cuckold lifestyle 7


cuckold lifestyle 7My wife is full of suprises, She fucks like a rabbit that I know, it’s just that I don’t know who she is fucking. One night our son was at my parents spending the night so my wife and I went into his room to play his video games. He gets pissed if we go in there…anyway we where playing some game that we both sucked at , I said lets play strip video games. My wife said OK and we got started well I soon had her top off. I love her 35 B’s , the nipples are just right for sucking, well looking at them made my dick hard. I told her I didn’t want to play any more , well she said I do. OK I’ll set here and talk to you while you play. After a few minutes I had gotten her on the sex subject. I was getting her to tell me about all the guys she had fucked. I was just about to start shaking from excitment. I got my voice calmed down enought to ask her a question. I said what is the wildest thing you have done? She laughted at me, you are a nasty boy , you know that? I said no I’m just a lucky boy to have such a hot wife . She started telling me about one time Tim had called her while I was at work. He laid out of work and was at home alone. He wanted her to come to his house and fuck. OH Man, I was getting the shivers. So what happened I asked. She said well I showered and shaved my pussy nice and smooth, then I put on my black garter belt and black stockings . I was watching her face, she was really into that damn video game. I said then what did you wear? Oh just my coat and a pair of high hills. I said you drove over to his house with nothing on but a garter belt and stockings? She said yeah…why? What if you had broke down , what you have done? She said I’d got a ride with someone. Oh Hell no I said, that’s crazy talk. She laughed and said NO I knew I’d be OK. OK what happened when you got to his house, she said well I left my coat in the car and walked to the door. Oh man I am shaking and my feet feel cold by now. She said I rang the door bell almanbahis yeni giriş and he let me in. Well what then? She said we fucked. OH I know but tell me about it. She said well he has a king size bed and we fucked all over it. How many times I asked? She said oh alot, I got there at ten and left at four so I could beat you home. When was this I asked? She said it was about two months ago. I didn’t even know anything about it I said. She said there’s a lot you don’t know about. I was feeling kinna cheated.. I said I don’t like knowing that ….. Oh you big baby she said. I said no it’s just I enjoy that so much I don’t want to be left out. She then said what if I thought of that and made sure you wouldn’t be left out. How I asked? I made a video of it. WHAT? there’s a video of that day? She said yes there is. You want to see it? Well yeah !! where is it? She said go in the den and turn on the VCR and I’ll go get it from my hiding place. I jumped up and ran in the den. I turned on our big screen and the VCR, here she came down the hall with it, her tits still in full view. She tossed it to me and then sat down on the couch. I poped it in and joined her. I got to tell you my hands and feet where ice cold from being so excited, soon the screen turned blue and then there it was, a full view of Tim’s bed room. My wife was standing at his bed room door in just what she said, a black lace garter belt and sexy lace top black stockings. her nipples where hard as rocks. She was smiling and her first words where NO, turn that off! Tim was behind the camera and I could hear him say OK I’ll erase it after we are done. She said yeah right and then walked over to his bed and fell across it, her face was about three feet from the camera. I was looking at her face being that close up, I turned to her and said , did you have enough makeup on you floozy? She laughed and said yeah Tim said be slutty looking when you get here so I did up my eyes kind almanbahis giriş of heavy. Then Tim walked around from behind the camera, his dick was at half mast, and it was already at least four inches longer than I am at full throb. My wife sat up and took his dick in her mouth and sucked it to full glory. Her left hand was around it but her fingers where not touching, I acted like I didn’t notice that . But she did , man look how big around his dick is, I didn’t know it looked that big on the TV. I didn’t say any thing. Tim got on the bed and moved around so the bottoms of his feet where facing the camera, My wife crawled on top and sat down on that fat dick of his. She went right down to his balls all at once. I turned to her and said , a little wet where we? She answered oh yeah, I left a wet spot on the car seat. I was ready when I walked in the door. She rocked her hips and moaned a few times, then she leaned foward and put her hands on his shoulders and stared fucking him as hard as she could. They went at it for about four wide open minutes and then she stopped. I was thinking did he cum already? Then she rolled over on her back and he got on top and started fucking her like a mad man. I heard the headboard hitting the wall. I said out load DAMN…she was watching it with a smile on her face never turning toward me she said OH YEAH. He beat her cunt for I know over fifteen minutes before he stopped. OK Now I bet he’s done I was thinking. NO, he rolled on his side and slide his dick back in her, OH yeah ,I thought I can see right up there, I could see his dick slidding in and out of her shinny slick pussy.they where kissing the whole time so I couldn’t see either face. he slowed down and stopped, then his dick fell out of her. There was that gape hole I saw before. Before I thought I said out loud SEE , I told you your pussy was gaped open. Yeah so what she said. Then I saw it, the creamy pie , she must have felt it running out almanbahis güvenilirmi because she grabbed herself with her hand and said I need a towel or something. Tim said aren’t you going to save that for your ol man? Her responce was I didn’t wear any panties so no , he don’t even know I’m over here. She got up and they talked then the camcorder went off. I turned to her and said man that was cool! She asked if I enjoyed it. I said yeah look and I stood up and pulled down my pants and my dick was as hard as a dick could be. She laughed and said it made me wet too. Well lets go fuck I said. She said good idea , picked up the phone and called Tim. I heard her say I just showed the ol man that video we made, then she said I’m horny as HELL I’ll be there in ten minutes. She hung up the phone and went into our room…I followed her and begged her not to go. She said sorry I have aready asked him. She pulled off all her cloths and started getting dressed. I lay on the bed and watched. Lace top black thigh highs, a denim mini skirt no panties and a half cup bra .I said would you do me a favor? She said what ? I said please wear a pair of panties and pull them up tight before you come home. Yes I guess then she put on hills grabbed a sweater and out the door. Damn it I thought..then I remembered the video! I watched it and beat off. It wasn’t very late when she came home . She said Tim sent you something, I said what is it? Like I didn’t know. as she was setting on the couch she spread her legs and said this. Her panties where soaked. I pulled them to one side and started licking, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in so tight I couldn’t breath. I pushed back took a breath and dove right back in. After I had her clean I pulled my pants down, even after jerking off twice I had a Hell of a hard on. I slid it in and fucked her till she made me quit. I couldn’t come , I had never fucked this long before. I was doing what I thought was a good job till she said look I can’t feel you so why don’t you just stop? I said OK my knees where hurting any way. She hit the shower and I finished that hard on off by watching the video one more time. She has hidden that tape and won’t tell me where it is, she’s afraid our son will find it. Oh well.

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