shake as she uses them for leverage to pleasure herself properly with my rigid manhood. I notice the red shoes next door are spread wide, and I swear I can hear heavy breathing coming from the woman they are attached to.

I whisper this to my vixen and this seems to drive her wild. Her speed and volume practically double as she hits her g-spot with every bounce

“I’m going to come.” she says with an almost feral look flashing over her face. “I want you to come with me”

“Mmmm maybe if you convince me.” I say with a guttural growl and animal glare.

She continues to fuck herself on my rock hard cock and she leans in, her mouth beside my ear.

“Mmmm I’m going to come on your cock. Make me your dirty cum-slut like you promised. I want to feel you fill me up….. come with me!” She says as her breath comes with a fevered tempo as she reaches the point of no return. She comes with a shuddering moan in my ear as I let loose with a deep growl while grabbing her ass and thrusting up into her as my orgasm overtakes me as well.

As we both finish and come down from the heights of our individual orgasms, I notice the women next door stand and exit quietly from her stall. I hear the bathroom door open and close as my beautiful vixen rests her head on my shoulder.

We rearrange our clothes and hair and exit the womens’ room. Outside is that same pair of shoes waiting for us, attached to a beautiful woman with a slight blush and bright eyes. She hands me and my ‘exercise’ partner a pair of cards, each with a phone number written on them.

“Call me” the woman in front of us says as she scurries away.

“Should we call her tomorrow?” My compatriot asks with a smirk, my wet cum between her thighs make her push them together.

“Why of course! The more the merrier!” I say with a laugh as we head back to the nights other entertainments.

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