I have been obedient to her demands since the night of my spanking and rule setting. It has been two weeks and I have not cum since the night of the spanking. I am getting pretty horny and have been hinting to her that it is close to time for some relief. She ignores my request.”Honey I don’t feel good, and my back hurts,” she tells me as she goes to bed.I listen as the bedroom door closes and give her a few minutes to go to sleep. It will not hurt to simply take a quick peek at a porn site or chat room. I can delete the history and she will never know. I go to lush and begin by reading a couple of stories. I am rock hard before the first one is finished. Then I go to another, finally landing in a pic chat room. As I watch the onscreen images and chat a little my cock his hard. I push my shorts down to Ümraniye Escort stroke a little. So horny I have to be careful to keep from cumming too soon.”What in the hell are you doing?” She snarls as she is suddenly standing over me.”Nothing.” As I try to pull up my shorts and close the chat window.My face reddens as I look up at her, She looks pissed, face a little red and her nipples are poking at the thin gown she is wearing. I try to hide but precum is leaking from my cock and the window doesn’t close fast enough. Busted.”Show me what you were watching? Show me what you were looking at you miserable worm? Were you planning to cum without me?” She asks.”No baby, I was not going to cum. I am just so horny I had to peek in a bit. I have not cum in so long you know that.” Ümraniye Escort Bayan I stammer.She puts the collar around my neck and leads me across the floor carrying my laptop.”Connect your laptop to the big screen, I want to see what you were watching.” She commands.I connect the HDMI cable to the large flat screen TV. As the screen opens I go to the video I had playing. It was one of a hot wife with a black stud as her hubby watched and recorded the action on video. I put the video at the start and check the sound so it is ready to play.”Strip” she commands.I remove all of my clothes, standing before her totally stripped, my shaved cock semi-erect, the tip shiny with precum, my shaved balls already tight and tingling. She puts a ring at the base of my cock, Escort Ümraniye to keep me from cumming too quick. She puts cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Tugging on the collar for me to kneel. I kneel and she locks my wrists to my ankles. She sits a straight chair and pulls my face between her thighs as I kneel in front of her. As she spreads her thighs her gown rides up and her trimmed pussy is exposed as she is not wearing panties.”Eat my pussy as I watch the video like a good cunt licker.” She says as she starts the video. “Is that what you want, to see me with a black cock deep in my pussy?” she asks.I lick along her pussy lips, tasting the juices already forming on her lips. Licking along the puffy, hairy lips then letting my tongue slip between the lips circling her clit. Her juices begin to flow as I hear the white wife in the video is sucking the black bulls cock.”Mmmm eat my pussy, I want you eating my pussy as I suck his black cock getting it ready for my pussy” she whispers to me.Licking along the length of her slit, from the vee at the bottom, up between the lips and under her clit.

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