Farewell Gift to Marco

Group Sex

We finished our meal, left the dishes to soak in the sink, grabbed another drink, and told Marco our plan. We were going to spend the next thirty hours licking, sucking, and fucking him…just to be sure he never forgot what wonderful friends he had here in the United States. He looked stunned for a moment, then shook his head in disbelief, laughing, and said we were out of our minds. He was so wrong!

Lisa, Marco, and I worked together on Base. I was divorced mother of three, barely five feet tall with brown curly hair and blue eyes. As a civilian employee working with the military, many of my duties kept in me contact with the soldiers who supported the unit. Two of these soldiers worked in the personnel section of headquarters. Lisa, a young lady from Georgia who had blond hair and hazel eyes and stood about six inches taller, would come to stay at my home on the weekends just to get out of the barracks, and we would rent movies, cook, and enjoy a drink or two. During those weekends, she stayed in my daughter’s room, and my daughter stayed with me in my bedroom. The other soldier, Marco, was from Brazil and, after two years in our headquarters, was on his way to leaving the military, and heading home. He spoke English with a beautiful accent, and was very handsome. His curly brown hair was close cut, and his brown eyes usually danced in merriment at all the girls throwing seductive glances his way each day.

A few weeks before he left, Marco came to me to ask a favor. “Since I have to sell my car before I leave, I’ll need a ride to the airport. Could you take me?” I agreed to take him to Las Vegas to catch his flight home when the time came. He would be coming home with me on Friday afternoon, and Sunday we would make our way to catch his flight. And, since it was a weekend, Lisa would be staying at my home, as well.

Lisa came to my office in the middle of the week and said, “I know what we should do this weekend. We should have a little fun with him while he’s here and give him something he’ll never forget.”

I stopped what I was doing and asked, “What are you thinking?” Leaning back in my chair, I listened to her tell me.

“Let’s have a threesome. I think we would all enjoy it, but mersin escort there won’t be any girl touching.” She laughed and added, “You touch me and I’ll hurt you.”

I thought about it for a moment .It sounded like a great idea. I really didn’t want to touch or be touched by another female, and I had never been in any type of threesome, but was ready to make that step. I slowly grinned. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think it’s a great idea! I didn’t buy him a farewell gift, anyway.” That night, I made plans for the children to spend the weekend with their grandparents, arranged a few other details of bedding, and waited with baited breath.

On the way home that Friday, we stopped by the store and stocked up on cranberry juice and Bacardi Rum, it was a favorite drink that we usually had on those weekends when she stayed over. We picked up some other things to eat for the weekend, planning on cooking out the following day, but tonight, we kept it simple and made spaghetti. While I cooked, Marco and Lisa sat out beside the pool, dangling their feet in the water. Yes, it was a kiddie pool, but in the heat of the desert, it felt like the lap of luxury!

Taking our meal outside, we simply talked about everyday things and teased about a gift he had received to keep him busy on the plane ride home: crayons and a coloring book. It was a perfect gift, in my opinion, but not as good as what he’d receive before he ever handed over his ticket to get on the plane!

Lisa stood up and came around the pool and went behind his chair to begin rubbing his shoulders. Since I had been sitting next to him, I reached over to put my hand on his knee and began sliding it up his thigh. “Are you ready now, Marco?” Lisa asked with a little laugh.

He didn’t resist, but he still thought we were teasing him. “You guys are teasing me. I know you don’t mean any of this.” By now, Lisa had reached down and pulled his shirt loose from his pants, lifting it to his chest so she could rub her hands over his abs.

Both of my hands were stroking the inside of his jean-clad thighs, “We really do mean everything we’ve said, Marco. We don’t want you to forget us.” With my kocaeli escort words as I stroked his leg, Marco realized we were going to do exactly what we said we would do. He would be receiving the best gift we could think of, us.

I decided that it would be best to go inside and not give the neighbors anything to talk about. Even though the fence that enclosed my tiny back yard was six-feet tall, any neighbor could look out their back window, down into our yard, and see everything that was happening. That had never stopped me from sunbathing in the nude, but I didn’t want to take any chances…besides, we would have more room in the house, and be more comfortable.

Moving into the living room, Marco finished taking off his shirt while Lisa unzipped his jeans. With her in front, and me behind, we pulled them down and helped him out of them, tossing them aside. I had already brought blankets down under the pretext of his using them to sleep on the couch. We spread them out onto the floor while he watched. Maybe he was not quite believing, maybe he just couldn’t believe his dumb luck, but he couldn’t get that grin off his face and kept saying that we were crazy in that cute Brazilian accent. Never once did he say, “No, thank you, I’m not interested.” I think, even if he had said that, we would have been able to kiss and lick all the lingering objections away.

With him standing there nude, we began caressing him with our hands and kissing his body. We didn’t stay in one place, but moved around him. Lisa was the first to drop down in front of him, taking his already swollen cock into her mouth, sucking him, while I was busy kissing him. It didn’t last long; it was a bit awkward with both of us standing in front of him.

We still had not undressed ourselves. So, with Lisa taking him deep in her mouth, Marco reached up and began to take my shirt off, revealing a sweet little red bra. Little? No, not really – but, it was rather sweet, and hot. Turning around, he unhooked my bra and I quickly removed my shorts, I tossing my clothes into the same pile as his, leaving the tiny red matching panties on. Lisa stood up, and as he helped her out of her clothing, samsun escort I knelt down and started licking his balls, sucking each one gently into my mouth.

After we were all comfortable, Marco lay down of the blankets, on his back. Lisa and I had already discussed how we would start things, and then just let things happen as they would. So, I settled between his legs, licking his hard cock and swirling my tongue around the tip, while Lisa kissed him. He was busy sucking her tits and fingering her pussy about the time I decided to take off my panties and straddle him, lining up his cock to my entrance and sliding my pussy down onto his shaft. Once I was busy riding his cock, sliding up and down slowly, Lisa eased her pussy onto his face and he began licking her slit while I watched.

As I fucked him, my juices coating his cock, Lisa stood up and turned around telling me it was time to switch. I moved off him and watched as she started licking my juice off his cock, then I turned to him and kissed him, tasting her juices on his mouth. Straddling his head, I lowered my sopping wet pussy down onto his mouth, his hands coming up around to grab my ass and pull me close, his tongue sliding up and down my slit, teasing my clit briefly. I could feel movement behind me and knew that she was now fucking him as I was not ten minutes ago.

Soon Marco was lapping at my pussy, sucking out all the juice that was happily flowing from me. Lisa kept telling him that we were going to fuck him, but he wasn’t going to get to cum right away. That didn’t stop me from cumming all over his face as he sucked my clit and shoved a finger in my ass. Nor did it stop Lisa. I could hear her behind me, cumming quietly. Marco, though, he didn’t get to cum. She stood up quickly and he was in such dismay over that, that he couldn’t do anything but look at her in disbelief. He was quite happy, though, when we both licked his cock and his balls, trading off where we licked, or licking at the same time, one on each side of his cock with our tongues sliding up and down. When he came, it shot up into the air like geyser at a national park. It was great to see, and from his reaction, he thought it was pretty great, too.

Not every single moment of that thirty hours was spent fucking our friend goodbye. Some of it was restful, some was feeding our bodies the nourishment they needed, quenching our thirst. By the time it was early Sunday morning, and our time had come to leave for the airport, Marco had satisfied us and been satisfied by us a number of times.

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