Subject: The Making of Daniel Chapter 55 The Making of Daniel Chapter 55 This is a fictional story … any similarities to actual people, places, events, or other entities is purely coincidental. The story involves gay sex between family members and their friends, and is written solely for the reading enjoyment of people who aren’t offended by material of this type! The content is not appropriate for minors of 18 years of age or younger, 16 in the UK, and 21 in some countries; or if this type of material is illegal where you live, please leave now. So get naked and start reading.. ‘Fuck my ass hurt’, was the first thing I knew as I was waking up the next morning. And as I was coming out of my sleep coma, the ache from my rock hard cock was the next. So I reached down and grabbed my stiff cock that was filled with piss and cum; it was a normal morning event. The smooth skin around my cock had a bit of stubble since I hadn’t shaved in a couple of days, and moist, as my cock had already begun leaking pre-cum. I threw off the covers and positioned my feet to push my body up, for a another morning self-sucking, piss and cum session. I got up on my first try, and planted my feet against the wall behind my bed, and slowly lowered my cock to my mouth. I teased myself at first, dragging the head of my cock along my closed mouth, coating my lips with the dollops of clear cock juice. Slapping my hard cock against my nose and chin, as it drained pre-cum all over my face, until I couldn’t stand it any more. With the first thrust, I had my fat, swollen cock, not only deep in my mouth, but half way down my throat, before I pulled it back, and began to fuck my face. Oh fuck yea, it tasted good, as the flavor of my cum drenched on my tongue. And as I fucked my face hard, I moaned loudly and uninhibited, enjoying the best blow job a man could get. My tongue licked and glided up and down my shaft, with my cock sliding effortlessly in and out of my mouth, as my smooth balls bounced around my nose. My ball-stretcher was working wonders, as my balls were definitely hanging well below my cock; but now they were hanging over my face as my cock was stuffed deep in my mouth. And as my orgasm heightened, I stuffed three fingers up my ass and shoved them deep inside my asshole, which caused my cock to begin spewing massive amounts of thick, white cum deep in my throat. I pulled back, letting the burst of spunk fill my mouth, so I could savor my own taste, and then swallow it all in heavy gulps. My cock was feeding me a huge dose of my own sperm, and I was eating it hungrily, until there was no more, and my body relaxed. And with in 30 seconds, with my cock still swollen and deep in my mouth, I was once again swallowing my cock juice. But this time the taste was salty and pungent, as my morning piss drained into my throat. But I drank every drop, with only a few drops dripping on my chin as I pulled my now spent, soft cock from my mouth, and lowered my feet back to the bed. And as I opened my eyes for the first time this morning, I saw Adam standing at the head of my bed, naked, with his 7 inch hard cock wrapped in his hand. “Hey Daniel, I’ve been waiting for you to wake up.” Adam said softly. Oh shit, I thought to myself, I completely forgot he was in my room. My mind was so absorbed, with my fisting last night, I didn’t even think about him. But I was now. “Dude I’m so fucking horny, I gotta bust a nut.” he said as he slowly stroked his throbbing cock. I said nothing, I just moved my head to the side, and opened my mouth. Hesitantly, gaziantep travesti he placed the swollen head of his cock on my lips, and I sucked it in quickly. Soon my mouth was filled with the most tasty cock. It wasn’t to thick, or to long, but it fit nicely, and when he began to plow it in and out of my mouth, his unruly, light brown pubic hairs tickled my noise. I grabbed his hairy balls, and pulled on them, as his hips pivoted rapidly, thrusting his cock forward, deeper into my throat. “Fuck yea!” Adam said softly, as his cock began to swell in my mouth, and I knew I was going to get my third feeding of the day And then he grabbed the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper into my throat, and with out warning, his cock gushed, and I don’t mean a spurt or two, his fucking cock was ejaculating enormous amounts of cum; filling my mouth so rapidly, I couldn’t swallow fast enough. Soon, I was choking on his cum, as he continued his assault on my mouth. Cum was spewing from my lips as his cock continued to plunge in and out of my mouth, as his fucked my face without mercy. And when his cock was finally spent, and he pulled it from my mouth, I was stunned! “Fuck Adam! That was intense!” I said as I licked, and wiped the dripping cum off my mouth, chin, and neck. He stood there, looking down at me, he was so fucking hot, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His chest was smooth, with nicely defined pecks and hard nipples. His abs were tight; not workout tight, but young tight, with a slight hint of a treasure trail leading down to a nice patch of brown pubic hair. His cock was no longer hard, but still swollen, and covered in cum. I was realizing for the first time that he was uncut. His foreskin was sliding back, soon covering the pink, mushroom shaped head of his cock. His balls were larger than they felt in my hand, and were now dropping from his cock with curry hairs sticking every which way. “You boys going to get up? Your mother will have breakfast on the table soon!” My father said as he walked by and stopped at door, naked of course. “Good morning Adam, I hope you slept well.” “A…I did sir, thank you.” he said, while he subconsciously moved his hands down, covering his exposed cock. “Well hurry up boys, we don’t want your mother to get mad at us” he said and continued his way to the bathroom. We could smell the bacon as soon as we hit the top of the back stair that lead to the kitchen. Reluctantly, I had put on a pair of gym shorts, knowing that my father and mother wanted to be a little cautious around Adam. However, they were quite short, and tight, and Adam couldn’t take his eyes off me as we walked out of the room. Adam put on his jeans and a T-shirt, but forgo his ratty boxers. I thought that a good sign, freeballing the first day at the house. “Good morning boys. Adam, did you sleep well?” My mother asked, as she stood by the stove, attending to the bacon. She was clothed, but only in the sheerest of shear short night gowns, so see through, that she might as well be naked, like she has grown to like. “Yes ma’am , thank you. The bed was very comfortable, a lot nice than my bed at home.” he said politely, as he tried not to stair at her nearly naked body. “Adam would you like some coffee or Juice?” My father asked as we joined him at the table. He had on a pair of boxers and nothing else. “Coffee would be great, but you don’t have to wait on me, I can help myself.” Adam answered. “Nonsense, how do you take it” He asked as he got up from the gaziantep masaj salonları table. That’s when we both noticed, that his boxers, were the short kind, and most of his package was hanging down his left leg, balls and all. “Um…..a…” Adam stuttered….. “I take it black sir” “I smell BACON!” David beckoned as we heard him clunking down the stairs. “I am starving!” he said as he rounded the corner on the last stair and stepped into the kitchen completely naked, with a semi hard-on sticking straight out in front of him. “David, please put some clothes on” My mother commanded as soon as she saw him. “Why? Please, if Adam is going to stay with us, he better get used to seeing me without clothes. And look at Dad, his junk is completely out of those ridiculous shorts he’s wearing!” “I don’t mind, don’t worry about me” Adam said pleadingly. “I am just so grateful that you all are letting me stay with you, and your family.” He said specifically to my mother. “See!” David said as he opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice and drank it straight from the carton. “Well good than, I’m for being our normal selves around Adam, I think he can handle it.” My father said as he pushed his boxers off his hips and slid them off. Leaving them in the middle of the floor. I looked at Adam, he didn’t know where to look. “Dude, we never wear clothes while we are in the house, never!” I said, as I stood up and pulled off my shorts. He looked at me, and then back at my brother, and then my father. And when he looked back at me, he smiled, and got up. First came his shirt, and then his pants and as he stood in front of us, completely naked, he said “I can live like this!” And before he could sit down, his cock had swollen and risen to it’s full 7 hard inches. His foreskin had pulled all the way back, exposing a nice large glob of pre-cum oozing out of his piss slit. “Mom, how long before breakfast” David asked, as he walked from the fridge, almost drooling. “Bacons got another 5 minutes or so dear.” My mother said without even turning around. “David, be careful, he’s got a lot to offer!” I said, knowing what he was after. And as Adam sat his naked ass back in the seat, David, gave me a weird look, and then ducked under the table, and by the sounds and the look on Adam’s face, he had deep throated his hard, uncut cock without warning. And as much as Adam tried to keep quite, David gave one hell of a blow job, and poor Adam couldn’t hold back. “ahhh.. oh yea” Adam started off in a whisper.. “oh god, ohhh god yea…of fuck yea…” And by the time he was about to blow his load down David throat, he was panting like a dog in heat. “OH YEA.. AAAH OH OH OHHHHHHH:” And then as Adam tightened up and held his breath, David began to choke, cough, and spit, as Adams load of cum flooded David’s mouth and throat. And when David finally emerged from underneath the table, Adam’s cum was drooling out of his mouth, and had cascaded down all over his neck and chest. “Fuck me!” Was all he said. “David, go get washed up, before we eat, please!” My father scolded him. But as I looked over at Dad, I notice his cock was quite hard, and up tight against his stomach. As was mine. And as we were just about finished with breakfast, there was a knock on the back door as it opened. “Good morning Sean” My mother said very happy to see him. “Hey!” He said as he pulled his shirt over his head, and began to undress. “Would you like some breakfast honey, I think we have some pancake batter gaziantep escort bayan left, and David may have left a piece of bacon, or two.” She said turning to David and giving him a naughty smile. “No thank you, my Mom made us a huge breakfast this morning” he said as he pulled his black CK boxer brief down and walked around the table and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Oh Sean, this is Adam, Adam this is my boyfriend Sean.” I introduced Adam got up and they shook hands. Of course Sean looked down at the mound of hair, and his uncut cock. “So what are you boys up to today?” My father asked as Adam sat back down, and Sean stood by my chair. “Football with the guys in the park” David said as he got up and brought his plate to the sink, and then dashed up the stairs. “And you boys?” My father asked “We were going to hike the rock slide, Adam do you want to come with us?” I asked looking at Sean for approval. The grin on Sean’s face was enough to know he was cool with it. But my mother reminded us that they were taking Adam shopping today for some new clothes. “Honey, we can always do that tomorrow, or maybe the boys can stop by the mall before they go hiking. They don’t need us to pick out their clothes.” My father said. I looked at Sean, who had a very funny, questioning look on his face. And I explained, with the help of my parents what Adam was doing here. “That’s fucked up!” Sean said after hearing about Adam and his family When we got up to our room, Adam flopped down on his bed, as Sean and I sat together on my bed. “So, do you want to go to the mall, or go hiking?” Sean asked us. “It’s up to Adam” I said looking over at him, seeing that his hands were playing with is pubic hair. He looked up at both of us, and asked. “Why doesn’t anyone have pubes around here? Even your mother is shaved cleaning down there!” He said as he face turned a little red. I looked over at Sean crotch, which looked freshly shaved, and smooth, and then down at mine, which I noted needed attention in the shower today. “Well, I guess it’s because we are on the swim team, and it helps with our time” I tried to explain. “But what about your parents?” He asked as he sat up on the bed and face us. I looked at Sean….. “It just feels hot, my father shaves now, after the men’s weekend party, he’s kept his crotch clean ever since. “What about your Mom?” Adam asked Sean “I don’t know, we are not as open a family as Daniel’s” Sean said looking at me. “So what’s all this about, do you want to shave your pubes?” I asked, him noticing that our little talk was having a rising effect on Adams cock. “Aaa…, yea kinda, ahh…. I like the look on you guys.” He finally spit out. “Cool, I’ll show you how it’s done, as I have to shave today anyway. But first, for your own information, check out his video, so you get the idea of how it’s done.” I said as I got up and walked over to my desk, as Sean and Adam followed me. I typed in ‘Gillette mens body shaving’ into the google search. And we waited as the page loaded. “So what do you want to shave, pits, chest, head, or pubes” I asked, knowing the answer as Adam only had body hair under his pits, and around his cock, and balls. “Yea, click on that one” He said pointing to the animated guy’s crotch. After the video was done, Adam was all smiles. “Will you guys help me do it now, for my first time?” He said with excitement in his voice. “Why not, let’s hit the shower” I said as we all got up, and headed to the bathroom. We all got in, it was a tight squeeze, but there was still room to maneuver around. And as I turned on the water, Sean was behind me, and Adam was in front. All of us with hard, standing cocks. I get a lot of ideas from my readers, so if you like my story, let me know at aol Remember Nifty is a free service which relies on donations. If you enjoy the stories you read here, please donate however much you can.

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