My New Mother-in-Law Ch. 03


The phone rang after the office had closed. Edith sounding needy and soft voiced. After some gentle verbal sways with each other she announced,

“Ian, I’m home alone for a few days. I shall want to see you if you can spare the time. I know that Esther and Jason are away on business, (said with some bitterness). But I have had the spare time to peruse his files and have found some things that might interest you.”

Pressed to tell me she resorted to a gentle tease instead, which, of course, immediately got me interested.

I knew Esther was away with her father on so-called business but I had by now made up my mind that she wasn’t the love of my life and would make the most of her absence. However, before I set the separation and divorce in motion I was going to pace it on my terms.

I had already thought of a great ruse to enjoy myself with Edith. So before I satisfied her wish to have me in their family home again, I suggested she come to London for a bit of extended pleasure on my patch for a change. I implied that I wanted to show her off in a ‘public’ but private venue where she could fully acknowledge her new found sexuality. She became hooked by the idea and I arranged to meet her about 10pm at the main station for her line into London. Initially astonished at my suggestion, she then readily accepted my instructions as to what to wear as she would be going out with me directly on arrival in London.

We took a taxi to the outskirts of north London and arrived at a club I occasionally frequented. It was a couple’s club which during midweek was open to singles for a small fee. So couples were usually outnumbered by single men and a few single women who tended to arrive in pairs and got in for free. The club was licensed so drink was readily available. We were screened. I was a member so no problem.

I showed Edith her cloakroom so she could leave her coat as did I. On her return she immediately attracted the attention of the ten or so single men there. I had instructed her in what to wear. She did more than justice. She did have a small shawl designed for discretion. The shawl covered a sheer black and red lined basque leading to garters that supported her stocking fishnets and four inch heels. The basque had no bra top but just held up her breasts firmly and prominently. I recalled her unusual diamond body shape when I had first met her. The outfit emphasised those luscious hips and proud thighs. She looked astounding but a little shy at first as she got accustomed to the low lighting, loud music and highly sexual atmosphere. She grabbed my hand.

“Ian, hold me. Let’s dance. I’m finding this place a bit much. I’ve never experienced anything so public before.”

“No worries Edith, no cameras allowed. Everybody is very discreet. You only play if you wish to.” Just as I commented in the midst of the small crowd dancing escort bayan adıyaman or rather, smooching, a hand slid across my groin between us. It was a cross-dressed man touching me up by my cock and soothing along. I experienced a sudden frisson that took me back. Before I could dwell on it, Edith looked shocked. I was beginning to regret bringing her here and should have chosen my porn cinema, but it would have been closed before we arrived, given her lateness at the station. But just after that moment of my being stroked the woman who was with the cross-dresser leaned close to Edith and whispered in her ear. I couldn’t hear it but I saw Edith smile and thank her. The woman followed up by caressing her hips with a grace and softness that obviously pleased Edith.

I recalled to myself that it had been those luscious hips that fascinated me in the first place, that fateful evening she and Jason came round to our house. Her diamond body shape had instantly given me a hardon as I imagined entering her anally. Now this woman was explicitly complimenting her on her unusual frame that would in many circles not be regarded as beauty. The woman, moved to kiss Edith gently on her cheek, was dressed conventionally in a blouse, skirt and heels but exceptionally by having superb pear shaped breasts, unleavened by a bra. Edith returned the kiss as the woman took Edith’s hand and pressed her to her breast. I noticed how Edith let her fingers centre on the woman’s nipple and kneaded it deftly, no doubt benefitting from her experience with Freda. God how Freda would have loved this place.

In her other ear, I suggested she was seeming a little more relaxed now. She used her free hand to pinch my bum, whilst the woman’s cross-dresser was still urging my cock harder. Unbeknown to Edith or the woman, I had form with the man in my adolescence, hence the frisson. His presence here in the club was a surprise to me but a pleasant one after so many years. I had kept up my knowledge of him through a mutual friend.

Then the music ended for the moment and we withdrew all four of us to a corner near the wall. I became separated from Edith for a moment. The other woman moved quickly to give Edith a hug, but then moved both her hands over Edith’s open breasts. Tits was definitely the word at the moment. They were so prominent that, the woman, whom we came to know as Camille, moved her mouth to Edith’s left nipple and sucked as if it were her last. Her partner, dressed rather deliciously in a short skirt and suspenders was taking my hand between her thighs to feel her cock covered in silkie panties, not letting go of her/his hand on mine!

I got him to pause on me, (I didn’t want to cum) but he was very pleased at my releasing his cock from its slight confines and wanking him whilst we both watched our women. escort baya nakkent Camille was now mouth kissing a passive Edith, whilst stroking her left nipple and teasing it. Then I saw her hand slide down the fullish basqued tummy toward her bare and hairy labia. Her deft hand crept into her wet flesh and started to excite her with a sophisticated manipulation only women can do when they know how. I watched as Edith rose to her touch. It happened so quickly. Edith went right over the top but didn’t let out her usual cum noises in this rather public place. She looked tortured as she came, but with a pleasure we all understood and appreciated.

At that moment my cross-dresser shot his load onto the floor with the welcome assistance of my hand. Once Camille let Edith come back to us she moved to her partner, bent down and cleaned his still wet cock in her mouth.

Edith pleaded a pause, thanked Camille with warmth as did I for that enjoyable cock pull and we went to the bar for a drink and a relax on one of the ample couches.

After awhile, Camille started to show interest in Edith again by way of leaning back in an opposite couch, opening her thighs and silently inviting Edith to get down and take her orally. Meanwhile Camille’s partner, John, in his short skirt, stockings and frilly panties was soothing his cock under the smoothness of his panties. Then he leaned forward and started to stroke me. I hadn’t cum remember, whereas he had, along with Camille. He very quickly had me hard and was unzipping my trouser with a deftness I shouldn’t expect in a man. Meanwhile Camille had drawn Edith inexorably toward her wet open cunt, held invitingly open by her own hands. Now she was firmly at Camille’s lust alter.

I was now feeling extremely horny as John unravelled my now hardened penis. He looked me in the eye. I returned his gaze. He made an unarticulated request. I assented. We hadn’t changed in all those years.

For the first time since my adolescence, I let a man take his mouth to my cock. The association of man, my cock, his mouth awakened in me a sexual urge I hadn’t felt since then. I don’t know why I let him but I simply wanted it. He let his mouth run round the crown of my cut cock with a smoothness I hadn’t expected. He had been lucky in choosing Camille as a partner. As he was sucking my wet cock I was tempted to spend myself in his mouth. My heightened excitement alongside Edith’s assault gave me even more dirty thoughts. He was now on the couch alongside me, whilst Edith was kneeling on the floor in Camille’s crotch.

I slid my hand along John’s back over his buttock and over his groove. It was just a hunch, but I wondered. With my finger, I probed and felt and swung into his hidden pucker. He stiffened with excitement and let me venture further into his rectum. He was escort gaziantep anal yapan bayan revelling in his blowjob as well as having himself finger fucked.

Again, without words, he glanced up, got acknowledgement and slowly withdrew his tongue and mouth from my cock whilst giving it a reassuring lick. Reaching for his handbag, and funnelling into it, he eventually found his treasure, a small bottle of lube, the same as I used with Edith when we went anal.

Pulling John up, he realised what I wanted and leaned over the couch next to Camille who was getting very near, with Edith fastened on to her clit like she could never leave. John and I relented in our quest as our partners reached Camille’s climax. She did scream to Edith’s final pressure on her new friend’s clit. I found out later she was also massaging Camille’s anus. They both collapsed and cuddled barely aware of what was going on beside them.

John whispered something to Camille that I couldn’t hear and wasn’t meant.

Edith and Camille slowly came to and watched what was going on between John and me. Deftly, John squeezed some of the lube onto my penis. It was smoothness itself. I knew it just goes on and on. He then gave me the tube. Pulling down his panties clear of his buttocks, I squeezed more lube onto my fingers and worked his lovely anus in my fingertips until I was penetrating that wonderful hole. Normally I am het who just loves women’s anal cavities. Here I was with John, who had a crush on me so many years ago, deftly making him accessible for me. I was horny as hell and knew I wouldn’t last long, but knowing it was a long ambition of John to have me this way or as he had started those few minutes ago.

I was ready. My cock was very hard and well lubed up. I had two fingered John’s sphincter with the lube. He was so ready. Now Edith and Camille were totally absorbed in a sight I sensed they had not previously observed.

I pressed the head of my cock against his pucker and pushed slowly. I felt resistance. But my head was just in, but could easily have been pushed out. I held my position. John moved slightly. Carry on it meant. Suddenly I was beyond his sphincter into his canal. Holding. Pushing. Holding. Pushing. In.

“Ian fuck me I’m ready. Do it I want it. I couldn’t have imagined I would see you here tonight. Thank god. Fuck me now.”

I held his hips with his skirt up round his waist and upper hips and fucked for all I was worth.

“Fuck, I’m cuming for god’s sake…. . . .”

With that stutter I shot my load in my old friend’s arsehole. I hadn’t noticed he had lubed himself and got Camille to finish him off just after I had cum.

We collapsed together into the arms of each other and our women.

When we surfaced we properly introduced each other. They were pleased as punch to hear Edith was my mother in law. Edith and Camille were astonished to hear of our friendship all those years ago and, more important, what form it took.

We all agreed the club had been a great success. We spent some time watching other couplings and yet we all felt sated from our own unexpected couplings.

John and I agreed we would meet separately as well as with our partners very soon.

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