Subject: John’s Boys-2 John Johnson pulled up to his house in his jet black Mercedes-AMG Project One, and was pleasantly surprised to see Mark standing on his doorstep. He smirked as he remembered what took place a couple of weeks ago, and could not help but wonder if the boy had changed his mind. Mark look right at John and gave a shy smile and wave as John got out of his car. “Hey John!” Exclaimed Mark. John shot him a smile and waved, but didn’t say a word as he walked up to his young visitor. “Didn’t think I’d see you again Mark.” Said John. “So, did you turn in that extra $80, or did you keep it?” Mark shot him a sly grin as John brushed past him and into his house. He held the door open and looked at Mark to see if he’d go inside. Mark looked around to see if anyone was looking, and upon seeing no one he entered John’s house. “Change your mind about my last offer?” John asked. Mark bit his lip and looked at his feet before shaking his head. John smirked and turned away. “I was just about to take a dip in my pool. Want to join me?” John asked. “But I’m not wearing a swimsuit.” Said Mark confused. John shot him a knowing look. “So? We don’t need one.” Replied John “But, I don’t want you to see me naked.” Said Mark. John laughed. “I’ve already seen you naked remember?” Mark blushed, “yeah, but that was different.” “Tell you what, I won’t look when you’re getting undressed and into the pool.” Responded John. “But won’t people see me?” Asked Mark. John laughed and led him to the back door to open the curtain. “Look outside. See how high that fence is? No one can see in and there are no neighbors who can look over.” Explained John. “Okay,” submitted Mark. “I guess we can.” John smiled. “You head outside and get ready. I’ll be down in a bit with a towel for you.” John opened the back door for Mark and headed upstairs. Mark walked outside and looked around. He had a rather large pool in erzincan escort his back yard and his fence was really high. He bent down to untie his shoes and kicked them off. He then sat down and removed his socks. He stood up and took off his shirt dropping it on top of his socks and shoes and took a breath. He looked back at the door to see if John had returned then up and the window. The curtain was closed. He lowered his pants and stepped out of them. He gulped and did the same with his black boxes. With another quick look around he jumped in the pool. Mark waded in the far end of the pool for a few minutes before John stepped through the back door wearing a towel around his waist and one more over his shoulders. He looked down to see all over Mark’s cloths sitting in a pile with his red boxer briefs resting on top and smiled. He watched Mark floating until he turned around and the two met eyes. John put the towel around his shoulders on to a chair and removed the towel around his waste exposing his large cock. Marks just stared at it as John slowly walked to the pool and then jumped in. He swam up to Mark and flashed him a smile. “Feels good doesn’t it Mark?” Asked John. Mark nodded his head before responding, “why are you naked? You have a suit here.” “Only fair Mark. You’re naked, I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable being the only naked one.” John replied. Mark didn’t say anything but continued to wade in front of John who did the same until a knock came at the back gate and a young teen walked through wearing cutoffs and a tank top. “Hey John, came to mow your lawn” said the kid. Both John and Mark looked at the new arrival. Mark blushed while John have a friendly wave. “Hey Robby! I forgot you were coming today.” Said John. “Third Saturday Mr. Johnson. I can leave if you want me to.” Said Rob “No, no. It’s fine. I just forgot what day it was. Want to join us before you erzurum escort start though? It’s awfully hot outside.” Commented John. Mark shot John a look of shock and shook his head. “Id love to Mr. Johnson, but I don’t have a suit.” Replied Robby. “Neither did Mark here, but he’s swimming” said John pointing to the discarded cloths. Robby looked at the cloths then at Mark, then at John. He shrugged his shoulders and peeled off his cloths til all he was only wearing blue underpants. He walked up to the pool getting ready to jump in when he looked at Mark’s cloths and noticed his underwear. Robby shot a look at John who nodded his head. Robby slowly slid them down and tossed them to the side and jumped in, swimming to the other two. “I’ll let you two get acquainted while I get us something to drink” said John as he swam away. Both Mark and Robby watched as John got out of the pool, picked up his towel and faced the boys giving them another glance at his coco before wrapping the towel around his waist. He gave a wink and walked inside. “Your name is Mark right? Asked Robby who nodded. “How old are you?” “Twelve” Stuttered Mark, “you?” “I’m 16. How do you know John?” Asked Robby. “I met him last week. He bought a coupon book from me.” Answered Mark. “You?” “Heck, I’ve been mowing his lawn since I was up it age.” Smirked Robby. “And he’s already gotten you naked?” Mark blushed and lowered his head. “Hey, don’t sweat it. We’ve been naked together a lot.” Said Robby. “What do you think of his cock? Nice eh?” Mark blushed and nodded. “You suck it yet?” Asked Robby. Mark shook his head. “Touch it at least?” Robby asked. Mark again shook his head. “But you want to don’t you?” Asked Robby again. Mark blushed and nodded his head. “Don’t worry dude, it’s okay. I’ve done it a number of times. What’s stopping you?” Questioned Robby. “It’s just so big, and I’ve never even seen one before. esat escort I wouldn’t even know where to start.” Replied Mark. Robby looked over his shoulder at the back door then back at Mark. “Here, let me show you.” Said Robby. Under the cover of water, hidden from any potential watchers Robby reached out his hand and took hold of Mark’s cock and began stroking it. “Start like this.” Said Robby ad he stroked Mark. “Go ahead, try it.” Mark timidly reach out his hand under water and took hold of Robby’s cock and slowly started stroking it. “Like this?” Mark asked Robby. “Yup.” Answered Robby. “Like it?” Mark nodded his head. “Then you’ll love this.” Said Robby. He broke his hold of Mark’s cock and went under water which broke Mark’s hold on his cock. Robby opened his mouth and took Mark’s cock in his mouth and sucked it for few seconds before popping his head back above water and smiled at Mark. “Your turn” said Robby. Mark stared at his new friend then at the back door. He took a deep breath and dove under water. He looked at Robby’s cock and reached out to hold it. He gave it a soft squeeze and another stroke before opening his mouth quickly sliding it in, before just as quickly sliding it out. He popped back out of the water choking a little just as John walked through the back door carrying three glasses of lemonade. “You like that?” Robby whispered so only Mark could hear. Mark nodded his head. “You boys having fun?” John called Both boys looked at John and responded at the same time. “Yea!” John smiled. “Wanna go upstairs and try a little more?” Whispered Robby. Mark nodded his head and the two swam to the side of the pool and got out. “Mind if we go inside for a bit John?” Asked Robby. “Sure kid. Have fun.” Replied John. Mark strode past John leaving his close behind, John stopped Robby and handed him a $20. “Great job Robby.” Said Mark. “No problem Mr. J. I’ll break him in for you. Then we can all have fun.” Said Robby as he walked to his cloths to put the $20 bill in his pocket before strolling into the house. “Sorry bout that Mark. Wanted to take a quick drink.” Said Robby as he walked past Mark and led him upstairs.

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