Becoming a Bull



Summary: Straight guy becomes the bull of a gay cuckold relationship.

Note 1: the characters are assholes and cheaters.

Note 2: this story is a standalone. There will be no part 2.

Becoming a Bull

I was at the back of the bus, with my friend Marcos sitting by my side. I was texting my ex-girlfriend, trying to get back together, when my friend Marcos asked me if I was up to let his boyfriend suck me. For a moment, I didn’t even realize what he had said. Then, my attention was taken from Mari’s texts, and I gave him the ‘what the fuck?’ look.

I had never heard something so ridiculous. I assumed he was fucking with me somehow, so I smiled and shook my head, telling him to go fuck himself.

“I’m sure he would like you, Vincente,” said Marcos.

“You’re not shitting me?” I asked, as my smile died down.

Gay men had the infamous reputation of being dirty, but Marcos was the embodiment of that. I’ve felt a sort of fascination with hearing him talk about his adventures.

He took me by surprise, and I panicked for a moment, not knowing how to react. “You want your boyfriend to suck my dick?”

“Didn’t you tell me you were going through some rough time with Mari?”

Shit. I did tell him that. I still thought he was fucking with me. I knew I should cut him out now, and make sure he never touched on that kind of idea again. But the bus was empty and I was getting a hard-on. I had never thought about letting some guy suck me, never had a gay fantasy in my life. I was trying to get back with my girl right now, for God’s sake. And now I had the biggest bulging package. It was such a potent erection that it scared me.

“I’m not that desperate, dude.” I shook my head again. “Besides, I’m talking to Mari right now, here on the phone,” I said. I had to cover my bulge with my hand so Marcos wouldn’t notice, but I was afraid it was actually making things worse cause I enjoyed the weight on top.

I was a big guy, tall and chubby, a mixture of muscles and fat. Mari had told me over and over to go to the gym and work out, so I could reach my full potential. It bothered me that she wasn’t satisfied with my body, when I thought I looked pretty good.

“You can just close your eyes, and it will be just another mouth. Bernardo is a great cocksucker.” Marcos chuckled lightly, only for me to hear. I was leaning into his words. It definitely had an effect on me.

“Dude, are you really serious?” Was Marcos really that crazy? Did he really want me to feed my cock to his boyfriend? And Marcos noticed my erection right then. I felt like I was caught doing something wrong.

Then, Mari texted me, and I used it as an excuse to clear my head a little. Mari was saying she couldn’t talk anymore for a few hours. Fuck. She was making me crawl and beg. It had been two months since we broke up, and she blamed only me and my jealousy.

She and I went to the same college. That’s where the bus was taking me right now, it was our last year. But I was three years older than her. I was a late start, 25 years old.

Marcos was 32, and worked in the administration there. He knew Mari as well, treated her like a dear friend, which only made his offer even more immoral. Marcos was obsessed with his looks, dedicated many hours to the gym to look buff and enjoyed displaying his muscles in tight clothes. His skin was clean and his face always shaved. And Marcos would never let anyone touch his well-groomed dark hair.

“I’m not interested,” I said again, sounding sharper than Marcos deserved. It wasn’t his fault my humor was short. However, Marcos did not give up.

“Can’t blame me for trying, bro.” Marcos smiled. “You’re the most handsome guy I know.”

“Cut the crap, Marcos. It’s not going to work.” But my returned smile seemed to have given him some hope.

“I’m serious, man. You look like the type of guy who just needs a little push to become a monster.”

“Is that a good thing?” I said, although I should have stopped indulging him a long time ago.

“Shit, man.” He bit his lip. “I can’t imagine how good you must be.”

“And you want your boy to find out?” My cock was throbbing. Who could blame me? Mari was so determined to ignore me, I was getting hard-ons for anything.

“It’s just this little thing I have,” Marcos began to explain. “To see a guy like you showing my boyfriend how it’s done. He already agreed, you know? I just need to find someone. He would love you, big and straight, and I bet you are so much better than me.”

My cock started to bob inside my pants, and as Marcos watched, I didn’t even try to hide it, fascinated by his interest. He wasn’t afraid of me, nor ashamed, he just wanted to appreciate my meat. I looked around, and we still were the only ones on the back.

“I don’t know, man,” I said. “You know I’m not into guys. It’s just not my thing.” But my cock was sure to give a different message.

I had seen pictures of Bernardo, the boyfriend. And not only of his face. Marcos had maltepe escort shown me somewhere Bernardo’s stretched butthole was filled with cum. Alright, I guess I couldn’t really blame Marcos for getting the wrong idea about me.

Mari had never allowed me to get even close to her butthole. So I had been really into it when Marcos offered to show his boyfriend’s, even if it was a guy’s butt. A hole is a hole.

“How about you just come and hang out, huh? You don’t need to do anything.”

I did not see the evil in that.

“Alright, man. But I haven’t agreed to anything,” I added.

“Of course, of course,” Marcos couldn’t hide his excitement. “When can you show up?”

I thought about it with the head between my legs. Today was Friday, so I had some free time ahead. Mari wouldn’t give up her games. I was pleased with the thought of punishing her for it.

And nobody would ever know.

“Tomorrow is fine,” I said.

The next morning was a sunny Saturday, early in November, and I waited for Marcos to pick me up, a little bit farther from my usual bus stop. He showed up in his boyfriend’s car, a black Ford.

I entered it and was greeted by Marcos, looking chill, wearing sleeveless shirt and nylon shorts, showing off his leg muscles and hair.. I would never assume he was that hairy.

“How are you doing, man?” He asked. He sounded like any other day Marcos, like we weren’t doing anything wrong.


“Have you had breakfast?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

Marcos kept making small talk on the way, and it helped. I was glad the building where they lived was far away. We took the elevator to the sixth floor, and I was feeling pretty tranquil by that point. Marcos had talked about Bernardo. Apart from the pictures he showed me, I didn’t know him.

Then, I was led to his apartment.

Before Marcos could open the door, Bernardo did it for him and I saw how small he was. I had to look down at him the same way I did with Mari. I felt like I could kill him with a hug. His disheveled black hair curled around, and the round glasses gave off a nerd impression. But he wasn’t a weakling. He had a lean body and well defined muscles. You could see that by the way his white shirt, with a black skeleton figure, wrapped tight around his wide shoulders. This dude was the one who enjoyed getting his hole creamed?

Bernardo surprised me with his deep chill voice, and right away I knew he was a serious guy. His grip was firm when he shook my hand, but I could see his confusion. He didn’t know me. Fuck… I thought Marcos had at least showed some pictures.

I worried about that while they led me through their apartment. Bernardo offered me drinks. I accepted water, and before he went to get it, he gave Marcos a curious look. It seemed to say – what the hell is going on?

I sat down on the white couch in the living room, and Marcos cleaned away some textbooks and papers that were on the small middle table. He explained that Bernardo was a highschool teacher, and it was the end of the year. I understood. Marcos took everything to the stand below the bookshelves on the opposite wall. Then, he sat next to me and we talked. I mentioned how the bookshelves were completely full, and Marcos started talking about books.

While I listened, I still carried the distasteful impression that Bernardo had no fucking idea who I was.

Then Bernardo joined us, handling me a cup of water,he sat down next to Marcos and asked me if I was a friend of his.

“Bernardo,” Marcos began. “Remember that I have been talking about a friend… that agreed to do that thing… you know?” Marcos said with a straight face.

Bernardo froze. His face reddened, and I didn’t know if it was out of shame or anger or outrage. He stuttered after a moment, which made clear he was actually embarrassed.

Bernardo looked at me. I suddenly was very self-aware, but returned the stare until the smaller man retreated. He turned back to his boyfriend.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. He tried to keep cool, his voice steady.

“I said I would bring him.” Marcos pulled him for a kiss. I sat there astounded by the sight of two guys sharing a lot of tongue, right in front of me, and again I was surprised by an erection that grew until it hurt. I cleared my throat.

“Listen, I have not agreed to anything, all right?”

The kissing stopped. Bernardo had a crimson cloud creeping up his neck and cheeks. He fixed his glasses and avoided eye contact. Somehow his shyness was attractive to me.

Marcos chuckled.

“Come on, man. You’re here. You want it.”

“Fuck you, Marcos. Don’t start with that bullshit,” I said.

“Relax, man.”

“If he doesn’t want it, you can’t force him, Marcos,” Bernardo said.

“Just a blowjob, guys. I promise you, Vince, he gives good ones.” Marcos kissed Bernardo again, even more slowly, but now with his eyes open, looking straight at me. I saw it as a challenge and didn’t retreat.

“I came here thinking that your escort maltepe boyfriend knew who I was. He doesn’t even seem to like me.”

Marcos turned to Bernardo.

“Come on, Bernardo, we talked about it… I know you want it.” Marcos was the one calling the shots in this relationship. Bernardo was totally sold, lips trembling softly as Marcos whispered these words in his ear. “Do you like Vincente?”

Before answering, Bernardo straightened his glasses again, and turned his gaze to me.

“Do you want to?”

“Do you?” I said back.

“Yeah,” he said. He looked guiltily at Marcos, but at his nod, he checked me out. I could tell where his eyes stopped. My cock was hard. I showed him the print of my cock, pressing both hands around and pushing the pants down.

“Enjoy it,” Marcos said.

Mari and I weren’t exactly back together. And that was on her.

I was excited. Not only because of a free blowjob, but because the guy was in a relationship, and Marcos was right there, as excited as me, to watch his boyfriend getting fed by another man’s cock.

Bernardo stood up.

Marcos leaned back on the couch and grabbed his bulge. Since the shorts were so thin, the cock was forming a tent. He caught me looking and slapped it. I never thought I would be in this situation, watching him playing with his cock and enjoying it.

“Strip, Nando.” Marcos’ voice grew deeper. “Let him see your small cock.”

Bernardo obeyed quickly. Most of his embarrassment was gone. He removed his shirt first, showing me his hairy chest. Again, I felt like I could tear him apart, like a bear could do to a bunny.

Then he took off his shorts and underwear, his cock was indeed small, and the muzzle at the end of the shaft didn’t help. I never thought I would look at a hard cock and think it was kind of cute.

When he was naked, he put his glasses back on. He had turned around to grab them, so I was staring right at his hairy tight ass. I wanted to slap those cute cheeks right away. Marcos was smiling at me as if he knew my mind. I shook my head at him.

Bernardo knelt in front of me. There was something about a man giving you that privilege, that power over him. A guy who belonged to someone else nonetheless. The moment he knelt to me, I was more than just a stranger.

He ran his hands over my jeans. They climbed up my legs and brushed my cock. He played with the zipper, catching my eyes. But instead of opening, he pushed his face down and inhaled my bulge.

As I felt his nose against my cock, my eyes went straight to Marcos, to see how he would react to this. A part of me still doubted he could be okay with his boyfriend kneeling to me and adoring my cock.

Marcos was stroking himself slowly. If he was jealous, he was enjoying the feeling. I couldn’t understand. But watching him drove me nuts.

I was thankful when Bernardo opened my jeans. My cock made Bernardo’s face look smaller somehow. Marcos was watching everything. I grabbed Bernardo by the hair and rubbed my cock all over his face.

“Take that, smell it… Do you like it?” I was making him smell my balls. “Do you like the smell of my nuts?”

Bernardo moaned and nodded. He seemed so taken by my essence. He licked my musky balls, cleaning up all the sweat, then buried himself on my dark muzzle. I didn’t close my eyes and pretend it was a girl. I was aware that this was a man. He was loving my cock and I was okay with that. I was more than okay. It was beautiful to watch; a guy who, a few minutes ago, seemed so collected turning into a slut.

Bernardo slapped his own face, the weight of my shaft making his cheeks shake. He smiled up at me. Fuck, but it felt good to see that.

Marcos stood up to watch more closely as Bernardo licked the pink head. My cock was thick, and longer than Bernardo’s face. He complimented the size many times:

“Shit, it’s so big.”

“It’s so heavy.”

“Look how thick it is.”

Marcos hugged Bernardo from behind, and his face got really close to my cock too. Bernardo offered my cock so he could take a turn, but Marcos only took a sniff, brushing the tip of his nose on the head, then smiled up at me.

“Do you like his smell?.” Marcos held Bernardo by his chin, raising his face to me. I felt like I was being treated like a god. Marcos was offering his sacrifice.

“Yeah, he smells good” Bernardo’s voice was small. I remembered that this was his first time doing this crazy thing, all for Marcos.

“Do you like his cock?”

“Yeah, it’s so big.”

“It’s bigger than mine.”

Bernardo nodded.

“What else? Do you like rubbing his big nuts on your face?” And Marcos did just that. He took my balls and dragged them on Bernardo’s face. The guy received my nuts with open lips, sucking on me.

“I love you so much,” Marcos said, and let him go.

Bernardo was still blushing when he put my heavy meat inside his mouth. First, he sucked the head, making his lips lock around the bulging mushroom shape and enjoy it like maltepe escort bayan the best dessert in the world.

Marcos revelled on it, looking defeated and still masturbating. Why was I so into it?

They worked together to get my pants off. It felt good to open up my legs. Marcos knelt beside Bernardo and watched him lick my nuts again. I was incredibly thankful for the golden treatment. No girls had ever sucked my balls like that.

“There you go,” Marcos said, looking up at me. “He’s all yours.” He didn’t want me to say I was sorry. .

“Stop getting in the way, cuck.”

Marcos was taken by surprise. He widened his eyes, and then he masturbated faster. He didn’t say another word.

Bernardo slowly pushed my meat deeper in his mouth, until I was brushing his throat. But he didn’t stop there, and it was hard to control my reactions. He engorged himself, pure bliss showing on his face.

He bobbed on my cock.

He made a mess with his own saliva, covering my cock and balls.

He slurped and gagged.

“Holy shit,” I said, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

All the while, Marcos was pathetically stroking himself and pinching his own nipple. I was pretty sure he was close to cumming. His cock was gushing out a small stream of pre-cum that fell, making a little pool on the ground.

I warned Bernardo that I was close, and left the choice to him. He chose to let me cum on his face,so I held his head in place, and shot load after load, some of it on his glasses, some of it on his lips.

He licked my cum from his lips, and then he cleaned my cock slowly. He made little satisfying sounds like he was enjoying the taste.

“Oh my fucking…” I couldn’t finish. I let out a breath, and leaned back on the couch. Bernardo kept sucking me. There was nothing I could do to stop him.

“Enjoy it, baby, it’s all yours,” Marcos said.

Bernardo ignored his boyfriend, which was what Marcos wanted.

Now my cock was hard again. This time, Bernardo was slower. There were times when he would lock his face against my cock, as if to feel the veins pulsing, the heat, the weight.

“Isn’t he good?” Marcos asked me.

“He’s phenomenal,” I said, and felt my face burn.

“You made him so happy. And he told me he wasn’t that type of guy.”

“That type of guy?”


I laughed out loud. Marcos laughed too, while Bernardo moaned and whined at the same time, like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t take my cock out of his mouth.

Bernardo made a wonderful tongue movement, lolling and twisting on the head of my cock, eating any bit of cum that came out. Marcos only watched. I looked down at the ground and saw that he had spilled his cum already. Poor guy. I smiled at him with triumph…

It only took Bernardo to start deep-throating me to cum again. He wanted it all in, but was having trouble. It didn’t stop him from trying. I could feel the head brushing the walls of his throat, and he had tears in his eyes.

He took inside of his mouth more of my cock than Mari ever could. I shot my load straight down his throat. Marcos showed up later, behind him, and kissed his shoulder, then his mouth. I had to watch them. It was supposed to be disgusting, but it wasn’t.

“How’s the taste?” I asked Marcos after they were done.

“Amazing,” Marcos said. Then he turned to Bernardo, staring deep into his eyes. “Thank you, Nando. . I promise you this is the only time if you say so.” And Bernardo only nodded.

As I came to my senses, I decided that it was better to go home. Marcos asked if I didn’t want to stay for a while, drink some beers and hang out. I took the high road and refused.

They watched me dress up. Marcos waited for me to zip up before saying:

“I’ll take you, then. It’s the least I could do.” He gave me a broad smile. “Thank you so much, Vincente.”

“No problem, dude.”

Before we left, Marcos gave Bernardo a kiss.

I was ready to go when Marcos told Bernardo to give me a kiss too. He saw how startled I was by that, and quickly clarified that the kiss was for my cock. Bernardo asked for my permission, and I only agreed because I was curious. So Bernardo knelt in front of me and kissed my pants, right on top of my bulging volume. I was horny all over again. It was fantastic.

A few hours later, I was lying on my bed, and Mari was being a bitch.

It was obvious she wanted me back, but she also enjoyed playing her games. I had screwed up a few months back. She was out with some friends, they posted a picture, there was a guy with them I didn’t like, I showed up and made a scene. That was it.

“Talking with you is nice,” she said over the phone. “I miss you.”

“You don’t have to miss me. Come on, Mari.”

“Hey, I don’t need distractions right now. It’s the end of the year, our finals are coming up. Let’s deal with that first.”

“Actually, I could help you relax and you might perform better,” I said, knowing what that joke would earn me.

“Don’t insist, Vincente. Please. I don’t need that right now.”

I sighed. I scratched my balls for a moment, and it made me remember all over again. The things I had done.

Jesus, what was wrong with me?

“I wish you were here with me, right now.”

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