My second Swedish teacher

My second Swedish teacherAs already said in my first episode, I wanted to better learn Swedish. So I put again a small notice in the next bigger supermarket. The first mail came from my first Swedish teacher wishing me good luck and that they are always there to help. Next mail came from a lady in her forties.We met in the Mc Donalds in the evening as she was working during the day. She was nice but not too feminine to distract me from learning. She had a rather dark voice, was tall and slim and well dressed. She had middle long brown straight hair and brown eyes. We agreed on the price, I offered some caretaking, if needed and we wanted to meet next Saturday noon at her place. She had an well and quite stylish apartment in the next city, not small not big. When I came, she had some coffee ready and on we started. She had a good technique to teach, as she was trained as Swedish instructor for immigrants. She started with the baisics, like opening a bank account, applying for a Swedish personal number, calling for road assistance etc.. The hour was over in a minute and I left satisfied. I liked her and vice versa.We agreed to meet Sunday late afternoon again. The lesson went on fine. At the end I asked whether I could invite her as a special thanks to a restaurant as I did not want to cook. She said this is a good idea. We decided for a Thai restaurant, and to meet there in 30 minutes. On my way I had a couple of phone calls. In the restaurant I told her, that I’m married, but on a sabbatical and was brought up in Germany. She told me that she was not interested in marriage and has alway been special. Younger man were the exemption to the rule. She liked elder and quieter men. The good thing was that she always tried that I express my thoughts in Swedish and she answered mostly in Swedish. Only if it was a cul de sac, she allowed and used English. She asked me whether I think her dresses are fitting her personality. I said as far as I know her, yes. Just experiment with me, I suggested, I will be open but nice. She said she would. I wondered a bit about the request, but did not think further. She had quite a big nose and stronger chin then most ladies, but her beautiful big brown eyes balanced that very well. She also had also nice long fingers and we went along very well.Next meeting was Friday late afternoon at 6 pm. In summer Sweden at this time is still typically bright and not perceived late. She taught how to write adequately emails in Swedish, being not too short and not too long. Also what is seen as offensive, too direct and indecent. Again time flied and at the end I asked whether balıkesir escort she needed some craftmanship like fixing something. She giggled, because that could be interpreted as a sexual offer. I apologized, meaning that I was good as a caretaker and used to repair stuff. She said she knows but I should be careful with others. But she said she would like to show me a dress she ordered, to decide whether to keep or to send back. So she left the room and came back in a short black dress, tightly fit to her body, white stockings and black higher heels. Perfect I said and I did not lie. Could I invite you again, I asked, too late to cook. Agreed, but she refused the money for the lesson. So we met 30 minutes later as both of us wanted to make calls. In the restaurant were a gay couple quite openly visible. She asked me whether this disturbs me. I said not at all especially what I learned in the last three weeks. She asked to be more precise and I told her about my first bisexual experience with the couple. She wanted to know more, but two young men were sitting nearby and anyhow interested in us or better her. So I said I will tell her later. I asked her about her lesbian/ bisexual experience and she also referred to later. But as both of us had another appointment at 8.30 pm. we agreed to meet Sunday at 4 pm at her place.On Sunday I brought some flowers with me. She taught me how to get acquainted with a lady in Swedish, how to make compliments, what are turn offs. What is perceived as chauvinistic and what is too liberal. She offered me a glass of Port at the end. Then we came back to subject of Friday eve. Yes, she had sex with women and partly she enjoyed it. I said that most of the time lesbian porn is much better. It starts slower, its more seductive whereas male porn is just about cock out and in. Yeah she said but many women are often manipulative and use sex as a tactic whereas men use a tactic to get sex and not more. Then I told her about being seduced into gay sex. She asked how I felt having a cock in my mouth and in my ass and vice versa. I said I always liked to see an erect penis and it always turned me on but mostly in combination with female attributes like breasts, stockings, high heels. Then shemales and crossdressers would be optimal, she mentioned. Yes, they arouse me typically. Also strap-ons. The combination of a woman and a cock is wonderful. The French call it “Femme phallique”. I like videos and picks, where you can see them wearing it, walking around with it. Also using it on a man or a woman. I sometimes wonder whether this is predominantly a male balıkesir escort bayan phantasy or do like woman it also? She said, that using a cock, could be fulfilling for a woman too. First there is this role change, second having this extension of yours where you penetrate, open up and not receiving only, third there comes some phallus power with it, fourth you give pleasure, fith you exercise power and sixth it rubs nice against your clit. Talking and thinking about it, excited us.Have you ever met a shemale, CD, femme phallique she asked. Not really. Would you like? Well, I would not turn them down. Interestingly, that cheered her up. As she had many photos on the wall showing landscapes, beaches, cities but also persons, I asked her about it. Yes, she is an amateur photographer. Would I like to see more? So she took some photo books and we settled on the sofa, close togeher, so she could explain them to me. She even cuddled and had no problem in touching me. She smelled well and having the photo book on our lap, we were very close. She was a good photographer and had also some beautiful selfies of herself. In most selfies she was experimenting with her outfits. She was very versatile. In some she was partly nude. She had small breasts, but protruding nipples. She wore different kinds of corsets and wasps and looked very attractive with her long legs.I said I could bring my camera with me and shoot more of here at different angles. Yeah you could, but with my SD card, because I do not want to find them in the internet. So time was over and we wanted to meet next Friday.I brought my camera with me, but we first had our Swedish course. After that she went in the other room redressed, and I shot my pictures. She had some talent in modelling, and I liked the way she posed. From time to time she came close to me and we watched the pics in the camera. Then she disappeared again. She came back soon with a very short skirt, a shirt which showed her nipples and she wore a wasp, stockings as well as high heels. Damn that is very sexy, I said. She started walking up and down seductively and I got a boner. She noticed it and she said she could see that I like it. She showed more and more of her, spreading her legs, showing her bum. She had a nice small one. A bit peculiar was that her crotch bulged a bit. She asked, if I would like to see more. I begged for it. So she turned her back to me and off came her slip. She bend over with legs close together and I could see her nice rounded naked ass. Do you want to see even more she asked looking seductively over her shoulder. Yes, please. escort balıkesir But you know I am a special girl, she giggled. Don’t worry. Then she turned around. The only thing I could see first, that her little skirt was up. Then she said I have a little surprise for you. And she pulled back a little her skirt and a penis head appeared. I looked puzzled. Then she walked up and down and her penis was clearly visible. It looked breathtaking, and I shot many photos. She showed herself from many different angles, especially her quite cock and little balls. The cock looked big, because the wasp and the stockings framed it and directed your eyes to him. Then she started to play with her cock, directly looking in my eyes. You like what you see, she asked. Oh yes. Show me yours.I opened my zipper and my cock jumped out. I also started playing with it. Then she came closer. She started massaging my cock and put her nipples in front of my mouth. I started kissing them. Nice. I was randy. Then she went down, licking and sucking my cock.Mheanwhile she also massaged her cock. She looked up to me and asked whether I also would like to feel and taste her cock. Without waiting for an answer she stood up and here in front of me was her willy. I put it in my hand and pumped it. She then put her hand behind my head and moved me closer and closer to it. I started to lick it and then she pushed it in my mouth. It tasted well and I sucked on it whereas she moaned loudly. This went on for quite a while. Then she asked me whether I would like to make love to her. She fetched a condom and some lube and made me lying down. She mounted me and guided my cock to her hole. She did not push in it but circled around it. It produced a nice feeling to me and her. You have a thick one, I have to prepare you and me for it. Finally she started to enter him. It was quite a squeeze. She was very tight and very hot. After some time he was in her up to the base. Her cock was also hard and I played with it. Strange, it looked like it is mine, but mine was in her. She moved slowly up and down and I enjoyed the feeling and the sight very much. She moaned that I have such a thick cock. It’s so good. Her cock issued lot of precum and it nicely dropped on my belly. I took it up and applied it back to her cock which made it slippery.Then she increased the speed and suddenly she spasmend and shot her load on my belly. The corresponding massage of her was so intense that I climaxed too, which again seemed to produce an orgasm in her as more semen came out of her cock. She collapsed on me and kissed my shoulders. It was so good, she said, so thick.After some while we redressed, I handed over the photo card and we went for dinner, where we had a very good conversation on photography, but mostly in English.So I learned a little bit Swedish, but much more about sex, which was unexpected but welcome.

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