Chav life 1


Chav life 1Chav life part one.comments welcome I was a woman just about to turn forty Four, widowed eighteen months previously, and taking stock of my life. As I drank my first coffee of the day, and the daylight grew lighter. I sat at my kitchen island, and looked around me at my comfortable surroundings, and realised I hated it all.I felt there should be more to life than this. I had everything I needed and more, my husbands life insurance had put enough money in my bank account to pay off the mortgage, and to be more than comfortably well off.I had quit work, and was now a stay at home mother with a big posh house, a nice car and everything I could need. But I was bored beyond belief, and hadn’t been fucked in over two years. Yes I had friends who had tried to set me up, but I knew I didn’t want the same old dull relationships they had. There had to be something else out there. I needed something to bring me alive, something dangerous maybe, something nasty and different.My thoughts were broken by my dull daughter getting up and making her way to the kitchen. I plated up some cereal for her and got her a drink ready.As she droned on about her friends at school and her pony club after school I zoned out and realised I hated her. She was so bloody dull. Always a please and thank you and so damn well behaved. She finished droning on at last, and put her dishes in the dishwasher and went and got her schoolbag, and waited by the door. I drove her to school and avoided the dull yummy mummys dropping their perfect c***dren off, at the perfect school and driving off to their tennis clubs, gyms etc, and drove home.I made a coffee and sat on my sofa and flicked on the Jeremy Kyle show. This was to change my life though I didn’t know it at the time.On the screen was the usual scum that makes up the show. The couple on the screen were shouting and bawling about whether the chav youth on the screen had been fucking his girlfriends sister behind her back.I took more notice of them as she told the studio audience about his heavy drinking and pot smoking and all the nasty things he and his mates got up to. Jeremy shouted at her “If he’s all you say. What the hell are you doing with him” to the cheers of the audience.The chavvy girlfriend then said the magic words that would change my life “well everyone loves a bad boy”. It was like a thunderbolt that shook me to my core. Thats what I needed in a relationship, a bad boy who brought with him danger and nastiness and be the total opposite of what I had,had up to now.I looked at the guy again in his shiny black tracksuit and trainers and wondered what his cock was like. It must be good if he was putting it around like the girlfriend said he was. I imagined him knocking at my door and fucking me hard.Soon Jeremy went on to some other topic and I switched off the tv. I went shaking back to my kitchen island and booted up my laptop. I put a search in for chav and got plenty of results. It took me a while to tap in chav sex and find what I was looking for in the search engine, I found plenty of stories and had the options of showing images. I clicked on images and found plenty pictures of fit young guys in their chavvy gear. One thing they seemed to have in common was an air of arrogance.That is what made up my mind to find a chav boyfriend and damn the consequences. I wanted an arrogant guy who would take charge and lead me to who knows where. So what if he messed up my life a little, or made a mess of my big posh house. Those were things I was beginning to hate anyway. At least it would be fun and I would get a throbbing hard young cock in my pussy.I felt quite excited after making my decision, and had my mind set on finding myself a chav. But where do you start looking? I thought about it for a while as I took a walk in my lovely garden. But I was starting to get frustrated as I had no idea at all. It was then I remembered a friend of mine from school was in the police force, she would surely know where all these scallys hung out. Hands shaking, I picked up my mobile and called Susan. I nervously waited for her to answer. When she answered we chatted about mundane things for a while before I casually slipped my request for information on where the chavs hung out. I told her I wanted to know so that Jane my daughter could avoid those places. I soon had a list of a few known sites where chavs and boy racers met up. I felt pleased with myself and poured my self a glass of wine and went back to the chav stories.One story jumped out at me “unwashed chav boy fucked me”. I clicked on it thinking it could be nasty, and it was. The things the title character did to this woman verged on brutal and degrading. But it also made me think if I wanted nasty why not get my new boyfriend not to over power me with deodorants and after shave, but stink abit?I loved the idea of all those posh, so called friends of mine being repulsed my my new lover. I knew I was on a potentially downward spiral of destruction, but that was what was really motivating me. To get away from all the expensive trappings and falseness I had surrounded myself with. I wanted to be free, and I wanted to be fucked.I went for a soak in the bath to think through my plan fully. Once dry I dressed before looking in my wardrobe for an outfit. There were a few possible things but I decided to on one in particular.I just needed a few things to put my plan into place, so I went to the local supermarket and bought a few cases of strong lager. A favourite of chavs I had read! and a carton of cigarettes. I had never smoked before and practiced on my way home, coughing most of the way.I loaded some of the lager into the fridge, and wafted away most of the cigarette smoke just before Jane came home from pony club. Of course she did everything perfectly, putting things away and showering, before she came to the kitchen for her tea.I just couldn’t wait for her bedtime and listened, uninterested to her as she told me about her day. Soon my perfect daughter cleared the table and put on the dishwasher. She went off to dutifly to do her homework, and I poured my self a large gin and tonic for dutch courage. I read another chav story while I drank, and then just before I went to get ready, I re-read “unwashed chav boy fucked me”. Just to get me in the mood, and it worked. I felt my pussy moisten as I drank the last dregs of my drink and went upstairs.I kissed Jane goodnight and told her I was going out. She looked surprised as I had never left her home alone before. “Fuck her” I thought, time to get myself a life. I went to my room and picked out my outfit. I had been told I looked hot in it many times, and had seen men drool at me when I had worn it to the local Gymkhanas. I hoped it would have the same effect on a bunch of chavs. My idea was simple I wanted a hot outfit to see the boys cocks harden in their trackie bottoms. Then I could chose the one with the best cock.I stripped and put on a black balconette bra which pushed my breasts up nicely. Over that I put on a thin white cotton blouse, checking in the mirror that I didn’t button it up to high. So I could show my cleavage off to the best effect. Then my favorite white jodphurs which moulded to my ass perfectly. Finally I put on my shiny hunter riding boots.I looked in the mirror and was pleased with the look. Just perfect it was sexy, and it would give the impression of a lost rich bitch out in the countryside. I touched up my make-up and picked up a packet of cigarettes and I was ready.I climbed into my range rover, and turned on the air conditioning to stiffen my nipples. I lit a cigarette for practice and set the sat nav to the first location on Susan’s list.God I felt nervous but so excited I noticed that I was so up bahis siteleri for it that I had to slow down a few times as I was speeding in my eagerness. Soon the sat nav told me I was half a mile from Grays common and slowed down so I didn’t miss the turning.I needn’t have worried, as Just ahead of me a boy racer sped into the turning. I pulled in and saw four cars parked up and a group of around six chavs leaning against a fence. Some were smoking and a few had cans of beer in their hands. I stopped my range rover away from them as I wanted a distance to walk so they could take in my outfit.I took a deep breath and pinched my nipples to stiffen them further before I stepped out of my car and slowly and seductively walked up to them. One of the boy racers helpfully turned on his headlights which illuminated myself and my quarry.I was pleased with what I saw all six were contenders, It was now just who had the biggest cock. As I got closer I could see that the guy in the middle appeared to be the one in charge. And from the lump running down his leg he was definately well endowed. I focused on him!I took out my cigarettes and walked up to what I hoped would be my future lover. “Excuse me young man do you have a light” I said in my poshest voice, hoping that the idea of a posh bird looking for abit of rough would be a turn on to him.“Sure gorgeous” he said flicking his lighter. “So what’s a lady like you doing out here” he said raising an eye brow. I found this encouraging.“Well Im afraid I think I have got a little lost somewhere”, I said as I leaned in closer to him to light my cigarette. I inhaled his aroma as I did so and liked that I couldn’t smell any deodorants or aftershave, he smelled quite natural.In his own way he was relatively good looking, and I was happy enough that this youth would suffice for my fantasy. “I wonder young man if you would come to my car and look at the map I was given and help me out”.He Seemed quite surprised and proud that he had been chosen to help. “Sure missus I’ll show you what’s what”. The innuendo wasn’t lost on me or his mates who sniggered. I smiled at him “Lovely”, and turned towards my car letting him get a good look at my ass as he followed behind me.As I neared my range rover I unlocked it with my fob. My heart was going ten to the dozen, and waves of doubt washed over me. “Jump in young man” I said as I climbed in.He followed me into the car and I switched the interior light on to get a better look at him. His cock looked even bigger in better lighting and I noticed he had seen me looking. “So where’s this map then”I leaned in closer and went for broke. I placed my hand on his cock and gave it a squeeze. “There isn’t one, I came out here looking for someone like you”. I said and slipped my hand up and down his length.“Wot you some posh bird who wants to piss off her hubby or sommat?” “No not at all, I am widowed. I want a different type of man to what I have had in the past. I want a different kind of lover.”He seemed quite taken aback at my words. But soon gathered his composure and cockiness.“Well missus you came to the right place, I’m your guy. Your fit, I could do with abit of that meself.”I gave his cock another squeeze “Great, then we will both get what we want. Give me your mobile number”He read it out and I put the number into my phone. “So what is your name I cannot keep calling you young man”“It’s Dean, or as me mates call me Deano”“Well Deano it’s a pleasure to meet you I am Kay”To seal the deal I leant across and kissed him on the lips pushing with my tongue. He opened his mouth and we were soon snogging hard. The nasty taste of cigarettes in his mouth was like an aphrodisiac to me, and I kissed him harder and more urgently. I could hear his mates give a cheer as their leader conquered this posh bit of stuff.I called a stop to things before we went to far and told him that I wanted to see him the next morning and that I would send him a text when I got home.He seemed quite chuffed with himself as he got out of the car, and I watched him, as he walked back to his mates with a swagger in his step. I breathed a sigh of relief and drove out of the carpark. I only went a short distance before pulling into a layby to compose myself.I lit a cigarette to calm my nerves noticing that I was shaking like a leaf. As I relaxed I began to laugh, I had done it, I had pulled a chav and had found a new lover.Shortly I got home and rushed for the vodka. I didn’t even check on Jane, but sat at the kitchen table gazing at Dean’s number on my phone. What the hell did I put in my message?After another large vodka I plucked up the courage and started to compose a message. There it was, ready to send. Now was the moment of truth. Did I have the nerve to really start down this path? Once it was sent he would have my number and there would be no way to stop things.I opened the kitchen window and lit a cigarette, hoping the smoke would drift out of the window and not wake miss perfect upstairs. I poured another drink and pressed send. And there it was, my message out in cyber space winging its way to Deano.It didn’t take him long to reply, and I imagined him there in the carpark showing the message from the posh tart to his mates. In fact his reply was more respectful than I thought it might have been. He was obviously playing it cool, which I guessed meant that he was really keen and didn’t want to blow his chances. I read it several times before replying, and soon our messages flowed back and forth.“Hi Kay great meeting you too, I can’t believe your interested in me. I’d love to see you again and get to no you more”I guessed correctly he was using predictive text, but his grammer still needed some work.“Well Dean I would love you to get to know me better. Why don’t you come over in the morning and we can get to know each other intimately!”“Really you don’t mind me coming to yours?”I decided to ramp it up a little.“Not at all lover, we can relax here and be comfortable. Did you think it was just going to be a quick fumble in the back of the range rover?”“Well yeah I didn’t think you’d want me anywhere near your gaff like”“Well I do Deano, I want a real lover with a nice big cock to show me what I have been missing, maybe to turn me into his dirty little slut. Are you up for that?”“To fucking right I am missus Id love to fuck your holes just remember you asked for this I can be a right dirty cunt me.”That last message did it for me, the fowl language and mentioning holes plural sealed the deal. I told him I would text him as soon as I had dropped my daughter off at school. And that I would arrange for a taxi to pick him up, as he was banned from driving. I also instructed him not to wash and not use any deodorant or after shave.I went to bed then, peeling off my soaking panties and jumped into bed, slightly drunk but so turned on. When sleep finally came I dreamed all sorts of nasty thoughts. Fuelled by my lover to be, and the nasty stories I had read.The alarm went off, and after pouring a coffee I lay in my hot bath washing away my juices. As I drank my coffee, I had an idea and picked up a razor. Carefully I shaved my pussy bare. Once done my pussy felt so nice and different, it made me feel naked and slightly naughty.I dried myself and went to look for some clothes. I found a sexy set of lingerie but couldn’t quite find what I wanted to please Dean. I threw on a few things for now, and decided to quickly run into a shop on the way home from the school.I went through the usual morning routine, and some how rushed through breakfast and rushed Jane so much she didn’t know whether she was coming or going. I managed to drop her off early, and found a likely looking shop that catered for the trashier end of the market.I canlı bahis siteleri told the assistant that I wanted a shiny top. As I thought these chavs seemed to like shiny tracksuits. I also told her that I wanted a sexy skirt to go with it. After choosing from her selection, I practically ran from the shop, excited by the experience of shopping for sexy clothes in a down market store. And knowing I would be seeing Dean so soon. I vowed that I must get Dean to come shopping with me to find things he would like to see me in.How I got home without crashing I do not know, but soon I was in my bedroom pulling the clothes from the bag. I held up the shiny red lycra tshirt and slipped it on. As I smoothed it out I realised my bra spoiled the look, so I quickly dispensed with my bra. That was much better and the material felt lovely against my stiffening nipples. Now for the skirt, this would be the shortest skirt I had worn in years. I stepped into the dark blue denim miniskirt, and fastened it around my waist. I took a look in the mirror, perfect just right, it showed off my stocking tops and it all looked sexy, but still let me look classy. I found a pair of red stillettos and slipped my feet into them and sat on the bed as I sent a text to Deano. I arranged for a taxi to pick him up on my account, and I went to the lounge to pour myself a drink. I was so nervous but so turned on too, I kept watching the clock, as I had guessed it would take twenty minutes for Dean to get here.I was on my second large drink when I heard the taxi In the drive, and then Dean ring the door bell. “Well girl It’s too late now, enjoy it for what it is, and sod everyone else” I told myself. I opened the door, and there was Dean. He seemed taller than I remembered, and I realised I was just stood there staring, when the taxi peeped it’s horn as it left my drive.I came to my senses, and invited Deano in. As we stood in the hallway both of us nervous Deano looked me up and down.“Fuck me girl you look well fit”“Oh I hope you will, Deano, but thanks all the same. lets get you a drink.”He followed me to the kitchen, and I opened the fridge and handed him a can of lager and told him to help himself, there would always be plenty for him, and for him to treat the place like his home. He grabbed another can and opened it and handed it to me.“Drink up girl if your going to be my girl, I can’t have you sipping gin and tonics can I”In a romantic gesture he clinked his can against mine. Which made me smile and relax. I did have a horrible thought about picking Jane up if I would be drinking, so I sent a text to a friend making out I was out for drinks with my old inlaws and asked if she could she pick Jane up.Once I did that I showed Deano around the place before arriving back into the lounge, he lit a cigarette and shaked the packet at me.“Oh no I don’t really smoke that was just a rouse to talk to you” I explained.“Look Kay if your gonna be my bird, then your gonna need to drink lager and smoke right”I agreed and as we smoked and drank, I explained to Deano what had led me to us being together. He nodded and said how he understood, that he was someone with nothing, and was sick of his life, and wished he could shake it up and how it must be similar for me.I really liked his romantic gesture with the cans and his understanding of my situation and felt a bond grow between us maybe there was more to Deano than I expected!Deano took out a tin from his shiny adidas trackies and rolled a joint to relax us, he explained. We smoked the joint after alot more coughing from me, and I showed Dean the nasty stories I had been reading including “unwashed chav boy fucked me” he laughed at some of the parts. Some because “they were so true” and others because they were so cliched. He told me about some of the dirty things he had done with other girls as we smoked a second joint.The smoking was making us dry so I went to the kitchen to get some more cans. I had to steady myself against the kitchen island for a moment, as my head was swaying. I hadn’t heard Dean enter the kitchen and was taken unawares as he pushed me down by my shoulders until my tits were squashed against the cold granite of the kitchen island top.I felt Dean pulling off my panties with one pull “mmm delicous” I thought, forty pounds worth of panties just ripped and torn from me”. I loved the decadance of it. expensive things I owned just being destroyed on a whim. Next I felt Deans rough fingers on my soaking wet pussy.“Yes you dirty bitch, nice and wet for my hard cock, get me ready bitch.”Deano pulled me away from the island and down onto my knees with my face just inches away from his cock. I could see the outline of his massive erect cock through the shiny nylon of his tracky bottoms, and could detect the smell of an unclean cock.My hand shook as I reached out to rub it through the shiny material. Was I really ready to comsumate this sleazy, nasty relationship? The feel of this hard long cock made my mind up for me, and I watched my hands pull the waistband down, and watched Dean’s long, thick cock drop down.My mouth watered as I took hold of it, feeling it’s weight and heat in my small hand. I was so turned on as I peeled back his foreskin and saw the flecks of cock cheese covering the large cockhead.I must admit at first I was repulsed, but then the horniness from reading “unwashed chav boy fucked me” and the pot we had smoked took over. It was what had led me down this path and I couldn’t just stop now. Daringly I inhaled through my nose the filthy smell of his smeggy dick.Yes it was vile, but it was so intoxicating too. The nastiness of it is what turned me on. I pushed out my tongue and began to lick the flecks of cock cheese, feeling them on my tongue. My stomach lurched, but I stayed focussed and took Dean’s bellend into my mouth and began to lick and suck at it the dirty, hot cockhead.I felt a few drops of precum leak out as I sucked, and loved the taste of it as it trickled over my tongue. I began to suck more of Dean’s cock into my mouth, and he started to rock his hips backwards and forwards. His cock was getting deeper and deeper into my mouth and I could smell the sweat from his groin as I worshipped his cock.“Fucking hell Kay, I need to get my dick up your soaking cunt before I blow my load.”I needed it too. I was turned on like I had never been turned on before. I needed his cock stretching out my pussy.“Go on then you bastard, don’t just talk about it, fuck me, and make me your slutty posh tart.”Winding him up like that was to be a mistake. As Deano roughly pulled me up and bent me over the island unit. He placed his cock at the wet entrance to my pussy. And with one push, he tried to get the whole length in in one go. I screamed and kicked back at his legs so that he would stop.“Jesus, wait abit. Remember I haven’t been fucked in over two years take your time and then fuck me hard.”Fairplay to Dean he then took his time easing in his nine and a half inch cock into my pussy. I felt him bottom out and pause as I caught my breath. Then he began to pull out of me before thrusting back to the hilt. Fuck it still hurt, but fuck me it was glorious. All of my senses were alive. As Dean fucked me he was sweating more, his his manly aroma filled my nostrils. My whole body tingled at the way this young chav was using me just for his pleasure. To him I was just another slut but unlike the other sluts I had something to keep him coming back, wealth.As Dean skillfully fucked me, my mind flew with nasty ideas for more sex with my new stud. Dean’s words filled me with more ideas and lust.“I fuckin love this Kay. Your one hot bitch and I’m gonna enjoy having you as my posh bitch. Turning you into a complete slut. Maybe canlı bahis I will bring me mates round and watch you being fucked by them. Fuck you outdoors as your watched and fucked by strangers.”“You Want that Kay? You want to be my cumdump, my slut? cos you know the next thing I want from you Kay?”“No Deano, Tell me what you want from your slut.”“I’m gonna fuck this sweet tight little ass of yours Kay. Yeah I’m gonna fuck you up your shitter.”I nearly screamed out no, as this had always been a big taboo of mine. But I was on fire from the best fucking of my life. If I was going to do it It had to be Dean doing it. The idea was so debauched, and instantly I knew I wanted it too. “Yes Dean make me take your cock in my virgin ass. Treat me like your slut.”My fingers were aflame on my pussy and I was so close. I could feel Deans cock pulsing inside me and knew he was close too.“Oh shit” I thought. I had not given a thought to birth control. Just as I was about to beg Dean pull out. I felt Dean’s cum erupting into my pussy. The thought of him giving my a bastard c***d pushed me over the edge and I came too.I was given no time to catch my breath, as Deano pulled out of my dripping pussy and presented his cock to my mouth to clean off our combined juices.My ass slumped to the floor into a pool of Dean’s cum that was dripping out of my cunt and onto the floor. I was exhausted but still licked and sucked the delicous cum from Deans still hard cock.Happy, Dean pulled out of my mouth and cockily walked to the fridge and pulled out two more cans of lager. I mopped up the cum from the floor with my now ruined panties, and threw them in the kitchen bin and joined Dean on my lounge sofa.Dean lit up another joint, and I lay back into him as we drank, smoked and relaxed. He stroked my nipples through my top and as we spoke about future ideas I could smell his sweaty armpits which were close to my nose. My nipples hardened and I could feel my arousal building I knew I needed more cock, but I also knew where Dean would want to put it.I looked at the clock and knew time was getting short, Jane would be dropped off soon. But I wanted to seal my relationship with Dean and was so taken up by the mornings sexy fun that I decided that I would give my ass to Dean.I slipped from his arms and took the joint from him and told him to wait. I went back to the kitchen and opened the fridge and took out a courgette, and grabbed a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, giggling at the irony of the extra virgin part.I relit the joint and took some deep puffs, I then covered the courgette with the oil and spread more over my asshole. As the cannabis took hold I pressed the courgette against my hole. Jesus it hurt but I was determined to please Dean and make sure he would not look at another woman.I felt a pop as the courgette entered my rectum and it felt quite nice once it was in. I started to slide it in and out, going deeper each time to lube myself ready for Dean’s cock. I pulled it out and added more olive oil and repeated my actions with the courgette, until I was satisfied that I was lubed enough.I wiped away the excess oil with a kitchen towel and washed my hands. I quickly smoked the last of the joint. I slipped out of my denim skirt and walked back into the lounge telling Dean to lie on the sofa. I pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and took his cock into my mouth. I loved the feeling of it hardening, and getting thicker in my mouth. I also loved Dean’s filthy words of encouragement spilling from his mouth as his cock grew to full hardness. God I loved this, but now for the hardest part.I straddled Dean and took hold of his cock, spreading his slimy precum around my anus. Looking down he looked like the cat that had got the cream as I lowered myself onto Dean’s cock. I felt its hardness against my hole and then it start its journey inside me.Again I felt pain as his large cockhead stretched my anal entrance, and I bit my lip as I was determind to get the worst over. I pushed myself down, and saw flashes of light as Dean’s cockhead pushed through my asshole. The pain was awful but now he was inside I knew I had him.I began to ride up and down on Dean,s cock, the olive oil was doing its job. It was still uncomfortable, but strangely in a nice way. I guess I was getting turned on by the pain and the depravity of the act itself.Dean’s cock went further and further up into my ass and I began to moan in pleasure. “Yeah go on Kay you dirty posh cunt, take me deep in your shitter you fucking bitch.”Dean’s words thrilled me, nobody had talked to me like that before and I knew that I liked the idea of acting like and being a slut for my young lover. I got Dean’s cock as I deep as I could for my first anal sex and was a little disappointed that I couldn’t take him fully. But now I had got as deep that was comfortable for me I began to ride him and enjoy it.I started to use my ass muscles to clench on Dean’s cock as I rode him and knew he couldn’t last much longer in my tight ass. We exchanged dirty verbal words with each other. Making it even more horny for me. I pulled off my shiny top, my pert tits now exposed to Dean, they bounced nicely as I rode him.I had a sudden thought that I wanted a momento of this days sleazy fun and leant forward to put my breast towards Dean’s mouth.“Bite me bad boy, give my perfect white tit a lovely lovebite.”As Dean bit and sucked on my breast I clenched my ass with the pain. This sudden extra tightness was enough to make Dean cum. I felt his hot cream spraying the insides of my bowels. It was weird having something go into a place that usually only expels stuff. I felt his cock pulsing as I drained every bit of his lovely cum into my ass.I fell forwards onto him, exhausted. Dean was panting with the exertion of it all too. His sweaty smell was even more pronounced now after that, and I inhaled it greedily in my post orgasmic glow.We kissed but that soon turned into a passionate snog, with Dean taking his time to maul my now naked breasts. I lifted myself slightly and felt a painful but delightful pop as his cockhead slipped out of my asshole.I felt more satisfied by this sex than any that I had at any other time in my life. I was so glad I had lowered my standards, and met up with Dean. I knew there was no going back. I needed guys like Dean, not the old kind of guys I used to date, the boring solicitors or accountants. I needed young virile hung guys like Dean.I looked at the clock and panicked Jane would be dropped off soon. I pealed myself from Dean and explained that she would be home soon and we needed to tidy up.As I opened the windows, Dean picked up the cans and cigarette butts. I then ordered him a taxi and told him that I would pick him up the next morning and we would go on a shopping trip. I told him I would treat him, and how I wanted him to pick out some new stuff for me to wear for him. Dean slipped me a few joints to get me by, and I gave him some cash for him to buy me my own supply of grass.We heard his taxi arrive and we kissed and parted on the doorstep. In my aroused state I didn’t even twig I was still topless. I waved Dean off and found my top just as Jane arrived back. As soon as she walked in her nose went up in disgust at the smell of sex in the air, as well as the lingering smell of cigarettes and joints, and a little of Deans sweat.“Whats going on Mommy, whats that terrible smell in here.”“I have had a friend around that is all.”“Well it smells terrible mommy, I hope they do not come again.”I was getting pissed off with her attitude, little did she know how things were going to change around here. But then again neither did I at that time.“Well get used to it Jane. Life isn’t all about you and what you want. I am getting a life, maybe you should get one too.”I turned to storm off in my anger at her, and her attitude, grabbing a bottle of wine as I left the kitchen.“Mommy whats that running down your legs ?”Oops! I thought to myself, but chuckled inside.

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