Lois: A Tale Of Seduction


[Although the basic thread of this story really happened, probably many times over with little but the names and dates changed, this specific story is a work of fiction. It is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. As such, the story may for may not totally conform to reality. With certain historical exceptions, all other locations, events, and characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


I remember the day I left home. The year was 1958. I also remember the final argument. I celebrated my eighteenth birthday in January and graduated from high school in May. Then it was July and I had just received my post interview letter, accepting me for the job of secretary at a big insurance company in Chicago.

“Lois, please, you have to go to college! You will never get out of the secretarial pool without a college degree!”

“Daddy, we have been over this a zillion times! I don’t want to go to college, I want to go to work and earn some money, some real money for a change.”

“But Lois, your lifetime earnings on a high school diploma will be far short of what you could earn with a degree. You need the fallback protection in case of future widowhood or divorce.”

“I can always ‘fall back’, as you put it, on my secretarial skills, Daddy.”

“But Lois…”

“But nothing Daddy,” I interrupted, “I am eighteen and I am going–end of story!”

Oh, how I wish now that I had listened to my Daddy then. That was two years ago. I am, uh, well at any rate I was, a rural, midwestern, small town girl.

I was fresh out of high school and obviously I knew everything about the world. Ha ha! I had visited the big city of Chicago a number of times and saw no reason why I could not live and work there like millions of other girls had. An awfull lot of them were young girls like me or even younger. How naive of me that was!

I was a wholesome, good looking country girl, bursting with robust health and vitality of the midwestern corn belt. I was by no means a beauty queen, but I turned boys’ heads and had all the boyfriends I wanted. People said I was the typical “girl next door.” I had also aced every business course in my high school curriculum. With my knowledge and my looks, I’d have it made in the city, or so I thought. Once again, how naive!

Back to the boys–and sex. Throughout high school, I dated often and had several “steadies” in the course of the four years. I experimented with sex, allowing a couple of the boys quite a bit of heavy petting. But I was always successful in stopping them when and where I chose, never going “all the way.” I saw no problem in this area of my life either. Again, how naive!

Well, I had to be in Chicago and report for my new job on August first and it was already July tenth when I opened my letter of acceptance. That didn’t leave me much time to find a place to live and get settled. I did take one piece of Daddy’s advice, though. I was not familiar enough with the streets of Chicago to drive there and was aware of parking problems from our family visits to the city. So, I left my car home.

Mother and Daddy drove me to the Rock Island Train Station in Peoria for the trip up to Chicago. With mother and me in tears and Daddy trying to hide his, I boarded the train and set off on my adventure. It was arranged that I would stay with Mother’s sister Elaine But this was for only as long as it would take for me to find a place of my own. Aunt Elaine was to meet me at the main train station in Chicago.

My job was downtown in the “Loop” and Aunt Elaine lived in a close in suburb in a house that became hers when she was widowed at a fairly young age. Aunt Elaine drove me to the suburban train station each morning and picked me up again that evening. I stayed with her for two months, long enough to accumulate two pay checks and find a downtown apartment.

I began to learn about the real world very quickly. My apartment was not cheap. The twice daily cab fares were not all that much by themselves, but by the end of the month, the fares plus tip really added up to a sizable portion of my expenses.

I also had to eat. Then there were the clothes necessary for a pool secretary in a high profile company in downtown Chicago. That didn’t leave much leftover for discretionary spending. In fact, I was perilously close to going into the red each month.

And my social life? What social life? There were flirtations with the men in the office and “girl chat” during breaks. But that was it, period. By the time the weekend rolled around, I needed to recuperate and, of course, there was the grocery shopping, laundry, and other assorted chores that left little time for anything else.

As far as the pub and party life went, it didn’t. At least for me, it didn’t. Wages from my entry level, semiskilled job were all but exhausted as quickly as I got my monthly check. bursa escort Without a steady boyfriend to foot the bill, partying was simply out of the question.

I was too far from the nearest church of any kind, let alone one of my faith, to afford the cab fare. So no church social activities either.

After six months in my apartment plus the two months at Aunt Elaine’s, I was getting very lonesome and, without realizing it at the time, starting to get depressed. Life dragged on in this almost mechanical fashion for another four months, thus completing my first full year of independence.

I had a cuple of breaks, twice, getting home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas; two islands of R & R that kept my sanity from completely disappearing. I put up a brave front while warming in the home nest, but I think Mother suspected the truth.

One week after my first anniversary with the firm, I got a promotion, along with a substantial raise. One thing for sure, was real. I was good at my secretarial job; very good in fact. My promotion got me out of the secretarial pool and into the office of the head claims adjuster as his personal, private secretary! His name was Fred Jameson.

By now, I suspect you are aware that I was a bright plum, ripe for the picking. And was I ever picked! Fred started flirting with me immediately, innocent stuff at first, but the flirting rapidly progressed to what would today be called “sexual harassment” if such attention was unwanted.

I guess I wanted it. I responded like a petted kitten, purring and mewing in the attention. Innuendoes became more explicit, touching became less and less “accidental,” until finally, the touching became outright groping of tits, ass, and pussy.

And I ate it up, often returning the favor with a cock grab and squeeze. All of this, so far, was with clothing all in place. It was also discreet, very discreet. I never wondered why, until much, much too late.

Then came “That Night.” Fred asked me to stay over after hours to help him get an important case finished up. I had some idea of what he had in mind, and readily agreed. We did close up the case, rather quickly, in fact. Fred placed the thick file in his brief case and locked it.

Then Fred said to me, “Lois, will you set this on the floor by the coat rack, please?”

I heard Fred follow me to the coat rack. As I straightened up again, he stepped into my back and placed his arms around me, settling his hands on my twenty year old boobs, boobs large enough to be somewhat more than a handful each and topped with, right then, very erect nipples!

“Nice Boobs, Lois. Very nice!”

While fondling my boobs, Fred began nuzzling me on the neck and ear with light kisses. I shivered with excitement and felt the beginnings of dampness on my panties. Those hands began to unbutton my blouse. The unbuttoning accomplished, my front closure bra was unfastened next and fell wide open, exposing my naked and flushed boobs. Now it was bare flesh on bare flesh and I was on fire.

“Oh God, Fred,” I said as I backed my ass into his very large and very hard boner and rubbed, “that feels so damned good!”

“Which one?” Fred asked. “Your pussy on my cock or my hands on your tits?”

“Both, oh dear God, both!” I cried.

Fred’s left hand dropped to my crotch and began to rub hard on my mound for a time before he reached down under the waist band of my skirt to grab my thong covered pussy in earnest. My formerly only damp thong was now thoroughly soaked.

“Damn, you’re really wet, baby!” croaked Fred.

His hand roughly ripped my thong off. He pulled it out of the top of my skirt and flung it away. His hand immediately returned under my skirt band to my now drenched pussy and went to work, briefly. I got hotter.

And I got wetter! Fred withdrew his hand from my pussy, stripped my blouse and bra off and then got his thumbs under my waist band and dropped my panties in one, deft move. I was moaning in lust as I stood naked but for shoes, and backed into Fred’s erection again.

His left hand returned to my pussy and caressed the outer lips, his middle finger trailing into my furrow. His right hand returned to my boobs to work them over. As Fred’s finger penetrated my virgin orifice, I thought about how I had never been this far–totally naked with a man’s hand and fingers all over and in my pussy. I wanted it, and more! I craved love and attention. Fred was more than willing to give it to me.

As Fred turned me around, he looked me up and down and said, “Stunning, absolutely stunning, Lois. Now, come here and unzip my pants.”

I thought I knew what was coming and I relished the idea. I had given hand jobs before, but I had never given a blow job. I was about to make up for that. I leaned down and undid Fred’s belt buckle and pulled his zipper down.

His pants and boxers dropped easily with my tugging, releasing a bobbing, pulsing, almost glowing penis standing rigidly erect and pointing straight up. bursa escort bayan It wasn’t a massive cock, but it was long and narrow of girth, reaching well up Fred’s belly.

Because it was so rigidly erect, I could not immediately see that it was uncut. I would discover that momentarily as I took that dick in hand stroked it. That revealed a foreskin that closed over the helmet on the upstroke and exposed the helmet in its full glory on the down stroke. Precum began oozing out of the opening in the helmet, providing some lubrication for my actions.

I provided further lubrication when I took that cock in my mouth to lick and suck on it. Although, as I said already, I never did that before, I seemed to ad lib it instinctively to Fred’s great pleasure.

“Oh MY GOD!” he groaned as I pulled his foreskin up over his helmet. My tongue licked around in that confined space, over the helmet and the underside of his foreskin. The underside of the helmet was especially sensitive for Fred and I had his knees quivering, literally, with my tongue lashing!

Fred had opened his dress shirt, no undershirt, by now and he tugged on me, indicating for me to stand. I rose slowly, kissing my way up his naked stomach and chest, paying special attention to his navel and both his nipples. In my emotional deprivation to this point, I simply could not get enough of him. He was still quivering.

Once I was fully standing, Fred stepped out of his loafers as well as his pants and boxers resting at his ankles. He picked me up by the ass and said, “Put your legs around my waist.”

I did, crossing my ankles on his butt. Fred eased his cock into position at my gate of heaven and thrust in clear to his balls in one, easy, slow push with only a momentary blockage as he swept my maidenhead away. He just kept going and going and…

“OOOHHhhh Shit!” I moaned as Fred bottomed out inside me. Surprisingly, there was little pain and little blood as I lost my virginity, only pure and unadulterated pleasure. Fred backed me into an office wall and proceeded to hump away with vigor. Our wall banging caused one of his framed diplomas to drop to the floor, shattering the glass. Fred only banged me harder.

I was tugging against his ass with my heels to try to drive his cock into me even more deeply. I was a bitch in heat, lust driven, and begging for more. WOW! Fred really had given me my sexual awakening well beyond my dreams and more than he really understood at the time. Something sexual in me opened wide and I only wanted to gorge on it.

Fred’s banging increased even more rapidly and I felt his cock begin to swell and pulse more than ever. I guessed he was about to blow his load. I pulled hard with my heels on one of his thrusts.

Fred arched his back sharply and cried, “OH God damn! SHIT!” and unleashed a series of ropey jets of cum that just kept cumming.

Although I had experienced an occasional, self-induced orgasm or two before, they were very mild, especially compared to the one that hit me now. An electric shock started from somewhere deep within my center and radiated out in all directions. I shuddered and shivered as one shock after another coursed through me and I squirted pussy juice like a damned fountain.

Our combined sex fluids flowed past Fred’s embedded cock and gushed over both of us. My rolling orgasms lasted fully five minutes as Fred just stared down at me openmouthed, still coupled to him and keeping his cock hard with my gyrations.

At last, I slowly began to calm down as Fred’s cock slowly deflated and dropped out of my pussy with a sucking wet sound.

“Oh my, that was delicious,” I said, “Can we do that again? Now?”

“Right now, again?” queried Fred in surprise.

“Yes, right now. I want more of that cock in my pussy!”

“Well, little girl, a cock needs just a bit more time than that to recover for the next round. I can’t get it up immediately. Just calm down a few minutes.”

“But I don’t want to wait!” I pouted. “I want more cock, now.”

But, we waited. While we waited, I took that cock back in my mouth and started working on it again while I also played with Fred’s balls. It did not take all that long to get him hard again. When I had him poker stiff again and pumping his hips, I released his cock and stood. I walked over to the desk and laid on my back with my legs dangling off the end with my knees spread wide.

“Come on, cowboy, mount the saddle and ride this cowgirl into the dirt! I want that cock in me again.” I was burning with lust, still!

Fred stepped between my legs and poked his cock home again and we fucked like minks until we both orgasmed again. In my case, I had numerous orgasms as Fred pounded away for some time before he could finally cum again.

“Is that it? Is that all you got, Fred. I want to go again. I want to feel what anal fucking feels like!”

“Jesus Christ,” exclaimed Fred, “I thought you were the little, shy virgin from the country. My God, I can’t keep escort bursa up with you!”

“I was,” I replied, “Until you started fucking me, anyway.”

It was as if a bright light flashed and my sexuality burst forth like a tornado from hell. I liked sex. I really liked cock.

“Well, your ass will have to wait until next time. My cock is done for this night, whether I like or not and whether you like it or not. Get dressed and I’ll take you to your apartment.”

“The Night” ended a short time later as Fred gave me a quick goodnight peck on the forehead and waited for me to exit the car. He drove off, leaving me to enter the building and ride the elevator to my twentieth floor apartment all alone. Some knight in shinning armor, I thought bitterly.

By the time I woke up at noon the next day, I was well behind on my Saturday chores. I sleep nude, so when the doorbell rang with me just getting out of bed to my feet, I had to quickly grab a robe before going to the door. The teenaged bellboy stood in the hall with a large bouquet of beautiful red roses in his arms. My robe was loose and gapped open some as I leaned forward to accept the bouquet.

The bellboy’s eyes bugged out as he got an eyeful of my boobs as he stammered out, “These are f,f,for y,you. T,t,they just arrived at the desk.”

I let the robe fall open still a bit more as I replied, “Thank you, you’re looking at your tip!”

His face turned beet red as he replied, “Yes, Ma’am and thank you, Ma’am.” He fled back down the hall to the elevator as I chuckled to myself and reentered my apartment.

The note with the flowers read: “I am sorry about the brusk goodnight last night. I was flustered and embarrassed by my lack of staying power last night. Neither condition is the real me. Please accept my apology and my invitation to dinner tonight. I will pick you up at 7:30.” Fred’s signature was on the bottom of the card.

Too make a long story shorter, I did go out to dinner with Fred that night. He did come back to my apartment afterwards and spent a fuck-filled night with me. He left just before dawn. And, inevitably, I suppose, I fell madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love with Fred. I suppose I should also add, foolishly.

We spent many Friday and/or Saturday nights over the next year or so, in the same manner. Fred plied me with many expensive gifts and paid my rent. I guess you could say I was a kept woman. Marriage never entered into the conversations, though I thought about it more and more. Marriage just seemed to be the inevitable outcome of our relationship, or at least I thought so.

It was in May, over two years into my new life in Chicago when I discovered I was pregnant. It was Saturday morning and I was having coffee with my morning paper in my small kitchen when a sobering thought sprang, unbidden, into my head. I thought, It sure seems a long time since I had my period. I felt a sudden chill as I recalled experiencing some stomach discomfort recently and that was not usual with me. Maybe I had better…

When I checked my pill box, sure enough, I had failed to take a contraceptive pill for the last four months! Damn! SHIT! When I went grocery shopping, I stopped in a drug store and bought a pregnancy test kit. Back in the apartment, sure enough, the test was positive! Damnation! I don’t need this now, I thought. But I realized it was my own stupid fault.

I was so wrapped up in my love affair and my job that I had entirely forgotten the essentials. Take your damned contraceptive pill!! I did not mention any of this to Fred, not yet. But I did look up a gynecologist and get an appointment. A week later, he confirmed the diagnosis and that I was already five weeks gone!

It was a month later, near the end of June, and de ja vu, it was Saturday morning once again and I was in my small kitchen, sitting at the table having my morning cup of coffee while I read the morning paper. When I came to the news item, I was only getting a good start on the item when I froze and then dropped my coffee cup on the floor, shattering it and spreading coffee in a rivulet across the floor.

The news item read: “Last evening at seven ten, Mrs. Fred Jameson gave birth to identical twin girls, Rhonda and Rachael Jameson. Mrs. Jameson and daughters are all doing well and will be welcomed home shortly by husband Fred and two brothers, Ronald, age eight and Rusty, age 5.

I just sat there and bawled my eyes out in grief and shame, and yes, in anger. The fucking bastard was married, with kids!” Fred did not wear a wedding ring and I never asked. But still, I assumed a state of affairs when I should not have and I really did think I was going to marry him! I had my heart set on it. I had the rest of the weekend to feel sorry for myself and to work up my anger. I clipped out the news item.

Early Monday morning, I walked into the office and fixed the coffee. I needed a cup. When I heard Fred come in, I gave him a moment or two to get settled before I opened the connecting door and walked into his office.

“Good morning Lois. I’m sorry we could not get together last night, but I had a really important meeting to attend Friday night and I was busy at home Saturday night.”

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