Luke Ch. 02


Christmas day came and went quite quickly, and the drive home from my college dorm wasn’t exactly my most interesting experience. Brian and Mom didn’t speak a word to me after finding me sprawled out all over my bed with my buddy Luke buried up to the hilt in my puss box and dripping with lady juice.

About a week later, Brian asked me why I didn’t lock my door knowing that he and Mom were coming to pick me up. My response was less than respectable because I knew that I wanted to get caught, but how do you explain that to your twin brother?

“I wanted to get caught!” I almost whispered… “I love exhibitionism. I don’t care about other people seeing me in my best state! Everyone touches themselves to some degree, or has done it at one point or another! It’s human nature, and even the animal kingdom masturbates. I just like it when people watch me.” I said excusing myself from the conversation.

I left the room and went to my room to find my Apple Ipod Shuffle and came back downstairs to the den away from my brother to just kick my feet up and close my eyes and enjoy some much needed ‘me’ time. On his way to the bathroom, Bri laid a folded up piece of paper on my skirt and kept walking.

It was a note from Mom and Dad with detailed instructions as to what my twin and I were to accomplish in the next four days while they were in New Hampshire and a detailed briefing on when they were to return home and so on. They must have left early this morning while I was still sleeping.

Great! No Parents for the weekend! The bad thing was, all of my friends were on Christmas break, and even if I decided to throw a party, it would probably flop due to lack of attendance!

I dropped the paper onto the floor beside me and let my eyes close on me and I drifted away into an abyss. With my eyes closed I wasn’t exactly sure if Brian had returned into the room, but I didn’t really care… I snaked my hand into my pants under the waistband of my Christmas skirt, and into my warm cunny.

I stroked myself gently and slowly dug my first three fingers in and out of my wet hole. My nipples tightened instantly, and even my rectum tightened in anticipation of what was about to come. It felt so incredibly good to touch myself again, even in the absence of my lover, Luke!

I brought my fingers out of my panties and to my mouth to taste my sweet nectar and licked all up and down my fingers. My fingers found their way back into my wet slit, and with two fingers, I slowly fucked my hole while using my thumb to stimulate my hard growing clitty.

My orgasm bostancı escort came quickly since it had been a few days since I had touched myself. I came all over my hand and inside my panties. I wanted to go again and again, but I decided to wait until the evening when I went to bed as if not to get caught again by Brian… But I had that thought a little too late… When I was opening my eyes and dragging my hand from the damp cave, my retinas came to focus on Brian in the doorway with his keys in his hand. “I’ll be back Kimberly.”

“Where are you off too?” I asked as sweetly as I could, knowing that I had been caught again…

“I’ll be back Kimmy.” He said shaking his head, “The cell’s on if you need anything.”

I fell asleep after the tremors of that wonderful orgasm, and the next thing I new, I was waking myself abruptly, and I decided to head upstairs to put on some different clothes since I was getting cold. Sweats… a girl’s best friend! And sweats without panties were even better!

Leaving the second floor, I was drawn to something in Brian’s room. I didn’t know what it was, but I just made my way in and sat down on his bed. Beside a box of Kleenex, and a bottle of KY Jelly was a picture… the thing that had caught my eye. It was me!

I was in my favorite sheer pink teddy and it was see through. The picture was taken after my eighteenth birthday party, and you could see everything through the outfit in the lighting. My pert nipples were straining against the fabric and the landing strip that I had sported all through high school was clearly visible also…

Finishing my survey on the room, I noticed a pair of my panties on the floor that were soaked with fresh cum. I brought the gusset to my mouth and sucked the cum from them and a twinge shot through my pussy again and I instantly got horny again. I got up and walked over to his dresser and picked up a bottle of his favorite lotion. I loosened the draw strings on my sweats and let them fall to the floor and I took this bottle of lotion and buried it into my wet folds. With my left index and middle finger, I frigged my clit fast and hard and with my right hand I fucked my sweet pussy in and out in and out harder and harder and faster, just wishing that it was Brian’s hard cock.

I couldn’t stifle my moans as my climax started to overtake my body from the tips of my toes up into my thighs and soon to consume my entire body… the pleasure was too much and I felt myself getting week in the knees and as my orgasm engulfed büyükçekmece escort my body, my knees gave way and I found myself falling to the floor. “FUCK” I screamed.

I laid there for what seemed like forever as my euphoric high came down out of the clouds and I regained my breath.


Later on, I had composed myself and was sitting at the kitchen table with a book when Brian came home with a pizza from Pizza Boy and sat it on the table beside me. As he passed me, he grabbed the sides of my head and tilted it backwards and kissed my forehead. “You look so hot in your glasses. Have you eaten anything?”

I was feeling a bit naughty… and I knew that this would start an argument, but I figured I would go there anyway…

“A little bit of your cum, but nothing that filled me up…” I said getting wet again.

“WHAT?” he snapped.

“Yeah, I ate a little bit of your cum that you left behind in my panties that I found on your floor, but I could go for a little bit more, and then I will eat some of the pizza you brought home to make sure it stays down…”

The slap that I received not only knocked my glasses completely from my face, but the sound resounded throughout the kitchen so loudly that it was almost deafening.

“STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY ROOM KIM!” he growled angrily.

A tear streamed down my face, but I wasn’t about to cry in front of him, I had more to say! “Sorry… it’s not my fault I saw my panties on your floor… and not to mention the picture of me in the teddy that was on your night stand beside the lube!

It actually turned me on to find out that you are stroking your big hard cock to pictures of little sis! And then my cum soaked…”

I didn’t finish that sentence either. The next slap was harder and hurt a little more. A drop of saliva actually left my mouth when he made contact, and the second slap made my neither lips salivate also, as I got wetter. (was I getting turned on by his abuse?)

“Fuck you Kim! Fuck you!” he said storming out of the kitchen.

Needless to say, I didn’t see Brian for the next two days but for in passing. He went to work, I stayed home and cleaned, he came home, and I went out to the mall, and so went our next two days.

The evening of the third day I was minding my own business in the kitchen. I decided I was going to have eggs and bacon for dinner and I was bent over in the refrigerator. I had on a spaghetti strapped tank with no bra on, and my gray sweats I had on the other day when çağlayan escort I was in Brian’s room. I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings and hadn’t heard Brian sneak up on me, and before I knew anything my sweats were in a gray puddle on the floor and the next thing I felt was a hard cock being slammed into my pussy. I screamed out of sheer terror and dropped an egg on the floor and grabbed for the refrigerator door.

I went to try to escape and when I did, I hit my head on the inside of the refrigerator and as I tried to push away, I cut my hand on the metal rack inside of the box.

“You won’t get away you little cunt. You want to fuck me so bad it kills you, and now that’s exactly what you’re going to get!” he said under his breath. And he was exactly right so I decided to let him have his way.

It wasn’t long before I realized the change in his attitude, he was about to cum. So I took this opportunity to change things up a little bit. He had relaxed his grip on my shirt, and he was pounding away to completion, when I felt the throbbing of his cock inside of me as he was about to erupt.

I took my last bit of muscle and slammed backwards into him and pushed against the refrigerator just as he gasped… “I’m cumming.”

I pushed into him so hard that he fell backwards into the floor and his cock erupted in little white jets of jism. I stepped out of my pants and put my foot on his chest with all of my weight. (115lbs verses his 165lbs)

In his state of euphoric pleasure he didn’t move, but only looked at me as to anticipate my next move… but he wasn’t ready for this…

I let my bladder go as I had to go to the bathroom before he started his assault on my pink hotbox and I completely soaked him and the kitchen floor with my warm yellow waste.

Once I was done and contented to my satisfaction, I knelt down on either side of his head facing his lower torso, and demanded… “Now clean me up since you want to be such a big man!” …and he did!

Brian’s expert tongue dove into my warm wet folds and explored every nook and cranny. It felt so good that I felt as if I should reward him and I bent over his torso and licked up the now translucent sticky mess that I had helped create that now just dripped all over his cock and down the sides of his body. I swallowed every drop and it felt as if he was doing the same to my pussy, and I came fast and hard and collapsed onto him.


To this day we really never had an in depth conversation about what happened that night. I am a happily married mother of two and Brian never got married… We only had sex one more time, and it was our college graduation present to each other. Our love for each other has blossomed into a great relationship, and I still have one last trick up my sleeve before he ties himself down for good! The bachelor party should be fun!

Love ya!


Until next time!

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