Lana Learns Ch. 01


Author’s note: This is a true story of my first days as a single man. This and the subsequent stories are accurate recounting of actual events. Of course, the names have been changed for obvious reasons.


In the early spring of 1980, my wife of 14 years and I separated. On cold, wet night in March, I grabbed some clothes and headed out. I ended up on the couch of a friend who was also recently separated. He and two of his former fraternity brothers and I rented a large house in the older section of our town. It was a 3-story house with a full basement. The upper story became my library/computer room. The second floor had 4 bedrooms and a full bath. It was a nice arrangement for 4 divorced men, three of whom had children who visited regularly.

We decided to have an ‘open house’ party to celebrate. Since one of the roommates was a route salesman for a pastry company, he knew many of the young women who worked at the convenience and grocery stores in our city and had put out an open invitation to attend our gathering. That is where I met Lana.

Lana was ten years younger than my 35. She had gotten pregnant at 16 and married her ‘boyfriend.’ He was a real red-neck – rail thin, sharp features and country hick all the way. After 2 years and another child, Lana had finally had enough and moved out. Since she did not have the means to support the boys, she gave her ex custody but she had visitation whenever she wanted. Her roommate (Debbie) also worked at the convenience store with her and together they attended our party.

I was sitting in my library (I am not much of a party type) with my computer when one of the roommates brought the two girls up to meet me. After introductions, Lana asked bahis firmaları some questions about my computer and while we were talking her roommate went back to the party. One thing lead to another and before long, we were sitting on the couch kissing. I was kissing her neck (one of her ‘hot spots’) and unbuttoning her shirt. I peeled away the shirt to expose her 36C, white lace bra. Caressing her bra covered tits made her squirm and pant so I softly lifted the cups and gazed at her puckered nipples. After ten minutes of licking, sucking and caressing those perfect mounds, I unsnapped the front of her jeans and slid my hand down across her smooth belly to the top of her lace panties. As I looked into her eyes, I saw want tempered by shyness. Later she told me I was the first one to ever touch her other than her ex.

I continued to slip my hand down, under the waistband of her panties until I reached the curls of her pubic hair. By now she was gently raising her hips to reach my fingers so I took the opportunity to slip her jeans over her hips allowing me full access to her hot, wet mound. Slipping first one, then two, finally three fingers into her warmth, I set up a slow pace of fingering her cunt while sucking first one then the other nipple. Curling my middle finger slightly, I put pressure with my palm on the top of her mound while sliding my hand up and down against her button. In a very short time she began to moan and buck against my hand and I had to cover her mouth with mine to keep the noise down. After some moments of intense orgasm, she began to come down and started to cry. She said she had never acted like this before and didn’t want me to think she was a slut. I forced her to look into my eyes while I kaçak iddaa explained that I didn’t do this either but there was a connection between us that we couldn’t overcome.

By now the party downstairs was starting to wind down. I asked Lana to tell Debbie that I would bring her home later. Debbie didn’t mind because she was getting along with one of my other roommates. Debbie was a lot more experienced that Lana and was looking for some action.

Lana and I retired to my bedroom to resume our kissing and petting. It took very little time before I had shed my clothes and she was laying on my bed in just her panties. As my kissed trailed down her tits and across her taut belly, she grabbed my head in her hands to stop my downward progress. Her ex had never licked her pussy! I reassured her it was OK and held her hands in one of mine while I started to lick her outer lips. I finally put her hands onto her tits to keep them occupied while I spread her lips and started to dip my tongue in her lovely pussy. I had slid down until I was between her legs, holding her pussy lips apart with my fingers while I licked deeper and deeper. Watching her knead her tits, squeezing the nipples with her eyes closed almost made me blow right then! I used my elbows to spread her knees to give me more access to her inner lips and clit. When I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to caress it, she lost it. She thrashed and bucked. She grabbed my head with both hands and pushed me deeper into her pussy.

When her movements started to subside, I moved up her body and resumed kissing and sucking her tits. She told me that after her second child, she had her tubes tied so we didn’t need to worry. When she had started to move beneath kaçak bahis me again, I slid my rock-hard dick into her warm, wet slickness. I held myself up with straight arms so that I could gaze down at her body as she moved to match my pace. In much too short a time, I felt the impending eruption. As she started to experience her third orgasm of the evening, I felt my balls tighten and began to fill her with my seed. When we had both started to come down, she told me that she had never orgasmed with her husband. His idea was to climb on, push in and climb off.

Her next action about warped my mind. She put on one of my shirts to cover her nakedness and went to the bathroom where she got a warm clean washcloth. She came back and had me lay back on the bed while she gently washed my cock and balls. When she was satisfied I was clean enough, she said “I have never done this so you might need to teach me.” She then leaned down and took my dick in her mouth. Slowly at first she moved my semi-rigid pole between her lips while she watched me. The sight of her brown eyes and auburn hair looking at me while she felt me grow in her mouth was too much. I told her how to curl her lips over her teeth so she wouldn’t nip me. She was a very willing student and soon my hips were pushing up into her warm, soft mouth. I told her she had better stop because I was getting close again. She just grinned around my solid shaft and squeezed tighter with her lips. I was almost there when I grabbed her head and started thrusting into her willing face. After just a few more seconds, I started to spurt. To her credit, she never stopped sucking. She drained me completely and swallowed every drop. When I had softened, she let me pull out and kissed the tip of my dick. I pulled her up to me and cradled her head on my shoulder while I gently caressed her pubic mound. We were both asleep in minutes.

The adventure has begun. Next chapter – Lana learns bondage.

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