Rings of Desire


It all started by accident; at least that is how Jack liked to think about it. He was just an ordinary straight guy up until then. And then, one day, there he was getting dressed after a shower at his gym when a guy bent over to dry his toes and Jack caught sight of his little pink pucker, nestled in a valley of silky brown hair.

The sight of it gave Jack a shock. It wasn’t as repulsive as he thought a guy’s asshole ought to be. No, far from it; it was interesting and exciting. Jack quickly turned away as he felt he was looking at something he ought not to be looking at and it was causing a reaction in him that he could not understand.

But after that Jack just could not stop thinking about that asshole. It looked as pretty to him as any pussy he had seen, and he had seen a fair few. It was like the memory of that little wrinkled slit was etched onto his brain. Night after night it thumped away in his brain while he tried to will it away. Finally Jack was so intrigued that he went on the internet and started looking at guy’s assholes. And the more he looked, the more he liked. He was hooked on the rings of desire.

‘What the hell is wrong with me? I’m a straight guy.’ he chided himself, but still the desire to look at men’s assholes wouldn’t go away. He realized that there was only one way to solve this problem. He would have to go with a guy and get it out of his system.

About the only gay guy that Jack knew, or thought was gay, was Alec who worked down at a local restaurant that Jack often took his dates to. He figured perhaps Alec could help hook him up with a guy who could help him get this asshole fixation thing out of his system.

So Jack went down to the restaurant alone, which was unusual. The waiters liked to place bets on who Jack would be seen with next. Alec was even more attentive and flirtatious than usual and this time Jack was ready to flirt right back. Alec was a little taken aback. Could this be the same guy? Was he coming on to him? Man, perhaps dreams did come true! While Jack was eating Alec stole quick glances at the handsome stud. His hair was so black it was almost blue and his eyes were a deep, dark blue that in some light they almost looked black. He had a dimple in his chin and teeth that could have made him a living in toothpaste commercials. His lips were full and a rich, ripe red that most women have to pay good money to achieve. The guy was simply sex on legs and now here he was smiling at Alec and dropping little hints…this had to be a wind up, right?

But no. Jack was in need. When Alec approached with the bill it was time to speak to him.

‘Alec, I need you to help me out with something.’ Jack said.

‘Sure, if I can.’ Alec replied.

‘Can you sit down a minute?’

‘Not really.’

‘Can you meet me after work?’ Jack asked.

Alec felt his heart thumping in his chest. What the hell was this guy after. Surely it couldn’t be what Alec was thinking and yet all the signs seemed to suggest just that.

‘I can meet you at O’Grady’s around the corner at eleven.’ Alec told Jack.

Jack promised he would be there and went for a walk to pass the time and clear his head. He might still have a change of heart, he told himself. But then Jack found himself walking through a park. It was dark and felt slightly dangerous and yet something was drawing him on. His tuzla escort eyes adjusted to the dark and he was aware of figures melting in and out of the bushes. What was going on here, he wondered. And then he came upon a group of men who seemed to be watching something. He edged closer, unsure he should be doing this and a little afraid for his personal safety. He stood on the fringe of the group and then he heard it. It was the unmistakable sound of sex. He couldn’t quite see the figures in the middle of the group but he could hear their moans and groans. It was two men! And the one guy was most definitely nailing the other guy in the ass.

Jack felt faint as he turned and fled from the park. Hurry on, eleven o’clock! With the fuck sounds still echoing in his head he retraced his steps and headed to O’Grady’s where he sat and nursed a soft drink and watched the clock. Bang on eleven o’clock Alec walked in dressed in a pair of snug fitting jeans and a plain white shirt. Jack felt a surge of excitement through his veins.

‘So what can I do for you?’ Alec asked.

Jack blushed, not quite sure where to start; then he decided that he should just come out and tell it like it is.

‘I’ve got a bit of a problem. Lately I’ve become obsessed with men’s buttholes.’ he began as he watched Alec’s eyes widen. ‘Now, you know I’m straight but I figure the best way to get it out of my system is to go with a guy.’

‘Sounds like a good plan to me.’ Alec replied, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice.

‘The problem is I don’t know how to pick up a guy, and I want him to understand that this is just a one off and…’ Jack rushed through his spiel.

‘And you want to fuck me.’ Alec finished, still trying to sound nonchalant even though excitement was making his throat dry.

‘Yes.’ Jack replied. There, he had said it.

‘What are we waiting for?’ Let’s go.’ Alec could already feel his asshole twitch. The thought of having it off with this gorgeous hunk of beef was making him weak at the knees already.

The moment they stepped through the door into Alec’s apartment Alec fell to his knees and tugged at Jack’s fly. He soon had his jeans down around his ankles and yanked his boxer shorts down too. The sight of Jack’s cock just blew Alec away. It was extremely fat, about seven inches long, and you could have sheltered from the rain under the huge flared mushroom cap of his cock head. It was quite unlike any other cock Alec had ever had before. He wrapped his hand around the thick base and buried his nose in Jack’s fragrant bush of pubes. The walk through the park, and the excitement he had felt all evening, had brought his pheromones to peak production. Alec sigh happily as the smell of a sexed up man filled his nostrils.

Cupping Jack’s large, smooth pink balls in his hands he licked the salt off of them, causing the first of Jack’s many moans. Hardly any of the women he had ever been with paid any attention to his balls, but the way this guy was pleasuring them Jack knew he would be insisting on receiving this treat in the future. As Alec licked and nibbled his warm hands played up and down the silky shaft of Jack’s fat hog. Already a bead of excitement juice glistened in the eye of his broad cock knob.

Alec let go of Jack’s beautiful balls and started stroking his warm, pale, lightly furred göztepe escort thighs while staring at that rampant dick with its delicious bead of love twinkling in the eye. Alec looked up at his soon to be lover: Jack looked down at Alec with wonder and puzzlement in his eyes; how the hell could it be this damn good? He had been missing out on this hot loving for so long.

‘Take your shirt off.’ Alec commanded.

Jack meekly obeyed, revealing his furry chest and belly and tiny pink nipples. It was like looking at a work of art. Alec was torn, and didn’t know where to start, he desperately wanted that cock but at the same time he wanted to love every inch of this beautiful man. Far from getting male sex out of his system Alec wanted to make sure that Jack would come back, time after time. He decided to postpone the immediate pleasure of gobbling up that thick pork sword.

He took Jack into his bedroom and laid him down on the bed. Then he started gently nibbling on his little pink nubs while stroking the long silky hairs on Jack’s chest and belly. A string of precum had drooled down Jack’s cock by now but that big, beefy fuckstick wouldn’t quit. It towered proudly above his belly, rampant and hard and throbbing. Jack was in total ecstasy as Alec kissed down his belly and then down his right leg all the way to his toes. For the first time in his life Jack experienced the immense pleasure in having his toes sucked. Then Alec worked up the left leg and back to his belly.

At last the time was right. He took hold of that throbbing love tool and gently licked the precum off Jack’s fat knob. It was the most delicious taste in the world, as far as Alec was concerned and he took his time loving every square millimetre of that warm, spongy cock head until he had licked it clean. Now he took it into his warm mouth and Jack just about jumped right out of his skin as he received the very best blowjob of his life. Alec’s experienced tongue and lips worked up and down Jack’s spit wet shaft, taking time out now and then to swirl around the huge ridge of his cockhead and probe the slit for more delicious precum. And all the while Alec’s hands stroked Jack’s thighs and fondled his nuts. This was sex like Jack had never dreamed possible. Each and every nerve in his body was on fire. His skin was one large sex organ and any point of contact with Alec provided pleasure. But as good as this was there was one thing Jack wanted above all other.

‘Take your clothes off.’ Jack begged.

Alec stripped off and Jack was surprised at how turned on he was by the sight of Alec’s hard dick. It was about eight inches long and much slimmer than Jack’s own meaty member. But it was the sight of Alec’s pale, smooth bubble butt as he took off his socks that drove him crazy. It was as beautiful as anything in his dreams had been and now he wanted to see the little secret truffle at the heart of it.

‘Show me your ass.’ he growled.

Alec got up on the bed and got in position with his bubble butt up in the air. Jack was so excited he was having trouble breathing. His large hands roughly parted Alec’s cheeks and he gasped as he saw that little brown eye winking at him. He was suddenly overcome with lust and did something that he never thought he could. He buried his face full in Alec’s crack and started munching on his butthole. As he licked üsküdar escort and probed Jack’s bulging cock was crushed up against the side of the bed and it was sending signals to his brain that could not be ignored. He got up and rammed his war head into the spit slicked eye of Alec’s butt.

Alec stifled a cry and tears stung his eyes as that thick club invaded his not fully prepared asshole, but the excitement of Jack’s desire was turning him on so much it helped ease the pain. Jack pushed all the way home until all seven inches were buried deep, stretching Alec’s ring to the full. This was slightly more uncomfortable than Alec could bear; he rummaged around in his bedside drawer and found his lube.

‘Here, use some of that.’ he told Jack.

Jack withdrew and applied the cold gel to his throbbing cock and then applied a dollop to Alec’s asshole. The texture of it was unbelievable and he took his time rubbing up and down and in and out of that little man pussy until Alec had to beg him to impale him once more. This time Jack slid in with ease and both men groaned with ecstasy as a hungry ass devoured an equally hungry cock. Jack surprised Alec by slapping his butt with a loud thwack that bruised the air. It stung like crazy and Alec was about to protest when his asshole started responding. When Jack slapped his other cheek Alec waiting for that delicious sensation to ripple through his assring. And then his straight mate started to fuck him real good, nice and slow and deep, using the power of his beefy butt to drive the nail deep.

Alec’s cock was now fully inflated and he reached down to stroke it as he ground his ass against that slippery pole. They were two men lost in time and space, joined by cock and ass, but alone on their separate journeys and they concentrated on the pleasure that pulsed through their bodies. Each stroke of that juicy, fat shaft in and out of his ass seemed to make Alec’s cock harder and he milked it slowly to hold off his orgasm which he knew could be triggered any second now.

Jack’s cock was growing impatient as it plunged in and out of that slippery love tunnel. He switched gears and started pounding away, withdrawing his cock all the way, making Alec’s asshole wink like crazy, before plunging back in. His breathing was heavy and ragged now and he could feel the soles of his feet start to prickle. He knew he was in for one massive orgasm and he grabbed hold of Alec’s cock and started whacking it like crazy as he hammered away at his slut hole.

The feel of Jack’s hand on his cock did something to Alec; he couldn’t hold out any longer. Just as he felt his thighs tense he heard a rumble start in Jack’s throat and Alec let go. His jizz was like rifle bullets blasting out of his cock and onto the bedcover. He shuddered and groaned as Jack’s hand milked the last of his massive load out of his balls. Seconds later Jack let go of Alec’s cock and cursed in surprise at the intensity of his orgasm. His knees buckled and he saw stars as he flooded Alec’s ass with his thick and creamy load. He collapsed on top of Alec and the pair lay together in the afterglow of their fierce lovemaking.

‘Can I spend the night?’ Jack asked when he had recovered his breath.

‘Sure.’ Alec replied as he snuggled up to that warm, furry chest.

‘I want you to teach me how you do that with your ass.’ Jack purred.

And Alec felt his cock stir despite being very sleepy after a bout of what had been incredibly good sex. He slid a hand between Jack’s warm thighs and knew that this was going to be the best night of his life.

Copyright 2005 Daniel Blue

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