Gay Slave Training PT2

Gay Slave Training PT2There he was, this petite teenage boy kneeling and tightly handcuffed in my shower with a winter hat covering his eyes, drool and piss spilling from the ring gag onto his chin and down his hairless belly to his small rock hard cock. I slapped him hard a few times on his face, then knelt down next to him and slowly smeared his saliva all over his chin and chest with one hand, while slowly tugging on his now slimy little shaved cock with the other.Every so often, I’d shove my fingers roughly into his throat causing him to gag hard and thrash around on his knees, coughing loudly as more drool spilled from the sides of his mouth and down his chest. I could see him begin to twitch and shake slightly as the d**gs started to kick in. I knew it was time to begin his training, and I dragged him into the bedroom.Once in the bedroom, I had the boy stand. I attached leather wrist cuffs to the boy, then took off the handcuffs. With that, I quickly attached the cuffs to adjustable ropes I had affixed to the ceiling. Once the boy’s arms were attached, I pulled hard on the rope, which pulled the boy’s arms up and away until he was standing on his tip toes.I stood behind the boy and to his surprise I roughly yanked the winter hat that had been covering his eyes off of him, but he didn’t see much because I quickly took my favorite device from the table and put it on his head. It was a virtual reality headset, complete with eyepieces and earphones. I plugged the input cord into my laptop and pressed play. I had pre-loaded several hours worth of some of tokat escort the most hardcore sadomasochistic pornography I could find on the internet, women and men being severely tortured in all sorts of ways. The volume was turned all the way up and I could hear the first video start playing, the painful screams of the eighteen year old girl who was tied up in the video having a dildo the size of a horse cock forced into her asshole while her tits were tied up so tight that they had turned bright purple. This video was extremely hardcore, and I chose to play it first because it was the most perverse video I could find.I knew with all the amphetamines running through the boy’s head that he would not be able to think about anything else but sex, and he would not be able to hear anything or see anything besides the horribly perverted video that was currently playing on the screen an inch from his eyes.My plan was to fuck and degrade this boy completely for the next two weeks, and whenever I wasn’t fucking his asshole, fucking his throat, or abusing his shaved, thin, eighteen year old body, I would make him wear the headset and give him more amphetamines. I planned to keep him d**gged and awake for the first 48 hours in order to help his mind become fuzzy enough to totally accept the training I had in store for him.I took a spreader bar with ankle cuffs and attached it to the boy’s legs, spreading them apart and making him strain to keep his balance. When I had gotten him all tied up, I stepped back to look at my new toy. He was covered in a sheen escort tokat of sweat, obviously uncomfortable standing on his tip toes with his legs spread wide. I loved how his totally shaved little body looked tied up, the drool bubbling from his lips making shiny spit trails down his stomach. I walked behind the boy and inspected his little bubble butt. He had shaved, but looking at his butt I could tell that he hardly even grew hair on his ass. I tightly grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled them apart, showing his hairless little asshole that was still a bit red from when I fucked it in the bathroom. I reached behind me on the nightstand and grabbed the lube and the really large black butt plug. I set them on the ground and undid the leg restraints. I went to the bathroom and grabbed the panties he wore here, the really small white boyshorts that he had stolen from his 13 year old sister. I returned to my place behind the boy and opened the lube bottle. I took the head of the bottle and roughly stuck it into the boy’s asshole, squeezing a fair amount of it into his ass. I pulled the bottle out and smacked the boy as hard as I could on his ass, then pulled the cheeks apart again and watched as the pain of the smack caused his little abused asshole to tighten up good and keep the lube in. I then poured some lube onto the butt plug and brought it to his asshole. As the eighteen year old did his best to scream, I slowly worked the plug inside of him. I had to push really hard to get the widest part into his ass, but once it passed the wide point, his tokat escort bayan asshole hungrily sucked it deep inside of him.With that, I put his little sister’s panties around his ankles and pulled them up his legs. When they were all the way up I could see that they would hold the butt plug tightly inside the boy whether he wanted it or not, and they also pushed his shaved little cock up tight against his belly, with the two Viagra and the cock ring on, I knew that he would stay hard no matter what I did to him. With the butt plug in and the panties on, I re-attached the spreader bar to his ankles. I sat on the bed and stroked myself thinking about what was currently happening. I had a completely naked eighteen year old boy tied up in my bedroom with a gigantic butt plug stretching his asshole wide and a headset forcing him to watch extremely hardcore porn that I was now also watching on my laptop. The scene had changed to a video I found of a 20-something boy tied to a stool and blindfolded, while being fucked deep with a long black dildo, and also getting his mouth brutally fucked by several older men. With the porn and the d**gs warping his mind, I knew that a few more days of this and he would be mine completely. I stood up behind the boy and put my hands tightly around his neck. As I squeezed tighter I could feel the boy tense up and start to struggle, I could hear him gagging and coughing up more drool as he gasped for air. Within a minute, the shaking stopped and the boy’s head fell forward. With the boy u*********s I left the room to make a drink and get a few of my other toys. I knew when he woke up he would be disoriented, and all he would see or hear would be screaming and gagging, and the video of a boy being brutally throat fucked. These next few weeks are going to be fun….

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