Sexy Passion



Kimber and Alex had been together for two years. The passion between them was so intense that they loved having sex…These are a few of their experiences outside of the bedroom.


Chapter One-Couch

Kimber and Alex finally get a day off together, so he takes a shower and joins her on the couch to cuddle and watch TV.

She fits perfectly under his arm, curls her legs and feet under the edge of her nightgown, and leans against him. She belongs there.

He can smell her perfume and kisses her lightly on the forehead, and she responds by wrapping her arms around his bicep, pulling it to rest between her breasts, and then reach up to kiss him on the cheek.

As she pulls back, she pauses and returns to kiss him fully on the lips. As he returns the kiss, she increases the passion behind them and he feels her wonderfully warm full tongue lightly enter his mouth, quickly retracting. She knows that he loves to dance with her tongue, and he responds. They have a serious, loving kiss full of deep significance.

Her breasts rest on his arm, and he can feel their warmth, firmness and fullness. Her nipples don’t get hard, but they get seriously firm…he can feel them against his arm.

Slowly she leans closer, and turn, as she lies across his lap. She has her face up and lips still on his…her arms unwrap to clasp again behind his neck. his arms go around her and pull her closer to him.

He moves his left arm, slowly raises her nightgown and softly rubs her soft tummy with his hand. She moans lightly and raises her hips under his hand.

His hand slips slowly around and grasps her left cheek. She rolls sideways to face his chest and places her shoulder over the firmness in his jeans. She teases him by rolling it back and forth, smiling as she does it.

She murmurs something soft and moves down to place her cheek against that firmness. His hand and arm follow her as she moves. She rocks her head rubbing him with her cheek. The firmness grows, and she says that she’s found something warm.

He raises his hand to her breast, she lowers her hips and then arches her back toward him. He tells her that he, too, has found something warm. He softly rubs her breast and then circles it with his palm. Occasionally he switches to the other breast, before finally pulling the nightgown to her neck and placing his hand directly on her soft skin. He circles her nipple of one and then the other. He uses his hand to cup each breast in turn.

She moans and her lips return to his, joining them for a heavenly few minutes.

She pulls away slightly, and turns on her side with her face down. His hand continues to explore her breasts, and she begins to undo his jeans.

With them fully opened, she stretches the waist and pulls them down to allow her hands full entrance. She pushes his leg to signal that he should spread his thighs. He happily obliges and her hand reaches under to fully release him and his cock. She curls up with her cheek against his firmness…one hand cuddling his cock.

He moves his hand down to signal her to spread her own legs. Slowly, he runs his fingers down her tummy, and continues to rub it, enjoying its softness. She releases his and reaches down to push his hand lower. It enters a soft, light colored down, coming to rest with his fingers tracing the lushness of a second set of lips.

She moans and reaches down to pull his hand closer. He feels the lips spread slightly, exposing his fingers to a soft, smooth, perfect moistness. Slowly he moves his fingers, rotating them as they slide. He slowly extends the fingers to the back of those lips and returns them just as slowly. She trembles and again raises her hips to him.

Slowly he slides down with his back to the couch until his head is opposite her tummy. He kisses it and continues to explore it more with each kiss. She spreads her legs further and grasps each side of his face with a hand and slowly forces him down between her inner thighs.

He runs his tongue over them, tasting the sweetness and the tenderness. She rotates her cheek against him and then one hand holding him and pulling it hard against her cheek.

With his face buried between her thighs, she begins to close them around his head. He raises his hands, spreads and holds her thighs apart to allow him to breathe. He feels the downy softness and her luscious pussy lips against his lips.

Slowly he rubs his chin back and forth against her, and then side to side to spread her pussy lips. She moans softly and her hands reach to pull his head hard against her. His mouth finds its way in and he wraps his lips around her clit.

Slowly he teases it and it gets firm, then he uses his tongue to taste her warm moistness and traces the same sweet path that his fingers explored a few moments ago.

After a few minutes, he feels her hands on his head, first pulling him in and then, after a few more minutes, she’s trying desperately to get him to release her. güvenilir bahis Finally he yields to her urgings.

He feels her trembling and hears her moaning. Savagely, she begins to push and retract her hips against him. His lips and tongue follow every thrust, teasing her relentlessly. A moan in her throat signals that she’s approaching climax.

His hands are holding her thighs firmly and tries his best to please her. She begins to cum and he continues to pleasure her. Again and again she reaches the pinnacle of her passion.

She lays for a few minutes, gathering her breath and her senses.

She tells him to sit up. She curls her legs under herself again, but this time she’s sitting on the floor at his feet. She tells him softly that she loves him, quietly thanks him and tells him that she needed the release.

Her hands reach to his cock and wrap firmly around it. She begins to stroke him and her thumbs are circling the head. She pauses and squeezes him, then bends forward while rising to her knees. Her lips lightly kiss it and begin to travel over it. Her tongue comes out, she’s looking directly into his eyes and smiling. She makes soft sounds and moans again, softly.

When she reaches the head, her tongue circles it again and again. he’s moaning now, and can barely stand the pleasure. It seems like he’s in paradise as she teases him into her mouth. She raises and lowers her head, slowly at first.

As his own hips are thrust forward, she takes him deep in her mouth, to the entrance of her throat. Her throat and the back of her tongue are doing their magic and he works his hardest to postpone his climax.

Again she looks him in the eyes, and her hands and lips are fondling him the way he’s experienced so many times before. He thinks of his deep love and affection for her as he explodes in spite of every effort. She draws more and more from him, until he’s completely expended and starts breathing again.

She cleans him thoroughly, pats him softly, smiles and tells him that she loves him.

He asks her to stand. As she gets up, he grabs her hips, lifts her and pulls her toward him. He asks her to bend her knees and raise her legs to his shoulders.

As she does so, he pulls her closer with his head pressing back into her downy softness. She relaxes her legs and they bend at the knees to rest on the back of the couch with the calf of each leg hanging down. Again, he does his best to pleasure her.

She makes him pause and swings one leg over his head. She turns over and then returns the other leg back over his head to rest on his shoulders. Her legs are spread, and his arms go around her slender hips pulling her into him. As his tongue begins, he feels her tongue on his cock again.

In a few moments he’s rigid again, and she moans once and tells him to lay down. As he reclines, she sits up and pulls away. She turns and climbs on him, straddling him.

She reaches between his legs and grabs him. Slowly she guides him to her wetness, sliding him back and forth. The softness and moistness has him harder than ever as she inserts his cock and sits down slowly. Her movements guide his cock deeper and deeper.

She begins to rock back and forth on her knees. She drives him deep and almost extracts it before repeating the movement. She increases the speed of this movement and he’s doing everything he can to prolong her pleasure. She climaxes and almost drives him over the edge.

After a slight pause, she begins again, but she slowly unwraps her legs and places one on each side of his head and against his ears. As she continues, she lifts one leg and places it over his head. She’s sitting and she begins to rotate slowly until she’s facing his feet. Each partial turn causes her to moan softly.

When she’s facing his feet, she begins the rocking again. She cums and drives it deeply and thrusts her head back on her shoulders.

As he lets everything go, his hands grip her hips lifting and pulling. As he reaches the peak of his climax, he pulls her down hard and explode. Slowly, he sits up and places his hands around her tummy, hugging her.

Then he raises them and cup her breasts in each hand. He kisses the nape of her neck and tells her of his love.

After their cigarette, he lays back on the couch, absolutely unable to refuse her. She straddles him again, grabbing hold of his cock and rubbing the tip against her clit. She’s still soaking wet and his cock slid around with ease. She kept using him to pleasure herself, making him ache to drive deep inside her.

His hands go for her hips, trying to guide her onto him, but she was there, once again with perfect timing, guiding his cock between her hot lips and pushing her hips to his, taking him all the way in and tightening around the base of his cock.

Tightly clenching around him as she started riding him, one hand pushing on his chest as she slides up and down. He reaches up for her bouncing breasts, taking her nipples between thumb türkçe bahis and forefinger and pressing down. She gasps, riding him harder, grinding her pelvis against his for deeper penetration.

He grabs her ass, pulling on her ass cheeks hard to open her lips, grinding back against her, wanting to find something that lays just beyond his reach, just a fraction deeper. He kept pushing, aching for it, feeling warmth building, swelling, and squeezes her ass tighter, knowing he’s reaching it, that it was right there, and then the warmth surged up the length of him, jetting deep into her…two, then three, then four pounding strokes clutching onto her perfect flesh and then sinking back into familiar couch cushions.

Chapter Two-Truck

Alex gets a new four-door Silverado, so they decide to “break it in” on a gas well road.

Once he gets them to the road, and the truck’s in park, she all but pushes him into the backseat. Wanting his mouth on her and his hands and his cock and…she just wants him.

She undoes his jeans, push them down and drops her mouth to his cock. Using her hands to run up and down while her mouth licks at just the tip of him. She can feel his hands on her back and she moves her arms to get her shirt and bra off for him.

Once they’re gone, he raises her up and takes her breasts in his mouth, licking at her one nipple and pinching at the other one, while his other hand undoes the clasp on her pants. She gets up on her knees next to him on the seat and he works her pants off.

He scoots forward and she climbs into his lap and onto his cock. Her arms wrap around him and he brings his mouth back down to her breasts.

His cock feels so good filling her pussy, and as she starts to slowly ride him, moving up and down again, she can feel everything.

Feeling his arms around her, holding her in to him, feeling his cheeks scratch against her breasts, making her moan. His hands go to her hips and her hands reach for him, wanting his mouth on hers.

Her mouth is busy with his…little licks and sucks and nibbles between lips and tongue and teeth.

Feeling his hands guide her hips up on down his cock, feeling him fill her mouth with his tongue and her pussy with his cock.

When her hips move faster, drag his cock deep into her pussy and his hands grab her ass, she changes her angle just a bit so she’s leaning back a little and impossibly more of his cock is deeper inside her.

With his hands on her ass he starts to tease her hole and she grabs at his shoulders.

He leans her all the way back and props her up against the seat in front and starts to fuck her hard. So good, so full, his cock fills her pussy over and over again until she can’t take it and she cums all over his cock.

He starts to pull his cock almost out and teases back in so slow and she reaches up and brings his mouth to hers. “Don’t tease” she mumbles against his lips. He pulls back for just a second and says “I’m not.”

When he comes back to kiss her again his cock leaves her pussy and fills her ass all in one motion…she moans into his mouth how good that feels.

As he begins to slowly fuck her ass, she can feel him drive in until his balls rub against her ass cheeks and she twists her hips against him, wanting more.

She begs for more and he pulls back and smiles and takes her hips in his hands and starts to pound into her ass. Him fucking her ass is so hot. Her ass feels so tight stretched by his cock and as he moves in and out her; he moves one of his hands down to flick at her clit. It only takes twice before her entire body arches and she moans out his name.

When her ass tightens down onto his cock she can hear him start his growl and off she goes again.

He pulls out of her ass and helps her back onto his lap and she has to sit with her head buried in his neck for a sec. Too tired to move.

He tilts his head around and licks at her ear. Then starts rubbing and cupping her breasts as he sucks on her stiff nipples.

He moves back up and kisses her and moves his hand down to her wet pussy.

He circles her clit with his finger and she wriggles in delight. He pushes one finger deep into her pussy before adding another…she moans and shivers with delight.

His fingers are still deep inside her pussy, now rubbing her g-spot. Her hips start tilting up and down as waves of pleasure rush through her body.

He lays her down and spreads her legs with his knees, teasing her wet pussy with his cock, rubbing the head over her aching clit and slide the whole length of his hard cock deep inside her once again.

She moans loudly as his cock slides deep into her awaiting pussy. She moves one of her hands to her throbbing clit, rubbing it as he pounds her deep and hard. The other hand she moves to his back, digging her nails deep into his flesh leaving bright red scratch marks.

Their bodies are moving in rhythm as he slides his cock in and out of her pussy. He can see the pleasure güvenilir bahis siteleri on her face as she nears climax.

He gets up onto his knees hooking her knees over his shoulders so that he can ram her wet pussy even harder.

She grips tightly onto the door behind her as she begins to cum, her body bucking with pleasure, her screams and moans of pleasure echoing in the trees around them. He continues to fuck her and she can feel her pussy pulsating and tightening on his cock.

She can see that is bringing him close to orgasm, so she pulls him back down on top of her kissing him.

He begins to cum only seconds after her. He lets out one final groan as he unloads inside her and falls into her arms, letting himself go soft inside her and they kiss.

Chapter Three-Shower

Alex can see Kimber’s silhouette as she shampoos her hair, her pointy nipples showing on her lovely breasts.

She’s rubbing soap over her body just as he imagined. He takes all his clothes off; his cock springs to attention as it is released from his boxers…he’s really turned on.

In a sudden movement, he moves into the shower beside her.

She feels the warmth of his body come close before it actually makes contact with her skin. She feels his lips touch her shoulder and hands touch lightly onto her hips.

She leans her head back against his shoulder, exposing more of her neck. He happily obliges, gently kissing up from her shoulder along the side of her neck. The water flows down around her breasts and stomach…it runs down her legs.

He takes the soap from her and starts caressing her breasts with it. They’re very firm and he caresses her nipples, they stand to attention at his touch.

His hands move and reach between her legs, holding her inner thighs in each hand. His mouth reaches midway along the side of her neck. She feels his teeth teasingly along her neck.

She spreads her legs a little as she feels his hands pulling at her thighs. She moans slightly, feeling the water now running down her body between her legs. It feels a lot cooler than the warmth spreading out from her pussy.

His hands gently squeeze her thighs as he gently bites on her neck and lets his hands move up a little, getting closer to her warm wet pussy.

She moves her hips a little forward, waiting for his hands to touch her and move one of his hands up from her thigh, slowly sliding along her skin against the flow of cool water. She pushes her hips out, trying to get his hand to touch her sooner.

His hand stops close to her pussy…so close to her aching clit. She groans silently, a little frustrated.

He moves himself closer to her. Her groan turns to a moan as she feels his hardness against her cool skin as it throbs against her bottom.

She moves her hips back, pushing her body against his. Trying to feel more of his hardness against her.

His fingers touch her clit now. She moans and pushes her hips forward, making his fingers brush harder against her clit.

His fingers stroke along her clit. First, moving with the water…it feels so smooth and so good. Silky touch, electrifying movement. Then he moves his fingers up against the flowing water. This along with the water seems to put more pressure against her clit and she pushes her hips up against his fingers.

She feels her clit push harder against his fingers, feeling the water running so cool against and along her hot clit. It flows so excitingly down her pussy. She feels the cool and now warming water between her pussy lips as her hips come back down and his fingers run down along her clit with the flowing water, his hard cock presses against her bottom.

As she places one of her hands on the wall to support herself and try to move her hips faster against his fingers, he moves his fingers deeper and longer along her clit. The tips of his fingers spread her pussy lips, gently touching her entrance with every stroke.

His fingers move faster and he moves them deeper, letting them slide halfway into her pussy.

She moves more, feeling his fingers stroking up against her clit. She moans, her body shivers as she feels the tips of his fingers spread and enter her pussy. she pushes her body back as she feel his hard cock throbbing against her skin.

His body moves against hers. Her back cradled by his front…she screams as she starts cumming and he pushes his fingers hard along her clit and deep into her pussy.

She shakes against him as she feels her pussy lips spread and suck in his fingers. She moans as she continues to cum.

She shudders once more and finishes cumming onto his fingers as he gently bites her neck.

She turns around and her hands grab him and pulling him close, forcing his hard cock against her belly. Their eyes connect. They don’t need to speak, they both know what they want.

She groans as their lips meet, crushing together and then her tongue forces its way into his mouth, exploring with passion.

She drops to her knees and takes all of him into her mouth. She can feel the tip of his cock at the back of her throat. The water rushing down on top of her as she clamps her lips down at the base of his cock and slowly pull back and forth.

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