Birthday Party 02


She tried to make her run for it but before she could move a muscle, all the boys in the room ran towards her and tied her spread eagled on the four poster bed. They stood beside the bed smoking and discussing of doing vile things to her and she couldn’t move or scream. She started to panic when Pax came to her and kissed her lightly, he said “don’t worry love; all of us are going to love and hurt you at the same time”. Kevin began “you know you’re a slut right?” and Vince said “god, you look hot all tied up. I could spank that ass forever” She was scared but her traitorous body was craving for a touch and she was getting wet with just their words. They started undressing her when she whimpered out a tiny please; they laughed and started getting undressed.

She tried to say something but Pax had already shoved his long shaft deep down her throat; fucking her throat with fast strokes. She felt her nipples being pulled and pinched, her pussy rubbed and fingered. Despite being terrified, she seemed to love being man-handled, she enjoyed the caresses and the occasional pinches and tugs on her nipples. She had secretly tortured her nipples before and could take an immense amount of pain on them. She loved nipple play and wanted them to go harder on her but she kept mum and moaned in her own ecstasy.

She mersin escort was turned on by all the touching on her body and couldn’t wait to be abused, Kevin plunged himself into her ass without so much as a warning like he saw right through her and understood what she was thinking. She was an anal virgin and without any lube, her ass was on fire, she was blinded and screamed her lungs out but the loud music masked everything. The boys just laughed at her and continued doing what they did. The only fear rising in her was the double penetration; she was horrified at that thought even though she fantasized about it a million times. Like her thoughts were louder than her screams, Vince started thrusting his mighty long dick into her pussy unceremoniously… her imaginations were coming true but her body needed to cum too… Sammy knew how she felt about being abused and owned, he said “you can’t cum already bitch, if you do without permission, it’s going to hurt” and that threat made her cum and her body convulsed into fits of pleasure.

The look in Sammy’s eyes made her realize what was next, she knew what he meant right away. He was going to spank her!! She didn’t know if to be pleased or sad… “I could take a beating” she thought to herself. They stopped touching kocaeli escort and fucking her and began to untie her from her restraints… for a moment she thought it was over, she was exhausted and wanted it to be over after that trembling orgasm but knew better to try and run this time. The held her hands behind her back and tied her elbows and wrists together, her feet were left free and she was now face down with her ass in the air on the beautiful four poster bed. Pax interjected “now seems the right time to open this little gift, doesn’t it?” Zana thought to herself, “how is this possible, no one except Annie knew about the gift and there was no way Annie could be telling them or worse, would’ve known about her little fantasies.” Zana and Annie shared everything besides Zana’s little secret, she was too shy to admit it to Annie.

Pax retrieved the belt out of its pouch and sniffed the leather and without a notice smacked it on her bare bottom. This made her forget all about the Annie confusion. Everyone expected her to scream but for reasons unknown to them, it never came. Zana had loved the touch of leather on her skin and savored every moment of it, she was determined not to scream later on too as she liked the surprise she heard in their voices. samsun escort This made Pax a little flustered and he decided on going harder with every spank. All the boys took turns to spank her, they used hand, the belt, a paddle and the ping pong bat but Zana never screamed, she took it all in and moaned to annoy them even more.

Kevin got a pair of nipple clamps and made Zana stick her chest out to him; he carefully placed them on her nipples and adjusted the squeeze to high. He tugged the chain that held both the nipples together and teased her for a while. He pushed her on her knees and asked her to service him like the good dog she is. She licked him and felt his cock growing inside her mouth, she sucked on him faster but he pulled out. She thought there was going to be more than what had already happened.

Sammy held her nipple chain and pulled her to follow him to the couch. He turned her back towards him and took her in the ass, making her sit on his fat cock. Pax shoved his cock in her pussy and they fucked her in both holes the second time, forming a rhythm, making her moan and scream. Vince said “shut up with the screaming cunt, you shut up or I will make you suffe…” before he could complete, Zana let out a cry and started whimpering in pain. Vince came to her side and filled her mouth with his cock and started fucking her eyes out. She was filled in all her whore holes and couldn’t think any more. The pain was blinding and orgasmic. She suddenly remembered that Kevin was left out and it dawned upon her. She was going to get triple penetrated!!!!! The thought almost made her cum.

To be continued…

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