Bike Ride


Natasha was one of Lynn’s best friends.  She was much younger than I and had only recently turned 40. She was a striking professional with a slight body, a tight ass, a pretty face that was framed with shoulder length brown hair that she often wore up. Natasha has been separated from her husband for three years and was awaiting his signature on the divorce papers.  For her 40th birthday, she bought herself a boob job that realigned that part of her body to resemble its past before two kids had been born.I had become friendly with Natasha through Lynn as I was in a long-distance relationship with my fiancée and had time on my hands.Natasha and I were both introverts and we both relied on Lynn to organize social events.  But more and more, we were texting one another and occasionally meeting up to hang out.Last weekend we agreed to go trail biking together.  I picked her up and we drove to park and spent several hours riding our bikes and enjoying the autumn leaves. By the time I returned her back to her place, it was nearly dark as the days were getting shorter.“Do you want to go in town and grab a beer and some food?” I asked as she lived outside of the city.“Sure, that would be fun!” she replied as we entered her house. “Sorry, about the lights, my electricity on the main floor isn’t working and I have an electrician coming next week. Stupid squirrels are eating my wires again.”I felt my way into the room not having the benefit of familiarity of the surroundings. She bahis şirketleri added, “Is okay if I grab a quick shower before we go?”I responded, “And leave me alone in the dark? Do you need company?”  I paused for just a second longer than I should have before adding the kidding “haha.”She knowingly made her way up the stairs and flipped on a light on the second level. “Haha!” She quipped back, but a few seconds later added, “You can if you want.” She disappeared into a room upstairs and I heard the footsteps above me.Her reply shocked me, but also excited me. I wondered whether she was serious or kidding like was?I listened as she turned on the shower, my mind spinning.I made my way over to the staircase and made my way upstairs tentatively.  The door to her bedroom was open and looked in before entering. As too was the door to the en suite open with a little steam seaping out into the cool evening air.I thought to myself, what to do?I figured why not and quickly stripped away my athletic wear. Stark naked I entered the doorway to en suite.  It was a tile shower with a glass door.  I could see a fuzzy silhouette of her pale body moving behind the glass and under the stream of the shower.I walked to the glass door and opened it. It startled her at first. I instantly saw in her eyes that she wasn’t really expecting me to follow through on our banter. But nor did she object.I entered the shower.“Is this awkward?” I just asked flat out.  I really didn’t bahis firmaları care if she told me to get out, I would try and waive it off as an inappropriate but harmless joke.  But I was cautiously optimistic she might be okay with my presence.“Nah, it’s fine,” as she passed off the second opportunity to reject me, “I’ve always been curious about your cock,” she said with a playful grin.My cock stood to full attention and awaited inspection.She was washing her body with soap and facing me giving her intruder a good lookover from head to toe.She turned to put her face under the water from the showerhead and I took a step closer.  Nothing but the tip of my cock leaned against the small of her back.She turned again. Slowly.She reached down and gripped my shaft, “Have you got a little problem there buddy?”She rubbed it two or three times with intentional deliberation then looked at me, “The shower is all yours,” then exited.I showered myself quickly.  As I came out, she threw me a towel and I began drying myself off.She was in the bedroom wrapped in her own towel as I came out.Her bed was unmade and there were a few kids toys strewn about the room.“I haven’t been fucked in four months,” she admitted after a bit as she rooted through a drawer looking for underwear. “You’re lucky you have Marcy. You two can have sex all the time when you are together.”“Yes, that is true,” and it was, Marcy, my fiancée, and I were very happy together.“I need to do fucking laundry,” kaçak bahis siteleri Natasha said exasperated as she was unable to find anything clean. “The stupid power is out downstairs and I haven’t been able to do laundry in two weeks.” “I could help you with that,” I offered.“With my power or my laundry?”I gulped and then said, “No, with getting fucked.” I thought to myself, again, why not, I had gotten away with it thus far. This time I didn’t follow it up with the joking laugh.Natasha thought about it for a long moment of silence as she continued looking through another heap of clothing.Coming up empty handed, she stood up, turned to me, and dropped her towel, “Are you sure you want this?” she said sarcastically, “I don’t know if you could handle it.”Then, the awkward moment of truth.“Only one way to find out,” I could play chicken too, “Get onto the bed.”She hesitated, not quite sure if I was serious.“Stop thinking and get on the bed,” I repeated.Natasha stopped her searching and went over to the bed and lay in the center pulling the covers over body still unsure how serious I was. Her eyes watched for my next move.I dropped my towel.  My cock was in a full salute. I crawled up the center of bed.  I grabbed the covers and ripped them away from her grasp. She instinctively began to curl up almost afraid of her own nakedness.I placed one hand on each hip and slid up her sides, under her breasts, and she relaxed a little. I carelessly dragged my thumbs over each nipple and as they reached her shoulders, moved down her arms, and then clasped her hands into mine. I raised them above her head on the pillow.The rest of me had straddled her tiny frame by the time my hands pinned her to the bed.

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