My Boy Pt. 02


I didn’t go to the rehearsal dinner. Jesse didn’t want me to go, and I didn’t really want to go, so instead I went back to my hotel.

It was cold, and lonely. I stared up at the popcorn ceiling. This was all too confusing.

I shouldn’t have kissed him. I shouldn’t have. He’s engaged. He’ll be married in less than two weeks, and I kissed him, forced him to kiss me.

I sighed, turning to my side and bringing Jesse’s jersey up to my face. I had to leave.

That’s my only option, isn’t it? To leave. This can’t continue between Jesse and me. I wish it could. More than that I wish we could go back two years, before our father came, and undo everything that we did in the few days he stayed with us.

I couldn’t sleep. It was around one in the morning, when I heard a soft knock at my door.

I should’ve covered up to open it, but I didn’t bother. I was wearing dark grey boxers, that was it. I only opened the door a few inches and peered out into the lightened hallway.

Jesse gave me a small smile, his tired eyes looked anxious.

“Jesse, what are you doing here?” I hadn’t told him where I was staying. He’d also been celebrating his engagement less than an hour ago, so I hadn’t been expecting to see him. Jesse bit his bottom lip and nervously glanced into the room behind me.

“Could I come in?” He asked. I blinked a few times, before moving away from the door. I held it open for him, and then shut it quickly. Jesse walked into the middle of the room, looking around.

He looked gorgeous. Jesse was wearing a dark grey fitted suit, and a black tie. His green eyes searched the room awkwardly, as he struggled to find words. The only thing that wasn’t perfect about him, was his hair, which was now cut very short. It was a sign that either my father or his fiancée had sunk their claws into him. He’d never have cut it otherwise.

“Mom told you where I was?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed. I quickly tucked his jersey underneath the covers, hoping he hadn’t seen it.

“No, I uh, I didn’t tell anyone that I knew you were around.” Jesse chewed his lip again, “I guessed. Room 23, of the closet hotel to my house.”

He gave me another small smile, before sitting on the edge of the bed, next to me. He sat a few feet away. We were both silent for few moments, thinking. My eyes surveyed his body once more, a hunger started to form inside me, but I repressed it.

“You look handsome.” I said quietly. Jesse stared into space.

“Do I?” He said after a few long seconds. He turned his head slightly towards me, not really looking at me. I cautiously reached out, and stroked his cheek with my thumb. He closed his eyes and relaxed into my hand.

“You do.” I murmured. Jesse seemed to remember himself then. He slowly opened his eyes, and my fingers froze against his smooth face.

“I’m in love with her, Michael.” He breathed. I dropped my hand abruptly.

“Okay.” I stood from the bed, creating a larger distance between us. Suddenly I felt so exposed, too exposed. Jesse was sitting opposite me, in a fancy grey suit, and I was in my boxers. He had all the power, and now it showed.

“Why did you come here, Jesse?” I asked. I was very tired, all of a sudden. It had been two years of questions and confusion and sadness and hate, and now I just wanted to sleep. There were so many questions I wanted to ask, so many things I didn’t understand, but I just wanted to sleep. Maybe it would all make sense in the morning.

Jesse rose slowly from the bed, and faced me. He looked so anxious, but what did he have to be afraid of?

Instead of speaking, Jesse took a few cautious steps towards me. I felt frozen. Very slowly, he wrapped his arms around my torso, and rested his face against my chest. I just stood there, like a statue. After a few moments, I felt wetness on my chest, and I realized that Jesse was crying. Jesse was hugging me, and he was crying.

I hugged him back. I held him tightly to me, squeezing him as hard as I could. He began crying harder, so hard that he was shaking against me. I petted his hair softly, too afraid to kiss the top of his head as I normally would’ve.

“Why are you crying, Jesse?” I breathed.

Jesse pulled away from me enough so that he could look at my face.

“Because I’m in love with you too.”

I didn’t kağıthane escort move, I didn’t breathe. I didn’t know what to do, what to say or how to act, so I did absolutely nothing, just stared at him. Who did he love more? I just wanted to sleep. This would all make sense in the morning.

Jesse’s hands moved to my face, and he held my cheeks. His face moved towards mine, but it was slow, very slow. I think he wanted me to stop him, to tell him that we both needed to stop this and he should go back home to his fiancée. But I couldn’t say that. I couldn’t stop him.

His lips pressed against mine. After a full second, he pulled away. We looked at each other. His hands slid down my face and onto my chest. I cupped his face gently, my fingers grazing over the smooth, clean-shaven skin. And I kissed him.

I took his bottom lip between mine, going slowly, tasting him. I felt Jesse relax. He was giving in to me. Our kisses were slow, tender, loving. We’d gotten the lust out of our systems earlier, all that was left now was love. I needed to make love to him.

My hands moved to his collar, and then slid under his jacket. I pushed it off of his shoulders without breaking our kiss. Jesse began quickly undoing the buttons on his shirt, eagerly revealing his beautiful chest to me.

When his shirt was finally off, I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him to me. I kissed down his neck, feeling the pulsing veins beneath his skin. Jesse unbuttoned his pants, and slid them off effortlessly, before his hands moved to my chest once more.

“Mike,” He breathed softly, grinding against me. “No matter what, you’ll always be my big brother, won’t you?”

I pulled away abruptly, looking into his frightened green eyes.

“Always, Jesse.”

He calmed at this and leaned up to kiss me again. My little brother’s arms wrapped around my neck, and my hands moved to his ass. I picked him up easily, his thighs locking around my waist.

I carried him to the bed, but didn’t let him go when we reached it. Instead I lay down on top of him, resting my hands against the cool blankets. His legs tightened around me, and again he began rubbing his erection against mine. I let out a quiet groan at the contact.

I sat up onto my knees, pulling Jesse’s ankles up to my shoulders. It was easy getting his boxers off. I tossed them to the floor carelessly. We looked at each other.

Both of us were panting softly now. Jesse’s cock lay up against his stomach, and I leaned over it slightly, letting a trail of spit drop slowly from my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his dick and began stroking him slowly. Jesse’s eyes immediately fluttered closed and he relaxed into the blankets.

“Oh Mike,” he murmured. His left leg dropped from my shoulder, and he propped it up over my hip.

“I’m sorry.” He finished. I kept stroking him, ignoring his comment. I didn’t want to talk, not now.

“Mike?” He asked, propping himself up onto his elbows to look at me.

“What, Jess?”

“Why don’t you hate me?” Jesse’s green eyes searched mine. It was a good question. It’s not like I wasn’t angry, but…

“You’re my little brother, Jesse. I could never hate you.”

Jesse gave me a soft smile, before his eyes trailed down my body. He bit his lip, taking in the toned, hairy muscles on my chest. His gaze lowered to the waistband of my boxers.

“Take off your boxers, Mike.” He said quietly, his eyes meeting mine again. I didn’t break our eye contact as I pulled my underwear down, my large cock was rock hard. I climbed out of my boxers slowly, dropping them deliberately onto the floor.

Jesse’s leg slipped from my shoulder and he sat up fully now. He climbed onto his knees, matching me in height before he kissed me passionately on the mouth. Our bare cocks rubbed together deliciously. He pressed his hand against my chest, pushing me back against the bed, so I was leaning against the frame. His hands locked under my knees, and he pulled my legs up, so they wrapped around his hips.

His tongue moved sinfully in my mouth, exploring me, tasting me. My legs tightened around him and I held him to me. I never wanted to let him go.

Eventually his mouth moved down my face, kissing my cheek, my chin, my jaw. He began sucking gently at my neck, not hard enough to kartal escort leave a mark, though I wish it would. When his lips reached my chest he looked up at me, meeting my eyes before flicking his tongue over my left nipple.

I relaxed against the bed frame, closing my eyes, allowing him to continue his wonderfully sinful ministrations. Jesse took my nipple between his teeth and tugged on it, causing me to exhale sharply. I moaned when he moved to my right nipple, circling it with his tongue before taking it into his mouth.

My hands explored his back, running down his spine and finally reaching his delicious ass. I squeezed his cheeks in my hands, desperately wishing I could be inside him again. I’m absolutely positive no one in the world has a more perfect ass.

Jesse moved down my chest, pressing kisses along my skin. He stopped when he reached my pelvis. He propped himself up onto his elbows, one hand coming underneath my thigh, resting beside my hip. His other hand moved to my prick and he stroked it slowly.

“How long has it been since the last time you’ve been blown?” He asked, licking his lips.

“Almost two years.” I said, looking down at him. His eyes widened in shock, but his hand continued stroking my length.

“You haven’t been with anyone since…?”

“Not a soul.”

He smirked, licking his lips again, looking down at my hard prick eagerly.

“Guess I better make this good, huh?” He asked, smiling.

“You always do, Jess.” I responded, petting his short blonde hair. He smiled again, before looking back down at my cock. He spat on it, and continued running his hand quickly up and down my shaft.

His tongue slowly licked up the length and my eyes quickly shut. I tilted my head back, letting out a small sigh. My hand rested against the back of his head, petting him since I couldn’t grip his hair.

His tongue moved expertly up and down my length, coating my prick in his saliva. I moaned softly again when his tongue circled the underside of my head, before he finally engulfed my cock in his mouth.

Jesse’s mouth felt amazing around my cock. He went down about halfway to start, his tongue licked at my shaft each time he came off my dick. His hand moved to my balls and he fondled them gently as he went.

“Please, Jesse, take more.” I said softly, pushing his head down onto my dick. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to be inside him entirely. Jesse moaned in compliance, forcing his head all the way down, until I felt his nose touch my pelvis. I held him there for a few seconds, moaning as his throat constricted around me, before I let him off. He panted softly, stroking me quickly while he reclaimed his breath.

His mouth enveloped my cock again, and he picked up speed. Spit ran from his mouth down my length and he gagged slightly on me. Fuck, it was a truly glorious sight.

“Jess, I want to make love.” I breathed, running my hand along his scalp. His head came off my cock again and he leaned up, pressing his lips swiftly to mine.

“How do you want me, Mike?” He asked, sitting on his knees.

“Lay on your back, love.” I murmured. My brother smiled, relaxing onto his back. He spread his legs, giving me room to crawl between them.

I leaned over him, kissing him once more. My brother’s tongue danced with mine and it felt like my heart was going to burst right through my chest. The realization hit me suddenly.

Jesse was here with me. Not there with her. And it was his rehearsal dinner.

Suddenly I was so happy that I couldn’t contain it. My joy bubbled over and soon I was laughing into the kiss. I broke away to nudge Jesse’s face with my nose.

“What’s funny?” He asked, grinning. I looked down at him.

“Nothing, Jess. I’m just really, really happy.”

He grinned up at me, before pulling my face down to his once more. My brother’s legs wrapped tightly around my hips and he held us together. He slowly moved against me, rubbing our cocks together.

I sat up, reluctant to stop kissing Jesse, but eager to be inside of him once more. I popped my fingers into my mouth, coating them in saliva before moving them to Jesse’s tight knot. I rested my other hand on Jesse’s hip.

“Mike,” He said hesitantly, “It’s been a long time…”

“I’ll be gentle, sweetheart.”

He küçükçekmece escort blushed, but smiled up at me.

I slowly pushed my middle finger into his tight hole. Jesse’s face scrunched up in pain, but he didn’t cry out or pull away. He took a deep breath, and exhaled shakily.

“Christ…” He whimpered, his hand moved to mine and he clasped it. Our fingers intertwined.

“If you don’t want to-“

“No, no, I want this,” He laughed, “I fucking need this, Michael.”

“Me too.” I murmured. I moved my finger inside of him, pushing it all the way in. Jesse just breathed in deeply, trying to relax his muscles. It would take time, which was fine by me. I didn’t want to hurt him.

I pumped my finger in and out of his hole, working his anus open for me. I curled my finger deliberately, stroking his prostate. Jess gasped, his eyes fluttered closed.

“Please, please…” He whimpered. I smiled, rubbing his prostate again. Pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock.

“Can you handle another one, baby?” I asked. Jesse nodded eagerly, gripping my free hand tightly in his.

I spat on my hand again, trying to get as much lube as I could for him, before pressing my index finger into his warmth. Jesse moaned, tilting his head back as I opened his channel.

I did my best to go slow. I scissored my fingers inside of him, opening him up as best as I could. Jesse stayed relatively quiet, just focused his attention on breathing.

I thrust my fingers in and out of him a few more times, before adding a third finger. Jesse groaned loudly at the intrusion, and his hole clenched around my fingers but he didn’t ask me to stop or slow down.

“That’s it, Jess, open up for me.” I said softly, pushing my fingers deeper into his hole.

“W-want your c-cock inside me, Mike.” Jesse whimpered, meeting my eyes with a desperate glance.

I pulled my fingers from his ass, and took my cock in my hand. I spat on it, then spread my spit down my shaft. Finally, I lined the head of my dick up to Jesse’s beautiful pink hole. Ever so slowly, I pushed into him.

Jesse seethed, his hand gripped mine, his ass clenched. I stayed still, letting his ass get accustomed to my girth again. When he relaxed and his breathing evened out again, I pushed myself in further.

I continued the rhythm, pushing an inch or so in, and then holding. Pulling almost all the way out, pushing in a little further and holding. After a few minutes, I was all the way inside my little brother. Jesse was breathing heavily, but he looked up at me with a smile.

I leaned over him, so that I could kiss him once more. His legs tightened around me, and his hands went to my hair.

“I love you.” Jesse said, staring into my green eyes, that were identical to his.

“And I love you.” I breathed. I went slowly, rocking my hips against his. Jesse’s eyes slowly closed and his head tilted back. His lips parted letting out soft moans and whimpers of ecstasy.

It felt amazing, being inside him again. It had been so, so long. But everything seemed like just as it was. We held each other like lovers. My lips explored his neck, his cheeks, everything while I made love to him. My hands held his jaw, his held my hair. Every so often Jesse would manage to open his eyes and we’d kiss, staring at each other with adoration.

“I can’t live without this.” Jesse breathed. There were tears in his eyes.

“You’ll never have to again.” He smiled at this and ran his hands down my back to grip my hips.

“Faster, Michael, faster.” He breathed. I obeyed, increasing the speed of my thrusts. I claimed his asshole once again. He’s mine, all mine.

Jesse’s body writhed beneath mine, his back arched off the bed every time my cock stroked his prostate. He was gasping for air, his nails dug into my back.

“Michael, I’m so close.” He moaned, staring into my eyes. I was too. I wanted us to cum together.

His eyes squeezed shut, and my thrusts became reckless and desperate. He cried out, his head flew back. He was climaxing. And hardly a second after, so was I.

We held each other tightly, riding out our orgasms, moaning each other’s names for everyone is the hotel to hear. His cum shot up onto his chest, and my load filled his ass. Jesse shuddered as he came down from his high. My body twitched against his.

Reluctantly, I pulled out of him. I relaxed my body against his while his fingers gently massaged my scalp.

“Two years,” Jesse murmured, “never again.”

“Never again.” I repeated, resting my face against his smooth chest.

It wasn’t long before we both drifted off to sleep.

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