Just a Love Letter


August 2014

Dear The One I Love,

You know who you are.

Remember how I was telling you I had an idea for a story a while ago? (Okay, it’s been a little longer than a while I suppose.) Well here it is. Are you ready? I’m going to write you letters. Juicy, sexy, romantic letters. It’s a pretty simple idea actually. But here’s the twist. Anyone can read them. They’re for you, but the anonymous audience of the Internet is out there, reading, enjoying… you could even think of it as watching, in a way. Who knows, maybe there are even people we know reading this.

Of course it’s creepy. Unsettling. Uncomfortable. You’re probably pretty freaked out at this point. It’s not just a story, it’s real life. Anyone would feel a bit embarrassed to be exposed like this. But you know how hot I think it is. And I know that I can convince you to go along with whatever I want, especially if I think it’s hot.

Like how I “accidentally” let people peek under my skirt, and you don’t get mad when I tell czech couples porno you. On the contrary, you want the details. You’re nosy. I think you actually like it, in a twisted way. You’re such a good sport, sharing your girl with them. What a generous thing for you to do. Not like you have a choice anyways, but you don’t get possessive or angry. I like that. Such a sweet boy you are.

Or like how we’ve messed around in some places where we really probably shouldn’t have. Remember just a few weeks ago (I’ve taken too long to finish writing and editing this… over a month ago now)- you were so scared, it was adorable. But we had fun. You can’t hide that you enjoyed it. There was proof that you did. And we didn’t get caught after all. See? I’m always right. You should stop worrying so much.

Or how I’ve gotten you into… that kind of stuff. It’s a bit unconventional. Very naughty. I was definitely the one that wanted it; you were just going along with my czech estrogenolit porno crazy ideas. But I know you like to see me having fun. And since I like to feel dirty, you like to make me feel dirty. Even before I started working on writing this letter, you knew how to pleasure me in… all kinds of ways. Since then you’ve gone one step further, taking me in that way I had never been taken before. I love how I never really had to tell you to do any of it in words. Our minds or so in sync that you know exactly what I want. That’s what I like about you. You can read my mind like a book, and you act on what you see there.

Or how you put up with and even enjoy my twisted sense of pleasure from pain. I make you treat me like your possession in bed, when in reality we both know I’m in charge. You’re so loving and kind in real life, but I like to turn you into an animal when we’re alone. It’s like a game for me. So sexy and rewarding. So refreshing. Every czech experiment porno time you pin me down, force your tongue deep in my throat, squeeze me to the point of pain… it reminds me that you are powerful; those green eyes, that smooth voice… I could never resist letting you have your way with me.

Or how you let me tell you when I’m fantasizing about other people, male and female, that we know or that I know. You’re probably so jealous. But I want you to know how dirty my mind is. I need you to know. I share my fantasies with you because I’m sure you look at other people too. Maybe we even enjoy the same things. You know that you’re the only one I really love. But how can I be expected to only want you when there are so many sexy people out there to think about? We’re only human; why not enjoy it? And I don’t even tell you the creepier fantasies I have… not yet anyways. Oh, if you only knew…

Yeah, I’ve gotten you into some pretty crazy stuff in the two years we’ve been together. And I’ll get you into a lot more, just you wait. You’re probably pretty scared actually. But I’m sure that you’re at least a little bit turned on. These letters can be one more thing to explore together. I hope you enjoy them. And I hope that anyone else who reads this enjoys it too as they watch our adventures unfold.


Evelyn L

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