Not Quite Forty Pt. 04


“Good evening, madam, right this way if you please,” the tuxedo clad maitre de said to Alicia quietly as soon as she walked into the restaurant. He led her to a darkened alcove near the back of the main room where Damian waited in a small booth.

Damian rose to greet her, giving her a peck on the cheek as she hugged him close. Alicia drank in the aroma of his cologne mixed with his underlying aroma, her nipples already hard before his chest brushed against her.

They pressed close together in the dimly lit booth. After the waiter took their order and returned with their dinners, his hand fell to her thigh, gently rubbing from her knee half way up to her already damp pussy. Damian leaned in close to whisper in her ear, advancing his hand a bit closer to her silky wet panties.

“Take your panties off,” he instructed, gently lashing her earlobe with his tongue.

“What?…Now?…Here?” she asked incredulously.

He grinned wickedly at her as his hand advanced up her inner thigh. Then Alicia realized he had positioned himself so that his body blocked the view of almost anyone looking their way.

“Yes…right now…right here,” he crooned softly in her ear as his finger reached the edge of her panties, “I have something for you.”

Alicia turned her face to his and smiled before flicking her tongue across his lips. Then she reached over and squeezed the hardening bulge in his pants.

“I bet you do,” she cooed, “something I very much want…again…but right now?”

“Well, that too,” he grinned as his finger flicked a finger under the edge of her panties and pulled them to one side, “but that’s for later. Now, I have something else.”

Alicia gasped as his finger found the ragged edge of her slit, sliding upward until he pressed gently against the throbbing nub of her clit. Her hand tightened on his now rigid cock, then unzipped his pants and tugged at his shaft until it was free in her hand.

“Fair’s fair,” she groaned, wiping a drop of precum off the tip of his cock with a fingertip.

Then she pushed up her hips and slipped her panties down over her knees and off her ankles. The possibility of being seen just added to her arousal.

“Let me have them,” Damian groaned softly.

She handed the soaked panties to him. He crushed them together in his hand, brought them to his nose, deeply inhaling the musky scent of her sex. He kept his eyes locked on hers the entire time. After a moment he brought them down to his cock and wrapped the panties around his dick. Then he reached behind him and pulled out a small gift wrapped box.

“Open it.”

Alicia tore off the wrapping and opened the box, then looked up at him questioningly. Inside was a silver colored object about the size and shape of an egg and something that looked like a simple remote.

“Put the egg inside you,” he murmured into her ear followed by a flick of his tongue, “or better yet…allow me.”

He picked it up with two fingers, wrapped his lips around it to moisten it then reached down and pushed the egg into her pussy. He held it inside her for a moment as she gasped slightly and rubbed his forefinger over her throbbing clit a few times before taking her hand in his and placing it back on his panties encased cock.

As her fingers closed on his dick, he picked up the remote and flipped a switch. A low frequency vibration shot through Alicia’s groin, causing her to stiffen in surprise. Damian fiddled with a dial and the vibration increased dramatically and Alicia began to squirm as an orgasm built in her crotch.

“My god…what are you…doing?” she moaned.

Damian just grinned at her and sipped his wine. His cock throbbed in Alicia’s hand as he lowered the level of vibration until it was just a persistent tickling inside her, not quite reaching the level of a full blown orgasm, but keeping her right on the edge of one.

“Jerk me off and soak your panties with my cum,” he said simply.

He increased the vibration just enough that Alicia knew she was only moments away from cumming herself. She stroked his cock until she felt his body tense and his warm cum spurt out over her hand and all over her lacy panties.

Both their orgasms had barely finished when the waiter brought them an after dinner drink. Damian wiped up the residual cum with the panties and handed them back to her under the table.

“Put them back on and leave the egg inside your cunt,” he said casually.

Alicia pulled the cum and pussy juice soaked panties up over her legs, feeling some of the gooey mixture rubbing off on her thighs. The sticky panties clung to the cleft of her pussy and ass when she was finally settled.

As they rose from the table, Damian turned the egg back up a little and slipped the remote into his pocket. Alicia looked at him in surprise and shook her head.

“Oh no…please bahçelievler escort no…no…,” she started to object but an increase in the vibration as they walked out of the restaurant cut her short.

As another orgasm built in her pussy while they walked to his hotel, Alicia did all she could to concentrate on something else. Damian’s hand fondling her ass as the silver egg kept steadily vibrating inside her didn’t help matters at all.

“You are so going to pay for this,” she muttered into his ear, just as a young couple got on the elevator with them.

The young man and woman could barely keep their hands off each other standing in front of Alicia and Damian. The more they kissed and groped, the higher Damian turned up the vibration until Alicia buried her face in his shoulder to stifle a moan as she started to cum. The couple got off two floors below Damian’s and as soon as the elevator doors closed, Alicia grabbed his bulging cock.

“I’m so going to fuck you silly!” she growled and jammed her tongue into his mouth.

“That’s entirely the idea,” he laughed and dragged his hand up between her legs. “And I’ll bet you that young man will have his cock inside the pretty young girl’s cunt before I have mine in you.”

Alicia was tearing her dress off as soon as she entered his suite when she saw another wrapped package sitting in the middle of the bed. She looked back to see Damian already stepping out of his pants and unbuttoning his shirt. He just smiled and nodded for her to pick up the package.

“Open it,” he said softly.

The egg continued buzzing inside her pussy as she tore open the second package and then looked back at him with a wide grin.

“You did say you wanted to fuck me silly,” he laughed.

“So what part goes inside me?” Alicia asked, grinning even wider and holding up the double headed strap-on.

It didn’t take them very long to decide the curvy part went inside Alicia’s pussy. She took out the still vibrating egg and let Damian gently push the fake cock inside her then tightened the various straps. When he was done, he sat on the bed grinning up at her standing in front of him sporting a thick eight inch plastic dong, his own six and a half inch dick at full attention.

Alicia grinned and pushed him backward, with this legs dangling over the edge of the bed and his hard cock flopping on to his belly.

“Jerk off while I lube up,” she instructed him, more than a little aroused by his ready compliance to her commands.

By the time she lathered up the fake cock and turned to his asshole, the first drops of precum bubbled from the tip of his throbbing cock. Alicia wiped them off with the tip of her finger and jammed those fingers into his mouth. Damian eagerly sucked them in, savoring the taste of his own jism.

Alicia pushed him onto his back with his legs up and rammed the fake cock as deep into his ass as she could manage. At first he howled his discomfort but after a few deep thrusts, he started begging for more.

“Oh yeah…fuck me…make me…your dirty …fucking…slut…more…harder…fuck my man pussy…FUCK ME!”

Before she took his cock in her hand, Alicia flipped on the vibrating switch, sending a shock wave coursing through his ass and her pussy. Her hand tightened on his rigid shaft as his back arched and his legs trembled uncontrollably.

She flailed her hips against him, driving the fake cock as deep as she could possibly manage as his creamy cum spurted out in string after string on to her tits and chest and across his own belly. Her own orgasm gripped her body, keeping her thrashing into Damian’s ass for a few moments after his dick wilted in her hand.

Alicia collapsed down with her hands on his chest, a string of Damian’s semen stretched down off one nipple and another gob drizzling down between her tits. She held her weight with one hand and lazily swirled her fingers through the pool of his sperm coating his chest and belly.

Damian lifted his head and let the string of cum dripping from her tit settle on his tongue, then licked the remainder sticking to the skin of her cleavage. Alicia smiled and scooped some of the semen on his chest and smeared it across his lips. His tongue flicked out to gobble that down as well.

“My, my you seem to like the taste of your own cum,” she moaned, the fake cock popping out of his asshole when she lowered her face to lick up even more before kissing him deeply.

“I’m going to like it even more licking it out of your pussy and ass,” he growled and rolled her to her back, “and I think I would like it even more still licking someone else’s sperm from your dripping cunt and ass too!”

Alicia fumbled to remove the strap-on, her arousal growing again at his surprisingly erotic suggestion.

“I’ll make bahçeşehir escort you a deal,” she moaned as he licked his way up her inner thighs to her throbbing pussy, “I’ll fuck another guy while you watch and then let you lick his cum out of me if I can then watch him fuck you and you fuck him.”

Damian stopped short and looked up at her, a smile quickly growing on his face almost as quickly as his cock stiffened.

“Deal!” he exclaimed and rammed his cock into her hard. “And I know just the guy,”

Alicia gasped, closing her eyes to totally enjoy the cock and cum once more filling her.

“God, I’m turning into a total slut!” she thought to herself slumping in the back seat of the Lyft taking her home.

She looked up and noticed the driver’s eyes darting back and forth from the road to the rear view mirror. She realized her dress was pulled up on her thighs and he was trying to get a better look at her crotch. She smiled slyly, spread her legs and pulled up the hem of her dress until there was no doubt the driver had an unobstructed view of her very sticky lacy panties.

“Actually, I’m really getting to like it…a lot!”

Before she went to bed, Alicia reattached the strap-on and took a couple of pictures she then sent to Marcy and Jorge. She fell asleep swirling the last bit of Damian’s cum leaking from her pussy in her fingers.

When she turned on her phone in the morning over coffee, the message icon practically exploded. Besides three more notifications from the dating website that she immediately dismissed, there were two from Jorge and three from Marcy.

“We are ready anytime you are,” said the first from Jorge, with an attached picture of Steph facing the camera riding his cock and squeezing her tits.

“Both of us,” said the second over a picture of Jorge on his hands and knees with Steph’s bright red polished fingernails on his butt, two of those fingers buried in his asshole.

Alicia’s pussy clenched as she sipped her coffee just imaging what the three of them could do together with the strap-on and maybe some other toys as well. Then she opened Marcy’s messages.

“Seriously?” said the first.

“Oh my god, I’ve already cum once,” said the next, time stamped about two minutes later.

“FUCK…when will you FUCK ME with that…and let me FUCK YOU?!?!?” read the third, written about five minutes after the second. “I’ve already cum twice more!”

That was more than enough for Alicia. Her hand slid down inside the panties already damp with her juices and turned back to the picture of Steph riding Jorge’s cock. In her imagination, as her own orgasm flooded her body, she pictured Marcy riding the strap-on and cumming all over Alicia’s pussy.

After regaining her composure, she sipped more coffee and responded to them both, telling Jorge to come over with Steph the following Saturday afternoon before texting Marcy to arrange meeting after work on Friday.

Alicia stood naked looking down at the six outfits, three bras and eight pairs of panties scattered about on the bed, trying to decide what to wear. She was meeting Marcy in a little over an hour and just couldn’t decide what was best. After all, this was the first time in her life she was going on an actual date with another woman…one that could easily be her own daughter no less.

The hair on her head, as well as the little patch topping her mound, was damp from her recent shower and the hand held shower head she used to climax before drying off. Her head told her whatever she wore didn’t matter much and wouldn’t be on very long in any case. Her cunt wanted her outfit to amplify Marcy’s lust at first sight.

The small bar was quickly filling up when Alicia walked in and found a small table off to the side with an unobstructed view of the front door. She showed up about fifteen minutes early on purpose, to both get a table and down a quick drink to steady her jangled nerves.

“Get a grip on yourself,” she thought sipping her wine, “you’re acting like a giddy teenager looking for her first kiss.”

Just then Marcy walked in, standing inside the front door looking around. Alicia’s pussy clenched, the first drops of moisture leaking into her bright pink thong.

Alicia waved. Marcy spotted her immediately and her dazzling smile as she approached had Alicia’s nipples stiffen against the silky material of her blouse. She was glad she had not bothered to wear a bra.

“God, she is so fucking gorgeous!” Alicia muttered to herself as Marcy crossed the room, her flaming red hair perfectly accenting the short green dress that almost matched her eyes. From the way her smallish tits swayed with each step, Alicia realized Marcy was not wearing a bra either.

She stood and they briefly embraced when Marcy got to the table, exchanging a kiss bakırköy escort with just the slightest touch of tongues. Marcy squeezed in next to Alicia, their hips touching and fished her ID out of her purse as the waiter approached.

“They always ask,” Marcy said with a smile and ordered.

“She’s so young…young enough to be my daughter,” Alicia sighed to herself, realizing how excited she was by such a taboo thought.

The bustle and din of the bar became simply a cocoon of background noise as they only had eyes for each other. By the second drink, they had their hands on each others upper thighs. Marcy pushed Alicia’s hand up until one side of her hand brushed across the younger woman’s crotch. Marcy wasn’t wearing any panties either.

“Why don’t we go?” Marcy murmured into Alicia’s ear, flicking her tongue over Alicia’s earlobe and opening her thighs enough for Alicia to feel the warmth and dampness of her bare groin. “I’m really hungry…for your delicious cunt!”

Alicia gasped for breath, her entire body quivering as her third orgasm…or was it her fourth, fifth, she really didn’t know or care…washed through her, one wave crashing on the last even before the last receded. She shrieked again as her back arched and she clamped her knees around Marcy’s ears.

The young redhead looked up, her piercing green eyes flashing with lust, her chin and cheeks and lips glistening with the combination of her own spittle and Alicia’s orgasmic juices. She still had one finger in Alicia’s ass and two fondling her g-spot deep in her pussy.

“My god…that was…was fucking…awesome!” Alicia sputtered, still breathing raggedly, “but I need a little break.”

Ever so slowly Marcy removed her fingers from Alicia’s ass and pussy, then sucking them into her mouth as she crawled up over Alicia’s body. Her kiss was even more fiery and passionate than usual, grinding her dripping pussy against Alicia’s thigh while while ramming her tongue into Alicia’s mouth.

“Yum…I just love the taste of your pussy and ass,” Marcy purred as she dropped her lips to Alicia’s nipples, sucking and nibbling one while swirling the other in her fingers. “But now I am so ready to feel you fuck me with that strap-on…hard and deep…in my cunt and in my ass. And I’ll tell you what. After I can’t cum any more, I’ll fuck you with it until you can’t cum anymore either!”

Alicia’s pussy clenched as Marcy tightened her teeth on a throbbing nipple. The jolt of pain went straight to her groin and Alicia rolled Marcy over on her back, straddling the younger woman’s hips and pulling her tight pink nipples hard.

“That sounds wonderful to me,” she moaned and bent to ram her tongue into Marcy’s mouth, “so why don’t you play with yourself for me while I get ready?”

Pulling herself up, Alicia picked up the strap-on laying next to them on the bed. Marcy grinned devilishly, spread her thighs wide and used two fingers to split her pussy slit open, her hard little clit popping out from under its fleshy hood at the crest of her moist, glistening gash. For the first time Alicia noticed the hood was dotted with two dark freckles.

Alicia rubbed both sides of the strap-on between her dripping pussy lips, lubing the fake cocks with her own juices. Marcy held her clit upright with two fingers of one hand and slowly rubbed the very tip with the index finger of the other. Almost instantly, droplets of her juices formed inside her bright pink slit. Alicia slipped the curvy end of the strap-on into her own pussy.

“I am so fucking ready,” Marcy moaned, “so ready for you to fuck me!”

Grabbing Marcy under her hips and pushing her legs upward, Alicia brought the other tip of the strap-on right up to Marcy’s dripping hole. Before sliding inside her, Alicia turned the vibrating on low frequency.

Marcy squealed as the fake cock oscillated around the soaked opening to her vagina. Ever so slowly, Alicia pushed the pulsing toy into her, all the while getting more and more aroused herself by the vibration inside her own pussy and on her clit.

Squeezing both of her own tits tightly, Marcy shrieked her next orgasm. The louder she screamed, the harder Alicia pumped the fake cock in and out of her, often stopping when she was in Marcy as deep as she could go so her young friend could completely enjoy the vibrating shaft buried inside her.

Alicia started cumming again herself after a few minutes, driving her to fuck Marcy yet harder and deeper. After what seemed like hours, Alicia collapsed on top of Marcy, the vibrating fake cock slowly sliding out of the younger woman’s dripping hole. They simply cuddled together until the last remnants for their mutual orgasms faded away.

“Awesome…just fucking…awesome!” Marcy cooed into Alicia’s neck as Alicia softly stoked her hair and back. “You didn’t tell me it vibrated.”

Before they finally fell asleep, Marcy took her turn fucking Alicia with the strap-on, filling both her pussy and her ass as Alicia squirted and shrieked one orgasm after another. At last, Alicia could cum no longer.

They showered and changed the soaked sheets before drifting off to sleep in each others arms.

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