Hitchhiker Surprise


What crappy weather! After a long day at work the last thing I wanted was a drive home in this weather, visibility was poor and the lanes were dark and flooded in places. I was concentrating hard and focusing on the road in front when my headlights flashed across a figure in the rain with their thumb stuck out. I could just make out a young female, soaked to the bone, huddled up trying to get some help. I swerved to miss them and thought how mad it was to be out walking in this weather, in the dark.

I wouldn’t normally stop for hitchhikers but the situation was one I couldn’t ignore. No one should be out in this weather, in the lanes, and out walking on their own. I made a split decision, beeped my horn and pulled over into a lay by.

I sat as I watched the stranger in my side mirror make their way to the car, battling through the rain. The young lady was trying to shield herself from the wind and rain, and I could see why. To say she wasn’t dressed for the weather was an understatement, I could just make out the fact she was wearing shorts and t-shirt, she must have been freezing.

I leant over and flung the door open just as she arrived, she immediately jumped in, letting in a rush of cold air and rain. I immediately reached back for my coat and handed it to her as she said “oh my god, thank you for stopping, thank you so much.” Her relief obviously overshadowing the situation of jumping in a stranger’s car, in the middle of no where.

As she swung my coat on, I couldn’t help but see her properly for the first time, I didn’t linger my gaze as I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or wary of the situation. I was just amazed that she was out in this weather in a pair of amazingly short red shorts, and a white t-shirt, that because of the rain, clung to her tightly.

“That’s okay I said, nobody should be out walking in this weather.” As she done the coat up she finally took in her position, in a car with some strange man, in the dark.

Realising her unease I said “Hi I’m Ben, don’t worry I’m not a mad axe man.”

She looked at me questionably, “I’m Amy, really appreciate you stopping for me, but that’s actually what a mad axe man would say.”

She had a point, “That’s true,” I replied “but I assure you I’m not.” I quickly tried to think of a way to put her at ease, she looked like she had been through enough. “If you want, you can take a photo of my drivers license and send it to a friend,” I said, “explain the situation.”

She thought for a while, and as she did I noticed how strikingly beautiful she was, around 18 or 19 years old, long blond hair, and a face that would imprint in anyone’s mind. Even through the windswept and soggy look she was pretty, and with the slim, petite body I had briefly noticed as she got in, this girl was a head turner.

“That’s okay,” she said thoughtfully, “I don’t know why, but you look like someone I can trust.”

I suppose I looked harmless enough, I wasn’t model handsome but I wasn’t butt ugly either, aged 22, short dark hair, I kept fit, so was slim but quite musclely, proud of an easy to keep six pack. Not that she could tell as I was actually dressed for this weather.

‘”I should probably get you home, where do you live?” I asked.

“Not far,” She said, “but can we just sit a while, I need to just dry and sort myself out a bit before we go,” and at this she started crying, small sobs escaped her lips. “I’m sorry,” she said. “My asshole of a date kicked me out the car on the way back to mine, into the fucking rain.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, who in their right mind would kick this stunning girl out into the rain, at night, in the middle of no where, in fact, who would kick her out anywhere. “What a dick,” I said “he must be mad.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew the truth,” she said, “I can’t blame him, I should of been honest from the start.” She looked at me hard and said “Sorry, I don’t know why I’m telling you but you just have the face of someone who looks like they won’t judge me. Hope you don’t mind?”

To be fair I would of sat there and listened to any thing she had to say, just to stare longer into her pretty blue eyes. “I don’t mind at all, I’m a great listener if you want to talk, no judgement from me, I’m a pretty open minded kind of guy.” Realising how lame that sounded as it came out.

“Thank you,” she replied “It might help to talk to someone who doesn’t know me.”

As she stared out the window she contemplated where to start my eyes were drawn to her firm bare legs, I couldn’t help myself, I wouldn’t of tried anything on, she was vulnerable and well out my league, but I was only human. She had legs to die for, and the shorts showed off a perfect amount of toned thigh. It was then I realised she was looking at me in the reflection of the window. I blushed and averted my gaze.

“It’s okay,” she said “I don’t mind you looking, I wouldn’t wear these shorts if I was shy, but you wouldn’t look if you knew the truth.”

“Sorry didn’t mean to look, couldn’t help it,” I replied, “not sure any truth would overshadow how mardin escort stunning you are, even with the drowned look.” I joked.

She laughed slightly, making her beautiful face even more striking. “Your sweet, but if you knew the truth you would kick me out too.”

“No chance,” I replied, “try me, might help to talk. I can listen and then drop you home, I promise, you might feel better if you talk to someone you probably won’t see again.”

“That would be sad,” she muttered, before gaining her composure. “Okay,” she said “that’ll be nice, but please don’t be revolted.”

Revolted I thought, that’s a strong word, what could she have done. I was now very intrigued.

It was now getting very stuffy in the car, Amy obviously thought so because she removed my coat and swung round and chucked it on the back seat. This inadvertently gave me the most amazing view of her body, due to the rain, her t-shirt gave very little to the imagination, it was see through. I could see a pair of obviously cold hard nipples sat upon a pair of small pert breasts. Her tshirt stopped just above the belly button revealing a toned, flat, tanned midriff.

I looked away just in time, but she was obviously confident enough with her body not to worry about the seethroughness. “Sure you don’t mind?” she said.

“Of course not,” I replied, “I’ve got nothing to get back too and I’m intrigued. Ready to be revolted,” I stupidly joked.

She smiled thinly, but kindly. “Okay,” she started “I just had my third date with the asshole, was going well till he booted me out of his car. Started last week, first date went well, I’ll spare you the boring details, he tried to kiss me at the end, but I didn’t let him, don’t think it’s fair till they know.”

‘Know what?’ I thought. Didn’t want to interrupt though, was doing my best listener impression.

“I let him peck me on the cheek and left it like that,” she went on, “I guess that was when I should of told him, was wrong to carry on, think from now on if I like someone I’ll be honest up front.” She paused, then, “I just liked him that’s all, knew how he would react if I told him the truth.”

She carried on, with me getting more and more intrigued. “The second date went okay again, not amazing but he was quite hot, so made up for it, glistening abs, thick muscley arms.” Looked like she was daydreaming, and I thought it was a good time to take my hoody off, my tight tshirt riding up slightly showing off my toned stomach. This time I caught Amy looking. She blushed, good sign I thought.

“After this date he took me somewhere secluded, I thought I’m going to have to tell him but was still too scared. Also, things got hot, we started kissing, I couldn’t help it. His hand rode up my thigh, I was so hot I almost let him touch me but managed to resist. Slapped his hand away, not for the only time that night.” She continued, “I thought I better distract him, so I undid his jeans and took his cock out, might as well go for it, it was too late by then. He groaned as I slipped it out, he was rigid, hard, quite average size, but attached to him it was making me lose control. I ran my hand up and down his shaft, wanking him off as he groaned.”

I couldn’t believe how open she was being, I sat there stunned, listening. I couldn’t control myself, I was getting hard, as much as I tried not to, my cock had other ideas. Listening to this beautiful girl talk about stroking the assholes cock made me horny. I was very open minded when it came to sex, I preferred girls, especially Amy type girls, but also found the male form exciting, not enough to act on it but it was there. And this muscle man’s cock being stroked by this stunning blond made me hard.

I think Amy must of noticed, sure I saw a quick glance, she blushed then looked a bit sad. “I carried on stroking him, he was groaning, a bit of cum appearing on the head and that was it, I bent forward and licked it off, then ran my tongue down his shaft. I then took him in my mouth and moved up and down, forcing the whole thing in on the way back down. This was obviously too much for the great stud and he let out a groan and shot his load right down my throat, no warning, such a gentleman. Tasted good though, not going to lie.” She added without thinking, “was just hoping my first would leave a, um, longer lasting impression should we say.” She looked coyly at me.

All that popped into my head was ‘is she a virgin’. Jesus this was getting worse, my cock was now throbbing and in danger of splitting my shorts. Now I’m no porn star but I’m not too bad down stairs as they say, around 7/8 inches, it’s actually pretty hard to measure your penis, where do you start? It was becoming a bit too noticible and Amy wasn’t hiding the fact now she could see it. I stared out the window and was sure I could see Amy reach down between her legs and then quickly pull her hand away again.

I looked over, she was looking a bit flushed, so I turned the air conditioning colder. She carried on talking, “that was pretty much the end of that date, van escort he was happy so took me home and dropped me off. Today we met up again and we were both pretty horny this time, but I still hadn’t shared my secret. I was going to when he dropped me off, but as we were driving back I couldn’t help myself, it’s like an inner naughty self I have takes control.” This intrigued me greatly but carried on listening. “As he was driving I reached over and took his cock out and swallowed him whole, I got a bit too into it, bobbing my head up and down. I didn’t realise where his hand was and he touched me between the legs.” A tear rolled down her cheek, I reached over and put my arm round her, genuinely to comfort her, nothing else, honest.

She leaned into me and said, “that’s when he stopped cold, he had felt it.” Something at that point made her snap. “fuck it,” she said, “I’m not going to make that idiot make me feel ashamed. I know I’ve just met you but I like you, so might as well show you now, before I make the same mistake, just don’t kick me out the car like he did.”

I knew I wouldnt do that to Amy, I was already smitten. I just watched in fascination as she undid her tiny tight shorts and without hesitation flopped out a large penis. The story she was telling must of aroused her too as it was rock solid, standing tall and must of been at least 9 inches and was a miracle how she managed to fit it in her tiny shorts.

She looked at me, worry in her eyes. My left arm still around her in comfort, with my right, without any hesitation, i reached out and took it in my hand. It was beautiful, a large throbbing hard penis attached to one of the most stunning girls I had ever seen. She groaned as I touched it, you could feel the tension rush out of her as she relaxed, the fact I didn’t hesitate bringing us close instantly.

I felt the heat of her in my hand, the twitching as I slowly pulled my hand down, revealing the wet glistening head. She let out a soft moan, looked me in the eyes and we kissed deep and hard, as I began stroking her faster. Then I slowed down, ran my hands down over her balls, cupped them and teased her anus with my finger, another moan escaped her. I moved back to her shaft, again moving my hand up and down in a steady rhythm, watching her face as she moaned and breathed heavily.

She moved her hand to between my legs, hungrily undoing my buttons and wrestling my penis from out of my shorts and boxers. This time it was my turn to moan as she wrapped her hand around it. Copying my steadying rhythm we kept going for a couple of minutes, masturbating each others cocks, ignoring the hammering rain outside.

Amy must of noticed I was nearing climax because she slowed down, she said “I want your cum,” she bent forward and enveloped the head of my penis in her mouth. She then worked her mouth up and down as I let out a loud groan, seeing her blonde hair and slender neck moving up and down on my lap and feeling her warm mouth on my cock was too much. I tried to stop but had no chance, I groaned and stiffened as wave after wave of cum hit the back of Amy’s throat. It was an orgasm I had never experienced before, and didn’t want to stop. As it came to an end I lifted Amy’s head, “don’t swallow,” I whispered, and I leant in and kissed her deeply, sharing between us my own cum.

As we swallowed the last of it, Amy looked me deep in the eye, smiling and said “wow, guess you can take me home now.”

I smiled, “no chance,” I said “it’s your turn.” She looked at me and said “you don’t have too,” but i was already bending down and running my tongue from the bottom of her shaft to the top. She groaned and threw her head back, shuddering as I took her head in my mouth, I moved back up and pushed her in as far as I could. It wasn’t far before I gagged, a bit more practice needed I guess.

I moved up and down in a steady motion, listening to Amy’s moans, “fuck yes,” she said, making me hard almost straight away. I carried on the rhythm, slowly getting faster and faster as Amy moaned more and more.

As I worked my throat up and down I cupped her scrotum with my hand, massaging and rubbing, she moaned harder. I moved my hand to her mouth and like she knew what was coming took my finger in her mouth, lubricating it. I brought the finger back down and gently teased open her anus, adding more spit I gently pushed it in, feeling Amy quiver as it entered. I pushed it in deeper and gently moved it back and forth.

As the moans grew loader I knew what was coming and wanted every last drop, Amy shuddered, her cock twitched and she sprayed the back of my throat with cum, so much, I wasn’t expecting it and almost gagged but held on, I wanted it all. As Amy’s moans subsided it was her turn to lift my head and kiss me deeply. Again sharing and swapping cum and drinking it down.

Both spent we cuddled up against each other, “that was amazing,” I said. She nodded, smiling. Just then headlights appeared in the distance, “shit,” Amy said “quick.”

We quickly straightened ourselves out just as ankara escort the car slowly passed, an old couple nosily looking in. We both waved and they quickly looked away and drove on. “That was close,” I muttered, “should probably get you home, someone will be worrying about you.”

“It’s alright, my parents are away this weekend, no one home,” Amy replied “we could carry on somewhere a bit more private, and less cramped,” she said with a teasing look on her face.

A big smile grew on my face, “hope its not far,” I said. My cock already harding at the thought of more of Amy’s body.

I drove as fast but safely as possible, thinking about what will happen when we get to Amy’s, my penis still rock solid in my boxers. We talked, getting to know each other a bit, she was 19, went to university nearby, but both really just wanting to get our hands on each other again.

Amy showed me where she lived, I parked and we practically ran inside, slamming the door behind us. We must of come in a back door, as we entered in the kitchen. “let’s go straight upstairs,” Amy whispered in my ear.

“Don’t think I can make it,” I replied, kissing her hard. The moment in the car was unforgettable but I realised on the way that I hadn’t explored Amy’s amazing body. As the lust took over me I pushed Amy against the table in the middle of the room. She squealed pleasurable. Still kissing I leant her back, running my hand up her thigh, her side and taking her face in my hand. I moved down to her neck, kissing and teasing, her slim neck beautiful and perfect. I went lower, to her flat stomach, more kissing, teasing with my tongue, savouring the perfect muscles. I moved higher lifting her t-shirt as I went, exposing her perfect breasts, taking her nipple in my mouth. Amy moaned, caressing my head as I moved to her other breast, flicking the nipple with my tongue, another moan.

I stood up, undoing her shorts on the way. I savoured the moment as I removed her shorts and underwear at the same time, her cock springing out. I took her in my mouth, enjoying the feeling and warmth inside me. I moved up and down for a little while, and then moved down to her balls, taking each one in my mouth and sucking. Amy’s moans getting louder. I moved lower, “please don’t stop,” Amy said. Like there was a chance of that.

I pushed Amy’s legs wide and she moved her feet up onto the table, exposing her perfect ass and the hole I was aiming for. I leant forward licking her anus, “fuck,” she shuddered. I licked around her hole and then pushed gently with my tongue, opening it up just slightly. I pushed in and out with my tongue, opening it wider each time, I licked a finger and pushed it in. More moans, louder this time. I worked her hole for a little bit adding more spit, an extra finger, Amy relaxing each time.

“Please fuck me,” Amy said “put it in me, please Ben.” I think we had crossed into a point of no return again. Amy needing me in her and me desperately needing to be inside her. Pure ecstasy.

She took hold of her cock and started a steady rhythm, seeing her lying there was an image I would never want to forget.

I took my t-shirt off and pulled down my shorts, exposing my rigid penis. “Go slow,” Amy said. Reminding me not to ram it in and hurt her. I pushed the head of my cock against her anal opening, slowly pushing forward, forcing it wider each millimetre. Amy shivered, “bit further,” she said, so I pushed. My head easing in, almost past her wanting ring.

Amy gasped, “hold there a sec.” I was worried I was hurting her but knew she was in control. She waited a few seconds and the said, “okay go, push it in.”

I pushed, let out a moan and watched rapt as my head pushed past her ring, her perfect asshole taking my cock. She moaned and came without any warning, her thighs shaking and body shuddering, her cock shooting jizz all over her flat stomach, she let out a long “holy shit,” and I almost emptied my load there and then.

As we both gained slight composure, I worked my cock slowly in and out, spitting occasionally to add more lubricant. The more I moved the more she took, pushing back onto me, forcing me in deeper and deeper. I was lost in the perfect moment, getting closer and closer to filling her ass with my cum, the thought of it bringing me closer and closer.

“I’m going to cum,” I groaned, building up to climax. Amy was moaning too, louder and louder, “cum in me,” she said, “fill me up, I need you in me so much.”

This was too much, I came, and came hard. Filing her asshole with what felt like gallons of cum, moaning loudly. Amy squealed, cumming hard again, more cum shooting out over her belly, an impressive feat by itself.

We both shuddered and stayed in that position for what seemed like a long time, my cock slowly getting softer.

As we recovered I leant forward hovering up the cum on her belly, swilling it round my mouth. I then pulled out of Amy with an audible squelch, and moved down to her asshole, hovering up my own cum as it came dripping out of her ass. I held it in my mouth, positioned my self over Amy’s mouth, looking enquiringly at her, she nodded, and I let the cum dribble out of mouth. Amy wantingly opened her mouth and a hot sticky string of cum dangled down into her mouth, we kissed, transferring a mixture of both our seed from one to another. Little did I know before meeting Amy of my fetish for cum.

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