My fantasy for my hot wife


My fantasy for my hot wifeMy wife is a nurse and sometimes has to travel to areas where hurricanes and national disasters happen. Well this is a story that I have dreamed up of one of these trips. She left on s Monday to the hurricane area in Florida. The hospital had made arrangements to stay in a nice hotel and she was to only be there for 2 weeks. It was great money. I had told her about my fantasy of seeing her with a big black stud but she was hesitant. We had many hot nights using pillow talk especially when she was a little tipsy. Well she arrived there kinda late and tried to check in to the room. The hotel had over booked and her room was given out to people displaced by the storm. She got on the phone but could not find anywhere to stay. I tried as well but the closest place was over 100 miles away. She was on the verge of crying when a young Black man offered her a bed in his room. He had come down to have a late dinner and a few drinks and heard about her problem. She thanked him and called me with the proposal. bahis firmaları I teased her and told her to go for it. She responded you wish. And I did. He led her to the room and gave her a key then went back to the bar for food and drinks. He invited her to come down after she was settled. We talked and she teased me a little saying he was quite handsome. But she was tired and knew nothing would happen. Well I convinced her to go down and flit a little. And keep me updated on what was going on. Maybe I could get a good wank with my imagination. She texted Texted back about 45 minuets later. She said Ron had purchased a bottle of wine and she had had 2 glasses. She is not a big drinker so this was good. 15 minuets later she said he had bought another bottle and she was feeling no pain. He had asked her if I had been upset that she was staying with another man. She laughed and said no which made him ask why she was laughing. And without thinking she said I was excited. She told him she should not have said that. kaçak iddaa When she told me this I was more excited than ever. She did not text for over 30 minuets. I was about to die. She told me they had talked about me and my fantasy but she felt funny about doing that. He suggested that they could tease me a little when they get back to the room. Next I get a face time call from my wife. She was in the bathroom and had. Sheer shirt that showed her tits and some thong underwear. She said she was going to bed now. And told me her and Ron were going to give me something to watch. She walked out snd her stud was on the bed in his boxers. That’s it and I could see he was happy to see her. She placed the phone so I could see the bed. And I watched as they both got under the covers. I could see as they faced each other and began to kiss and I was guessing they were touching as there was a lot of movement and moaning. It was so hot. Before Long she turned her back to him and I could see his hands were under the shirt as she was kaçak bahis grinning him. He was kissing her neck and occasionally she would turn back to kiss him on lips. I could tell she was past the point of stopping. She sat up and remove the shirt and he climbed on top of her between her legs. Kissing her passionately and pressing his skin against her tits. I could see her hands grabbing his boxers and moving them down his body. He seemed to ask her something and then got up and removed the boxers. I saw her remove the thongs. Then she looked at the phone and said you wanted thes hope you are happy. I watch as this young stud mounted my wife and made her cum at least 4 times. The look on her face and seeing her hands gripping his butt with her wedding ring on had be so hard I was crazy. I watched as he asked her if she wanted him to cum on her and I was shocked as she begged him to cum in her. I watched as he tensed up and spilled his seed deep in her. They kissed and remained together for over 2 minuets. Talking. Then he got up and got the phone to show me his handy work. WOW. That was a lot of cum. My wife said goodnight and I was left home wondering if she was getting more of that black cock. This was going to be a crazy 2 weeks.

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