Show Me the Money!!!


All sexual acts depicted in this story are between two legally consenting adults 18 years of age or older.


There is an old saying that some people will do anything for money and Rachel was no exception. She was not above doing whatever it took to get the cash she wanted. Rachel’s bother Dirk knew that fact well but he never dreamed where it would lead.

Even though Dirk was about 27 months older than Rachel, they had always had a strong, close relationship. Rachel knew she confide in Dirk and whatever she told him would never be repeated. Dirk also had the same mutual agreement in that whatever Dirk told Rachel was safer than all the gold in Fort Knox.

Rachel and Dirk also enjoyed playfully teasing with each other and were always joking around together. However on this particular day the playful teasing led to the relationship evolving from a normal brother sister bond to an intimate one in which they crossed that line society considers taboo and becoming lovers.

It was an ordinary summer Saturday and Dirk had been kicking back on the sofa watching baseball on television in the 3 bedroom house he and Rachel shared. Rachel was a little short on cash and decided she was going to ask Dirk for $50 to buy something she wanted.

It wasn’t that Rachel wasn’t without money because she wasn’t. She made a fairly good but modest living working as an Office Manager with an OBGYN doctor’s office. She managed her money reasonably well but it was near the end of the month and was trying to hold out until she got paid the following Friday.

Rachel figured Dirk wouldn’t mind. After all what were big brothers for anyway. She had borrowed money from Dirk before and Dirk knew she was good for it.

Rachel also figured Dirk wouldn’t miss it that much anyway. At 24 Dirk was making a fairly comfortable living working as Chief of Information Services and she knew he always had money to spend.

Dirk happened to land his current job by “luck” as some people would refer to it. He just so happened to be in the right place at the right time. A buddy of his named Brad working for the same company Dirk was said his boss had lost all of the company’s info when their network crashed.

The boss was considering hiring an outside company to come in and solve the problem but the estimates were more than what the boss wanted to pay. Brad called Dirk up and said ” Dude, if you want a job, get down here on the double.”

Dirk showed up in just a white t-shirt chocolate colored jeans and sneakers. Dirk was not what most would consider the corporate type. Dirk had short brown hair almost buzzed cut and had tattoos. He was also not the type who liked shirts and ties.

Dirk solved the problem in a couple of hours and saved the company 10’s of thousands of dollars plus countless man-hours of time. The boss was so impressed and that wanted to hire Dirk right on the spot.

The boss also apologized to Dirk in that his first impression of Dirk which was not very good was hasty and wrong. Anyone who had the knowledge and skills he had could work for him even if he looked like Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones.

The boss did however suggest compromise for the dress code in that if Dirk would at least wear a nice pull over knit shirt and casual dress pants he could work there. Dirk accepted the offer and the rest as they say was history.

Anyway, back to the story. As it was pointed out above Dirk was enjoying the ballgame on the television when Rachel came into the room. She was looking hot as always.

On this particular day Rachel was wearing a chocolate covered tank top with a plunging neckline which showed off an ample amount of cleavage and the shirt was flimsy enough so that anyone with a set of working eyes could see her sumptuous breasts through the shirt.

Rachel also had on a short blue jean skirt that barely covered her ass. Her dark straight chestnut brown hair was down and came down to dvd porno just between her shoulder blades.

Rachel was very comfortable with her body and had no trouble showing it off. In fact she loved it. She knew she was hot and sexy and loved letting others seeing it.

Physically speaking Rachel stood about 5’7″ tall weighed about 115 pounds slender build and measured 34B-22-32. She also had long slender but well-toned dancers legs and her emerald green eyes could captivate a man’s soul and hold it hostage.

Dirk was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of chocolate brown jeans. He was fairly good looking himself but wasn’t what you called a pretty boy type. He was more ruggedly handsome along the lines of a young Sean Connery.

As Rachel entered the den area she asked Dirk for some money while Dirk was trying to watch T.V. When Dirk didn’t stop what he was doing to answer her, Rachel decided she was going to playfully worm it out of him.

Rachel began nudging Dirk to get his attention and like a child wanting attention was going to keep pestering him until she got what she wanted.

“Gimme some money,” Rachel said as she continued to pester Dirk but Dirk just pretended not to respond. He knew her game and was intending to give it to her, he just wanted to have fun with her.

“Come on gimme some money,” Rachel playfully whined as she continued to playfully pester Dirk. Rachel then started dancing in front to the television to get his attention.

“Hey come on, I can’t see the game,” Dirk said as he feigned being upset.

“Well the sooner you give me what I want the sooner I will let you get back to your boring game,” Rachel playfully retorted.

When Dirk didn’t budge and Rachel was about to leave in an angry huff, she suddenly changed her tactics. A naughty thought crossed her mind and she decided to act on it.

“I’ve seen your wiener,” Rachel coyly said as she began tugging on Dirk’s pants near his crotch. “I’ve seen your wee-ner” Rachel repeated and she began rubbing on his crotch.

“Hey now,” Dirk playfully responded.

“What’s the matter brother dear, don’t like me playing with your wiener,” Rachel playfully responded.. I’m going to keep on playing with it until you give me what I want.”

“Stop,” Dirk repeated as he feigned protest.

“I know you don’t mind other girls playing with your wiener so what is the difference,” Rachel coyly retorted “I’m a girl too so it shouldn’t matter.”

Rachel then unfastened Dirk’s pants and pulled his cock out from his underwear. Rachel then took Dirk’s cock in her hand spit on it twice to get it good and slippery then began stroking it.

“Hmmmmm from the looks of your wiener brother dear it appears that you are enjoying this,” Rachel said as she once again spit on Dirk’s cock making it more slippery and continued stroking it as she squeezed the head.

“Will you gimme what I want if I give you a blow job,” Rachel added with a sly grin.

“Maybe,” Dirk replied coyly.

“What if I fuck you would that change your mind,” Rachel added.

“Possibly,” Dirk said with a smile.

“Well just don’t tell my boyfriend,” Rachel replied with a sly grin.

Rachel removed Dirk’s shorts and underwear, tossed them aside then took Dirk’s cock and put her lips on it as she began sucking it slurping on it like a child would a popsicle.

“Damn you’re so fucking big and hard,” Rachel crooned as she continued to suck on Dirk’s massive tool. “My boyfriend James has nothing on you.”

“Well I aim to please,” Dirk replied with a smirk.

Rachel continued sucking on Dirk’s hard tool. Dirk put his hand on Rachel’s head and lovingly caressed her hair as he laid back and enjoyed the feelings.

Rachel took a time out to pull off her tank top exposing her sumptuous 34B breasts and then went back to work on Dirk’s cock.

Rachel took Dirk’s cock all the way in to her mouth and taking it all ensest porno in and deep throated Dirk. She bobbed her head up and down on Dirk’s cock and was sucking so fast that she almost gagged on it.

“Mmmmmmm yes Rachel suck me,” Dirk moaned.

You like brother dear,” Rachel said with a smile as she came up for air.

“Hell yeah, “Dirk replied. Damn you a skillful little cock gobbler aren’t you?’

“Well I have had lots of practice,” Rachel beamed with pride.”

“I bet you have,” Dirk added with a smile.

“Well what can I say,” Rachel smiled gleefully “I’m a naughty little trashy whore and I love it!!

“I wouldn’t have you any other way,” Dirk said with a moan.

“Well just consider me your private little slut,” Rachel smiled as she went back to sucking on and stroking his cock.

Deep inside Dirk’s passions were rising and he felt the all familiar feeling of his cock beginning to with cum. Dirk knew it wasn’t going to be long until he spunked his load.

“Oh shit yes baby,” Dirk grunted as he felt his cock twitch. “Oh God I’m gonna cum.”

“I want it all baby,” Rachel crooned.

Within a matter of seconds Dirk spunked his load sending his jism streaming forth like a geyser.

Rachel took in all of Dirk’s manhood not missing a drop.

“Oh god you’re so fucking hot,” Rachel crooned as she savored every drop of Dirk’s semen.

Rachel then stood up and slinked out her skirt revealing her sweet shaved tender and oh so perfectly pink pussy. She then pulled off Dirk’s t-shirt and had him sit back on the sofa and she lowered her pussy onto his still hard cock.

Dirk moaned as his hard tool slid inside his sister’s sweet pussy. Rachel slowly began riding Dirk as she gradually began building up speed until she was riding him hard and fast.

Rachel’s butt was slapping against Dirk’s thighs as she rode hot and heavy. Rachel was riding him so hard that Dirk was certain that Rachel was going to grind his cock down to a nub but he didn’t care. He was enjoying the feelings to much

Rachel pulled Dirk to him and allowed Dirk to suck her sweet breasts.

“Oh god yes baby you’re so fucking hot,” Rachel crooned as she continued riding him.

Our lovers then embraced and kiss as Rachel’s soft sweet tender 5’7″ 115 pound 34B-22-32 body pressed against Dirk’s hard muscular 5’11” 175 pound frame.

Rachel felt her pussy quiver and she knew it wasn’t long until she came.

“Make me cum baby,” Rachel lustfully moaned as she continued riding Dirk.

Seconds later Rachel’s pussy streamed forth its sweet honey dew nectar as she flooded Dirk’s cock with her sweet cream. It wasn’t long until Dirk spunked his load into Rachel’s pussy.

“Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s” Rachel lustfully purred as she felt Dirk’s manhood fill her pussy.

“Gimme more baby,” Rachel moaned. “I want you to take me from behind doggie style.

Rachel pulled the throw blanket that was on the back on the sofa and spread it out on the floor. She then positioned herself so that she was on her hands and knees. Dirk slid his slippery cock into Rachel’s wet pussy and slowly began pumping her.

“Oh god yes fuck me hard baby,” Rachel crooned as she allowed herself to give into the pleasure.

Dirk hammered Rachel from behind as she built up speed driving her like a pile driver. Rachel was swooning and could hardly contain the pleasure.

Dirk pulled Rachel upright so that she was now on her knees and Dirk held her body close to his with his right arm around her body in the region just below her neck and above her breasts.

Dirk began talking dirty to Rachel calling her a trashy whore and dirty filthy nasty little slut.

“Oh yes baby I want to be your filthy little whore,” Rachel moaned.

Rachel felt her orgasm steadily building as it reached its zenith and a resounding crescendo. Rachel’s knees began to quiver and her body was trembling. czech amateurs porno

Dirk sensing this released his grip and Rachel went back down on her knees. Rachel was now on her elbows as she fought to contain the pleasure that was overtaking her.

Rachel grabbed the blanket with her fist and dropped her head as the next wave of pleasure hit her body slamming into her like a tidal wave crashing into the rocks of shore.

“Oh God yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s” Rachel screamed at the top of her lungs as she arched her back and gave into the orgasm that rippled through her body.

Rachel came flooding Dirk’s cock with her sweet cream.

“Don’t stop baby,” Rachel moaned. “Do me missionary style,” she pleaded. I wanna feel your hard body next to mine. I want to feel our bodies become as one.

Dirk removed his cock from Rachel’s soaking wet pussy and Rachel laid on her back and spread her legs wide. Dirk laid on top of Rachel sunk his cock deep into her and Rachel wrapped her sweet slender legs around Dirk’s body and pulled him in.

This time instead of hot and heavy fucking this time it was slow and sensual. Rachel and Dirk slowly fucked as their bodies began melting together as one.

Their bodies weren’t the only thing that became as one. Their minds, souls and spirits became as one as well. Soon time and space became suspended and lost all meaning. Rachel and Dirk were now in their own little bubble of a universe and were only aware of each other.

Their union also took on a mystical level in that they felt the other’s pleasure. No words were needed to tell how each one wanted to be pleasured. They instinctively knew what the other wanted.

Rachel and Dirk enjoyed what seemed like an eternity of pleasure. They felt the other’s orgasms rise and knew it wasn’t long until they would both cum.

When they climaxed they both came at the same time. Rachel flooded Dirk’s cock with her sweet sticky cream and Dirk spunked his manhood deep into Rachel’s pussy.

After this they slowly came down from their orgasmic high. The world of time and space slowly returned to normal as Dirk and Rachel basked in the euphoric pleasure of afterglow.

Rachel and Dirk held each other close as they now laid side by side embraced their bodies pressed together and Dirk’s cock still buried deep inside of Rachel’s pussy.

Rachel and Dirk spent about five minutes kissing and caressing and then Rachel rolled Dirk over so that he was on his back and she was on top of him.

“Oh baby I have never felt such magic as what happened” Rachel lustfully purred. She then with a playful tone “So do you think I have earned that money I wanted to borrow from you?”

“Oh Rachel baby I will personally go out and buy you whatever the hell you want,” Dirk responded.

“Hmmmmm,” Rachel said with a smile I think I could go for that. So does that mean now that anytime I want a favor from you this is the way need to repay you?”

“Hmmmmm sounds interesting,” Dirk playfully responded as he stroked his chin like a learned professor contemplating a particular thought provoking question.

“I wouldn’t mind if you said yes,” Rachel replied. “In fact I was hoping we could make this a regular thing.”

“I could get used to that,” Dirk replied. “But what about your boyfriend?”

He never need know I sure as hell won’t tell him and besides I think that won’t be a problem because he and I aren’t really on speaking terms after I found out he was banging another girl on the side.”

“Oh well his loss,” Dirk replied.

“Yeah and if mom and dad could only see us now,” Rachel said with a wicked grin. “They would totally freak!

“Well what happens in the Dirk Cave stays in Dirk Cave you could say,” Dirk replied with a smile.

From that time on Dirk and Rachel never looked back. Rachel used her connection with the OBGYN she worked for to get the depro shot as well as a supply of the Morning after pill.

Dirk and Rachel enjoyed a hot passionate relationship that only grew stronger and deeper as time went along. Little did Rachel know that when she wanted to borrow a few dollars from her brother just what the cost would be but it was a cost she relished paying.

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