House-Sitting Panty Lover Pt. 04


… “UUUUUUUUHHH!” Megan moaned as I felt my mouth getting filled with Megan’s girl-dick juices. I was so horny from the entire situation and the trip to the mall. That combined with the comfort I felt among being with Megan and Sophie made live in to the imagination of being a slutty girl sucking cock on the front seat.

“Swallow it all Princess!” Megan said. I did as she demanded at made sure to look at her while doing it. My dick was rock, but there was no sign of anything besides my vagina looking between my legs.

“And you better lick it completely clean!” She said as she forced my head back down on her strapon.

Again I followed order making a silly moan for her pleasure as I caressed my pussy.

“Down tire her out totally Megan! I want a piece of that sexy as too, and you know my fantasy of the backseat.” Sophie interrupted.

“Haha don’t worry Sophie. She has no choice as to when she’s tired. That slut is not done for today at all!” Megan answered.

I licked Megan’s dick clean and leaned back in my seat, feeling the buttplug pushing up my ass.

Sophie immediately ordered Megan to stop the car. I got out and almost didn’t get to open the backdoor before Sophie pulled me in.

“Take it easy Sophie.” I said. She had already stripped her cute summer dress and sat there only wearing a bra and a HUGE strapon. It was way bigger than the first one she used.

“Shut up bitch. You guys just had your fun and I just sat back here getting more and more horny. So, get on my lap now slut!” Sophie replied.

She pulled me on top of her with my back against her front. I saw myself in the rear-view mirror. And even though the expression was a bit exhausted I looked so hot with my big cleavage and pretty girl face. I looked like a girl.

“Oh man, that ass in that tight dress is to die for!” Sophie said as she spanked my ass and I replied with a girly squeal.

I was so horny and ready to give Sophie a slutty wild ride.

“Let’s just get that nice hair of yours out and wild.” She said as she took out the braids and revealed a wild and sexy long blonde hair for me.

Sophie caressed my thighs and moved her hand slowly up under my dress towards my pussy. As she reached it she rubbed it good and I felt a delightful sensation.

She continued moving her hands up my body. She moved them in circles, which got bigger and bigger, always getting back to the front of my thong.

I sensually moved my body in sensation as she reached my boobs and grabbed them hard. She fondled them aggressively, squeezing them, pinching my nipples and pushing them up as a push-up until they almost touched my chin.

After a while she moved her hand on my back, spanked my ass. She filled her hands with my big apple bottom buttocks and squeezed them.

As she did this she moved her hands upwards, exposing my red-thong covered voluptuous ass. She pulled my thong to the side and slide her finger over my buttplug.

“Are you to get your boy-pussy cherry popped slut?” Sophie gaziantep escort asked as she slowly and teasingly pulled out my buttplug.

I just moaned enjoying the sensation and trying to prepare for what was waiting.

“Answer me bitch!” Sophie yelled as she yanked my blonde, now wild and ruffled, hair.

“Yees.” I replied.

“Yes, what sexy? And remember to say please” Sophie asked.

I smiled at her as I secretly loved her game.

“Yes, please pop my cherry. Fill my naughty pussy with your mighty cock!” I said.

“UUH that’s more like it princess!” She answered with an exited tone in her voice.

“But pleas start gently, it’s huge!” I said as I started to regret my words.

“Don’t worry I will.” Sophie smiled at me.

I could feel her moving my thong to the side and then suddenly felt the tip of her girl-cock against my pussy hole.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

Before I got to answer Megan yanked the breaks on the car making me push hard back on the strapon as it instantly smashed up my pussy.

“OOOOUUAACCH!” I screamed in a combination of a moan, because it hurt and in shock.

“WHAT THE FUCK MEGAN?!” Sophie yelled with a surprised expression on her face.

But then Megan looked back at me and Sophie saw in the rearview mirror. And my shocked face must have been hilarious because suddenly they both burst out laughing.

“Hahahahaha! If you open your mouth more I will fill it with my cock, you bimbo-faced slut!” Megan screamed in laughter.

I looked at myself in the mirror and understood what all the fuzz was about. I really looked like an air-headed bimbo with the huge titties, blonde hair and empty expression on my face.

But before it managed to do anything Sophie had stuffed my mouth with a big and long, purple rubber dildo and my expression just got even more bimbo.

“Now start riding me bitch and don’t you dare take out that dildo!” Sophie yelled as she took me by the hips and start rocking me up and down.

My ass was sore from the sudden stop but I slowly started riding her huge cock.

After a while I gave it my all. I swayed my hips and ass all that I could. Her cock was so big that taking it in and out took seconds.

She caressed my body and then grabbed my tits.

As she squeezed them I looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe the sight.

There I was only wearing a red thong getting my ass molested by her huge cock. I saw my big breasts bouncing up and down, only maintained by Sophie’s hands.

It was unbelievable.

I was so horny and just enjoyed it.

Sophie asked me to stand up and lean forward. I did and rested my hands on the dashboard.

She grabbed me by my hips and started thrusting her huge dick up my pussy.

I moaned uncontrollably. I was so horny and couldn’t handle the sensation.

Suddenly I felt a finger on my cheek. I looked up, with my jaw clinching on the dildo, when I konya escort saw Megan with a grin on her face.

“Haha you love this don’t slut?” She said as she slapped my face.

As she did this I got even more excited and started thrusting back on Sophie’s cock.

“You’re an eager dirty girl, huh?” Sophie said.

She started thrusting hard and deep. I couldn’t contain myself and started moaning like crazy.

As I did this I heard Sophie squealing “I’m cumming!”. And I felt the same way.

Just after, Sophie blasted her load in me and I blasted mine in my thong. We joined each other in the orgasm with a huge synced moan.

I once again looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a slut who had just been taken hard, with wild ruffled hair and a purple dildo sticking out of my mouth.

A few seconds later the sensation and surprise had left me and suddenly Megan pointed between my legs.

“Oh god, she has ruined her new red thong! That’s pair number two for today!” She said as she laughed.

“For god sakes girl, you didn’t just stain another pair!” Sophie joined in.

“Get off my cock and go grab a clean pair in the trunk. Megan stop here” She added.

My eyes widened. After I climaxed the horniness had left me and I was on guard completely aware and nervous about the situation.

I tried to take out the dildo from my mouth to tell them that I wasn’t going out of the car. But Sophie just pushed it back in and said “There is no reason for you to complain. Just grab your titties and get out there!”

She pulled her cock out of me and opened the door for me to get out. I reached for my dress but she just said I didn’t need it to pick a pair of panties.

With a scarred and nervous feeling, I got out the car and walked towards the trunk to find a clean pair of panties.

As I reached the trunk Sophie closed the door a Megan started accelerating.

I was in shock they couldn’t leave me here! I pulled the dildo out and shouted “PLEASE DON’T! ATLEAST GIVE ME MY DRESS!”

Sophie just yelled back “No way, see you princess. A sexy and pretty girl like you will have no trouble finding a lift hitching.”

There was no way this was happening. I was in the middle of a road wearing nothing but red heels and a cum-stained red thong. Oh yeah, and I had a huge purple dildo in my hand.

Suddenly I saw them stopping a bit further up the road and I thought to myself that it was just another one of their bad jokes.

I ran towards them, which wasn’t easy in these heels and I had to grab my boobs to just stop them a bit from jumping.

I as I got near I saw Sophie hanging out the window putting something on the ground. It was white but more than that I couldn’t tell.

All of a sudden I wasn’t that sure that they just pulled and prank on me and sure enough they took off just after.

The frustration was bursting inside me and I almost couldn’t contain myself. I had a bad feeling in my stomach kayseri escort and felt a tear appearing in the corner of my left eye.

I hit myself on the chin as instead of solution coming to my mind I thought “I can’t have tears ruining my make-up.”

As I got to where they stopped I picked up what Sophie left. It was a pair of white ultra-low micro shorts with a fluffy bunny tail on the back, a small white furry bandeau top which wrote “I suck for fun” in glittery colors on the front and a pair of bunny ears.

Taking it up I saw a note drop to the ground. I picked it up and start reading it:

“Dear princess

Thanks for a nice ride and Megan says thanks for a nice BJ.

I hope you are not too shocked about getting left in heels and panties, but we both had a fantasy like this. After a hot fucking we would be forced to leave quickly and wouldn’t manage to grab anything put our thong and heels. Then we would have to find our way home wearing nothing but a thong and heels.

Thanks for living out our dream. In both our versions we get caught by a stranger and get fucked hard again before we find our way home. We look forward to hear how your real version goes!

Depending on how quickly you cummed your panties, you will between 2 and 3 miles to our cabin. The address is ****.

When you arrive, we will like to invite you in to our annual costume party, hence the costume we provided you.

Have a nice walk Princess

Megan and Sophie :*

P.S. If you don’t bring everything back, you’re stained panties, boobs, purple dildo and so on, we will make you pay for everything!”

I was stunned. I couldn’t believe. They had planned everything even before we hit the road. And there was no change she had manage to write all this just now, they had it prepared.

Suddenly I was completely terrified. I had no idea what to do. How should I walk 2-3miles in these heels carrying all this crap?

And that dildo. It was at least 20inches. If anyone sees me I don’t know what they will do.

First I tried to pull of my breasts, but there was no chance. I don’t know which glue Sophie used, but they didn’t loosen a bit.

Then I concluded that I just had to put on the clothes. There was no way I could afford to pay for it all.

I started with the shorts. They were so skimpy! If it wasn’t for the type of fabric it might as well just have been panties.

I pulled them up and they covered not even half of my buttocks. But it was still better than just the thong.

Then to the top. I hadn’t seen anything like it before. It was fluffy as a bunny but had this degrading writing on it. But I couldn’t walk around with my tits out so I had to put it on.

I did, but it almost didn’t cover anything. There was both a lot of cleavage as well as bit of under-boob, but at least it covered my nipples.

Looking down on myself I almost couldn’t believe it. I looked so slutty. But I guess that was the point of it.

Lastly I put on the ears. “Why not just go all in?” I thought to myself.

The last problem was the dildo. How should I bring it? It would be too embarrassing just holding it in my hand.

The only other alternative I could think of made me think “No one could see it, but would it fit?”

Tough decision, but anyway it would be a loooong walk!

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