Caught Wet Handed Part 3


I’m in a lusty haze as I try to answer Shay’s questions and throw my clothes back on. “Um, I…” I can feel my face turning beat red as I try to pull myself together. Once I feel the confidence in me building, a smile forms across my face and I look up at them, knowing I have the sexy, evil look in my eyes Shay gave me when we fucked.  “Hell, yeah.” They both give each other a shocked face like they were not expecting that from me. Hell, even I was not expecting it.  Tori takes my hand and leads me out of the car. We walk up to the front door of probably the biggest house in the town and wait for Shay to open it. I step into the house and I am met with a front hall with a huge spiral staircase leading up to the second floor like something from a Newport mansion. “Would you like a glass of wine?” Shay says as she walks by me toward the kitchen, lightly brushing my waist with her hand.  “Yeah, that would be nice, but I am only nineteen,” I say, still staring at everything like its made out of gold. “I won’t tell anyone. I promise.” She laughs and smiles at the both esat escort of us as I realize Tori is still holding my hand.  Tori leads me over to the living room while Shay goes over to the kitchen. We both sit down on the sofa, and I can feel myself giving off an awkward tension. Shay comes back holding three glasses of white wine.  “Thank you,” I say as she hands it to me.  She sits next to Tori and puts her legs over her lap. She lets out a big sigh of relief and takes a sip from her glass. “Tori and I both like a nice, sweet wine,” Shay says before taking a sip of the wine. “So smooth and goes down easily.”  She looks at me and winks. I look away, trying not to blush even more, and take a sip of it. It tastes like a strawberry candy. I love it. I take few sips, then gulp the rest of it down. When I’m done, I look back at Shay and Tori to see them both staring at me like I’m some sort of freak show. “Well, we have quite the lush here. Just be careful, Marley, that stuff, believe it or not, can kick your ass.” Tori laughs as she etimesgut escort bayan takes a sip from her glass.  She was right. I can feel my head starting to get heavy and wanting to fall back onto the couch. “Hey, I have to go use the bathroom quickly,” I say as I stand up. “There is one right upstairs. Second door on the right,” Tori says. Walking up the staircase, I can hear the two of them giggling. “Oh man, they are laughing at me. Great!” I close the bathroom door behind me and look into the mirror. “You can do this, Marley,” I say to myself. I splash water onto my face and suddenly hear a loud thud on the bathroom door. “What the fuck was that?” I open the door and Shay and Tori come stumbling in, wrapped around each other, kissing.  Shay turns around toward the shower and turns on the water. She immediately pulls Tori back into her arms as the water falls onto their fully clothed bodies.  “Get over here, Marley!” Shay grabs hold of my shirt and yanks me toward her, forcing me under the water, and closes the Escort etlik shower stall door behind me. The warm water drenches my clothes as they both stop kissing each other and lean into me to kiss my neck. Their lips part as they let their tongues trail along my neck. My head falls back as I let out a moan. “Mmmm, she seems to be really loosening up now,” Shay whispers to the both of us. Her lips meet my neck, joining in with Tori again, but this time more aggressively. Both of them start nibbling and biting my neck, letting their hand travel down my waist and slide up my soaked shirt. They each use one hand to unhook my bra and slide it down to the floor, letting my erect nipples pop through my shirt.  “Someone is really turned on right now. Marley, put your hands on us.” Tori smiles at Shay and me.  Realizing my hands are still to my sides, I decide to one at a time slip their shirts off, letting the water fall over their silky skin. I turn Tori around, causing her to put her hands on the wall to hold herself up as I unhook her bra and let it fall to the floor. My arms wrap around her as I kiss the center of her back and glide my tongue down to the top of her pants toward her zipper.  “Oh fuck, Marley! I want your hands down my pants!” she moans out to me. I unbutton her pants and undo her zipper, letting my hand slide down to touch her pussy lips.

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