Devon Ch. 2


Hey everyone, I’m back. I hope everyone read and enjoyed my story with Kevin. I definitely enjoyed writing it, if you know what I mean. Just thinking about it made my pussy really wet. In my last story, I wrote a little about myself. One of the things I mentioned was that I am in a sorority.

Now, greek life definitley has it’s up and down’s. But, most of the time, it lives up to its name. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten fucked just for being in a sorority. There IS a reason we dress and act like the way we do, boys! Anyway, during the first semester at school, I was going through the typical pledge stuff, none of it was really bad, we just had to do stuff for the actives, like clean their roomd and stuff. But the closer we got to initiation, the wierder stuff got, like picking up condoms for the actives to carry.

There were rumors going around the pledges as to what me may have to do next in order to be initiated. Finally, one Friday night, I think it was about a week before initiation late in the semester, we were all going to a social with the Delts. The Delts were, like, the hottest guys on campus and we were all so excited about the night. I don’t think any of the girls wore panties that night! Anyway, I was at my big sis’s apartment and we were getting ready to go out.

My big sis’s name was Ashley and I looked up to her in every way. She treated me so well and taught me everything about our local chapter: how to behave, who to know, what to say, how to dress, everything. Well, we were all getting ready to go, joking and laughing, talking about who we were going to hook up with and whatever.

Then, Ashley struck upon a realization. “Oh my God, girls, guess what?” “What?” all the actives replied. “I think tonight is Devon’s night!” Ashley said excitedly. “Oh, yes! You’re right Ashley, it is!” one of the actives said. I was confused. Utterly. “Uh, guys, what are you talking about?” Ashley smiled and looked at me. “It’s time we have a talk, cutie.” Oh boy. Here we go. What was I going to have to do now?

Ashley led me into the bathroom and locked the door behind us. We sat there on the countertop and Ashley began to giggle. “I’m so excited for you. I remember when I had to do this!” “What!? What?!” I kept asking.

“Okay,” she said, trying to be serious, “You know tonight is the mixer with the Delts and we all know how hot the Delts are, right?” “Right,” I answered skeptically. “Well,” Ashley said slowly, “Each year we, uh, pick a pledge to get laid by two Delts. This year, we all voted for you.” Ashley quickly looked at me with a huge grin on her face. I didn’t know what to say. I mean, the Delts were hot, but shit. Get fucked by two of them? “Ashley! I can’t do that! I don’t even know any of those guys!” I pleaded. “Don’t worry, Dev, they’re cool guys. We all know them. Besides, you can’t be initiated if you don’t.”

Well, shit. I hadn’t been laid since I got to school and the episode with Eric was several months ago. I could definitley use a good fuck. Although I had never been with two guys before.

“Besides,” Ashley chimed in, “I had to do it too. That’s why we picked you. To sorta carry on the tradition.” Okay then. bağdat caddesi escort If Ashley did it, then I’ll do it. “Alright,” I said, “Count me in!”

“Awsome!” Ashley was so happy. “Okay, now come here. We have to find you something skimpier to wear.”

Well, skimpy was an understatement. Ashely had me put on the shortest, tightest bluejean shorts man has ever seen. My tight little asscheeks were busting out of the back. I had on four-inch clog sandles and a t-shirt that Ashley tied to show off my bellybutton ring. And just for good measure, she tore a slit down the front, so the guys could see a little extra tit. We had a few drinks and we were off.

The talk in the car on the way there was all about who I should fuck. Alex. No, James. No, David. But it was unanimous that I at least let Chad fuck me. All the girls said he had the biggest cock.

We finally got there and it didn’t take long for the guys to swarm me. I could have definitley had my pick tonight. Every guy was touching me, giving me drinks, offering “guided tours” of the house. I finally met Chad, and the girls were right, he would definitley be one of the guys.

He and his friend Eric were hitting on me for a while, when I finally decided it was time.

“Hey, Chad, come here,” I fingered him over. “What’s up babe?” He said. “Hey, I have this stupid sorority thing to do here tonight. I have to do it in order to get initiated.” “Oh yeah, and what’s that?” I waited a few moments to build the suspense. “Well, I have to get fucked by two guys here,” I said matter of factly.

Chad stumbled all over his words. He didn’t quite know what to say. “Well, uh, I think you’ve found your guy,” he finally said. “Well, I need two guys. Think your friend Eric would want to join us?” “Eric? Sure he would. Hey, Eric!” Chad yelled.

Eric and Chad searched every room in the house, but they were all filled with sorority girls getting fucked by Delts. “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” Eric said, “follow me.” Chad and I followed Eric through the house and out of the back gate that led to a dark alley. We walked a ways from the house to where Chad had parked his car. It was really dark, but a bright light up on a telephone pole provided enough light to see clearly.

We didn’t even make out. I just crouched down like a catcher, resting my ass on my calves, while they took out their cocks. Eric and Chad were both tall, but my four-inch clogs gave me leverage on them. They both had their cocks in their hands, offering them to me. I pulled my hair back and positioned myself in front of Chad. Good Lord, the girls were right. He was fucking massive. It was as big around as a toilet paper roll and every bit of 8 inches. “Take as much as you can, babe,” Chad said. Apparently he had had plenty of blowjobs from girls who couldn’t handle his size. I slowly began stroking his cock, turning my had with each stroke. Eric reached down and grabbed my other arm and made me stroke him as well.

Chad grabbed the back of my head and pulled me face down onto his swollen head. I felt him swell in my mouth and I began to flick the opening of his member with my tounge. Precum bahçelievler escort seeped out and I look up at him and smiled as I tasted him for the first time.

I was giving his shaft short, quick jerks while I sucked on his mushroom-shaped head. “Oh, fuck yes Devon, suck that cock,” Chad crooned. Knowing Eric was there too, I turned my attention to him. He wasn’t quite as big, but just as long. At first, I just took half of him in while I massaged his testicles. I could feel his cock twitching in my hadns and mouth. Chad grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back over to him. He put my back against the driver’s side door of the car. Chad reached down and grabbed my shirt and slowly ripped it all the way down, where Ashley had started. “There we go, now we can see those great fucking tits,” he said proudly.

I felt like such a slut, letting these two strangers rip my clothes off in the middle of this alley. I went back to their cocks, taking turns after a few strokes and bobs on each one. My mouth was filled with so much saliva, it roped from my lips to the cock head whenever I pulled it out.

They both wanted their cocks sucked so bad, they both crammed theirs into my mouth at the same time. Chad grabbed my head to make sure I wouldn’t back off. I quickly began to gag and spit poured out of my mouth. They both gave a few quick jabs and pulled their cocks out. I knelt over and coughed aloud a few times, spitting out enough spit to make a large puddle.

“Let’s stand her up,” Eric said. They pulled me to my feet by my armpits and bent me over the trunk of the car. Eric pulled down my shorts to my ankles, but left my shoes on. My shirt had been torn all the way off and they pulled my bra cups to either side to reveal my tits.

“You fuck her first, Eric,” Chad said. “No problem,” he replied. He got behind me and pushed me over farther. “You ready to get fucked, baby?” I was in somewhat extacy, somewhat shock, and I didn’t answer. I felt his spongy head press against my sopping pussy. He grabbed my ass and guided his cock in. It felt so good to have a cock up my pussy. It had been so long. I had only been fucked by two guys in highschool and now I was getting fucked by two in one night. When his cock was fully in, he pulled back out, and jammed it back in, hard and quick. I yelled out, louder than I probably should have and Eric began to fuck me. He was steady at first, but got quicker and harder with each pump.

Finally, Chad decided it was his turn. Eric pulled out, his cock soaked in my pussy juices. I was eager to feel Chad’s size in my still tight pussy. When he put his head between my lips, I knew I was in for no small amount of pain.

“Hey, Eric. Put your cock in her mouth so she won’t yell so loud.” Eric quickly did as he was told and got up on the trunk. He got on his knees in front of me and pressed his cock against my mouth. I eagerly took him in. Seeing this as his cue, Chad fully entered me. His big cock stretched out my pussy. It wasn’t quite like the first time I had been fucked, but it was close. I let out a low, long, muffled moan as he slowly pushed his huge rod up into me. I seperated my bahçeşehir escort legs wider so Chad could fuck me deeper. He took the hint and began to pound away at my pussy. His stomach was slapping against my ass. Eric took my hair and used it as somewhat of reign on me to suck his cock. He would pull it back hard, guiding my head back and pull it towards him for me to take him in more.

I felt so nasty and so proud that I was handling both of these guys. Chad was fucking me so hard now, he was practically lifting himself off of the ground with each thrust. Eric would pull his cock out nearly all the way and thrust it back in so deep my nose would rub against his stomach.

“Fuck, you have the tightest litte ass, Devon,” Chad moaned as he squeezed it while using it for leverage.

Chad and Eric took turns fucking me from behind for what seemed like two hours. The back of my thighs were sore from them slamming into me. My pussy had been ravaged. My once-tight pussy lips hung loosely open, my juices dripping out. As I would suck a different cock, I would taste my own cum.

I hadn’t yet had an orgasm, which was a little dissapointing, but I didn’t know how long these two machines would last. Finally, Chad said, “You ready to let her have it?” Eric said, “Yeah, I think so. Get on your knees, Devon,” Eric ordered. I quickly did so, knowing that they were about to cum and I didn’t want to lose a drop. They were stroking their cocks hard and fast. It was such a turn on. My pussy was getting wetter. I started running my fingers up and down my slit, massaging my clit while Chad and Eric jerked off in front of me.

“Open! Open!” Eric panted. “Cum in her mouth. Make her swallow it,” Chad said. I tilted my head back and opened my mouth as wide as I could. My pussy was fucking throbbing. I wanted his cum in my mouth so bad. Eric put his head just inside my lips and began to cum. He let out short, quick pants as the first of the jizz oozed out onto my bottom lip and down my chin. The next few shots were big and hit the back of my throat. I felt the warmth and tasted the salty flavor.

Ass soon as Eric finished shooting his load into me, Chad practically shoved him out of the way. I couldn’t fucking wait to get his load in me. My pussy was flowing furiously. I had two fingers buried in my cunt as Chad put his cock in my mouth. I closed my lips around it. I felt his cock quickly swell, stop and jerk violently as his hot, white jizz shot in my mouth. It started to seep down my throat, but I forced it back up into my mouth. More streams spewed out into my mouth, hitting the roof and my tonsils.

Finally he was finished. He pulled out slowly, wanting to see how long the cum rope would stretch out from my mouth.

“Did you swallow it?” Eric asked. I slowly shook my head “no”. With their cum in my mouth, I swished it around. I finally felt it coming for me now. I savored their taste. I swished the two guys’ cum in my teeth while I feverisly pounded my pussy. I opened my mouth to show them. The entire bottom part of my mouth was oozy-white. I looke up into their faces to see their reaction when my orgasm hit. I slowly swallowed their cum while I moaned more than loud enough for the neighbors to hear. As I did, Chad took his monster cock and wiped it off on my lips.

I quickly got dressed, putting on one of their shirts. As we walked back to the party, I contemplated on how exactly I was going to tell this to Ashley and the girls. If this didn’t get me initiated, nothing will.

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