Saturday with Chris


I am a salesman and have a regular route. Along that route I found the best fuck buddy I have ever had. There is nothing but a sexual relationship between us, so things aren’t complicated.

I met Chris at one of my stops. At the time he was a supervisor. He’s average height and build, but there’s something about him that attracted me. It didn’t hurt he kept dropping hints that he was interested in me also. Whenever he was around my “gaydar” would be going full blast. On the job I never let customers know I am gay. I like to keep business and pleasure separate if you know what I mean. Chris would almost always find some reason to put his hand on my arm or shoulder. We would talk about growing African Violets. You may think growing them is easy, let me tell you it isn’t. We would talk for a long time. During this time he would stand close and sometimes rub his leg against mine.

One Friday he asked if I wanted to come over the next day and check out his Violets. I couldn’t pass up a chance like that. I went to his house on Saturday afternoon. When I got there he offered me a beer. We sat and talked for a bit, and then he started showing me his flowers. I started noticing he would find any excuse to bend over while I was standing next to him. He would make sure his hip was pushing up against mine.

After a few times of this, the next time he bent over I reached down and started rubbing his ass cheek though his shorts. He continued talking as if nothing was happening, but I noticed he was starting to breathe a bit harder. When he stood up I took him by the shoulders and turned him toward me. I kissed him deeply, our tongues twining and pushing against each other. While I kissed him I put my acıbadem escort hands inside his pants cupped his ass, and pulled him toward me.

He reached down between us and started rubbing my cock though my pants. I instantly got hard as a rock. I slipped a finger along his crack and started massaging his rosebud. He let out a low moan I could feel through the kiss.

When we broke the kiss both of us were breathing hard, and letting little moans escape our lips. He dropped to his knees and pulled my pants to my knees. He grabbed my cock and put a lip lock that drove me wild. He started sucking it like it was a Popsicle. He ran his tongue along the underside from the balls to the head, and then put his whole mouth around the head. He had a suction that was great! He started rolling his tongue around it and bobbing his head. He would pull almost all the way off then go back down. He could get the whole thing in his mouth, all the way to my balls. He held my cock up and ran his tongue along the underside and started licking my balls. After a few minutes of this I was ready to blow my load and told him so. He got up, told me to pull my pants up, and took me to the bedroom. He took his clothes off and undressed me. This took a bit longer than you would think because we were kissing and touching each other. When he got my shirt off he started playing with my nipples. He sucked one then the other. He ran his tongue around them and nipped a little bit. Not enough to hurt, just enough to send shock waves though me. As he was doing this to my nipples he reached down and grabbed my cock. He started jacking it slowly. I was in total ecstasy! My nipples are very sensitive and with him jacking atalar escort me off I didn’t think it could get better, but it did!

After a few minutes he stood up and told me to sit in what looked like a kid’s potty chair without the bucket it in. I did, and he lay down on the floor and scooted up under me. He started licking my ass crack and the rosebud. He was shoving his tongue up inside me. I had never experienced something so erotic in my life. I reached down and started jacking him. I started felling an orgasm building. I had never had an orgasm with someone rimming me. I told him to stop because I didn’t want to cum just yet.

He got up and lay down on the bed. I kissed him deeply tasting my musky flavor. I grabbed the lube on the night stand. I put some on my fingers and started sucking his cock. While I sucked him I stuck two fingers up his ass. I wanted it loose and well lubed. As I sucked I rammed my fingers in and out. When I pulled back to the head I shoved my fingers as deep as they would go. As I went all the way down I pulled my fingers out. All of the sudden I felt him stiffen and then he got chicken skin. He started saying “oh shit, oh shit!” in a grunting sort of way. Then he started shooting into my mouth. I pulled back till just the head was in my mouth and drank up every bit of cum he shot.

I milked his cock just make sure I got every last drop. He then pulled me up and started kissing me. He ran his tongue around the inside of my mouth. When we broke the kiss He smiled and asked if he got all that was left. I said he did and stood up at the edge of the bed. He scooted to the edge and I pushed his legs back. I put some lube on my cock and started aydınlı escort working it in his ass. He looked at me and told me to “hurry up and shove that thing in!” I did as I was told and shoved my cock in his ass to the balls in one easy stroke. He sucked in his breath as I did this. I was sure it hurt, but who was I not to do as I was told? While I pushed it in I could feel the push back pressure from his ass.

After I buried my cock to the hilt I just left it there. I want his ass to get used to it. After a minute or so I started working it in and out slowly. He grabbed my biceps and pulled himself onto my cock. He started telling me to go faster and harder. He was grunting and moaning though clenched teeth. I started picking up the pace and pretty soon I was ramming my cock into his ass so hard he was bouncing on the bed. He just smiled and told me how much he liked getting fucked rough. I obliged him! I started pounding his ass as hard as I could. I was so worked up by this time I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer, but there was another very urgent need pressing. I had drank two beers and had to piss! I stopped and started to pull out. Chris opened his eyes and asked “what fuck are you doing! Don’t stop now!” I told him I had to pee, but he just held me tighter. So I shoved my cock as far in his ass as it would go. Then I let loose with my pee. It is kind of hard to piss with a rock hard cock, but it can be done. Chris’s eyes flew open in a look of surprise but he didn’t say anything. I told him to clamp his ass muscles tight so none would leak out. He smiled and I felt his ass clamp tight. I could only pump for two or three strokes more. I started blowing my load, it felt as if I blew my load for 10 minutes, but it couldn’t have been more than 9.

After I stopped blowing my load I pulled out. Chris got up and went to the toilet and left the pee and cum flow out.

After that Saturday afternoon I knew I had found the perfect fuck buddy.

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