Seen Through Another’s Eye

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Amanda looked in the mirror with horror. Her glasses were slim and stylish, but no matter what she did, Mandy knew immediately that the person looking back at her in the mirror was a nerd, pure and simple. She was in her final year of school, and was a poster child for the new generation. Her grades were fine, her looks were good, but put a pair of glasses on her, and she went from smart and popular to nerdy and ugly.

She looked at her mother again, and pleaded uselessly for contacts. The optometrist shook her head mercilessly. Her mother looked at her again. Mandy tilted her head to either side, then moved her hair away from her face. It was no use. The glasses, no matter how fashionable they were, were an instant nerd label. She felt a tear begin to form and hurriedly stood up, thanked the lady looking unsympathetically at her, and rushed out of the shop.

Back at home, Mandy say in front of the mirror listlessly, staring at the nerd reflected back at her. It wasn’t that Mandy was a vain young woman. The other girls and guys at school were cruel, harsh, and unforgiving. She had been eighteen for three months before she’d gotten her licence. The girls had barely gotten over that. Now, she’d had an accident, and suffered a severe blow to the back of her head, thus she needed the glasses until her vision healed.

Her mum called out to tell her that tea was ready, and Mandy felt sick in the guts. She just couldn’t deal with anyone she knew right then. She zipped up her top over her bra and grabbed her runners and her cd player, and bounded down the stairs. She shook her head to her mum’s quick shout, and called back that she was going for a run. “Well don’t lock the back door, dear, your father and I are going out!”

As she swung open the back gate, Mandy noticed a figure in the distance of another runner. She couldn’t see who it was, even with her glasses. She began to jog fairly briskly along the river, trying not to think about the faces of the people at school tomorrow when they saw her and her glasses. Her curly hair bounced on her shoulders as she jogged, her mind a blur, and her watch suddenly beeped, showing an hour had gone by. A bridge was coming up, and Mandy ducked across it quickly, meaning to double back towards her house.

As she stepped off the wooden boards and onto the dirt track, she heard the thud of feet across the wood, and looked back. The runner had caught up with her, and she saw with a start that it was Luke, one of the quiet kids in her English Lit class. His body was covered in a layer of sweat, and his shirt was tucked into the back of his shorts. He ran in bare feet, and sunglasses, and she could clearly see the massive tribal tattoo he’d gotten for his own eighteenth about a month ago. His skin looked different under the blacks and reds of the tattoo.

Mandy quickly turned back around before he realized she was staring. He was about a foot taller than her, and lived one street over, somewhere down the back, near the fence line. He was a quiet guy, and had a short goatee. The rumour mill at school said he had a temper problem, and was on medication, but that was probably just to cover the fact he was so quiet. He normally spent his lunches in the library, reading the fantasy novels.

Mandy sped up a bit, so that Luke wouldn’t get in front of her and see who she was, or worse, see what was on her face. She heard a grunt behind her and ducked a look back over her shoulder, and saw his grinning face as he sped up to match her speed. Mandy broke into a run, and again he kept pace with her. She began to speed up to a dangerous sprint, and chanced a look over her shoulder.

Luke’s rock hard torso was only a couple of feet away, and she turned her head back to concentrate on her path, even as he called out her name. Her eyes locked on the tree root in front of her a split second before her ankle found it, and she tumbled into the dust with a cry of pain. Luke leapt over her body with a startled oath and fell as well, smashing into a tree and splitting off several small branches.

As the dust settled, Luke pushed back up off the ground and got up. “Are you ok, Amanda?” Mandy glared at him over the painful swelling of her ankle. He stepped closer to her and she hit his thigh as hard as she could.

“You asshole! Look what you did!” Luke’s clear green eyes turned to jade agates as he stood over her and crossed his arms. He hadn’t deserved that, and they both knew it. “Well, if you hadn’t chased me like some horny little schoolboy, I wouldn’t have fallen!” A small part of her mind felt smug satisfaction at that particular point, until she realized that his scent was very strong among the tea-trees bordering the stream. It wasn’t body odour, and wasn’t a bad smell, just something very disarming and manly.

Luke sniffed and looked down at her ankle, and his expression softened. “We’ll need to get some ice on that. I’ll take you home.” She stared at him.

“Um, no, strangely I don’t think Australia’s Most Wanted needs çiğli escort a picture of me and you on it in the same time-slot as Sixty-Minutes.” He frowned and ignored her, and his fingers gently peeled down her sock and slipped off her running shoe. His large hand spread out over her ankle, and Mandy swallowed and cleared her throat.

He smoothed the skin around her ankle and foot, feeling the muscles. Mandy felt a blush spreading up her neck, and shut her mouth with a clip. Luke looked up at the fence line on the other side of the creek. There was another bridge a little further up, thirty metres or so, and he nodded as though making up his mind.

“Your foot’s got a twisted muscle that’s popped out of place. It’ll be painful, but with some massage, your boyfriend should be able to put it back in. In for the sake of the argument you seem to want, that show was cancelled ages ago, and despite the moral lessons which you sorely need to focus of, talking like an extra from Clueless isn’t going to garner you any points. Now how far is it to your place?” She stared at him in impotent fury.

“Whatever. Not far, I can make it, without your help.” Luke shrugged and coldly stood there while he waited for her to try to stand. When she put her foot down, without even putting any weight on it, a lance of pain shot up her foot and calf. Mandy’s face paled, and Luke looked away, frowned, then held out his hand.

“Come on. I won’t tell anyone I was even near you.” Mandy scoffed, then tried her best haughty expression, only to pale again as her foot began to throb. She could see the huge bulge on the top of her foot, and lifted her head, stoically refusing to look at it. She took another step and cried out as her foot gave way underneath her. Luke snarled and grabbed her bodily, lifting her in his arms as though he hadn’t just sprinted fifty feet at full speed after running for four hours or so.

Mandy flinched when he picked her up, more from his snarl than any real fear. For some reason, she knew that he was snarling that she’d put herself through needless pain than because of any real anger. Mandy stiffly pointed upstream, and Luke began to walk wordlessly. As they neared the bridge, she pointed across the stream again, and murmured softly. “The one with the blue post tops.” Luke nodded and moved up the slight embankment to the other path, and set her down gingerly.

Mandy gave another cry of pain and sagged against Luke’s chiselled frame helplessly. She whimpered as she unlocked the gate, then tried to give him a wan smile. He stopped for a moment and stared at her. “You gonna be okay?” Mandy swallowed her pride and minutely shook her head.

“My room’s at the top of a spiral staircase. Please, if you can just get me inside, you can call your mum, or whatever.” He flinched as though struck. He nodded and held the door open for her. Mandy struggled a few steps, trying to make it, until Luke picked her up bodily and carried her the rest of the way. The back door was open, letting in the warm evening breeze.

Mandy called out, but her mother didn’t answer, they’d left already. Luke set her down gently on the couch, and stepped into the kitchen. Mandy opened her mouth, but he nodded to himself again, then reached into one of the lower drawers, and pulled out a tea towel. He reached in to the freezer and pulled out the ice tray, and emptied it into the tea towel.

With competent nods and a slight smile, he pulled open the third drawer and then slid it shut and opened the forth, and grabbed the small hammer her mum kept for fixing picture frames. He quickly broke apart the ice inside the towel, then replaced the hammer and tied off the towel. After that, he made his way back to the lounge to the shocked form of Mandy.

He frowned and held the make-shift ice pack up. “This could ache after a bit, and it’ll be cold.” Mandy sniffed.

“I figured that, being ice.” He smiled softly and pressed the ice pack around her rapidly swelling ankle. Mandy shook her head. “I’m impressed. You been in my house before, or something?” Luke frowned as he began to shake his head.

“I don’t understand.” Mandy gestured to the ice and the towel, then back at the kitchen. She pressed her glasses up onto the bridge of her nose as he smiled, wider this time. Mandy noted that it changed his entire appearance when he smiled. And not in a bad way. “Everyone’s kitchen is pretty much the same, because of logic.” Mandy shook her head. “Huh?”

Luke shrugged. “Cutlery goes in the top drawer, because you use it the most. Second drawer is utensils, like whisks and tongs and things like that, unless you’ve got a utensil rack or jug, which you don’t. Next comes the odds and sods drawer, with things like light bulbs, hammers, extension cord ends, double adapters and garden ties and bags. Last drawer is almost always tea towels or dish cloths. Under the sink…” Mandy waved her hands in defeat.

“Ok, fine, you know your kitchens. Your mum teach you foça escort that?” Luke shook his head, his eyes lost in thought.

“My parent’re dead. It’s just me.” Mandy blinked and swore to herself.

“Sorry,” she whispered. “I didn’t mean…” He waved her off, and spread apart the towel. His fingers moved across her foot slowly, and he nodded to himself again. It almost looked cute. Mandy blinked. Where had that come from?

“This will hurt, but now that the swelling’s cooled a bit, it’s a hell of a lot easier to do. Ready?” Mandy shrugged.

“For what?” With a quick jerk, he wrenched her foot sideways and the muscle popped back in. Her leg jerked as a sudden shock went through her, and her eyes flashed angrily. Luke’s sparkling green eyes laughed at her, and he followed suit.

“Sorry. It’s best that way. At least now you’ll be fine in an hour or so.” He stood up, and held out his hand, and Mandy took it roughly, then pressed her foot to the ground softly. There was still a fierce aching pain, but nothing compared to what it had been. She nodded to him in thanks and sat back down. “Why did you run away from me?” Mandy laughed forcedly and flashed him a winsome smile.

“Girl’s prerogative. Playing hard to get.” Luke’s frown was faintly disapproving, and Mandy suddenly found the need to study the floor. She kept forgetting that she wore her nerd badges now. How she hated those glasses. “I didn’t want you to see me like this.” She made a vague gesture to her face, and ducked her head.

Luke laughed, and her eyes flashed angrily as her head jerked up and she stared at him. “Sorry,” he apologized, still laughing. “With no ulterior motive, what the hell’s wrong with your face?” Mandy stared at him incredulously.

“The glasses? I look like a refugee from nerds anonymous!” Luke smirked, then ducked his head, and reached around behind him to grab his shirt. His hands trembled slightly, and he grinned fantastically, his jewel green eyes flashing at her almost…hungrily?

“Trust me, you won’t have any problems with them. They…uh…they work. No…No problems. I better go.” Mandy blinked as she realized his hands still shaking, and he wiped his palms on his dusty shirt. With a start, she realized he was nervous because of her. She looked down at her bedraggled appearance, and her sweat-soaked light jumper. Her beige running shorts were clinging uncomfortably close, and her jumper pressed against her skin, tightly.

She stood up and pressed her glasses to the bridge of her nose. “Really, you think so? They don’t make me look ugly?” He scoffed, then noticed the way she was standing, staring at his sweat lathered body with more than a passing interest. His hands began to shake more visibly as she moved closer to him. “Well?” He swallowed and licked his dry lips, and shook his head.

“Nah, you’re fine. You’re…ugh…they just look…” She took a step closer to him, needing to hear him say it. “Yes, Luke?” Sudden anger flashed through him as his frown deepened, and Luke stepped closer to her with his arms raised in the air.

“Look, stop making an idiot of me, okay? Play your sick little game on someone else. You know you’re the hottest fucking girl in school, and the glasses just bring it out even more. Glasses make you absolutely fucking irresistible.” She nodded slowly and stood stock still.

“So why are you resisting?” Luke stared at her in disbelief. A part of Mandy didn’t believe she was being so brazen, either, but his incredible body scent was driving her mad, and she knew her own body was affecting him in the same way. Luke shook his head.

“You’re taking the piss.” Mandy shook her head, and grabbed a handful of the crushed ice from the towel and limped another two steps to stand right in front of him. Her hand began to drip the melted ice over the polished wooden floor, and she slowly moved her hand up to press it against his chest. Through the ice, she could feel Luke’s hammering heartbeat.

“No, I’m not. Don’t look so surprised, Luke. Have you looked in the mirror lately?” Luke scoffed and shook his head, and sudden seed of uncertainty burst in Mandy’s mind, and she faltered. “Look, if you don’t want…” He leant forwards and put his hand over hers.

“No, really, I want. I just…it’s unbelievable.” Mandy’s eyes were downcast as she slowly moved the ice across his skin, melting the water across his chest.

“Sometimes the really good things are just that, too good to be true.” She slowly leant in and kissed him, and his arms snaked around her shoulders as he pressed her in to his chest. The ice soaked into her jumper, and her ankle throbbed, but Mandy didn’t care as Luke kissed her totally, passionately. His tongue moved against hers as they tasted one another, and Mandy moaned softly. Luke picked her up bodily and made their way up the stairs.

By some minor miracle, they made it to the end of the hall and out to Mandy’s bedroom. Her huge sliding windows were open, to the warm izmir escort night air, and her waterbed lay under the open night air, a tangled mess of sheets and blankets. Mandy murmured unintelligently, and Luke responded by kissing her harder. They fell onto the bed and pushed away the covers eagerly.

Mandy pushed her hands down into Luke’s shorts and grasped his length. Luke moaned against her open mouth, and pressed his groin towards her. His hand reached under her top and he stopped his kiss to grip her zip as it lay against the silken skin of her throat. With a growl, he dragged it down and opened it from the inside with his other hand, and went back to kissing her.

Mandy’s glasses pressed against her face as he kissed her harder and harder, and finally she reared back to take them off. Luke snatched her wrist and shook his head once, and she smiled softly as he kissed at her wrist, then moved back to her throat. They lay outstretched on the bed like that, as Luke moved his nibbles and kisses along her throat to the nape of her neck.

Mandy felt a dampness against her shin and looked down, and spotted the towel that Luke had re-tied to her ankle. She grabbed hold of it as Luke lifted her above him and slid down her body, kissing and suckling at any bit of flesh he could touch, which was nearly all. He untied the towel from around her ankle and slid back up her body slowly, the ice-filled towel held in his right hand.

His other hand moved against her running shorts, and pulled them down her legs slowly, leaving her simple red lace open to the world. A small grin lit his face, and he opened the towel and scooped some of the ice up and put it in his mouth. Mandy watched him through half-lidded eyes as he moved up her body and kissed her once, then twice, and felt the cold of his tongue as it slid against hers. Luke moved back down again, and opened his mouth wide as he enveloped one of her lace encased nipples.

The shock of the ice against the hard bud of her nipple raced through Mandy like lightning, electrifying and empowering all at once. Luke moved to the other nipple and again suckled at her with a mouth full of ice-water. The temperature was not as severe, but the sensations no less intense as his mouth and tongue moved against her. Finally, he swallowed, and moved still lower.

Mandy closed her eyes as she felt his hands gently part her thighs. She heard the slight sound of the crushed ice, and then her world exploded in sensation as his ice-coated tongue slid deep inside her hot centre. A round pebble of ice lodged into the hood barely covering her clitoris, and Mandy bucked up off the bed with a sharp hiss. Her hips jerked spasmodically as the ice melted slowly and moved around her clit, and Luke’s tongue continued to worm within her.

She gasped in great mouthfuls of air as she hissed again, as more sensations moved through her, until her world turned blinding as she climaxed. She felt her juices gush as she came, and Luke grunted in satisfaction. He moved up her body again and his hard cock pressed against her thigh as he kissed her. Mandy tasted her juices on his tongue, and found herself moaning. Luke pushed himself up further, and then arched his hips back, dragging his cock head along her thigh. Mandy looked into her face and raised an eyebrow in impatience, then cried out as he entered her.

Mandy could feel every pulse of Luke’s heart, ever rib and vein, and every filling inch of his length as he drove upwards into her centre. The towel full of ice fell to the floor as the waterbed began to move in time to Luke’s thrusts, and Mandy felt her world spinning again. Luke grunted as her nails raked across his arms, and her mouth opened soundlessly. His eyes opened wide as he struggled with her intense heat and grip, and her hand snaked around his neck and pulled him close for a kiss.

As they moved against each other, Mandy began to sigh in time to his thrusts, and Luke arched his body upwards further, trying to move within her. Her heels hammered a beat on his kidneys as her legs tightened around his waist, and he tried to stave off his climax, but the sensations Mandy was evoking in him were too intense. He felt the electric pulse of his climax thunder against his temples, and he cried out as he lost control.

Mandy clenched down onto his pulsing cock as she felt him gush within her, riding the aftershocks of yet another climax. She could feel the ropey lengths of his cum as his cock jerked inside her, and his pelvis ground against hers, moving inside her still. His jerking hips slowed down, and Luke collapsed on top of her. Mandy sighed, then gave a low moan as he slid out of her, his softening cock trailing wetly up her thigh.

Luke reached down and pulled up one of the sheets and a blanket, and spread it out over them, more for modesty than for warmth. Mandy nestled into the crook of his arm and smiled, her eyes closed. Luke laughed softly to himself, still almost disbelieving.

The next day, the sun woke them up and Mandy sleepily frowned at her clock. She rolled over as Luke stretched and rose, looking for their clothing. He pulled on his shirt and shorts, and crawled across the bed to kiss her. Mandy smiled against his lips. “Mmm, I like that alarm clock.” Luke laughed softly.

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