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July 10, 1987


Glad to hear that you’ve gotten tired of sleeping in the mud and frying in the heat. Been watching the weather, 110 at El Paso. Be careful and don’t…well I know you know how to handle yourself, but your mother worries so.

That’s great news about the scholarship to State U! When you joined the Army rather than go straight into college, I thought it was a mistake. Sorry we argued over it so much. You were right. It was your decision. I’m proud of you son, always have been.

By the way, Yancey and I bought a house in Appleton near the campus. Carla is moving in shortly. Yancey is going to talk to Carla, maybe you could stay there.

Goth Brothers won a big contact for a major street project in Madison. Just in the nick of time. I hate laying off good crews, too hard to get back up to speed quickly.

Let us know what your plans are.

Love, Dad


July 14, 1987

Hi Cuz,

I’m so excited that you decided to go to State U when you get out! How about if you live with me? Not as boyfriend-girlfriend of course, but it would be great to have you near again. You’re still my best friend, ya know.

Saw your mom and dad at Mi-Ma’s at the 4th of July party. As usual there were a ton of people there, lots of second, third and fourth cousins, not to mention most of the folks from Mi-Ma’s church. It was hotter than you know what! A bunch of us went down to the swimming hole on the river. I couldn’t help but think about you and the fun times we had there skinny-dipping.

Let me know your plans as soon as you have plans. I’m serious about you staying with me. Daddy bought a three-bedroom house near campus. He said it made more sense than paying rent for the next three years, five if I decide to get a master’s. I might have a couple of roomies but you can have one of the bedrooms.

I agreed with Daddy that we should furnish it with some old garage sale furniture. Of course Mom and your mom vetoed that and went on a decorating orgy. I must admit it does look nice, but now I’m paranoid the sofa will get messed up.

Love, Carla


July 15, 1987


Congratulations on the scholarship to State U! We all missed seeing you at the farm on the 4th.

Glad you decided not to make the Army a career. Of course had you decided to stay in, that would be fine too.

You may or may not know it, but we bought a house near the campus and Carla lives there. I spoke with your mom and dad, as well as Carla. We all think it would be a good idea if you stayed with Carla while you are at State U. When I talked to Carla about it, she didn’t seem very enthusiastic, but she soon warmed to the idea (just to please me I’m sure). We’d all feel a lot better if there were a trustworthy man to watch over things, besides your dad owns half interest.

I know this may cut into your social life, but there are a lot of creeps out there, if you get my drift. I realize that you might rather just get your own apartment, and if you do, I’ll understand.

If I understand it right, you won’t be discharged until November. Are you going home or right to Appleton? If you’re going straight to Appleton, we won’t rent out one of the bedrooms during the fall semester. On the other hand, if you’re going home to your folks before the spring session begins, I’ll get Carla to round up another paying roommate. Let me know what your plans are, so I’ll know what to do with the room.

By the way, have you an idea what you want to major in?

Uncle Yancey


19 Jul 87

Dear Uncle Y,

Great to hear from you. Yes, I should be out around the first or second week of November. If I can cut the math, I hope to do as you and Dad have suggested and get a degree in engineering.

When did you and Dad buy this house? I bet it’s a hell of a lot better than a dorm room or a run-down apartment, so yes, I’ll stay there. As to when, I think I’ll head to Appleton in November so that I can find me a part time job before school starts. Let me know if you know of anyone who needs somebody who can field strip an M-16 blindfolded.

The summer heat here in West Texas is unbelievable. Can’t wait to get back to were I can shower whenever I want.

Thanks, Randy


19 Jul 87


Glad you’re not angry anymore. Honestly, I’m surprised they gave the scholarship after I turned it down before. This has really worked out better than I could ever reasonably expect.

I know I was the only one happy with my decision, but it gave me a chance to mature as well as instill a modicum of self-discipline. The stint in the Army had done what I wanted it to do and now I am ready to get the most out of college.

The house sounds great. I plan to head to Appleton in November. Hope to find me a part time job before school starts.

Love, Randy


19 Jul 87

Dear Cuz,

Damned right I’ll shack up with you! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the ‘rents would want us living under the same kurtköy escort roof! If they only knew…

Your mention of skinny-dipping at the swimming hole brings back great memories. Gives me a hard-on! Can’t wait to sink my forlorn dick into your steaming hot pussy again.

Love, Randy Randy

P.S. Do you have a four-poster?


July 25, 1987

Randy Randy,

You are so nasty! I love it! Actually I love your cock and what you do to me with it. A four-poster? Mmmmmm, What do you have in mind? Don’t spoil it, let me guess.

Remember the first time we skinny-dipped?



31 Jul 87


You bet I remember the first time we skinny-dipped. As I recall, I was all alone, minding my own business. You found me, taunted me, and then you ran off with my clothes. I was in a panic, thinking I would have to sneak back to Mi-Ma’s buck-naked. You came back though and made me make a promise that I’ve kept to this very day. What was that promise?



August 5, 1987


I don’t remember making you make a promise, but I do remember running off with your clothes. I also remember you feeling me up in the water and I vividly remember feeling you up.



August 8, 1987


Don’t worry about a part-time job while you are in school. Concentrate on your studies. I know you want to be and are independent. Make your own decisions, but let me help you out with the finances. We are paying everything for Dawn. If you want, you can work for Goth Brothers during the summer.

You’ll need a car of some sort. I’ve talked it over with Yancey and we have a pickup that we can give you.

Love, Dad


10 Aug 87


I can’t believe you forgot! And after all these years I’ve kept that promise. You made me promise that I wouldn’t tell anyone, anything. Then you got naked.


P.S. Thinking about sucking your tits that day has got me all worked up. Wish you were here to suck my dick. “Old times there are not forgotten…”


August 15, 1987

Randy Randy,

You are so bad! I dig it! Wish you were here so that I could suck your magnificent dick. It is magnificent you know. I’ve seen enough of them to know that you are a 10! If you were here, I’d take all night long, nice and slow and make you shoot off into my mouth at least a half a dozen times.



27 Aug 87


Thanks for the offer. I’ll take you up on it, but I’ve got most of financials covered. The truck sounds great, thanks! I don’t mind if it’s beat up or what, it will be wheels.

Give Mom my love and tell Uncle Y and Aunt E hello for me.

Your loving son, Randy


27 Aug 87


Sorry I haven’t written you, but we have been out in the boonies playing war games. It’s been so fucking hot I nearly passed out twice last week. Oh, well, it was my choice to join the Army, and it will soon be over. I really don’t have any regrets except for one, I’ve missed out on a lot of great blowjobs from you over the past two years. Would you be willing to play catch up?

As for making me come six times in your mouth during one night, I don’t think that’s possible. It’s not the coming that’s the problem, it’s just that I’d want to fuck you until my dick fell off. But if you want, we can try.



September 3, 1987

Randy Randy,

I was planning on playing catch-up. You know how much I love and adore your big cock, especially in my mouth, yummy! On the other hand, having your hard cock deep inside me, that sounds pretty good too. But do it until it falls off? Take it easy Cuz, pace yourself and we can do it over and over. Three times a day seems alike a reasonable number without being excessive.

I found a roommate, Elana. She is a Samoan girl. Nice full body, not fat, just full. Her skin is flawless and a beautiful shade of brown. You’ll love her tits! Makes me feel flat chested.

I’ve decided to major in accounting. I know, sounds BORING, but it is a necessary and useful skill. I figure I’ll have a lot of fun out of class, especially with you around to entertain me, so it shouldn’t repress me too much. What do think? Any good alternatives?



13 Sep 87

Dear Nympho Cuz,

Three times a day? That sounds about right. That’s about what we did when I bush hogged Mi-Ma’s pastures. I remember starting off early before it got too hot, then around mid-morning you would ride out on Biscuit to bring me some water. I would lay out the blanket I had stashed and we’d screw for an hour. Then you’d ride back to the house, pack me a lunch and ride back out. We ate, then screwed up a storm. You’d ride back to the house and mid-afternoon, you were bringing me cold water. Damned near never got those pastures cut.

You’re not flat chested. A levent escort handful is plenty, anymore is wasted.

You go down on that brown cunt yet? Tell me, does she taste good or does she taste fishy? For some reason she reminds me of that time I spent the weekend at your house. Your mom and dad were gone somewhere and you had a friend over. I don’t remember her name, but I do remember doing you doggie-style while you ate her out, then doing her doggy-style while she ate you out.

Accounting, is that what you want or is it what the Goth Brothers want? I guess for a major, you can’t go wrong with an accounting degree, but you might have to find a creative way to stay awake in class.

Cuz R


September 19, 1987

Cuz R,

I don’t know what Elana tastes like. Not yet at least. I’ll keep you posted.

Accounting is dreadful! Actually, worse than dreadful! I think I made a mistake, but the other business courses are interesting. I’ll need the accounting no matter what, but unless something changes, I think I need to rethink majoring in it. Yes, the Goth Brothers want me to major in accounting. I guess I’ll have to figure out some other way to please them. That sounds so pathetically submissive! You’re lucky, you’ve showed them that you are your own man. They know they can’t just boss you around. That will make it a lot easier on you when you join the company.

Met a guy the other night. He made me think of you. You’re better, but he was good. He made me wet in all the right places and made me feel all tingly and naughty.

The girl you were thinking of was Amy W. Which reminds me, I’ve got a list of girls I want you to meet.

Cuz C


26 Sept 87

Sweet Sweet Cousin,

I know it’s not rational, but just thinking of you fucking some other guy makes me a little crazy. It’ not jealousy, I think we’re way past that, but sheer horniness. I know you’re a slut and I love you anyway, but damn, I couldn’t help but imagine that guy’s cock sliding up your cunt, and well, I had to make a trip across the border to Boy’s Town just to calm down.

Picked me out a ten-dollar whore and had at it. Actually I only got a BJ but the girl got naked just the same and I got to suck her tits. I couldn’t help but wonder if my brown skinned whore looked anything like your brown roomie (if your roomie has all her teeth, that would be an improvement).

Who said I was joining the COMPANY?

Can’t wait to meet your friends. Be glad to service them. No dogs please, and I don’t give a shit how nice they are or how great their personalities are! Your roomie, you said she had great tits, any other good qualities?

In about two months I’m out of here and in you! I’d count the days, but that makes the time drag. Best I keep my mind on my job.

Have you seen Dawn? Is she living in the dorm or is she living at the house?



October 7, 1987


Who are you calling a slut? Besides, which guy are you talking about? Never mind, it’s not important.

What is important is that I walked in on Elana with three guys! The Samoans apparently are very casual about sex. Elana says it’s the primary recreation in Samoa for boys and girls of all ages and everybody does it with everybody. The five of us had a great party. As to how she tastes, you’ll just have to wait and find out yourself! She gave me the enclosed picture to send to you.

Watch out with those whores! I don’t want you wearing a condom when you are with me. I keep my unprotected sex very limited and I hope you have done the same. We’ve talked about this before; I don’t want some nasty disease!

As for Dawn, of course I’ve seen her. She has to live in the dorm and hates it. The University is very protective with the freshmen. Next year though, she’ll be moving in with us and I guess Elana will be moving out.

Guess what? Dawn cut her hair. No more long flowing curls. Everybody says we now look like sisters.

Speaking of freshmen, you’ll be a freshman! Ha ha! I checked in on it and because you have been in the military, you won’t be required to live in the dorm. Apparently that rule applies to only to kiddies fresh out of high school. Thank god I’m a sophomore!

Not joining Goth Brothers? Give me a break!

Love, CC

P.S. What’s with the Sweet Sweet?


12 Oct 87


Sweet Sweet? That’s your cunt.

I was lying in my bunk last night, punishing my prick while I thought about your little party. I would have enjoyed watching you get gangbanged, provided of course that you were enjoying getting bangbanged, which according to your letter, you seemed to enjoy it very much. You are such a slut.

Reminds me of that party you took me to just before I enlisted. I had to watch all those guys have a go at you, but I couldn’t touch you. Remember, you didn’t want them to know that you fucked your cousin. You said that they might think it TAWDRY. Ha! Doing a choo-choo is not? Good thing mahmutbey escort for me that there was a lot of other pus available.

Can’t wait until I can help myself to you again. Tonight when I beat my meat, I’ll pretend I’m shooting off all over your face. I know you’d like that.

The picture of Elana, WOW! I didn’t know they went around bare breasted anymore. Nice face too! Look forward to meeting her.

You’re my number 1 fuck, RR

P.S. Does Dawn have to live there next year?


October 17, 1987

Randy Randy,

You do have a way with words. I can hardly stand it! Please keep the demeaning marks to yourself until you have an opportunity to degrade and debauch me in person.

Why is it that guys get to put it to anything that moves and that makes them desirable, whereas if a girl acts on her sexual drive, she’s a low life slut? I admit it, I love sex, but so do you! Are you a slut?

Speaking of sex, you know I like boys and girls. I know you like girls, but don’t you live in a barracks with a bunch of studs? You guys get together and play with each other?

You’re right, I would like for you to come on my face. Elana says it good for the skin, helps to smooth out and prevent wrinkles.

As to whether the islanders run around half naked anymore, the answer is no. But Elana says that there is a cultural preservation movement going on. The photo was done in a studio. Commissioned by her family. Sort of like a school picture.

Don’t worry about Dawn. Unlike my snitch little sister, your little sister’s really pretty cool. Don’t worry about it, we’ll work something out. We always have! Maybe she’ll flunk out. Naw, she’s too damned smart, besides I’d miss seeing her.


P.S. Elana says they wear nothing under their lavalava (sarong).


22 Oct 87

Sweet Sweet,

I’ll get my discharge on November 7! I should been in Appleton on either the 8th or the 9th. I have a hard-on just thinking about it. I’m not sure where I want to stick my poor neglected cock first. Any suggestions?

Yeah, I live in a barracks with nineteen other guys. No, we don’t play with each other. Don’t you know it’s against the law to be queer in the military? Everybody whacks off every now and then, usually at night after lights out in our bunks, but some guys do it in the showers. Everybody just politely ignores it, but some guys like the show. You can look but you can’t touch. Touch and you’ll get the hell beat out of you and a dishonorable discharge.


P.S. What about lil’cuz Keri?


October 27, 1987


I’m so excited! In less than two weeks you’ll be here! Makes my pussy gush just thinking about it. As to where to stick your cock first, I suggest anywhere you want it except in a light socket or meat grinder.

The thought of all those yummy soldier dicks makes me crazy. You guys are lucky and so much more interesting than us girls. It is just so cool too watch a nice dick get hard. It starts out this big and grows right before your eyes to this BIG! Then it sort of collapses. I also think its cool when your ball sack shrivels up and the skin gets thick and tough.

Guess what? I talked Daddy into a hot tub! He wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, then I asked him which would he rather me do, relax at home in the hot tub or relax bar hopping. It should be installed next week. Should be fun! Can’t wait to have a party.

Thank god, but Keri is going to Pennington State on a music scholarship next year, so she’ll never be a problem. I miss you Cuz.

Enclosed is a key to the house. We may not be home when you get there, so just come in and make yourself comfortable.

Love, Sweet Sweet


1 Nov 87


Looks like I’ll be there the night of the 7th! I’ll be processed out in the AM. Then I’ll catch a flight to Rockford and then hop a commuter to Appleton. Should be arriving around 8 PM. I’ll catch a cab from the airport.

If my scrotum is tight when I get there, will you please stretch the skin for me? That really feels good you know.



For months I had thought of nothing but my nympho cousin; her short, dark pixie hair; her soft brown eyes: her perky tits and puffy pink nipples; her wonderfully available pus. I thought of all the many times we had FUN at Mi-Ma’s farm, down by the swimming hole, out in the woods, up in the hayloft, out in the corn crib. I thought of the times we’d sneak a quickie right in the house while Mi-Ma was out in her garden. I relished the memories of blowjobs in the cornfields, blowjobs in the barn, blowjobs late at night on the porch while Mi-Ma slept.

As kids we spent nearly the entire summer at Mi-Ma’s, Carla and her insufferable little sister Keri, my bratty little sister Dawn and me. Dawn and Keri were girlie girls, always playing dolls, helping Mi-Ma cook and both hated anything that smacked of hard labor. Carla on the other hand was a tomboy; loved getting dirty, loved building forts, loved gigging frogs and shooting snakes, loved hunting and fishing and she hated playing with dolls. She could field dress a buck in seven minutes flat. Out in the country there just weren’t any other boys my age to keep me company, but Carla was as good as any male buddy could possibly be, actually better as we got older, and we always had a grand time.

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