My Brother’s Friend


I have one brother, Dave, who is seven years younger than me. He had a gaggle of friends who have stuck together since pre school. I loved joking around with the “little boys,” as I called them. And who wouldn’t? All these ten year old boys ran around the back yard, playing cops and robbers and sat around the kitchen table drinking juice and talking Transformers? Too cute! I even babysat for some of them. Brandon was my most frequent sittee. His mom was a single mom, working long hours to make ends meet. I felt bad charging her my regular rate, and spending time with Brandon was a joy. He was always polite and didn’t argue. He loved the stories I told, and that I always added my own endings if it was a story from a book.

Then the boys got too old to need a babysitter, and I went off to college. For my twenty-seventh birthday I decided to take a week off and visit my family, have all my favorite meals cooked, for me, that kind of deal. My younger brother bought me a concert ticket for my birthday, too, one for me and one for him, to see the latest male vocalist who made the teenage girls’ hearts swoon.

When I pulled up to my mom’s house, I was surprised to find so many cars in the driveway. Was she having a party for me? That couldn’t be. All the license plates were in-state, and I barely talked to anyone from that state anymore. But I opened the door and saw young men chomping on chips and pizza in the kitchen. It was the gaggle, all grown up at 20.

And my, my, my, what men they had become! These were my brother’s friends! I babysat most of them! I couldn’t help but notice how nicely they filled out their t-shirts. I bet they were workhorses in bed and could just keep going and going with that young, pent-up energy.

As I scanned their faces, my eyes rested on Brandon. Could this be the same Brandon? He smiled and came over and gave me a hug, but this was no ten-year-old boy. He topped six feet. I could feel the muscles on his chest as he gave me a hug, and I had to resist the urge to hold him close. He was gorgeous, and I knew that I was feeling something very grown up like for this barely man, so I made excuses about jet lag and hurried up to bed. I couldn’t help it, but I had to masturbate that night. I tried not to think of Brandon and dug out my trust-worthy fantasies – about being raped by cops, about being gangbanged in a strip club – but all I could see was Brandon’s face and think of him pumping his dick into me. My pussy was already wet güvenilir bahis when I reached down – I had been holding out so long, and when I ran my fingers over the wet slits, I imagined that it was Brandon’s dick, teasing me. And when I slid my fingers inside, it was Brandon’s cock that slid into me. And as I pumped my hand in and out, it was Brandon’s rod working me. So I pumped harder, banging myself full hilt, until I came all over my hand. And I kept going. I came over and over again until I fell asleep with a dripping pussy, fingers still held tight inside.

The concert was the next night, and as I had a faint hope of going backstage, I dolled myself up in tight jean skirt, platform heels, and a white halter top that dipped low in the front. I was surprised, and a bit mortified, that Brandon would be meeting us in the parking lot to tailgate since he was going with another group of friends. By the time we actually went inside for the concert, I was more than half lit from two hours of tailgating, spending most of the time staring at my feet and avoiding watching Brandon. The concert hall was one of those “we’ll jam in as many as we can” places where there are no seats but plenty of floor space. And this concert was packed. Dave, Brandon and I slipped through the crowd, trying to get as close to the stage as we could. We were about half way there when the main act started, and the crowd instantly surged forward. Brandon was pushed ahead and right into the back of me. I didn’t want to move because maybe he would feel like it was an invitation, like I was grinding on him, and that was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t want to work him up since I already was myself, and, as much as I’d like to doubt it, I don’t think a 20 year old stud would have been able to resist at least popping some wood. And I didn’t want to embarrass him.

It was tough for us not to run into each other, though, since it was such a good show and so very crowded. A few times he rested his hands on my shoulders, and apologized each time, bending his head down to breathe in my ear that he was sorry. I laughed, saying it was okay, though each him his body was pushed against mine, I ached for more. I almost forgot about my brother until I saw that he had drifted over to the side of the arena and was sucking face with some high school girl. She must have been 15. Maybe it runs in the family.

The next time Brandon and I were mashed together by the crowd, I made sure I held on a little türkçe bahis longer. Was that a bulge I felt? I wasn’t sure, so the next time we were pushed together, I pressed my ass back into him, and sure enough, there was something more back there. Brandon suddenly dropped his hands and tried to move next to me, but I reached back, grabbed his hips and brought them back up against me. OH, yeah, he was definitely hard. I pushed back and started slowly grinding. He brought his hands to my hips, guiding me. I kept sneaking looks at Dave, but by now he had his hand up the girl’s shirt.

When the song ended, he didn’t say anything. Was he mortified? Turned on – well, obviously, but that could have just been a reaction to any girl rubbing her ass up and down his cock – but he wouldn’t say anything. Then the lights dimmed even lower, and the band started up with a slow song. People started swaying. I took the chance to bring Brandon’s hands back, and this time put them on my thighs. I was so wet and burning for him to touch me. I didn’t care where we were or who saw us. I wanted him to touch me then. The next song was loud and with a quick beat, so as the crowd pushed us even closer together, I slipped my hand behind me and ran it up and down his cock. So now as we moved, faster and harder, I gave him a hand job through his pants. I could tell he was large and thick – who’d have known – and straining against his jeans. And I was straining against my thong, my clit rubbing up and down as we moved, and I thought I would pop soon without him even touching me.

I didn’t have to wait long, though, because the next time his hands slid down my legs, one moved under my skirt and pressed down on my clit. I bowed back and moaned. I got a little more bold and started slipping my hand down the front of his pants – thank goodness they wear them baggy these days – and when my hand first touched warm cock, I could feel his body go rigid. Please don’t come yet, I mentally begged. I wanted to get pounded. I didn’t care if it was here in the middle of this crowded dance floor. I pushed harder with my ass as my hand slithered down. Then I was turned around and pressed face forward against him.

“I want to fuck you now, Stace,” he said and slid his hand back down the front of my skirt and plunged two fingers into my dripping pussy. I came right there on his hand. “Yeah, I’m going to fuck you in the middle of this concert,” he said, pushing his fingers in further. “You ready to take my cock?” güvenilir bahis siteleri he asked, pumping still.

“Yes,” I moaned. “Oh, yes.”

“Take it out of my jeans,” he ordered. So I unbuttoned on the fly and slid the zipper down to spring his cock out to me. I quickly pressed it up against my body to keep other people from seeing what we were doing.

“Turn back around,” he ordered, so I did, and getting up on my tippey toes, he ran his cock against my dripping slit, but he wouldn’t go in.

I pushed and pushed against him, but he wouldn’t do it, so I leaned back and said to him, “fuck me now, and fuck me hard, right here, for everyone to see.” And he reared back and slammed his cock into me, full hilt. We had a few people watching now – I doubt that no one would have noticed – but I didn’t care. I liked it, actually, that I was turning on these other strangers by being fucked by a 20 year old stud in the middle of a concert. And this wasn’t any gentle love making. He was slamming me hard. Then he reached his hand back under my skirt to rubbing my clit, and I lost it again, cumming all over his cock. I could tell he was close to coming because he was fucking me harder now, and with one final thrust and one final grunt, he pushed his cock all the way in and blew his load inside me.

Just as he slipped his cock out and back into his pants, the house lights went back up. I was embarrassed, not only at having been fucked in the middle of a concert, but also because juices – both his and mine – were starting to run down my legs. I bee-lined for the bathroom and was lucky enough to get the last available stall. I put my head between my knees and tried to think, but all that did was made me smell him and me mingled. So I wiped up as much as I could, washed my hands, and went back out. Brandon was at the door waiting for me, head ducked low, and I realized that he thought I was running away from him.

“I had to wash or have a mess running down my legs!” I whispered into his ear, pressing my tits up against him as I did.

“I thought you were mad,” he said into my ear.

“Mad? No way. Very…flush.” He smiled at me.

“I’ve dreamed of doing that to you, Stace. It was the first thing I ever whacked off to,” he said, turning pink. I found it incredibly sweet.

“And did it live up to your expectations?”

“Even better,” he said and ran his hand down my hair. That’s when Dave found us. He looked a bit pink himself.

For the rest of my week I was at my mom’s, I fucked Brandon as many times as I could – while she was at work, in my car, in the woods, once even on the side of the road. I didn’t care. And I’m looking forward to my next visit home!

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