Fantasy Becomes Real Ch. 3


Kaleena drew warm water. She took my hand, led me into the shower. The shower was easily big enough for both of us to fit, with tons of room left over. She picked up a washcloth, downing it in liquid soap, and handed it to me as she turned around.

“Wash my back hun,” she asks sweetly.

I stutter an okay as I start rubbing the cloth on her back, feeling the smoothness of it. my hands bare a little bit, going in a smooth circular pattern. I grabbed her by her breasts…pulling her backwards into the water, rinsing off the sudsy back. I spin her around and kiss her deeply and passionately, tongue slipping around her mouth, licking and nibbling her tongue.

“Baby, how about we go back to bed. I want to go make love for a few.” Kaleena said as she gives me the sweetest pair of puppy eyes in the world. I looked back in them, watching water pour down her face, making her sexier than she already was.

“Why not in here?” I asked, feeling my cock harden a little bit.

She tells me that she doesn’t want to risk getting hurt from cumming so hard. I listened to her, we talked it over for 3 minutes or so. Then, she took my hand and led me to the bed, I was under her feminine wiles at the time.

She laid flat on the bed, spread eagle. She pulled me on top of her, and told me to straddle her. I complied willingly, my cock hovering above her cunt. I place my cock right yalova escort next to her slit, slipping my head around it, rubbing and massaging her pussy with my cockhead, not yet going in.

Kaleena moans slightly, asking me to slip my cock into her wet and juicy cunt. I was semi-hesitant, because I didn’t wanna go too hard, and end up hurting her. But I did slide my cock into her, VERY slowly, VERY softly. I let a small moan come out as her cunt swallowed my whole cock. I pulled it out to my head, then slid it back in.

Kaleena was moaning now, bucking her hips, wanting to feel my piston inside of her. I time my thrusts with her hip-bucking, which made it very more pleasurable for her, and she shouted she was cumming. I continued to slide my cock in and out of her fully wet cunt, feeling the blast of Kaleena’s cum.

I keep my cock in her, my hands wrap around her waist for support. I bend down and kiss both of her erect nipples, popping one in my mouth, sucking and licking it. I feel her legs shake and quiver as her ecstatic orgasm finally subsided. I pumped in and out of her, still slow and steady. Then, while I was inside her pussy, I stopped pumping. I kept still, moving my cock in slow soft circles in her, all around her clit. I heard her moan so loud, she was telling me to continue to make love to her.

I agreed again, edirne escort starting to pump her, my hard shaft going in and out, slow and softly. Then I pick up the pace slowly, until she is comfortable with it. After about 25 minutes of solid making love, I was about to blow my load.

I pulled my cock out of her wanting cunt, and brought it up to her face. She shook her head, telling me to cum inside of her pussy. I was shocked, but I complied. I put my cock inside her pussy again, and pumped her more. I felt my balls hit her pussy as I slid my hard cock in and out. Then, all of a sudden, they didnt hit.

I never before have came like that. I blasted my huge load into her, making my hard cock push out of the pussy, and I was still cumming. She pushed her slit back down onto my cock, obviously wanting me to cum all the way in her.

I did. She was moaning and sighing, as my hard cock finally became limp after blowing thread after thread of warm cum into her pussy. She pulled out, and started sucking my cock, trying to get it hard again. I’m laying on my back, sighing and moaning. I feel it harden up again as a vise-like grip overwhelms my mushroom like cockhead, and then smooth wet lips sliding up and down my cockshaft.

I moaned loudly, feeling Kaleena’s tongue press against my cock and cock shaft. I knew I couldn’t take erzurum escort much more of her very pleasurable assault on my cock, but I tried to hold out. She was sucking more viciously, wanting to eat my next load. Kaleena smiles sadistically, as she sucks and nibbles on my ball sack, licking and fondling my balls.

She knew exactly how to get her way. Within minutes, my second load blasted her face while she was sucking my cock. Kaleena span around into the 69 position, where I would start tonguing her juicy clit, baring my teeth and tongue deeper into it as I searched for my cum, to no avail. Its as if her pussy had taken it all.

I didn’t care really, I Just delved even deeper in her pussy, while she was still going down on my cock. I felt her legs tremble and shake. I grabbed her ass for support, pressing her juicing pussy against my face and mouth.

I cum a third time, and Kaleena cums two times in one massive load. She stays on top of me, in the 69 position, neither of us doing anything. Kaleena spins back around. She then cuddles really close to me.

“You know Aaron, I love you so much baby. That was so sooo great!” Kaleena says, smiling in her little girl smile.

“I love you too, Kaleena. You suck such good cock you know?” I say jokingly, and laugh lightly.

Kaleena blushes slightly, and uses her hand to poke and prod my still hard cock. My hand was already going in circles around her clit. She was building up pressure for a last super hard orgasm. I was too. I wanted to cum at the same time as her, and she wanted the same. We were both moaning and trembling. We came at exactly the same time, and then I laid half on top of her, using her soft breasts as a pillow.

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