Stimulus Bill Ch. 02


Chapter 2 Entrepreneur-ship

All characters are of legal age (18), this is a work of fiction after all, right?


“Now Cat, You said that videos about Incest had the highest draw, but isn’t that illegal?” Cathy asked.

“Sure it is mom, but who’s going to check it out? And anyway it’s just a title you give your video, it doesn’t have to be real. Steven and I aren’t brother and sister, but it worked for us to make more money. We gave people the ‘Idea’ we were brother and sister.” Cat explained.

“But what if it really were real? Wouldn’t we be in trouble?” Cathy pressed her for an answer.

“Gosh mom! I guess you could get into trouble but like I said whose going to check it out? There are Web Masters for every site and they might edit your content, but we are all over eighteen. And unless there’s a complaint to a police entity that patrols the Internet, I guess you could get into trouble. How does that effect us?” Cat asked.

“Well, I know that this Internet idea has changed my plan somewhat, and I like it much better because I think it will be much safer for all of us.” Cathy started.

“What do you mean ‘All of Us’, mom?” Kelli asked a little sharply.

“I,’ Cathy stammered, ‘I’m not sure, Kelli. I just assumed that since you girls were more knowledgeable about the Internet aspect of this, that you would be involved in helping with production, or posting, or anything else that might come up.”

‘Anything else that might come up?’ Bill thought, as he adjusted his manhood beneath the table, quietly listening to revelations about his girls he’d never dreamed.

“Oh,’ now it was Kelli’s turn to stammer, ‘I thought you meant something else.” She was blushing furiously before she quickly darted a sidelong looked towards me.

“Oh, OH!’ Cathy realizing her faux pas, ‘I’m sure you girls wouldn’t need to ‘Do’ anything! Right?” She said this last turning to me as if I would have a say in any of this.

“I suppose that they being adults could make up their own minds, and anything that they wanted to contribute, being as they are members of this family and bare some responsibility to help support this family, they could choose the area which best suits their abilities and talents, and the level of participation they wish to contribute. As each of us who participate should be compensated for the different efforts we each perform, and that any monies over and above what we need for expenses and operating costs should be divided amongst each who participate, for the amount of the individual participation.”

“Like, Wow! Dad!” Kelli said laughing, “You sounded all business like and junk!”

“Well, Kelli. This is a business, a somewhat insane business, for a man to get into with his wife and two daughters, even if you are adults, but a business none the less, and should be operated like one. It will be less of a strain on our relationships if we look at this in that light. It might be hard for us at the beginning to realize what each of us is good at and wants to do but once we get settled into the whole aspect of things we need to do, we really need to decide on pay for each of us, so it is fair and agreed upon by all. Money is usually the cause for most disagreements among business partners.” I felt pleased with myself, I had totally side stepped the issue about whether or not the girls would participate sexually in the videos. It was a question I was fearful to even consider, though my pecker had his own ideas.

“Daddy?’ Cat asked in a strange almost little girl voice,’Will you let Kelli and I have sex on the videos?”

“I, I …” Now it was my turn to stammer from embarrassment, I looked towards Cathy for support.

“Cat! Stop teasing your father!” Cathy came to my rescue. “Look, you girls Are Adults. You can if you want, be involved in the videos, but that is not what this is about, so let’s please keep this discussion on a more adult level.”

“Well, we are talking about making “Adult Films” are we not?” Kelli queried smiling.

“Kelli Jean!” Cathy warned.

“Mom!’ Kelli parried, ‘you and dad would freak out if Cat or I wanted to ‘Do It’ in the film, I mean, come on!”

There was a lake of silence that no one wanted to wade into. We sat around the table, Cathy looked as if she was on the verge of changing her mind and not allowing the girls to participate in the videos, I had to do something.

“I think it would be a wonderful idea, Kelli. You and Cat are very beautiful women. I’m sure you would draw an appreciable audience, as well as make very good money.” My heart was pounding in my chest as I said these words, practically begging my girls, not just to fuck for money, but to allow me to see them, watch them fuck for money to save my sorry ass. I was sure Cathy was going to disown me then and there, so I didn’t say anything else.

I could see out of the corner of my eye, Cathy, looking at me strangely. I wasn’t sure but I felt she was turned on thinking about our daughters having sex, I know I was.

“Why of course, I didn’t want you to think we were güvenilir bahis going to force you into anything you didn’t want to do.” Cathy interjected, she was fidgeting in her seat like she did when she was horny, kind of sitting on her heal so it would rub a certain area, if you know what I mean.

“Anyway, you guys are so old, you need our voluptuous young bodies!” Kelli added.

“Ho! Wait a minuet!” Cathy exclaimed.

“Hey now! You girls don’t give your mom enough credit! She’s a beautiful woman!” I admonished Kelli, “Stand up Darling!’ speaking to Cathy, ‘Come on! Now turn around, slowly.’

‘Now, I ask you, Is she not the most beautiful woman you have ever seen?”

Cathy has a stunning figure, and she dresses very well. Classy. She had on a nice silk blouse which was low cut enough to allow an ample view of her generous cleavage. Her breasts are full and round easily a full ‘C’ cup. She has always worked out and her athleticism shows on her tight tummy. Her skirt was snug across her well formed butt without being tight. Her long dark hair was up, making her look even younger. Damn she looked good!

“Hell, Dad! That’s nothing!” Kelli stood up and modeled for us. She was a sliver of her mother, thinner but still well proportioned, her full breasts might look bigger due to her slender frame easily a full ‘C’ cup also, and her cute butt was nicely rounded, her legs were a little thin as were her arms, but she reminded me of her mom at her age.

“You look like me at your age!” Cathy said, as if reading my mind.

“I think I got you both beat!” Cat stood up and removed her blouse in one smooth, fluid motion. She was standing, slightly turning from side to side, her breasts were held by a shear black lacy bra, her areolas were clearly visible, as were her thick nipples. The full round globes of flesh were barely contained by the straining material. She was right, her breasts were quite a bit larger than either Cathy, or Kelli, she was I later learned a ‘DD’ cup. I sat back in my chair sliding it backwards, coming closer to Cathy. My hand instinctively went to Cathy’s tight butt directly beside me as I began to caress her cheeks. She looked down at me but I was mesmerized by my daughter’s huge titties. Cat seamed unfazed by my leering gaze, she even reached her hands up and cupped her breasts, squeezing them suggestively, and pinching her nipples to hardened points against the lacy material. God, they looked massively delicious!

“Ooo, look mom! I think dad likes them!” Cat teased, staring at my crotch.

“So it seems! Bill, I think we need to get a good video camera.” Cathy said sitting down next to me, her hand sliding over the budge in my pants. Her manipulation, awakened me from my trance, and as I turned toward Cathy, she kissed me strongly, deeply, and passionately.

“We better get one soon!” Kelli teased, laughing. “I don’t think dad is going to last the rest of the night.” Kelli bent down next to me, her hands running across my shoulders, her nails lightly scraping thru the fabric of my shirt. Then she kissed my neck just below my ear. It was electrifying!

When after a few moments Cathy and I came up for air, Kelli was pulling off her own blouse and kneeling next to my chair. As I turned to her, our eyes locked, and I saw passion, fear, and lust flow across her countenance, like sheet lightening across the summer sky. Just before we kissed, as lovers, the door to the living room swung open and in rushes Cat whom I didn’t even realize had left the room. Over her shoulder slung a bag, and a small object was clutched in her hands. It is obviously a camcorder as she is talking almost narrating the scene before her.

“Oh, Steven and I bought this when we thought we’d do more. I kept it to send him videos of me, while we were, you know, separated.” Cat easily explained. Then she held up the camera to her and motioned with her other hand, ‘rolling’!

Kelli was for the first time in her life at a loss as to what to do, luckily for her I was less fazed by the advent of Cat and her camera and I reached my hand to her neck and slid it to just behind her head my fingers entwined in her silky dark hair and drew her to my awaiting lips. The kiss I gave my daughter was ‘Not’ a fatherly kiss. Cathy hissed a breath as she squeezed my package, watching me lustily kiss our littlest girl. Kelli leaned into me her firm young breast pressing into my chest, my arm encircling her tiny waist, drawing her closer into my embrace.

Cathy was not hesitating as I was involved with Kelli, she was shedding her blouse and skirt. She had a sweet ensemble on underneath, a black lacy bra and panties, and a garter belt with stockings. She quickly reached for my belt and zipper, undoing both and reaching into my pants to retrieve my throbbing member. I heard Cat’s intake of breath when her mother exposed her ‘father’s rampant, drooling cock.’ At least that’s what she was saying as she was filming the first installment of “McLeod’s Daughters”.

Kelli and I were locked in a delicious kiss so she had yet to see my erection. I reached türkçe bahis behind her and released the catch on her bra, her edible kiss became even more eager and impassioned. As Cathy was stroking me into a complete raging hard on, I felt her kneeling closer in her effort to devour my throbbing member with her insatiably hungry mouth. Cat was encouraging her mom as well as her little sister, Kelli.

“Fuck’n A mom! This is so wickedly sexy! I’m about to cream my panties! God, I’ve got to get a close up!” Cat exclaimed, as she continued to film our efforts, “Kelli, Oh god! Let daddy feel your titties, they look so delicious. Daddy, you are the bomb! Shit! What a Cock!”

I finally had a handful of my daughters teenage tit, her firm young breasts were warm, smooth and taut under my manipulating fingers, her nipples hardening at my caress. Cathy was twisting and churning on my hot rod, I was in heaven. Kelli’s tongue was a snake, writhing and fighting with mine, it foretold her ability to excel in areas her mother was already quite accomplished in at the moment. Cat moved around the table to get a closer view of us, particularly her mom who was trying to devour my cock.

“Are you ready for your close-up, mom?’ Cat teased as she zoomed in.

Cathy, in a more playful mood than I’ve ever seen her pulled my rigid stick from her mouth and wagged it at Cat.

“Wouldn’t you like a taste?” Cathy tempted.

“Ooo, god yes! Damn daddy your cock is fucking huge! Kelli! Get a look at dad’s cock, quite impressive little sis!” Cat directed, she said later it was all she could do to keep filming. Kelli and I broke our kiss, which for me was the single most tantalizing moment of my life, at least up till then, and her mother wagged my cock in her direction.

“Damn! That Fucker is huge!’ her eyes had a fearful gleam to them, ‘It looks like a cucumber!” Kelli said her eyes transfixed by the size of my rampant member.

“More like a summer sausage!” Cat said, giggling. “Bet you can’t take it, Kel!” Cat tempted her.

Kelli looked from her mother and my cock to look into my eyes questioningly. Seeing nothing but acquiescence, she moved closer to her desire of the moment. Looking across from her was her mother who had in her hand my magic wand, Kelli was mesmerized by the charming snake. Kelli jumped a little when her mom poked my pecker in her direction, mainly because she didn’t expect it to almost reach to where she was kneeling.

It was rather funny how when Cathy moved my cock in a circular motion Kelli’s head moved as well, her little mouth open like a small bird waiting to be fed, tried to track the bulbous red head. Then as she was being directed by her big sis, she descended onto her father’s cock!

“Fuck! Kel! That’s fuck’n awesome! Suck Dad’s fuck’n huge cock, little sis!” Cat squealed as she continued to film.

I had to agree. I was in rapture, my wife, and my daughters were going to make a feast of me! I vowed to myself that they would not be the only ones who would satisfy their carnal appetites this or any other time. I would feast as well.

Kelli showed she had done this a time or two, as her mom fed my cock to her. Her beautifully formed lips opened and the tip of her tongue darted across wetting her lips. As her mouth descended onto my fully distended, shiny red knob. Cathy shook my rod slapping Kelli on either cheek before she could capture my fully hardened shaft in her tender mouth, to the glee of Cat.

“Ooo, Kelli! Get Daddy’s cock, girl! Don’t let mom tease you like that! Come on!”

“Mom!’ Kelli whined, just before Cathy stopped teasing her and fed my cock head into the perfectly shaped O of her mouth.

“That shut her up! Huh, mom. Get busy, Girl!” Cat was more animated than I’d ever seen her, as well as more forceful and demanding. Almost one hundred and eighty degrees from her usual personality, of quite and subdued, little wall flower.

“Feed Daddy’s cock to her Mom! Mmm, damn little sis that looks so fuck’n good. Slobber all over Daddy’s knob. Yeah, like that! Daddy! Shove her head down, ram that big fuck’n cock into Kelli’s mouth.’ Cat continued to direct us, ‘Don’t be so gentle, Dad! You know the little slut wants It!”

Her direction of us continued with her getting more graphic, and her getting worked up almost to a frenzy. We were all working ourselves into a frenzy, as the girls worked over my cock, I petted, pinched, and fondled their breasts, and when directed I would shove my little sluts head down, ramming my ‘big fucking cock’ into her mouth and bumping the back of her throat. I noticed Cat reaching between her legs every now and again to tease herself.

“Now, Mom, you and Kel both suck Dad’s cock head. No, turn your head sideways and Kel you do the same, that’s it. Now see if you can touch tongues, Ooo, fuck’n A!”

My cock was being sandwiched between Kelli’s and Cathy’s mouths and their tongues were snagging around the very sensitive underside of my cock head, as Cathy continued to stroke my shaft. I was about to bust my nuts all over the place.

“Cathy güvenilir bahis siteleri Baby, I don’t think I can take any more. I’m about to Cum!” I confessed, breathlessly.

“You girls better decide who get’s the first shot, before it goes everywhere, Dad’s about to pop his nut nectar all over you!” Cat reiterated my plea.

Kelli was in a dither when she heard I was cuming and she moved over my dick head, usurping her mom, and began bobbing her head. I can’t tell you what her tongue was doing only that it didn’t stop moving and swirling around my shaft and the enlarging head. I looked down at Cathy and she glanced up at me, the look of pure passion she gave me was decidedly the impetus that I needed to dive over the edge. As I began to pump my load in bursts of white hot molten desire, Cathy began squeezing my balls, knowing I loved this and that it caused me to cum longer and harder.

“Don’t waste that delicious sperm.” Cathy admonished Kelli, “If you don’t want it I do!”

The first two bolts of cum shot into Kelli’s suckling mouth but the amount and the intensity of the bursts were too much for her as she backed off the third squirted her in her face, but as she moved off Cathy directed another blast to Kelli’s young breasts before she also began sucking the viscous goo from my throbbing shaft. Kelli stayed near watching her mom finish milking my still hardened shaft. When Cathy was thru Kelli moved close and they began to kiss and I saw Kelli pass my sperm to her mother’s mouth. Cathy also cleaned Kelli’s face of all the sticky goo I had shot onto her, then she moved to her gooey sperm covered breasts. Kelli’s breasts were being devoured by her mother as Kel was panting her desire her hand moved to my still impassioned member, grasping the massively turgid rod. Her head dropped onto my lap and her mouth descended onto her daddy’s cock again. Suckling like a small child, she was moaning, and squealing on my cock the effect was to cause me to release a final gob of sperm into her voracious mouth. She was looking up at me, my thick, long cock between her reddened, bruised lips, as her mother was gobbling her tender young breasts, Cathy’s long nailed fingers squeezing and pinching Kel’s abundantly firm flesh, I witnessed Kelli’s orgasm as her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth loll open my sperm evident on her tongue, as her cry of pure lust, and passion ripped from her throat.

“Mommy! Daddy! IIiiiiieeeeem, cummmmmingggggg!” My cock in her tightening fist, Cathy redoubling her efforts pulling on her tender nipples, with her finger nails and teeth. Kelli’s only free hand dove into her little panties as she plunged her fingers into her squirting, spasming, folds of young pussy flesh. Kelli would have collapsed beside me had I not held her close to me, and it was several moments before she came around from her tectonic orgasm.

Cat was talking a blue streak as she continued to film, but she was so turned on and agitated. She was beside herself and was quickly trying to divest herself of her skirt and panties, without stopping filming. Cathy seeing her predicament helped her with the camera and the laptop she had slung over her shoulder. She placed the laptop on the table and began filming Cat disrobing. Kelli stayed close to me and I held her and kissed her tenderly and thanked my daughter for sucking my cock so wonderfully. Cat however was in a bad way, and needed relief.

“Fuck, Daddy! I need to cum so badly!” Cat sounded like a woman possessed, her level of desire had been put on hold for too long. I drew her close to me and I kissed her, as she moved between my legs. I pressed her back to the table and she sat down on the edge. Now my feasting would really begin!

I pulled her bra from her shoulders and released the catch in the back with a flick of my fingers. Her large pendulous breasts sprung from her heaving chest, and I began to devour them, sucking and licking as much of the firm warm flesh as my mouth could hold. Who ever said more than a mouthful is a waste, was a fool. These beautiful testaments to womanhood were not ever going to go to waste around me ever again, as I sucked first one nipple then the other, then holding them together and sucking them both at the same time. My big strong hands were filled with womanly tit flesh and I loved it.

I didn’t stop there as I moved my arms between her legs and around the underside scooching her legs to rest on my shoulders, her round little butt on the edge of the table and with only my head in between her legs. Cat moaned even louder when she realized I was moving on to more pleasant valley’s. She lay back, but my hands stayed holding her breasts, kneading and teasing her flesh and her hardened nipples. I kissed the insides of her thighs and noted the glistening slash covered by a forest of dark curls. I would have to trim her playground, it seemed. As I kissed my way up to her cunt I was assailed by her musky aroma, it was like a drug that wiped away all caution, all thought save one. I dove into the folds of her tender flesh and began to devour and suck all the flavor and passion her tiny body had produced. I teased the upper portion where her pleasure button hid among the folds of flesh, the penitent nun soon raised her head to heaven as my tongue slashed across her emboldened flesh.

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