But Not Yet…


I step from the elevator onto the second floor of the city hotel. The corridor is empty, beige and clean cut like something lifted straight out of a seventies ideal home magazine. I adjust the black silk scarf as I walk along towards your room, trying to make it look casual. My brand new stilettos dig into the dense pile carpet and form a curious counterpoint to my low slung combat pants and white vest. I like the way the heels make me walk.

I get to your door and listen at the wood. I can’t hear anything. I slip the lock and drift inside, closing the door behind me. I can smell your perfume at once, hanging in the air like fairy dust. The room has a little entranceway, the bathroom on the right, before it opens out in to the bedroom proper. Two quiet steps bring me to the corner and I take a peek into the room.

You’re standing in front of the mirror just finishing fixing your hair. I take a moment to admire the way you look in your fancy black dress. It curves with your body just right and you look amazing. I step out where you can see me. You start and spin to face me and I can’t keep the smile from my face. I like the way your eyes shine. You smile too.

“I got to go out hun.” You give me a little shrug that says I should have been here a half hour ago while you were still undressed. “I got to meet the girls in the bar five minutes ago.”

I walk up close and pause. I breathe in your scent and I run my gaze up and down your dress. I don’t hide it; I let you watch me undressing you with my eyes.

“Well, since you’re already late.”

“Why don’t you come with me?” You step round me and put a few things into your handbag, cell phone, room key, lip gloss. You know I won’t come. You don’t even look over your shoulder to see me shake my head.

“Will you be here when I get back?” You pick up the bag and turn to me. I’m just standing watching you.


You try to give me an annoyed look but I can see the smile in your eyes. I lick my lips and hook a thumb in the belt hook of my pants.

“I’m here now.” I see you hesitate. The bag swings slightly in your hand. I hold your eye and wait. You put the bag down on the bed and place your hands on your hips.

“You’re impossible, you know that?”

I smile, because I know. I walk up to you until we’re almost touching.

“Nice hotel room.” I take off the silk scarf and set it across your shoulders. “I won’t make you too late. Those girls can have a drink without you first, right?”

“I suppose so…”

“I want you to stand still.” I walk round behind you. “I want you to keep as still as you can.”

“Ok,” you don’t sound quite convinced yet. But that doesn’t stop me.

I take the scarf and cover over your eyes. You instinctively reach up to touch the silk with your hand but I catch your wrist before you get there. I can tell you’re surprised that I caught you so quick, but I was expecting it.

“What did I tell you?”

“Keep still,” you repeat my instruction. I gently move your hand back down to your side.

“So keep still.” I tie the scarf off behind your head as a blindfold.

I walk round you, soft steps on the carpet. I flick my fingers towards your face and you don’t flinch. I know you can’t see me and I smile to myself. You look so good, so smart, and so elegant. I just want to ruffle your feathers a little. I want to mess you hair and crease your clothes. I want to smudge your lipstick.

I lean in close to your ear, close enough that my nose touches your hair. You twitch, almost imperceptibly, at the touch. I whisper in your ear.

“You just stand right there,” I breathe in through my nose, taking in the smell of your hair, “I’m going to make you cum.”

You look a little nervous and I can’t blame you. You can’t see me as I circle you like a shark. I lean in to your other ear. “But first there’s a few things I need to do.”

I step back İstanbul Escort and unclip the clasp of my belt. “I’m taking my belt off,” I tell you. I slide it out of the belt loops and hold it taught in my hands. It’s a thick black leather belt with a steel buckle shaped like the head of a steer. I take your hand and place the belt in your fingers. “Hold this for me.”

I unbutton my pants and slip the zip down. I pull the zip at an angle so it makes that metallic clicking as it comes undone. “I’m taking off my pants.” I tell you. And I let them slide down to the floor. They’re baggy enough that I can step right clear without removing my heels.

I throw the pants on the bed and walk round you. It feels exciting to be half dressed while you can’t see. The heels make be walk with a swing that makes me feel sexy.

I pull the vest up over my head and shake my hair loose. I touch the white cotton to your wrist. “I took my top off too,” I tell you.

I can hear you breathing now. There’s a tension in your body that makes you look so hot. I watch you. I can almost see the anticipation building in your muscles. I can feel you getting turned on.

I reach back and unhook my bra. I ping the elastic strap and throw it to the bed. I lean close, but not so close that I touch you. My bare chest is less than an inch from your dress and I can feel the gap between like greasy electricity in the air.

“I’m only wearing my little black panties and my heels,” I tell you. I see you lick your lip. I listen to your breathing. I want so much to touch you or to touch myself, but I don’t. My chest is tingling and my nipples peaked.

“I’m so fucking hot,” I tell you. “I want to touch you,” but I don’t. I walk round again, circling in slow lazy arcs while I watch you. I can feel the heat building between my legs. I know you can’t see me, but I want you to. I want you to look into my eyes and look at my body.

“I’m going to take my panties off,” I tell you. I hook my thumbs in my panties and wiggle them down to my ankles. Then I step out of them and pick them up. They’re slightly damp and I hold them close to you. “Can you smell me?” I ask you. You nod, just a little bob of the head.

I lean to your ear. “Except for my heels,” I tell you, “I’m completely fucking naked.”

I know your imagination is filling in the gaps. I breathe in your ear, softly. “I’m going to make you cum,” I tell you again. “Do you want me to?” You nod.

“Tell me.”

“I want you to.” You sound slightly unsure of your voice.

“You want me to what?”

You pause, as if trying out the words in your mind first.

“I want you to make me cum.”

“I will.” I put a finger on your lips, “but not yet.”

I walk round you again and then I carefully reach in and unzip your dress. All the way down. Your chest trembles a little. I don’t touch.

I take the belt from your hand and walk behind you. Reaching over I take the dress at the shoulders and peel it off you, down over your body so that it drops to the floor. I pause a moment to look at you from behind. You seem nervous now, but excited too. Your body is glorious and I follow the curves with my eyes.

I circle to admire the view. You’re wearing just your underwear, a neat little matching set, black with pink flowers. The bra soft and opaque and the panties are wide and the hip, narrow round the crotch, like tiny hot pants. You hair hangs down to rest on the top of your chest, just above the line of your bra. I want to put my fingers there. Your chest is beautiful, the skin looks so soft and pale and I want to taste it.

“You are so fucking sexy,” I tell you “I want to put my mouth on you, all over you body.” But I don’t do it. I stand close, but I don’t touch.

“I want to taste your pussy. I want to lick your breasts.” I reach out a finger and move your hair just slightly so that it brushes İstanbul Escort Bayan your shoulder. “I want to hear the way you moan when I make you cum.”

I gently touch one finger on your shoulder. “Are you nervous yet?”

You smile but you don’t answer.

I slip my finger under the strap of your bra and ease if off the shoulder so it hangs down on your arm. I move over to the other side and touch my finger on the skin of your shoulder.

“Not even a little bit nervous?”

“Maybe a little,” you admit.

I hook the second bra strap off the shoulder. I can see the way the top of your bra is flagging and your breasts are right there in front of me, I can almost see. I’m naked and so fucking horny, I want to rush in. I want to rip away your underwear and fuck you.

“I really want to fuck you,” I tell you.

You make a little noise in your throat that tells me that you want the same.

I walk behind you and unclip your bra. My nipples just brush your back as I pull the bra down off you. I feel the surge through my body. My breath catches in my throat and I know you can hear me.

I remain standing behind you. Your breasts are in the open air just in front of me but out of sight. I whisper in your ear.

“I want to lick your nipples. I want to take them in my mouth and flick my tongue on them until your panties get so wet that I can see the damp patch.”

I wonder if your panties are already getting wet.

I walk round in front of you and let my eyes take in your naked chest — your breasts beautiful and so tempting just a few inches from me. I put a finger on your lips and you open your mouth taking my finger inside, licking it. I withdraw it and I touch your nipple with the wet finger. You gasp and tremble a little. I can feel you trying to lean forward into me without actually moving.

I put my hands on your waist and slide up to cup your breasts in my palms. I brush your nipples with my thumbs and I lean in close enough to lick your mouth.

“I’m going to lick your pussy,” I tell you. “I’m going to run my tongue up and down over your clit.”

You want it now but I haven’t started — I’m just telling you what to expect.

“Tell me you want me to.”

“I want you to.”

“Tell me you want my mouth on your pussy.”

“I want it.”

“Say the words,” I pinch your nipple. “Say pussy.”

“I want you mouth on my pussy.”

I run my finger down the centre of your chest. “Say fuck.”


“Say cunt.”


“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me, right now.”

“I’m going to make you cum.” I put my finger on your mouth again. “But not yet…”

I kneel in front of you. Your pussy is just inches from my face, hidden only by those pretty black panties. I can feel the heat of you; your tension is like a heat haze over your skin. I lean in close and I let my nose touch the flowers, softly. You try to lean in closer but I back off. You wiggle your hips a little, trying to move your legs apart without moving your feet.

I place my hands on your thighs. Rubbing my thumbs slightly, just so you know where both my hands are. Then I kiss your panties, a gentle, maiden kiss. You shiver at the touch. I open my mouth and rub my lips up and down on your panties. Then I kiss you fully. A French kiss on your flowers, my tongue licking at the material making it wet from both sides.

I stand up slowly. “I’m so fucking hot right now,” I tell you. I’m going to touch my pussy. I do. I let my finger brush gently on my own pussy. “It feels so good,” I tell you, “it’s so hot; so fucking wet.”

I know yours is too. I push my finger into myself a little to get it properly wet. I know you hear the way it makes me gasp a little.

“Do you want to taste it?”


“Tell me.”

“I want to taste your pussy.”

I Escort İstanbul put my finger on your lips and you lick it. I lean in and kiss you. Your mouth is hot and hungry; your tongue pushing into my mouth. You raise your hands a little, maybe just for balance, maybe as an instinct to get hold of me. But you don’t touch. I pull back again.

“I’m going to take off your panties,” I tell you. “I’m going to take them off and I’m going to lick your pussy.” I run a finger down your chest and circle your nipple. “You’re not allowed to cum, not yet.”

I kneel in front of you. My mouth so close that I think you’ll be able to feel me breathe. I touch my pussy and I tell you. “I’m touching myself. It’s so hot.”

“I want you to lick my pussy,” you tell me.

I take your panties with my hands and I pull them down to your knees. I pause, your pussy right in front of me, my fingers touching my own, gently on the edge.

I lick you; long strokes of my tongue. Lapping at you like a thirsty cat. You put your hand on my head. I stop and lick my lips. I stand up slowly and then I kiss you. I bite at your lip and I cup your breast in my hand.

“I want to fuck you,” I tell you. “I want to fuck you until you scream.” I lick your mouth and you try to bite me.

I put one finger on your lips and you kiss it. “I’m only going to use one finger.” I tell you. “And I’m only going to put it in once.” I push my finger into your mouth as a demonstration.

“I’m only going to put it in once but when I do you’re going to cum.” I take my finger out of your mouth. I step up so that we touch; my chest on yours; my mouth on yours.

“You’re not going to cum before I put it in,” I warn you. I rock my hips on you, rubbing your pussy with mine and I can feel you shaking. You want to cum already. I step away.

“I’m going to make you cum,” I promise, “but not quite yet.”

I kneel down again and take your hips in my hands. I start to lick you, gentle strokes of my mouth on your pussy. You’re trembling and I can tell you’re on the edge of control. I push a little harder, my lips pressing on your clit, my tongue seeking your open pussy, pushing into you. Your hands are on the back of my head, your fingers in my hair. I push harder and you shake so much I don’t think you can hold on. You pull my hair as you bunch your fists and push me against you. You rock your hips as you start to fuck my face.

I take my hand and slide it up between your legs, slow and smooth. I don’t pause, I move up and push into you; my finger pushing through the gap my tongue has found and pushing up inside. You moan and grab my head and shove it hard against your pussy. You do as you’ve been told and you cum with my finger up inside you. You press my face so hard that for a moment neither of us can breathe.

You hold me there a while and you rock gently as the long awaited orgasm tingles through your body. Then at last you pull me away by the hair and I sit back on my ass on the floor.

You reach up and take the silk scarf away from your eyes. You look down on me, sprawled naked on the floor at your feet. I look up at you, your panties still hanging round your knees, but otherwise naked. Your body glows and your eyes are shining.

“You look so fucking amazing when you cum,” I tell you. And I put my fingers between my legs. I slowly rub my pussy while I watch you take your panties right off. You kneel down in front of me; your naked body is so hot. I’m rubbing my finger on my pussy and you’re watching me do it.

You lean in and place your hand on mine. You push your finger on mine, pushing my finger into my pussy. Both our fingers are in me and I move toward you. I watch you as you guide my finger in and out of me. I want to cum so much that I’ve almost lost control of my hand. You guide it and I follow. I move up to my knees and we’re both keeling, your face only a couple inches from mine your fingers rubbing my clit.

“I’m gonna cum,” I tell you.

“I want you to cum, right now.”

All I can say is “Fuck,” and I cum.

We sit on the floor, our clothes strewn about the room, our makeup smudged and our hair all awry. Perhaps we could just stay in tonight?

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