First Time


Pete & Cris have been together about 6 months, and have good relationship. Though they’ve fooled around a bit and Pete has brought up the subject of sex he has never tried to pressure her into it. Cris has so far maintained her virginity and has made it clear to Pete that she wanted to wait until she was completely ready. Well with their six month anniversary right around the corner Peter decided to take a chance.

When Cris arrived home after school she had an email waiting for her from Peter:


Come to my place to my place tonight at 7, and wear something in white and elegant.

Love You,


Cris read this and became a little suspicious, she trusted Peter of course, but still she new his parents were away visiting family in New Mexico so she wasn’t sure what she had in mind. She was awoken from her deep thought when her younger sister Kat walked into the room.

“Hey Cris, can you give me a ride to the mall tonight?”

“Yeah ok, but I’m meeting Peter @ 7.”

“Ok fine.”

With that Katz went on her way. Cris then stood up and walked to her closet.

White and elegant hm? She looked through her skirts until she saw something that was perfect, a long white dress with spaghetti straps, she’d only warn it one other time for the prom. She pulled it out and glanced at the clock quickly. 5pm, cool she had two hours to get ready, Cris was just 19 looked much older, she had a wisdom that seemed to radiate from her. She’s also the type of women you see on the cover of cosmo, standing at 5’8 she had shoulder length blond hair and stunning brown eyes. This is one woman who had a line of guys a mile long chasing after her, but she’s more then a body, she’s also sweet, caring, funny intelligent, a real total package. She decided to take a quick shower before she began getting ready, once she got in the bathroom she took off her and dropped her B cupped bra to the ground, revealing a perfect pair of breasts, then came her jeans and panties revealing a pair of legs and as that the god himself must have molded. Moments later she was walking out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her, she walked into her room and dropped the towel. She then went to one of her drawers and pulled out a white pair of panties. Little more then an hour later she was all ready, her hair and make up where mecidiyeköy escort both done.

“Katz you had better be ready to go!”

Her 13 year old sister came running out of her room while Cris was walking to the door holding her white pumps, she passed by her twin sister Lycia who was on the phone making arrangements for her date tonight. Both Katz & Cris put on their coats and headed to Cris’s truck. Ten minutes later they arrived at the local mall.

“Hey if u need a ride back call mom.”

“Ok, ok.”

Cris then began on her way to Peters house, she glanced at the clock and it said ten to 7. Good thing he only lived five minutes from the mall, as she pulled into the long drive of his house she could see that the porch lights were on, she got out of her car and walked to the front door she noticed a small note on the door.


The doors open. Just follow the trail.



Trail? What is going on? As she opened door she saw a hallway illuminated by candles and a trail of rose peddles on the ground. The trail led her to the dining room, Peter was standing by the table with a smile on his face wearing a white suit on the table was a big silver dome, a bucket of ice with a bottle sticking out and two tall candles as well there were candles scattered around the room, he approached her and kissed her, Cris returned the kiss.

“Happy Anniversary darling.” Peter said while walking to the table and lifted the silver dome off the center of the table revealing Fillet Mignon and Baked Alaska, Cris’s favorite meal. He then walked over to Cris and pulled out her chair, with a smile she sat down, and Peter pushed the chair to the table. Peter then pulled the bottle out of the bucket and held it in front of Cris.

“Champagne? But, I don’t drink you know that”

“It’s Cristal, only the best, besides one glass won’t hurt, it’s a special occaison”

“Ok, but one glass that’s it.”

With a smile Peter fills her glass half way. And does the same to his glass, he then cuts off a piece of the baked Alaska and puts it on her plate and puts some Filet Mignon on her plate then goes to sit down.

When both were finished eating Peter got up and walked over to Cris’s chair.

“Time for dessert my dear. Come with me.”

Cautiously nişantaşı escort Cris took Peter by the hand and followed him up the stairs to Peters bedroom, an all white room with hundreds of candles being the only light, next to the bed was a bowl of sugar covered strawberries. There were roses all over the room. A little nervous Cris enters the room, as soon as they both enter Peter turns around and kisses her deeply. Cris kisses back, Peter begins to suck Cris’s tongue, Peter then softly kisses Cris’s neck and shoulder as Cris lets out a light sigh. Peter then slowly pulls down her right strap while kissing the front of her neck, he then pulls down the left strap and pulls the top of her dress down to her waist. Cris looked at him nervously, this was the first time she’d ever been topless in front of a guy, plus she couldn’t help thinking that for a virgin he seems to know what he’s doing.

He ran his tongue along the top of her now bare breasts which sent a shiver down her spine, he began to softly kiss all over her breasts, it didn’t take long for her nipples to become erect, he made that his next destination, he kissed each nipple hard and then took one in his mouth and began sucking softly. When he heard her moan softly he knew that was his sign to continue, be began lightly flicking her nipple with his tongue, he also began to softly pinch her other nipple. He then knelt down and softly began kissing all over her tummy which again made her shiver. She knew what his next goal would be, he pulled her dress all the way off, he then softly kissed the front of her panties and began to slide them down slowly letting the glory of her pussy show itself to him, he then stood up and took her and hand and walked her over to the bed, she smile as she laid down.

Peter then backed off and removed his jacket and unbuttoned and removed his shirt revealing a semi-muscular chest, he then reaches down and undoes his pants and pulls them and his underwear down slowly revealing his rock hard cock of medium proportions. Cris was mesmerized, since this was the first one she’d seen in real life. He walked to the bed and took a berry fed it to her, then he takes a rose and slides down her body. Cris watches him curiously as he spreads her legs slightly and goes between them, he gently kisses her inner otele gelen escort thighs and softly brings the peddles of the rose across her pussy lips, which makes her shiver a through her body, he then puts the roes down, and kisses her pussy deeply and slides his tongue in a little. He then began moving his tongue in and out of her slowly as she began to moan he lightly messaged her clit with his finger. Peter then softly kissed her clit, then begins to softly suck it. Cris begins to moan loudly as she feels her whole body tense as Peter brings her to a thunderous climax.

Peter then slowly climbs on top of her and begins to rub the tip of his cock against her pussy, when she put her hands on his ass and pulled him slightly he knew that was his cue to proceed, he slowly inserted himself about half way, until she saw that he was in pain and she stopped she then bit into his shoulder and pulled him in slightly again. When he was completely inside her he began to pump slowly, on instinct Cris began moving her hips with the rhythm, they both kissed deeply, Peter began to pick up the pace slightly, Cris was again moaning loudly and Peter could feel himself tensing up, both moaned aloud as they came together. Peter then pulled out and took another berry, put it in his mouth and Cris took it from his with hers.

Cris smiled while running a finger down Peters shoulder.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to try Peter?”

“What’s that?”

Cris then rolled on all fours and smiled back him. Peter then slowly ran his tongue all over her ass cheeks as Cris sighed softly, Peter then ran his tongue from her tail bone to the back of her neck which sent a deep chill inside her, he then kissed her shoulder. Feeling a bit more daring now, Cris reached back and grabbed Peters cock which she noticed was again rock hard, she then guided his cock back to her pussy, he slid it in slowly and grabbed her hips and started pumping slow and soft at first, then started moving harder and quicker while Cris was moving her hips in time with his, he began caressing her breasts with his left hand as Cris started moaning loudly, Peter was moving faster and faster and could feel himself tensing up for the second time tonight Cris as well could feel herself tensing up, Cris let out one final loud moan as she came to her third orgasm of the night and Peter let out another moan as he came, then pulled out.

They both laid there on the bed catching their breath.

“Where did you learn all that stuff anyway Peter?”

“From erotic stories I read online.”

They chuckled and slipped under the covers and fell asleep with their arms wrapped around each other.

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