I Adore Crossdressers Pt. 03


Part 3 – Day 2

Damn I had enjoyed her last night. She was cute, hot, and she really got into it. I had already planned out tonight. Before she left she had begged to see me again. I love that!! So I decided to push her limits a little more.

I told her to show up at the Hilton already dressed. She has to walk through the lobby, to the elevator, and to my room. She agreed. I instructed her to go to Victoria’s Secret and that I would pay for whatever she picked out. She could also get a new wig or whatever she needed. She could spend whatever she wanted but that if she doesn’t look like an ABSOLUTE SLUT I won’t open the door. She was quiet and then said “yes daddy”. Man I was semi-hard all day.

I changed my room to one overlooking the parking garage. One where people parking would have a view of our windows. About 100 feet away at most.

She showed up at 9:00. I opened the door and she was stunning. The shortest red dress I’ve ever seen. I had her turn around and it showed half her ass. You could not miss her panties and ass cheeks showing. She has on white victorina bikini panties. Look them up. Just Damn! White garter. Really sexy patterned white thigh highs. She had 5″ red fuck me pumps. I’m swelling and I’m not even done looking!! She turns back around. She has her makeup perfect again. She added big hoop earrings. She has on a long black wig with bangs that goes perfect with the little red dress. She actually painted her nails and her toenails!! Bright fucking red! And she is wearing a red collar that says SLUT! Fuck me I’m impressed. I tell her she is stunning and I get a great big smile.

She’s still standing in the hall. I see a man come walking our way. She sees him too and looks at me. I smile. That’s just too good. I ask her did you walk up here like that? “Yes” Did men look at you? “Everyone looked at me.” Did you like it? “Oh god I was so nervous but I loved it!!”

The man is 20 feet away. I get closer to her, put my arms around her, pull her dress up in the back showing her entire ass, and grab it with one hand while I kiss her hard. She moans hard. Actually wraps one leg around me as she’s shoving her tongue down my throat!! I fucking love it!! I stop the kiss and tell her to look at the man and smile at him. He’s actually stopped and is staring. She smiles at him. And she got a huge smile back :). Then mardin escort I let her in the room.

Man I can’t quit looking at her and I tell so. I take her to the mirror. Man she’s hot. She’s giving me a show, front, back, bending over a bit when she said “I have a surprise for you daddy. I bought it today and I hope you like it.” She hands me a little key. I look at her, she pulls up her dress, pulls down her panties, and shows me her gorgeous cock locked in a cock cage!! OH HELL YES!! She sees my huge smile and kisses me. Dress still up, panties still pulled down and she just crawls all over me. THIS is what a little slut does guys and girls!! Without being told 🙂

I pull her panties back up and hand her a glass of wine. I tell her three things are going to happen. One – I’m going to fuck her tonight. Her pretty sissy ass. She immediately reaches out and starts rubbing my dick through my pants.

Two – I take her to the window, open the curtains, and point down. Do you see all those cars down there? Those people parking? I am going to fuck you with the curtains open where they can see us. She is breathing hard. She moaned a bit. She says “my dick is getting hard and it hurts.”

Three – if you make me happy I will open your cock cage and let you cum.

Now drink your wine. And think about all that. And go get me a coke. I got a big smile for that and she took her wine down the hall to get me a coke. And damn she had a good walk.

When she comes back she tells me that same man came out of his room and watched her. Yeah – he was watching for you cause you are such a gorgeous sissy slut. She’s really starting to like this.

I put some music on. Hip hop. She finishes the wine and I pour another and ask her to dance. She started and I said no – in front of the window. She downed her entire glass of wine and poured another. Moved to the window. Took her a bit to find her rhythm. But she’s actually good at this and getting wilder. Nice moves, shaking her ass . She downs more wine. I walk to the window. There are two guys watching her. Perfect!!

I tell her she has an audience and she looks down. I tell her to take off her dress where they can watch and really give them a show and she does. Goddamn she’s hot. She’s been practicing this because she moves well. Thrusting van escort her ass. Hands up against the window while she gyrates. She dances for two songs and drinks more wine.

I’m peeking down at the guys watching her and they have not moved. It’s time. I strip. She’s looking at me. Staring at my dick. I start to lube it. She stops and comes to me. She looks nervous and tells me she’s really sore :). And worried if she can take it. I expected that – she rode a fucking 9 inch dildo for the first time last night. Don’t worry babydoll. I take her to the window and tell her to lean up against it and start putting some analeze on her. A little at at time. Working it in. She really is sore because I had to stop several times when she said it was hurting. And I’m a sick fuck because that kind of turned me on.

She’s ready. I moved the coffee table in front of the window and she’s kneeling on it. I have her sideways, so the guys down there can see. I want to make sure they know I’m fucking her in her pretty little asshole. I glance down. I grab my dick at the base and man it’s ready. And I know they can see this. I start slowly. Man she’s moaning already. I make her look down at the guys watching. With the analeze it’s amazing how quick she was able to take it. In a few minutes I’m half way in. 5 more I’m buried to my balls. And my little girl is going nuts. She’s slamming back. And just grunting. No words just “ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh” with each thrust.

I stop thrusting and make her fuck me. And goddamn she is awesome. Ramming back on my dick. Then she starts saying “daddy dick” with every thrust. Faster and faster. Finally I reach down and pull her up by her throat. I look down. There are 3 guys now. I’m an evil shit. I tell her to wave. She does. They go nuts. And I’m not done. I pull out. Go grab that 9 inch dildo. Stick it to the side of the window sill. And then mount her again. She cries out. Now I’m fucking her in her ass, she’s trying to suck a nine inch dildo, and they can see all of it in profile. I’m slamming her now. Fuck she’s sliding off the table and crammed up against the window. Dick in her mouth. No words possible. Just grunts and groans. I know I’m not going to last as long tonight because it’s just too HOT but I manage to hold out another 5 minutes. I slam her so hard I’m afraid I’m going ankara escort to break the window and then I cum in her pretty little ass. FUCK ME it was good. I’m grunting. She’s yelling. Her ass is clamped on my dick. And I have it as deep as I can go. Pumping cum.

It takes us a few to sort out. I get her off the table. My legs are shot. She can barely stand. I hear yelling and whistling outside. I look down and they are clapping and waving. Damn. I pull her over and she waves. She’s laughing and giggling. I am tempted to take her down there. But not yet 🙂

She turns to me and says “is it MY turn daddy?” Fuck yes it is. I take her to the bed and lay her down. Take off her cock cage. Her dick is red and beat up from getting hard in that cock cage. I move the mirror where she can watch, get some lube, and start stroking her cock. It really is pretty. I decide to tease her. I stoke once. Asked her if she liked those men watching her. “YES!!” Stroke it. I said I bet they wanted to fuck her. “YES!!” Stroke it. They ALL wanted to fuck her. “YESSSSS!!” Stroke it. And just like that she is completely hard. Slut. “YES!!” My whore. “Oh GOD YES!” More and more. She’s buckling her hips now. Thrusting. Her large balls are bouncing. Hers were bigger than mine. Damn. I bet she’s going to cum a lot and I already know what to do about that.

I stop. Move to her feet. Put her legs on my shoulders and bend her to where her cock is right over her face. She did NOT see this coming. Eyes huge staring at me. I grab her cock and start stroking it hard. Since you didn’t get daddy’s cum in your mouth tonight we need to fix that!! And I’m stroking her long and fast. I’m looking down at her and what a picture!! Shes staring from me to her own dick. I heart “daddy daddy daddy I’m going to cum!!” I tell her to open her mouth but she can not swallow. And I stroke that cock until she explodes on her face. The first spurt went on her face and hair. I aim it lower and get the next one in her mouth. And another. Then her chin and neck. I was right, she was a huge cummer!! I drain every damn drop out of her cock then let her legs down.

Before she can rest I pull her over to the mirror and tell her to open her mouth. Cum is dribbling out of her mouth. It covers her face. My god I’m stricken. I reach out, pull her face to me, and kiss her long and deep. She went crazy. Trying to choke me with her tongue. Cum swirling everywhere. All over both of our faces. I finally stopped. Looked at her. What a mess we are. Fuck yes. I grab a towel and clean up. She doesn’t.

She looks up at me. Waits for a minute then asks me with a smile – “do you want a coke daddy?”

Fuck yes!!

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