Subject: Delivery Guy (Gay Encounters) This story contains gay sex between consenting adults. If this story offends you or it is illegal for you, please leave this site. Remember Nifty relies and survives on generosity of people like you for donations. Please be generous. More stories available on my Patreon at eon/writerguy83 “Food will be here soon!”, I yelled to my husband as he played his computer game. After the long week we’d both had, I didn’t feel like cooking, so pizza it was. I sat back down on the couch and turned my computer to face me so I could see the tracker while I watched my show. Handy, these trackers. I could see the precise minute when my food would be delivered and didn’t have to watch out the window, waiting to see if the driver went to the correct house. While I watched my show and waited on the food, my husband, Derek, logged off his game and went to take a shower. I was engrossed in the tv and when I glanced at the tracker again, I saw that the food was on the way and the driver was about to turn into our neighborhood. Once I saw the driver pull into the driveway, I paused my show and got ready to greet them at the door. Peeking out of the window, I saw the car door open and the driver hop out with the delivery bag. The driver was a young black guy, probably in his early 20’s. As he made his way up the walk and up the stairs to the front door, I got a better look. Being summer, the local pizza place allowed their drivers to wear shorts and this guy had taken advantage of that. He wore bright red basketball shorts and a white tee shirt. He had on a visor that bore the name of the store. Just as he got to the door, I went ahead and opened it up. “How ya doing, man?”, the driver asked. I had been right. He was definitely young. He was tall as well, probably 6’1 at least. The tee shirt he had on was tight, showing off his pecs and biceps. Giving him the once over, I saw that the shorts left very little the imagination as there was a pretty big bulge showing. “I’m doing alright, how about yourself?”, I answered. He started pulling boxes out of the delivery bag and handing them to me. “Can’t complain, can’t complain”, he said. While he wrestled the last box out of the bag, I kept glancing at his bulge. An idea was forming in my brain. Looking at this guy made me extremely horny and I could feel my dick getting hard. I listened upstairs and still heard the shower going. I couldn’t believe the thought that was running through my head. When the driver finally got the box free and handed it to me, I told him to hold on a second and put the boxes down on the table and stepped outside where he waited on the porch. “Look, I’ve never done this”, I said to him, “but, my husband is upstairs in the shower. I’ll give you a hundred bucks if you step inside and let me suck your cock.” I couldn’t believe I had actually said that to someone! What the fuck was I thinking? Would he report my address to the shop and get us banned from ordering? And my husband was right upstairs! I looked at the driver and saw that I didn’t need to worry. He was smiling and already stepping towards me. “A hundred bucks? Hell yea!” I stepped back inside tuzla escort and allowed him to walk in behind me. We stood in the foyer and I closed the front door. I was suddenly super anxious. The driver stood there, still holding his delivery bag, apparently waiting on me to guide the situation. “You can put your bag on the couch,” I said. My voice was low, coming out in a whisper. He tossed the bag onto the couch and I reached out and grabbed his shorts, pulling him towards me. “Lean back against the door”, I said. I got down on my knees, still hearing the shower going upstairs. The floor was hard as fuck, but I didn’t care. The driver leaned back against the door, arms at his sides, looking down at me. I figured I didn’t have much time. I gripped the sides of his basketball shorts and pulled them down. He was wearing plaid boxers underneath and I pulled those down as well, freeing his cock. Jesus Christ. His cock was massive. It was still soft but it hung down about 5 inches and was super thick. He had big balls that were the size of plums. I glanced up at him and he just grinned. “Fuuuuck”, I whispered. I grabbed his huge cock and leaned forward and slurped it into my mouth. His cock was so big and tasted so good in my mouth. It was spongy and immediately starting reacting to my sucking. I could feel it getting hard in my mouth as I went back and forth on it. It started getting longer and thicker the more I sucked. I could feel it hitting the back of my throat and it wasn’t even all the way hard yet! Pulling off of it for a minute, I saw that it was probably a good 8 inches long and so thick I could barely get my hand around it. I pulled on it, slowly jerking it, mesmerized by it. It was an incredible big black cock. I put it back in my mouth and started sucking again, oblivious the everything around me. I should have paid more attention to my surroundings because the next thing I knew, the driver started trying to pull away and pull up his shorts at the same time. I began to ask him what he was doing when I glanced to the side and saw my husband at the bottom of the stairs, slack jawed, staring at us. I jumped to my feet and just looked at him. I didn’t know what I could possibly say. I mean, he had just caught me sucking the pizza delivery guys huge cock. I started to apologize but then caught sight of my husband’s erection. He was hard! Watching me suck that cock was making him horny! `Well,’ I thought, `this could be fun.” I turned back to the delivery guy. “Wanna continue this upstairs”, I asked? I didn’t wait for him to answer. I walked towards my husband and grabbed his arm, pulling him up the stairs with me. He still hadn’t said anything, but he followed behind me. The driver also started up the stairs behind us. Once we got into the bedroom, I pulled Derek to the bed and pushed him down on it, on his back. Not saying a word, I grabbed his pajama bottoms and wrenched them off, exposing his rock hard, uncut dick. I turned to the driver and told him to get undressed. He didn’t waste a second and pulled his shorts and shirt off, giving us a look at his toned body. His dick was already filling out again. “Get on the bed and feed my husband tuzla escort bayan your dick”, I told him. I leaned down and swallowed Derek’s cock, tasting the precum that had started leaking out of it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the driver get on the bed on his knees and hold his cock out to my husband who greedily grabbed it and started sucking. I swear, Derek’s already hard dick got harder as soon as he had that cock in his mouth. I pulled off his dick and squatted down, lifting his legs into the air, exposing his hole. I loved eating his ass and wasted no time getting my face in there and licking it while he slobbered all over the cock that was in his mouth. As I ate him, I looked up and saw the driver practically doing pushups on my husband’s face as he pushed and pulled his massive cock in and out. Derek reached down and tried to start jerking off, but I slapped his hand away. It wasn’t time for him to cum. Pulling away from his now sloppy and relaxed hole, I turned my attention to the driver. “You want to fuck my husband?”, I asked him. “He loves a big cock in his hole and he is tight as fuck.” I reached down and started rubbing Derek’s pucker. “It’s been a long time since he had something that big in there. You want to try it out?” Even though Derek was still sucking the driver’s cock and couldn’t say anything, he started hunching his hips, thrusting them against my fingers. I knew he wanted that cock in his ass. And who was I to deny him? The driver pulled his cock out of Derek’s mouth. “Hell yea! I’ll fuck him! How you want to this?”, he asked. I thought about that for a minute. “Derek, get up on your hands and knees and put your ass in the air.” He complied, remaining silent the entire time. I walked around the bed and grabbed lube from the drawer. We didn’t use condoms and I knew Derek wanted to be bred anyway. I tossed the lube to the driver as I began to undress. I got my pants off and walked back around to the other side of the bed and climbed on. “Derek, you can suck me while he fucks you.” I didn’t give him much choice, really. I leaned back against the headboard and held my dick out for him to start sucking. He latched on and swallowed me. Behind him, the driver finished lubing up his huge dick and then squirted some lube onto Derek’s hole and rubbed it in. “Damn, you were right”, he said. “This hole tight as a motherfucker.” The driver grabbed his cock and started slapping it against Derek’s ass. I knew the moment he started sliding it in because Derek stopped sucking me and started breathing heavy and moaning. “Oh God, oh GOD!”, he moaned. “It’s so big! Fuck! I can’t take it all!” The driver snickered. “Oh, you gonna take it all! Just wait, I’m gonna tear this ass up!” I saw him thrust a little and Derek moaned again. I’m sure he was in both pain and ecstasy. It had been a really long time since he had been fucked by a big cock and getting used to it would take a few minutes. The driver seemed to understand that and barely thrust his hips, inching into the hole a little at a time. When it looked like most of it was in, I grabbed Derek’s head and guided him back to my dick, putting it back in his mouth for him to escort tuzla nurse on while being fucked. “Fuck, this ass is tight!”, the driver said, as he started really thrusting. I could see him pull almost all the way out and then push back in, causing Derek to moan and thrash and yell as he suckled my dick. After a few thrusts, Derek became used to the invader in his ass and he started pushing back on the dick trying to wedge more into himself. He let my dick drop from his mouth and started wailing as he backed up on the big black cock. “Fuck me, fuck me!”, he shouted. His eyes were glazed over and he had literal drool running down his chin. “Fuck my ass! OH GOD! I can’t TAKE IT!” I started jerking my dick, watching Derek getting railed. “You can take it, baby! You like that big cock in your little hole? You like getting fucked by that big dick?” “Yeessss, oh GOD, YES!”, he screamed. “Fuck my hole! Make me cum!” He was pushing back against the driver, banging his ass cheeks against the driver’s hips. I could only imagine how good it felt to feel that massive cock inside. I was so turned on I was getting close to cumming as I jerked off. From the noises I was hearing, Derek was close as well. “Are you close?”, I asked the driver. “Yea!”, he panted. He was slamming against Derek, fucking him as hard as he could. “Cum in his ass! He wants that cream inside! Fucking bred his hole, man!” I could feel my balls drawing up and I knew I was about to bust. I scrambled up and started jerking hard and pointed my dick at Derek’s face. I glanced down and saw the driver’s huge black cock in my husband’s ass and I fucking lost it. My dick exploded. Cum flew out and hit Derek, coating his face. I heard a loud screeching and realized it was me. The cum continued shooting, hitting him in the hair and his back. As I bathed him in cum, Derek started wailing and thrusting and couldn’t even form words. I knew he was cumming as well, shooting all over the bed as his asshole was being wrecked by the driver’s cock. “OH SHIT!”, the driver yelled. “Im GONNA BUST in this ASS!” He too, started yelling and as he thrust, I knew he was filling Derek’s hole with cum. I slipped off the bed and grabbed towels from the bathroom as the fucking on the bed slowed down and then halted. The driver carefully pulled his cock out of Derek and laid back, out of breath. I handed him a towel to clean up and then tossed one to Derek, who had managed to turn over on his back. He started wiping the cum from his face. “Goddamn, that was some good ass!”, the driver laughed. I really couldn’t believe that this had happened. It was going to be just another boring night, eating pizza, and here we were. The driver slowly got off the bed and started to get dressed. Derek also managed to climb off the bed and said he was going to take another shower. Once dressed, I walked the driver downstairs to the front door. On the way, I grabbed my wallet and handed him the hundred I had offered. Grinning, he pocketed the money and told me it the best tip he had ever received. I grinned back and reached down and grabbed his cock through his shorts. “Worth every penny”, I said. I opened the door for him and he bounded down the stairs, off to make his next delivery. I realized I hadn’t gotten his name at all. `Oh, well’, I thought. I shut the door and put the pizza in the oven and headed upstairs to shower with my husband.

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