I Just Popped Out For Some Smokes


It was a beautiful, lazy day today. It had been raining for a few days and the stifling December heat was finally broken.

I woke up early this morning. As I slid out of bed, my wife still lay asleep, not stirring. I quietly moved to the kitchen and made some coffee. While the kettle heated up, I fired up my PC and immediately logged on to the internet to find hot pics of sexy trannies and smooth, cute CD’s. I was in a horny mood.

I spent most of the day online. I would have liked to chat with some horny tranny or CD, but unfortunately none were in the chat room. There were some really hot pics of some gurls though. I clicked on several profiles and found exciting photos of hard cocks penetrating tight manpussies (I especially like to see pics that show the hard cock fucking her pussy and the gurl’s suckable clit too).

By lunch time my cock was red and sore and I had not cum yet. I had gotten close, but stopped just before spurting. My wife was still in bed and I relished having time to browse all the pics I wanted. Some time after 2 I lay down a while and must have dozed off. I was woken by my father in law’s loud voice. He had come around to collect something and was off again.

I carried on lazing around the house while my wife was in her study. By 5 I realized I was running low on cigarettes. I told my wife I’d be popping down to the store to get some and if she needed anything. She was on her PC and seemed lost in her own world so I left without getting an answer.

I returned home some 20 minutes later. As I entered urfa escort the house I got quite a sight. My wife was spread-eagled on the kitchen counter. Her waist was bare and her shirt was crumpled up above her lovely C-cup tits. Her legs were splayed and our dentist was busy munching away at her hot shaven cunt. He looked up, smiled and announced “I’ve laid the table for us.”

Even though I was sore and red down under, my cock immediately got rock hard again. I smiled at the two of them and walked over to my wife. Jay dove back between her legs and continued eating her cunt. She started moaning. I leaned over and teased her tits with my tongue, making sure not to touch the nipples. Her groaning intensified. She groaned and rolled her head back and forth. After a few minutes of our oral attack on her she exclaimed we should go to the bedroom to get more comfy.

On the way to the bedroom she shed what little clothing she had left. Jay and I followed suit. At one point Jay almost tripped with one leg still in his jeans as he rushed after my wife.

Finally naked, we fell onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs. Jay was faster than I and again latched onto Mandy’s sopping cunt. I kissed her hard on the mouth, swirling my tongue around. Mandy could hardly reciprocate and just moaned out loudly. While I kissed her, Jay reached over to me and started stroking my hard cock. Now this was getting more interesting, I thought. I looked up and he smiled broadly.

We continued our oral devotion balıkesir escort for a while longer. Mandy had two small orgasms during this. Now I wanted to see what Jay was packing. Up until now he’d been lying on his stomach on the bed and I couldn’t see his cock. I told my two bedmates to change positions. I badly needed to stick my aching shaft into a hole! The first hole that I saw and which was closest to me happened to be Mandy’s gorgeous cunt. It didn’t take much effort to get my cock into her wet hole. I pounded away without mercy for a while. I’d thrust hard and deep into this beautiful, wet cunt. We made loud swishing noises while at it.

Jay obviously wanted to get some action too and crawled up the bed to shove his cock into my wanton wife’s mouth. This was the first time I got to see his package. Not bad! He wasn’t big, but it was a beautiful, straight, cut, hard cock. Mandy tried to suck him in but just couldn’t keep him in her mouth as I relentlessly pounded her squishy pussy. Jay eventually gave up and next thing I knew he was behind me, fondling my balls and shaft as I rode my wife. His grip was firm and felt sooo good. I had to slow down my fucking though.

I rolled over onto my side with my cock still in Mandy to give Jay better access. His one hand toyed Mandy’s clit while his other grabbed my shaft. This made it a little difficult to fuck Mandy. I soon slipped out and in no time Jay gobbled up my cock! He sucked me hard and good for several seconds before re-inserting trabzon escort my cock into Mandy. He looked at me with an uncertain smile on his face. He seemed worried I would freak out. When I didn’t and continued to kiss and lick Mandy, he smiled and moved in behind me again.

Again I pounded hard into Mandy. After having surfed and jerked and surfed the entire morning, I needed to get off. Suddenly I felt Jay’s fingers wrap around my balls. God, that felt good, but I had no idea that it could get better. Jay spread my arse cheeks while he rubbed and fondled my nutsack. Next I felt his fingers probe my arse and suddenly he had a finger in me!

I collapsed onto of Mandy and moaned loudly. She gripped my shoulders tightly and nibbled my earlobe. Jay then shoved in another finger and started pushing hard into me. I groaned louder and stopped fucking for a bit. Mandy looked questioningly at me. I told her that Jay was finger fucking my arse. “I thought so”, she said with a smile and hugged me tighter. Jay continued to fuck me with his fingers until I suddenly came in Mandy.


I collapsed onto Mandy, breathing heavily and feeling really good. It felt fantastic to fuck her while Jay fucked my arse. I rolled over and motioned for Jay to come closer. I pointed at Mandy’s cunt and he slipped his erection in with ease. I told him to fuck her hard and fuck her hard he did. Mandy groaned out loudly. Jay started to pant heavily and soon pulled out to spray his cum on Mandy’s mound and belly.

We all lay on our bed for a while, getting our breath back. Soon Jay announced he had to get back home and got dressed. Mandy and I lay there, holding and kissing each other tenderly. “That was great. I didn’t know dentists did house calls.” We laughed and hadn’t even noticed that Jay had left. Who knows, this might develop further…???

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