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Story: The big kidnapping



Fiction is :imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. a. b.JCW The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator.

Does the above apply as I wonder if the below might be true?


Ok I cheated I went to my dictionary.

If you don”t want to read it, just go-a-way.


Our land is being invaded by many tan skinned invaders. Some are men, others are females, some are even babies of nine months old. Or even younger. Our leader is in great fear of all of them. He digs up an old unused law that has never been used before as it is known that it well be shouted down by any person that is not a monster. Our leader orders a former MAYBE KKK leader to imprison all the parents, and place in cages all the children of the invaders. OK some are not in cages.


Over three thousand children of both sexes are soon screaming, crying, and missing their parents. Some are in cages, others in hot tents on the border of our land konyaaltı sınırsız escort in 110 degrees of heat as it is one hot summer. Some of them have been raped. Yes both sexes can be raped. Handcuffed isolated, fed little, beat up.


Worse yet some of the children are lost in the system. Just grab their arm, rip them away from there parents, and send them away with no care about where they are going. Our smart well educated leader changes his mind. About time as he has worn out the old one. Once more he jumps into shit as he orders all the children be returned to their parents. Bull-shit how can you send children to jail with their parents if you don”t know who they are, or the kids name either. It is also against the law to place the kids in jail if they are not guilty of any crime. Sending an unnamed child to an unknown prisoner is even worse, if you can even find the child.


Oh yes by the leaders own words he is know to dislike any person that is not white, rich, laying on her back naked with her legs spread. That leaves out any black, tan, brown poor, or any lady that will not let him have sex with him for a job, pay, or fear.


To all lawyers in the state of Washington please think about laws like kidnapping, and see if some unnamed person, YES I”m afraid to be konyaaltı türbanlı escort placed on his I hate you list So I well not sign this. can he be charged if he can”t produce all the kids he has absconded with by proxy, or what ever you call it when he orders his KKK lawyer on call to do the dirty deed.


Okay on with the parade of filth from the less then white hut in our less then clean, less then honest, less then working two law maker groups, where plans are in the making to change a court that has had many years of semi honesty till now. After many years of saying, NO WE WILL NOT LET YOU APPOINT A REPLACEMENT FOR A JUDGE to a black President, TO THE COURT, THERE IS NOW A RUSH TO PLACE A PERSON IN PLACE CHOSEN BY SOME UNSELECTED PEOPLE THAT WE THE PEOPLE HAD NO UNGODLY INPUT ON. I AM SURE NONE OF THEM ARE BLACK, BROWN, TAN, OR GAY, MAYBE NOT EVEN HUMAN.

…..Okay now for the reason I decided to post this in a place where only gays might place it, or read it. Over the years I have noted that some gay people in an effort to hide the fact from the church, family, work, the rest of the world, get married to a person of the other sex. Yes they have kids. Some of the kids do inherit being gay. Okay this is not a fact stated by any nut doctor, or any church that might have hid the fact that konyaaltı ucuz escort many of their priests molested boys, and girls for years. It is strange that few if any females are ever high in any of the church. FACT females at one time were treated as equals in one of the largest church”s. Jesus was an equal opportunity leader.


Note three wives, and many ladies outside the marriage. A man that thinks he looks like a man no matter how bad he treats them all. I would bet he has used his lawyer over the years to hide more then one male prostitute. Yes if he pays them he is a treating them like a prostitute. Pay for sex, or pay them to shut them up, it be the same thing. Okay no fact for this idea, but it is just that I have seen too many acting the way he does. Go into any gay bar, and check out that ring finger. Oops it might not be a wife now-a-days. I have met over the years many a husband, yep even went to bed with some of them.

Okay now he has added a murder by an armed attack on another country. I admit he was another bad guy. I wonder why he was not sucking around his ass like he does all the other bad guys in the world. I don”t really have room to list all the bad guys he bows down to with his knees on the ground. I think he is a sucker. I should say something about his kids. Really I can”t find nothing bad to say about his youngest son, well he is taller then his dad (GIGGLE) As for his hanger on kids in the gray house. For shame on him for foisting them off on the public tits. Gee I have said enough to get the unnamed leader to send his tame law dog after me. Oh well place two up-raised fingers here.( )



Yes this is a good place to say THE END

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