Weekend Getaway

Amateur Cum

We drive up into the mountains, regardless of the weather warnings we’ve been hearing on the radio the entire trip. The Jeep claws its way up the one lane trail, through the falling snow. Thirty minutes after turning off the main road, we arrive at the cabin.

I toss you the keys to the door, then I grab the luggage. You unlock the door, while I drag our weekend ‘supplies’ up the steps and into the cabin.

The cabin is large, but it only has one main room. A large bed right of the door, the other two thirds of the room are taken up by the living area, to the left of the door, a huge fireplace in the wall there, with a polar bear skin rug in front of it, and a fully functional kitchen on the other side of the rug from the living area.

You are exploring the room and find another door in the wall of the kitchen area. You look through and find a modern bathroom. Complete with a shower and a hot tub. You smile to yourself, thinking of some secret fantasy you’ve had.

Noticing the fireplace, I look around for firewood to get some heat into the cabin. There is a neat pile by the hearth, and I step back out on the porch to discover a large pile stacked near the end. I grab a few larger pieces and bring them in. Time to build a fire.

While I get the fire ready, you begin unloading the luggage. By the time you are finished, I have a fire roiling in the hearth and am sitting in the living area, smoking my pipe. You come over to join me, sitting on my lap. You wrap your arms around my neck and give me a hug.

I pull your head to mine and give you a tender kiss. “Was I wrong? Isn’t this place everything I said it would be? You even have a polar bear skin rug.” I say, laughingly.

I place my cold pipe in an ashtray and gently lift you off my lap. “Time for supper.” I kiss you again and head into the kitchen area.

In less than a half hour, I’ve fixed a light supper. We sit at the table, eating, talking and laughing, for over an hour. I then clear away everything on the table and quickly do the dishes. In the meantime, you’ve been busy with putting away our luggage.

When I finish in the kitchen, I come up behind you and kiss you on the back of your neck, my arms wrapped around you. “I’m going to take a quick shower, then it’ll be all yours.” I kiss you again then take my bag off to the bathroom.

Twenty minutes or so later, I come out of the bathroom, dressed in a nice soft bathrobe. I look up at you as I say, “It’s all yours, baby. While you’re in there, I’ll make sure we have enough firewood for the night.” You go off to the bathroom for your shower.

When you come bahis firmaları out of the shower, dressed in a soft bathrobe too, you notice me sitting on the bear skin rug before the fire. Stacked alongside the hearth looks to be enough firewood to last well into the morning.

You step out, saying, “You’ve been busy.”

I smile and shrug. “I just didn’t want to have to go back out in the cold anymore tonight for firewood.” I pat the rug beside me. “Come join me by the fire.”

You walk over and sit down next to me. I hand you a wine glass. “Before you say anything, I’m not a big fan of wine, but I thought it would add to the atmosphere of romance.” I then pick up my glass and hold it up to the firelight, then turning to you I say, “To our romantic weekend getaway. May we be snowed in all weekend.” I laugh and touch the rim of my glass to yours. We both take a sip.

Although I am not a big fan of wine, I do have to admit the red we are drinking is actually good, and we both consume more than a little.

I finish off the glass and set it aside, patiently waiting for you to do the same. You sip your wine, staring into the flames. When I think your attention is suitably engrossed by the flames, I begin kissing your tender neck flesh.

You set the now empty glass aside and toss your head back. Giving me access to do more than just kiss your neck. My fingers play in your hair, as my tongue comes out to lick up the side of your neck. You moan and shiver.

You turn your head to kiss me. Our lips meet and part. Your tongue dancing with mine. I tug the belt on your bathrobe and slide it from your shoulders. My kisses moving down your neck to the flesh of your shoulders.

After a few moments, I pull the bathrobe from your naked body. Despite the roaring fire, the air is still chilled enough for goosebumps to form on your arms. I stand to remove my bathrobe too, but you wait until I’m on my feet, then stop me.

You tug on my belt and my robe falls open, exposing my semi-hard cock in the firelight. You gently take my cock in hand and begin stroking it. It stiffens as you continue to slide your hand up and down the shaft.

You lean forward, licking the head. Swirling your tongue around it, sticking your tongue into the opening. Your other hand begins caressing my balls. I cast off the robe, letting it fall to the floor unseen. My hands come forward to play with your hair as you suck my cock in a steady fluidic motion.

After a few moments of your expert tongue, my knees give out and I drop down before you on the rug. I kiss you again, gently pushing you back onto the kaçak iddaa rug. My tongue and lips make their way down to your breasts. I swirl my tongue over your nipple, getting it harder. Then move over to the other and suck it into my mouth.

This time, it’s your hands playing with my hair. I suck, flick and tug on your hard nipple. I then kiss down in the valley between your breasts. My hands roam up and down your sides as I make my way towards the space between your thighs.

You arch your back as I get closer to your pussy. Your hands grab clumps of bear fur. I come up before reaching your pussy, disappointing you until you realize that I’m only repositioning to better access your swollen wet lips.

I start kissing along your inner thighs. My goatee tickling the soft, tender flesh. Your hands clench into fists as I close in on your throbbing clit. You thrust your pussy into the air, trying to indicate where I need to place my tongue. With your eyes closed and head thrown back, you don’t see me smile.

I wait until your hips return to the rug, then my tongue slides up your damp slit. You moan as my tongue licks along your pussy lips. Savoring your taste. Your juices are slowly flowing like a river from your pussy. My hands come down and I spread your lips. Driving my tongue deep into your warm wet hole.

You begin to moan more as I dig deep with my tongue. Lapping your juices with each lick. Some escape my probing tongue and drizzle down your slit onto your ass hole. You then feel my finger gently rubbing your tight rear entrance, as my tongue pulls out of your pussy and comes up to lick across your clit.

A jolt of pleasure radiates from your clit. Then it happens again as I suck your clit between my lips. My lips begin massaging your clit, your moans are coming faster as your climax approaches with increasing speed. Then you feel another sensation, as my finger slides into your ass hole. That is just enough to send you over the edge.

Your climax hits like a runaway train. You cry out as cum floods from your pussy, drenching my goatee and the rug beneath you. You didn’t exactly squirt, but a large amount of cum continues to flow from your pussy. I continue lapping it up as it pours from you. My finger thrusting in and out of your ass with increasing speed.

For almost a minute, your pussy contracts, pushing more of your cum from it. After roughly ninety seconds or so, I rise and pull my finger from your ass. My face glistening in the firelight. You are panting for breath after that explosive climax. I pull up next to you. My hand squeezing your tits and playing with your kaçak bahis nipples.

You turn your head to kiss me. Your tongue enters my mouth to wrestle with mine. You taste your pussy on my lips and tongue. The taste of your juices makes you hotter. You reach down and begin stroking my hard cock. I gasp as you fondle my balls as well.

You stroke me faster and faster, bringing me closer to bursting. My pre-cum glistens on your hand. I take your hand and raise it to my mouth to suck my juices from your fingers. Then I kiss you, so you can taste both of our juices.

We continue kissing for a while. Just basking in the love and lust we feel for each other. Then I surprise you as I break our kiss and rise to my knees. I get between your thighs, with my hard dick in hand. I rub the head up and down your wet pussy lips. You try to thrust your hips forward. Trying to put my cock into your pussy, but I continue rubbing the head against your lips. Getting it wet and slick with your juices.

I rub the head against your clit. Your slippery cum sliding smoothly over your sensitive nub. You begin to feel your climax rising again. You reach down trying to put the head of my cock into your wet throbbing pussy. You moan in frustration yet again as I pull back.

This time though, it is only long enough to line up the head with your pussy and thrust deep inside you. You moan as I sink into your warm depths. I hold still, enjoying your tight, warm and wet pussy. You throw your head back, with your eyes closed enjoying the feeling of being full of my hot throbbing cock.

Then I pull out slowly, until just the head is inside you. I thrust in again a little harder and faster. Soon we get into a rhythm. In and out, in and out. Faster and faster. The sound of our skin slapping against each other fills the air. Both of us panting as we get closer to cumming.

You bring your hand down to rub your clit, knowing I love watching you do this. You feel my dick swelling inside you and know I’m about to burst. Suddenly, I yell out as my cum fills your pussy. The feeling of me pouring my hot cum deep into you triggers your own orgasm. Both of us clutching each other as we cum together.

I continue holding my dick in you as I spurt three then four times. With each spurt, you shudder as minor tremors flow from your pussy in mini orgasms. After about a minute, I pull out of you. Our mixed cum leaking from your now wide-open pussy. The juices run down your ass crack and onto your ass hole.

I once again crawl back up next to you. Wrapping my arms around you and pulling you into an embrace. We kiss and caress each other, until sleep begins to overtake us. I reach over and grab the edge of the rug, pulling it over us to keep us warm in front of the fire. Soon we both fall asleep in each other’s arms. Warm and content.

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