Discovering Kingston


Watching Kingston in the shower through the reflection of the bathroom mirror was making Rebecca reconsider waiting. He’d been a perfect gentleman with her – wining and dining her and treating her with the utmost respect. But Rebecca was hesitant to get into a relationship with Kingston. This was the first time she had ever dated a black man. Her folks seemed to be ok with it but she was unsure about her friends. She couldn’t help but notice the way some Black women looked at her when Kingston and her were out. Like she had gotten away with murder and was still running around on the streets. The site of Kingston’s tantalizing dick in the mirror brought on an orgasmic tingle throughout Rebecca’s body that erased all hesitation. It was huge! It hung from Kingston’s body like an enormous exotic fruit covered in the mist of the rain forest. The tightness of his smooth flawless dark body confirmed that with each thrust, Rebecca would reach new heights of pleasure. With this thought, her hand unknowingly found the center of her throbbing excitement. Rebecca was reluctant to move it away, but she did so out of fear that Kingston would notice it there.

As he turned in full view of her, Rebecca caught the sight of what this fine, virile black man had to offer. She loved his smooth dark chocolate skin, his athletic six foot two frame and, his jet-black hair that was cut very short, just about bald and his clean-shaven face. A gasp escaped her lips with her discovery. She was caught. Kingston turned to her with a look of confidence and seduction. He didn’t acknowledge her right away, but instead began to slowly stroke his manhood to tease Rebecca.

Rebecca couldn’t believe what he was doing. Kingston leisurely stepped out of the shower and walked past her. He knew she was watching him in the shower with her mouth wide open. He knew she wanted him. Rebecca wanted Kingston to fuck her, but didn’t know how to tell him. She didn’t know how to tell him all the naughty little things she wanted him to do to her. How could she tell him all the freaky things she thinks about while she masturbates during the late night hours? Kingston continued the game just a little while longer. Hell, she’d made him wait almost four months.

Rebecca finally came in to the bedroom behind him. Jay Holiday was playing softly in the background. His seductive voice singing “Bed” made Rebecca blush. A mischievous grin crossed Kingston’s face. “Damn!”

Rebecca looked so sexy. She had showered before him. Now she wore white, stretch, Calvin Klein boy short that cupped her pussy just right. Her matching ribbed, white tank top stretched over Rebecca’s B-cup breasts, highlighting her large nipples. He admired her sexy body; her shapely smooth legs, her firm stomach, and her just loved her petite fingers with her manicured French nails. Kingston didn’t think he was going to be able to play this game with Rebecca any longer. She was making his dick hard.

Fuck! He couldn’t hide what he was feeling.

Kingston walked to the dresser, his throbbing cock bobbed up and down with each step until he lighted the vanilla scented candles. By the time he turned around to walk over to her, she was in the bed watching him. Rebecca’s fears left her and she was bold at this point, not turning her head away in embarrassment. Instead she slowly crawled to the end of the bed and met Kingston’s manhood, kissing it like a long-lost friend. Rebecca rubbed his dick over her lips, over her chin, under her neck. Kingston ground his hips as he felt the slippery warmth of Rebecca’s mouth even as she parted her lips. Slowly her tongue encircled the mushrooming swollen head and his eyes closed tight. She rubbed her cheeks with the back of his curled fingers and she could tell he knew she was in control. Rebecca allowed his body to enter her mouth. He felt the soft skin of her lips, the smooth surface of her teeth. Kingston felt the soft folds of flesh inside her cheek and he watched her mouth expand in amazement as she swallowed all of him deep into the back of her throat. His neck whipped back and his hands closed into shaking fists from the sensation.

Rebecca looked into Kingston’s eyes and eased him out of the silky warmth of her mouth. She took her hands from his slick, dark dick, allowing it to stand up. Rebecca looked at the thick veins that broke like a river. She looked at the mahogany cord running on the underside that looked like a half-buried cable. adana escort Rebecca smiled and kissed his throbbing tip once again and he could see by the look in her eyes that she wanted him inside of her.

Kingston pulled back but Rebecca recaptured him in her mouth. His toes curled into the cool thick carpet. Her pink lips slid wetly over the soft chocolate skin on his dick.

“Baby, you taste so good,” Rebecca said, and then swirled her hot tongue over Kingston’s dick. She growled, “I love the smell of you.” She slid her sweet, sexy lips up and down the outside of his immense shaft and Kingston gently pushed her head back as he fought the temptation to lose control.

Kingston didn’t realize how much tension he had built up. He wanted her so bad. Four long months he’d watched her erotic walk with her curvy hips and her small but round ass. He listened to the seductive way she read her secret poems that she only read to him. He wanted her.

He looked at this amazing woman as she undressed without releasing him from her mouth. She effortlessly slipped out of her white tank top and boy shorts; Kingston was amazed. Her nipples were pink and hard. Kingston licked his full lips at the sight of them as if already tasting them.

Kingston couldn’t stand it any longer. He pulled his body away from Rebecca and watched her present her body to him. He sat next to her and swept his eyes over her tantalizing figure. Over her creamy soft curves and the hairless fleshy mound he couldn’t wait to enter. He sensed Rebecca wanted to say something, but Kingston quickly covered her mouth with the fullness of his lips and slowly covered her body with his.

Kingston kissed Rebecca’s lips then inched down to her collarbone and her erect nipples. They were as pink and thick as gumdrops and sweeter than the sugar coating. His lips circled them slowly and he knew he had hit a sensitive spot by the way her body jerked, and her mouth opened releasing a small gasp. With this, Rebecca felt the pulsating begin between her legs. Kingston heard her breathing quicken. He sensed her anticipation, and his mouth slid farther down her abdomen.

He slid his tongue in and out of Rebecca’s navel and she whispered Kingston’s name. His kisses slid down a little lower, and her moans became more urgent.

Kingston smelled her arousal, drawing him closer to her essence. He kissed her softly above her silky mound and under her trembling abdomen. Then his tongue slid lightly over Rebecca’s swollen clit.

At first, Kingston licked it slowly, gently. Then as Rebecca began to writhe, he tongues her a little faster, up and down and back and forth flickering as fast as he can. Rebecca, now felt her orgasm mounting, grabbed Kingston’s head pushing him into her dripping pussy. She watched his head buried between her legs with her eyes barely open. The blend of chocolate and cream turned her on even more. He locked her thighs over his shoulders and positioned her for the ride he knows she’ll never forget. Kingston ordered her to put her arms around his neck. Kingston looked up and said, “Rebecca, put your hands around my head.”

She panted, “What?” She was confused but Rebecca complied without question. In one motion, Kingston lifted her from the bed, and she rode his shoulders to a corner of the room. He planted her like a flag against the wall with her feet kicking back and forth as if she was in a swing and he opened her up with his tongue. The deeper Kingston licked, the faster Rebecca ground until he felt her thighs stiffen like a board. He knew she was about to come.

Rebecca’s mouth opened to scream but not a sound left her throat. She grabbed the back of his head; her thighs gripping him like a vice. She pushed herself away from the wall and they fell onto the bed in a chocolate-vanilla swirl.

Rebecca’s mind spun, thinking if I ‘d known he could eat pussy like this, I would have surrendered a long time ago. She cursed her friend Jane in her mind for telling her that black men don’t eat pussy.

Rebecca’s breathing was shallow and ragged, sweat dripped from her forehead down between her glistening breasts. She reached up and grabbed the headboard, making her way to her knees and arching her back. Kingston brought his large strong hands up, gently spread her swollen lips apart and slid his tongue in deeper than it had ever been before. Just the salty eskişehir escort sweet syrup of her pussy made his dick throb even harder. His tongue moved up and slowly traced circles around her coral pink asshole. He then slowly flicked his tongue over her tight hole and then pushed deeper and deeper inside. No man had ever done this to Rebecca before and she loved the wayward sensation she was feeling. She felt naughty, sexy and desired more than ever before.

Flipping Rebecca over and onto her back Kingston looked into her beautiful eyes, which had attracted him to her since day one. There was a glow on her face and a smile on her mouth.

Kingston didn’t return her smile. Forcefully, he pulled her hips towards his dick. He rubbed it down her inner thigh and took in the disparity of her vanilla cream skin, his chocolate brown dick and her pure pink pussy. The image before his eyes reminded him of his favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream sundae, sweet and creamy.

Rebecca’s blue eyes rolled upward. “Make me come, Kingston, make me come hard, fuck my pussy right.”

Kingston pried her legs apart and watched her open to his body. As he parted her silky-smooth lips, Rebecca’s mouth opened and gasped for air in expectation of the ecstasy to come. Her body was as wet as his dick was hard. He guided his dick into her soft, wet flesh without using his hands. Her eyes opened wide and she looked at Kingston in surprise. The tightness just overwhelmed Kingston’s big, massive dick. He grabbed the headboard and gave her more inch-by-inch as her teeth clenched. Her pussy was so tight; Kingston felt his dick stretching her.

He gave her more and Rebecca said in an impassioned voice, “Fuck me!” as if she was shouting with her last breath.

As Kingston entered her more deeply, he felt Rebecca’s body shudder. He felt the fleshy portion of her baby-soft calves squeeze his waist. Kingston held on to the headboard and pushed his hard throbbing cock inside her creamy pussy a little deeper. Rebecca moved her hips in harmony with Kingston’s and felt his huge, black cock touch places that had never been touched before.

“Kingston fuck me harder, give me all of it,” Rebecca said with a deep desire as she clenched Kingston’s ass into her.

Kingston could barely breath, he tried to call out Rebecca’s name, he tried to tell her how her body pleased him but it came out in a garbled mess. Rebecca understood every word.

Kingston arched his back to thrust harder and put her legs over his shoulders and felt Rebecca lock her feet behind his head. The deeper he stoked the more she moaned in delight. Rebecca opened her thighs wider and looked hard at him. The slightest hint of a smile was tempting the edges of her lips and her eyes looked like shards of blue glass. Thrusting in and out with long, firm strokes Kingston noticed a tear form at the edge of Rebecca’s left eye and then slide down her cheek as she moaned with the erotic rhythm of his stokes.

Kingston felt the muscles inside Rebecca’s pussy walls grabbing like a vice on his cock and he knew she was about to cum.

He wanted to make this a night for Rebecca to remember, wanting to please her so much. He leaned away from her body, grabbed her knees and pushed them back to her chest so her hips raised to meet his tempo.

Her eyes closed tight, her fingers clenched the sheets tightly, and she bit her bottom lip as Kingston stroked deeply inside her. He wanted to come so badly his body shuddered but he was determined to wait until he pleased her first. Kingston felt Rebecca’s pussy quivering. He could tell by the emptiness in her eyes that she was about to come.

“I want to feel your pussy gush. I want your cunt to fucking drown me! Come so fucking hard for me Rebecca,” Kingston commanded as he drilled her faster, harder and deeper with his black cock.

Kingston felt Rebecca’s pussy pulsing. He felt the hard thrust of her hips and her muscles contracting, feeling like fingers milking his dick. Kingston slammed his hips deeper into Rebecca’s erupting pussy as his own orgasm overpowered him. He let go of what he was waiting far too long for. His toes curled and the sharp pain of Rebecca’s teeth firmly planted in his flesh made his orgasm even more intense. Rebecca mounting orgasm felt like an overflowing river during a flash flood. Her body clenched and shuddered around Kingston’s sakarya escort potent body. She screamed out loud as she tried to take back control of her body. Her eyes were open but she couldn’t see a thing. Rebecca slowly released her hold on Kingston’s dark flesh as the turbulent rivers subsided into a tranquil pace.

They caressed and held each other well into the night. The only communication was through the passionate and naughty explorations of their bodies and from the moans of ecstasy.

Rebecca woke early the next morning, her head nestled on Kingston’s chest and her leg wrapped tightly around his muscular thigh. She felt lightheaded like she was in a dream but her eyes widened to behold the sight before her. Kingston’s magnificent dark body and her contrasting pale flesh swathing around his energized her and brought her back to reality. She couldn’t help but to stare at Kingston’s meaty black cock still moist and shimmering from their passions. Her hips spontaneously grinded her juicy pussy against his thigh and her left hand slowly found it’s way down to his dick. It felt so good, so powerful, and so erotic in her hand as Rebecca felt the intense heat and throbbing of his dick come alive. She gently stroked his cock and teased his large balls until he was towering like a glorious black monument. Damn, it was as hard as a rock and Rebecca still couldn’t believe its size and girth. She smiled, realizing what she had in her hand was all hers.

Rebecca worked her tongue down Kingston’s tasty chocolate thigh. She could feel that he had awakened from his deep sleep and took pride in her technique. Rebecca looked up into Kingston’s sexy, deep brown eyes and just smiled as she teased him with her tongue, making her mouth very familiar with the anatomy of his big dick and balls.

Kingston immediately became aroused and pulled Rebecca onto him, pushed her hips and lowered her pussy over his face. He spread her fleshy lips apart and buried his tongue into warm pussy, still filled with his cum from the night before. Rebecca ground her pussy all over Kingston’s face as she took his cock deeper into her mouth. She felt her body tingle all over as Kingston licked and sucked her from clit to ass. She released his cock from her mouth and raised up because the pleasure was too intense for her to focus on sucking his dick anymore. Rebecca felt Kingston’s pointer finger enter her pussy and then his middle finger entered her ass as he sucked on her clit. The pleasure was beyond words. Her neck snapped back and she rocked back to fuck herself on his face and fingers. Her hand tightened hard around his cock and her body shuddered with pleasure.

“Fuck me, Kingston, fuck me,” Rebecca screamed as she bent over on her knees, raising her ass in the air and offering herself to Kingston.

Rebecca felt Kingston’s cock entering her dripping wet folds from behind; with a force and desire she loves. He filled her up completely and fucked her hard the way she liked it, slamming his big cock into her pussy. The room filled with the passionate fragrance of sex and moaning. Without even thinking about it, Rebecca shocked herself by fingering her own ass, only to have it replaced by Kingston’s thumb, which sent her to the point of eruption. Rebecca felt Kingston’s body stiffen and grind deep into her flesh. Her muscles contracted strongly around his huge member and she felt his cum gush deep inside her pussy. They ground against each other desperately and Rebecca’s inner muscles contracted and released with fever around his wonderful cock.

They didn’t want the intense pleasure to end as they felt their juices flowing down Rebecca’s thighs. They finally collapsed into each other’s arms.

Kingston looked at Rebecca, with a slight grin on his face. He knew he had her with the first stroke he gave her last night. It turned him on that she liked it so much that she would just take it. That was the kind of woman he liked, the kind that wasn’t afraid to go for the dick. Kingston wasn’t reluctant to admit that Rebecca had him whipped, and he was going to do everything possible to please her.

Rebecca looked back into Kingston’s eyes and discovered what she had wanted for so long had been in her grasp for four months and she didn’t know it. She knew she could be herself with Kingston and not be judged; he would protect her and love her forever. He would make love to her and fuck her any way she desired and she would do the same for him. She kissed Kingston’s sweet lips knowing this was the only man that made her sweet juices flow the instant he touched her with his tongue. The man that had shown her how capable a man could be in satisfying her with the many discoveries of pleasure. Rebecca was thankful for discovering Kingston.

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