Chatroom hi there///how r u good so what brings u here tonight im just really horny…got the apartment all to myself….decided to dress up oh nice…so what r u wearing black panties and a tank top very nice…just in some boxers here…r those nipples hard and poking through that tank top? mmm yeah a little bit i think thats so sexy…a little bit isnt as good as rock hard though im playing wth them now…i will get them rock hard for u good girl…Im playing with my cock a little too…its growing nicely mmmm tell me about your cock its just a 9 inches long…kind of thick…rather large shiny head…pretty veiny…I keep my pubes trimmed close and my balls shaved smooth holy shit thats big! mmmmmmmm yeah its a bit of a monster it would feel soo good too big for some…but not for you, right? ive taken 12inch dildo I would love to try yours if u can take 12 i can really give u my 9 good 12 hurt but the biggest live cock ive had is 7 think u can fit 2 more inches baby mmmm id love to tryHung4Sissy stands up and takes you by the hand come with me sexy i walk with youHung4Sissy stands u up facing the wall… bodrum escort put your hands on the wall baby i do as you say and put my hands on the wall and spread your legs some i spread my legs ask you askHung4Sissy pulls your panties down around your thighs mmmmm i breathe harder in anticipationHung4Sissy drops my bosers and steps out of themHung4Sissy gets some baby oil and squirts some into my hands…then rubs it all over your pretty ass my hands against the wall legs spreadHung4Sissy rubs baby oil all over my hard throbbing cock u look so sexy like this baby mmmm I moan as i await your cock…ty sirHung4Sissy steps up behind you…pushing my cockhead between your warm cheeks mmmm i take a deep breath feeling your cock press against meHung4Sissy puts one hand on your shoulder and the other on your hip and pulls you slowly towards me as i push my cock against your hole… mmmm tight ring baby this is gonna be good…. feeling helpless as you press against me….mmmm yeah baby give it to meHung4Sissy forces my head past your ring feeling it lock tight around my shaft…stopping for a minute Ahhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh shitttt babyy not stopping there babyHung4Sissy steps forward and eases a few more inches in you Ahhhh yeah so hot and tight bodrum escort bayan i feel you enter further and further in me my mouth wide open as it takes my breath awayHung4Sissy slides in about 7 inches and stops for a second feel good baby? mmmm yeah daddy uh i mean hung feeling seven in me now by all means call me daddy yes daddy never had more than 7 in you right baby…lets fix that right daddy never more than 7Hung4Sissy puts both hands on your hips and draws back a little…then thrusts the last 2 inches in hard ahhhhhh ohhhhhhh fuckkkk daddy mmmmmmm your cock is so big ahhhhh mmm yeah baby there you go…Hung4Sissy draws back a little again and thrusts back in even harder…holding it in deep Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh daddy…my ass is streached farther than it has ever beenHung4Sissy starts thrusting…short hard deep pumps Mmmm yeah so tight and so hot in you ooooooo yeeaahhh dadddyyyy i moan with every pump you are taking it like such a good girl mmmm it feels so good daddy….my hands still on the wall (brb 5 min) pumping u hard….big heavy balls slapping off of you ok mmmm i feel your balls slap against me with escort bodrum every thrust….mmmm yeahhh u feel so good on my cock baby your sexy ass is miliing it real good… milking it feels good deep in me daddy i can feel myself getting close… mmmm yeah daddy fill me up fill up this tight hole mmmm yeahhh give it to me daddy fuck this slut i can feel its gonna be a big one…Hung4Sissy slides my cock amost all the way out of you…then satrts fucking just your ring…popping my head in and out of you over and over mmmmmmm mmmm yeah dady fuck your slut use this little sissy love seeing u open and close around my head… almost there…. yeah daddy explode in me use me here it cums baby yeah yeah….mmmmmHung4Sissy drives back in deep hard and fast then explodes deep in you Ahhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh shittttt i feel your warm cum fill me spurting over and over veins throbbing mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i feel a spurt with every thrust….mmmmmm yeah fill my sissy ass up so much cum…still shooting a little…. mmmmm pulling out of you…slapping my cock on your cheeks mmmmmmm ohhhhh feel your wet cock slap me….my ass red and sore…..mmmm daddy that was good baby mmmm yeah it was daddy….thank you for fucking me anytime baby

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