Grace Shared with Swingers


Per my previous letter, I described how my daughter-in-law Christine seduced me and then offered me to her husband to be used as their sex toy. I also noted how she said that she would tell my husband of my indiscretions if I did not obey her every order henceforth. Well as I anticipated she called me the other day and ordered me to show up at her house for a dinner party the following night.

She told me to dress conservatively and to tell my husband that it was a girl’s night out with her, so that he would get used to me leaving the house and not returning until late. My husband was quite happy that I was getting out and socializing with Christine, saying that she was a very wholesome girl, much like myself he speculated, and that we would be good company together. How totally naïve and foolish that man is!

Arriving at the house of Christine and John, I was told to proceed upstairs and get into the outfit that she had prepared for me, and to hurry so that I was ready by the time the various guests arrived. Christine was already in a glamorous dress, a red affair that strongly accented her long legs, slender back, and her shapely breasts. With her professionally applied make-up and her straight blonde hair clinging over her shoulders, she was completely stunning!

Promptly doing as my Mistress had ordered I went to their spare room and found my ensemble laid out on the bed for me. It consisted of a tiny French Maid’s outfit, some kitten ears, a little kitten tail, a bow, heels and a make-up kit, with a set of instructions. These said “You are our little pussy for the evening, put on the French Maid outfit, put on your kitten ears, your tail, use the make-up in the kit to give yourself some whiskers, and then apply the sluttiest make-up to your lips, eyes and cheeks that you can create.

Let your hair hang fully down, and top off with the bow on your head, put on your slut heels, and come downstairs so that you can meet and greet each couple as they arrive for dinner. You will then serve and host dinner, as well as other activities throughout the night. You will never speak. You will meow to let it known that you are listening, and purr to show you understand your instructions.”

Performing as ordered I applied my kitty outfit. The French Maid outfit was very tiny. The top pushed my boobs up, pressing them together into a very bouncy mass. The material was so sparse that in fact it left the top of each light brown areolas ever so slightly exposed. The front of the outfit just covered by bush, while the back was open, not covering my ass but rather leaving it bare to the viewer. Applying the kitten tail, the tail was the only covering that my bum had. Once I applied the bright red lipstick, the 5″ spike black heels, the red bow, and with my naturally red painted long fingernails (my claws, Christine would take to calling them), I looked just like a slut pussy.

Descending the stairs Christine commented that I looked purrrrfect for my role for the evening. Her husband John popped an instant hard-on which was readily apparent to both of us through his trousers. “Just you wait there boy,” Christine teased “lots of chance to fuck the little pussy later in the evening. Control yourself John until everyone has arrived.”

As each couple arrived, I would meet them at the door, meowing and purring gently, and then seat them on a couch. Christine would ask what they would like to drink and with a meow and a purr I would be off to mix the drinks. In all, four couples came over for the evening. It was evident that all were professional people, and quite wealthy. All had arrived in BMW’s and Mercedes, and each lady was beautiful and dressed stunningly.

As expected, the men glared at my propped up breasts, my bare legs and my exposed bum, but I was surprised at the level of interest the ladies also showed in me. One lady came behind me and put her hands around both my breasts, cupping and lifting them, commenting that they were simply delightful and perfect. As I stood before another seated couple holding both their drinks in my hands, the woman took the opportunity to raise my skirt and expose my bare bush. Rubbing her other hand over my crotch she said to her husband “Look at the nice soft furry pussy Christine has provided us for tonight!”

Serving up dinner at the table, I was also surprised that each man sat between two women other than the one he entered with. Alternating in this way, each man was seated beside two women, and each woman was seated beside two men. And as I brought the various dishes and served them up I noticed the men kissing the cheeks and lips of the women to either side of him, or rubbing their bare legs under the table. The women could occasionally be seen rubbing the crotch of both the men to other side of them. I knew that it was going to be a very interesting party tonight!

While in the kitchen preparing drinks Christine came in briefly to give me an explanation. She said that these were all college friends who had all been each other’s lovers at some time or the other, Bayan Escort Gaziantep so when they paired up and got married, they decided to keep the fun going and became swingers with each other. Though any man could sleep with any woman, and some of the women enjoyed other women or multiple men at once, they all recognized that they were missing some flair from their gatherings. She said as wealthy and educated women, they all tended to be a bit prudish, none willing to do anal, and most not really liking to give blow jobs, with none willing to take semen in their mouths.

The bi ladies liked their pussies licked, but none of the ladies really liked doing this for the other. And lastly she noted that the other ladies tended to be a bit small chested and the men were all infatuated with the notion of big breasts. They had apparently decided some time ago to recruit a slut to fill the missing roles. And that is why Christine seduced and recruited me. Her mother-in-law. To be a slut fuck toy for her friends. I was OK with that! To show my acceptance and anticipation of this role I gave Christine a deep kiss, placed her hand on my bare ass, and then whispered in her ear “I look forward Mistress to eating pussy, sucking cock, getting fucked and letting all the men here enter my ass tonight!”, followed by a deep long purr and another passionate kiss on her lips.

Returning to the table one of the ladies appearing to be somewhat tipsier than the others, blurted out “Well Christine, you told us that you would get us all a big breasted fuck toy and it looks like you did it – big round of applause please,” inspiring a brief round of clapping, “but how big are these tits and how big of a slut is she?” she inquired. Christine told me to go stand beside the woman and then Christine invited her to find out for herself. The lady started to feel my breasts through the top, then pulling the material down to expose each nipple. Pulling my tits completely free of the material for all to see, she began to massage them roughly, while pulling and biting at my nipples. Everyone stared as she groped at my boobs, and I meowed and purred with delight.

“What do you think men, are these tits to your liking?” she teased. Then men all yelled their approval, excitedly chatting among themselves. With a slur she said “OK, let’s see what else this bitch will do.” And reaching into the purse beside her pulled out a long dildo. “Bent over slut!” she commanded, and with a meow I bend over a chair, hanging my breasts down and sticking my but upward, spreading my legs in eager anticipation of what was to come.

Inserting the dildo into my wet pussy with ease and fucking me in front of the room of viewers, one of the men said “Well of course the slut fucks, but does she take it in the ass!” At this the men all started banging their forks on their glasses and saying repeatedly “Ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck.”

With this she pulled the dildo from my ass and started to feed it into my ass. Without lube it took a bit of time, but regularly returning the dildo to my pussy for extra lubricating, she worked the dildo into my ass in short time. I meowed and purred and moaned with delight to show my satisfaction with the stiff member in my tush. The men applauded and suggested we move the party back into the living room.

Each member of the party took a seat in the living room, with the various ladies pairing up with men other than the one they arrived with. As I continued serving drinks the party progressed rapidly. Soon the inebriated woman with the dildo had her breasts exposed, her skirt over her hips, and two men beside her fingering her twat while she struggled to get their cocks from their pants. John sat with a small quiet lady and soon had her leaning over giving him head. Christine was spread out over a couch with a very handsome and muscular young man whom she was kissing profusely and who was exploring the absolute beauty of the curves of her body, rubbing his hands over her breasts and hips through the material of her dress.

The last man, who told me his name was Samuel, sat between two pretty ladies, named Andrea and Cassandra. The tops of their dresses had been pulled down and Sam casually played with their exposed breasts as they each focused on rubbing his groin through his pants, under which I could see what appeared to be a fairly large penis. Each of the ladies took turns kissing Sam passionately. Glancing over at me with both his hands full of tit, he told me to come stand before him and the ladies. Meowing I stepped forward and before them.

“Ladies,” he said, “Please help Grace out of the outfit she is wearing.” Standing, the two women surrounded me and began to systematically remove my French maid outfit and the tail, leaving me standing before Sam in only me heels, kitten ears and hair bow. “Explore her body ladies and tell me how she feels.” He told them. Each woman then began to touch and caress me all over.

They cupped my breasts, lifting them and letting them fall. They gently squeezed each breast, and pinched and tugged upon my nipples. I felt the contours of my ass being stroked, and hands upon my thighs, calves, back and stomach. The lady introduced as Andrea, a short shapely brunette, then kissed me on the lips. Cassandra, a taller woman with dark hair and a beautifully shaped bum, then followed her lead and kissed me as well. My pussy grew wildly wet and excited as they two pretty ladies enjoyed the touch of my body and as we embraced in heavy kissing.

Andrea began with the explanation of how I felt. “Her breasts are really quite pendulous Sam, heavy to lift. You actually need to use both hands to fully lift each of these big tits. They are very soft to the touch, but still firm when you squeeze them. When you shake them, they jiggle like a bowl of Jell-O. But then they quickly resume their same firm perky shape when you stop. You can tell her nipples are very sensitive by how she flinches and moans lightly when you pinch them.”

Cassandra then added “The rest of her body is very toned, flat hard stomach, firm round ass, strong tight legs. Must exercise regularly. But she has a wedding ring on Sam, this slut is someone’s wife!” At this everyone in the room looked up.

As the room watched as the ladies fondled my body and alternatively kissed me, Christine explained “Oh yes, our new little fuck toy is most definitely married. In fact, was a nun before that. This is no common whore. Only the best quality material. The faithful wife type, no children, so her pussy is still tight and her nipples still sensitive. Had only ever slept with one man before we met her. Quite innocent and inexperienced in the world of sexual perversions until quite recently. Her husband has no idea that John and I are now using her as our own personal sex toy. In fact, her first time being anally fucked was the last time she was her. John had the honors. After today though, I am sure that she will be much more experienced in this regard.”

Sam stood up and approaching me exclaimed “A nun! Recently married. And now wants to be a slut. How absolutely wonderful!” Placing his hands around and under my tits he explored the tenderness of their flesh, lifting them high and releasing them to watch the jiggle of their falling downward. He gently slapped them left and right to watch them swaying back and forth. After indulging himself by playing with my boobs for some time, and then also after touching the rest of my body Sam commented “Yes, agreed, simply incredible breasts. And such a flat belly she has, with such a firm round ass. Definitely never had children before.” He added, as some of the other ladies glared at me jealously.

“Now let’s find out how well this recently married nun sucks cock shall we.” Sam said and unbuckled his belt. Taking this opportunity to look around the room, I noticed the intoxicated lady was now bent over a chair, sucking on one of the men who was with her, while the other hammered away at her cunt behind her slightly chubby butt. John had the petite lady on his lap mounting his cock, fucking away like she was a jack hammer. While Christine lay totally nude now, her beautiful 36C breasts, long slender legs and cleanly shaven pussy being kissed and licked all over by her accommodating gentleman. I noticed that her eyes stayed fixed on me, watching and enjoying my being used by her friends.

Sam removed his pants with the help of his two lady friends, who co-operated in removing his penis from his underwear and letting them drop to the ground. Sam was not large per se, but was certainly the biggest of the men there, at I would say about 7inches long and quite a bit thicker than is typical. He told the women to push me to my knees and ordered me to open my mouth wide.

Sliding his cock into my mouth, one of the ladies held his cock steady and kissed him while the other used my hair to motion my head back and forth over his dick. I clamped my lips around his shaft and sucked on his cock with zeal to prove my worth to this eager crowd. With many in the room watching as I was forced to suck on Sam’s cock, the man fucking the intoxicated lady jumped up and declared “I want her to suck my cock now Sam, bend her over and fuck her while she sucks me buddy.” and at that sat in the spot Sam had been previously occupying.

“Well I suppose it is about time to try out the nun’s cunt and ass. Ladies, ladies. Extract the nun’s face from my cock, position her doggy over the couch, place her mouth over Robert’s dick, and raise her ass in the air for me.” Doing as was suggested, I was positioned in front of Robert and soon found my head now bobbing up and down on his dick under the control of his hand while Sam positioned himself behind me.

Sliding himself into my pussy he told the ladies to hold me in place by squatting beside me on either side, and for each to clutch a hanging breast in both their hands and to squeeze hard and pull down on my tits. Gulping for air with Robert’s dick deep in my mouth, and with Sam enjoying the sensation of ramming his cock into my cunt, the ladies so zealously followed his instructions that it felt as if they were trying to pull the tits off on my chest.

At this point of extreme sensation, with my body intoxicated from all the attention it was getting, quivering with delight with the two cocks exploring my holes, Sam boldly announced “Nice cunt. But now for what we have all been waiting for, a woman who will let us ass fuck her. Let the ass fucking begin!” And with that he pulled his dick from my twat and began working it into my ass. Having been fucked sufficiently in the ass that I no longer required lube, the head of his dick was soon in my butt hole.

Looking up briefly I noticed that Christine now had her lover mounting her and fucking her eagerly, while she stared absent mindedly only at me, watching me suck cock, have my tits pulled and watching me get a cock run into my ass. Biting her lip and letting her gentleman friend fuck her without interruption, she watched as the full length of Sam’s cock inch by inch entered by ass. Her own enjoyment of her being fucked seemed to grow as she watched him now pounding away hard at my bum, sliding fully in and out of me.

“Oh my God gentlemen, what I wonderful feeling it is fucking this tight ass! You all really need to try this!!” Sam yelled out in ecstasy.

Then Robert added “And a great mouth for sucking cock. Highly recommended!”

Christine then chimed in “She also loves to eat pussy ladies, here is your opportunity.” With this she pried herself out from under the man who had his cock embedded in her and motioning Robert out of the way assumed his position, with her legs spread wide before me.

With Sam still pounding away on my asshole with his raging hard-on, Christine commanded “Eat my pussy slave and show the ladies how good you are at it.” Trying to let out my best meow and purr, which was actually quite challenging while being ass fucked, I dove into my Mistress’s pussy.

In some regards I had come to be infatuated with this woman, loving her control and her perfect beauty, her graceful curves, her lovely eyes and sensuous lips. Often I wanted nothing more than to lie between her legs and indulge in the scent and taste of her beautiful vagina. But at other times, I resented her elitism, her snobbishness, and her total dismissiveness toward me. I wanted to take her down a peg or two, and at least for a while, wipe that conceited smile off her face. I began to conspire on how this might be achieved.

But for now I licked and kissed at her pussy as if it were my prized possession. She tasted deeply of sex, having had a cock inside her only seconds before. She squirmed in delight, calling me her slut and her whore. Sam pulled himself from my ass and took one of the ladies by my side, presumably to fuck elsewhere. Christine’s lover took the lady on the other side of me and they began to fondle each other on the couch beside us.

The man that the intoxicated lady had been sucking assumed the position behind me and announced “Try out fucking her ass you say Sam, well thank-you, I don’t mind if I do.” And with that another cock swiftly entered my tight fuck tunnel. The intoxicated lady came near and sitting beside Christine and watching me eat pussy and get ass fucked she spread her legs and played with herself while sucking on Christine’s breast. This crowd really knew how to get around!

As the evening went on, each man took his turn fucking each other’s man’s wife. As well, as the evening distraction, each man fondled my breasts, requested a tit fucking, fucked my pussy and of course fucked my ass. Each lady also wanted me at least once to lick at their vaginas, some because they loved it, others I believe just for the novelty of the experience. Very few moments of the night went by where I did not have either a cock or pussy in my face, and a cock in my pussy or ass.

I absolutely loved every moment of this experience, and was assured once again by my conscience that my destiny was not to be a nun or a faithful wife, but rather a sexual play toy for those who knew how to control and use me. I recognized my nature as a submissive, obedient to my Masters and Mistresses, and saw in myself a deep need to be controlled, humiliated, disciplined and punished. And most of all, I knew that my body simply loved sex, all types of sex, eager to accept an offer from any man or woman who lusted for me and wanted to control and use my body.

I could never be satisfied with a single lover. I needed a great many lovers, preferably Masters and Mistresses, controlling and ordering me to please them as they desired. Demanding my unconditional subservience. Punishing me when I disappointed them. This is my destiny.

As the evening went on, I also made an interesting observation, one that I knew that I could use to actually control and perhaps humiliate Christine with, drag her down to my level of existence for a while. She let all the men fuck her, but only with Sam did I ever see any lust in her eyes, any gyrations in her body. Watching them while I was sucking a cock and being ass fucked, I recognized in an instant why. Christine liked his bigger sized cock.

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