Getting Caught in the Act

Getting Caught in the ActI was caught in the act of being bred three times, by three different people. In every case I’d made a small mistake due to being horny and not checking things completely before we started.The first time was by my sister (we were both adults by then). This was with my first K9 partner, a larger than normal Siberian Husky who was a real lover; I’d had him for about 2 years at that point and he was one horny bastard. He was blessed with an 8 inch cock that was a little thick and a knot the size of a baseball (but flat, not round). The eight inches was before the knot, the knot was about an inch thick then, there was about an inch more behind that. With the knot firmly planted in my cunt I was taking almost ten inches of cock when he was tied with me. Anyone that tells you that dogs don’t have casual sex doesn’t know about dogs; he bred me two and sometimes three times a week without fail. I tried to keep it to weekends so I wouldn’t be too sore or worn out the next day at work. Our sessions were anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. There were times that he would stay erect and swollen for quite a while so I was trapped until the knot relaxed enough for me to pull free. I’m basing that time from when he penetrated me until the knot was finally pulled out. Normally he would cum within fifteen minutes or a little more. I was aware of this because it feels like a warm flood when he cums. He was no joke when it came to fucking. It was like being fucked by a jackhammer and it was never ending until he came. With him I did more yelling screaming and crying than ever before; I was at that point when my little sister walked in on us…Yelling my head off, with pain and pleasure. I was over a foot stool and was literally being fucked edirne escort across the floor.I can remember the look of horror on her face when she walked into the room and saw what was going on. I was breathing so hard and drooling so much that I had trouble forming words let alone a full sentence. She just sat down and watched/listened to me being bred until he unloaded in me and stopped. There was no conversation until he’d turned around and I ‘finally’ got my breath back. I don’t even remember most of what we talked about but I know it was about what was going on with Baron and how the hell I got into that situation. She didn’t know about my K9 passion until then.When he finally was able to pull free, he was still a little swollen. I yelled like hell when he pulled out then just collapsed across the stool leaking cum. That was my second breeding that day, in the space of about four hours; my cunt was gaping and raw as hell! By then his bitch was totally worn out. We didn’t talk much about it that day and she left pretty fast; we did talk in the future though.The time my friend caught us was probably the most shocking one. He was closet bi and the incident started a casual relationship that lasted for a number of years. When he walked in on us it was about halfway over. This was after I’d built the ‘breeding bench’; it made the sessions a lot easier on me while putting me in the perfect position for it. Things were going about the same way. The bench made breeding more comfortable but it also put me in a position that had him hitting bottom in me. Not all of the time but it did happen on a good hard thrust. I wasn’t exactly crying but my eyes were teared-up from the pain. I was drooling, occasionally squealing my head off, my nose was running escort edirne and I was a total wreck! I’d been getting pounded for maybe fifteen minutes at that point so I was getting raw. I was also having bouts of cramps; not real bad ones but enough that they made things uncomfortable as hell.He’d walked in just a few minutes after I’d had a massive orgasm. I was in a world of my own, out around the moon somewhere but was aware that we had company. It took a few minutes before I could get myself together and do anything like rational communication. He sat and watched the session continue as I literally had my brains fucked out. To say it was loud would be an understatement, it was a good thing I had no close neighbors. As he watched he became aroused; I watched him take down his jeans and shorts then, start to stroke his cock while he waited for us to finish. Yes, I had a feeling of what was going to happen but, he put it into words.“When he’s done I’m going to give you a good hard fucking.” It took Baron another ten minutes or something like that to finish. Then, almost another fifteen minutes until he could pull free of my cunt. I’d been given a nice cum enema; even on the bench, laying with my body inclined head down, I leaked a lot of cum. He was nice enough to wait until I pulled myself together some, my breathing was almost normal anyway. I watched him strip from the waist down then walk over to me. After slapping my ass a few times he had me pull my legs up again and mounted me. I was gaping enough and so full of cum that his penetration was easy as hell – he just got the head in then filled me all in one hard thrust. After the breeding I’d just had he was nothing; I was wide open for him and there was no way he was going to pound me edirne escort bayan as hard as Baron had. He did try for a few minutes then, settled into a nice steady fucking rhythm finally adding his load to what was already in me.We talked after he was done [and after I made an extended visit to the bathroom]. I slipped back into the camisole top I’d been wearing, prior to being bred, but was sitting on a folded-up towel. Even with the trip to the toilet, I was still leaking like hell. He told me that he’d always had a passing interest in my ass [or mouth] but now he was very interested in not only watching me being bred but either doing me before or after. I’ve never turned down a willing cock so I was in agreement with him. At that time I wasn’t really seeing anyone so his cock was welcome. While we talked he got another erection; I went down on my knees and sucked him for a while [in my case I made love to his cock]. A little later we ended up in the bedroom for a much longer fuck, on my back like a bitch, my legs up over his shoulders; while he tried to fuck the bottom out of me. When he was finished I just asked him to please make sure the door was locked on his way out.Baron was a little jealous and, after some sniffing and licking, he made it known that he wanted to breed again. I took the nudging and nipping as long as I could. When he became VERY assertive I got back on the bench and let him mount me again. I remember that session being a lot longer than the first one! This was before the invention of panty liners so I spent the rest of the day with a Kotex jammed between my cheeks. For that reason, and a few others, I experimented with using a Tampex rather than the uncomfortable and unsightly pad. They worked pretty well [most of the time]. I usually wore slacks for work and, most of mine didn’t leave much to the imagination – VPL’s and all – my ass filled them pretty well 😉 For work the Tampex did the trick [as long as I changed it often enough] and didn’t show like a pad did.

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