STUFFING OR MUFFINGStuffing or Muffing?bysarahhh©I had been so looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my widowed father. It would be our first Thanksgiving since the death of my mother. My father and I had become so much closer since Mom passed away. We had, in fact, become sexually intimate for the first time on Halloween, his birthday. (See my story “A Boo-boo for Daddy.) Yes, Daddy and I had really big plans for this holiday. We had joked about playing “Gobble, Gobble” and eating things the Pilgrims never imagined. And I really got excited when my father said he’d buy me a new car if my roommate Jasmine would fuck and suck him too. Well, not a brand new car, but a newer used car. Jasmine, a beautiful black girl from L.A., slept with me in one of the two bedrooms in our on-campus apartment. But we never got much sleep. Heather and Jennifer shared the other bedroom and we often invited them to our pajama parties. Although none of us ever wore anything but panties, and those ended up being tossed on the floor real fast.I brought Jasmine home with me for Thanksgiving. She didn’t want to go all the way to L.A. for only a few days when she would be going home for Christmas break a couple weeks later. My younger brother Scott, a freshman at Valley Forge Christian College outside Philadelphia, was coming home too. I hoped college life had matured him, because his high school education ended with him being a total geek. And definitely a total virgin, no doubt. The closest he had ever got to pussy was our cat, Madonna. Jasmine and I arrived at the house on Tuesday about noon. I called my father. He was just leaving Cleveland where he had business and said he would be home in a couple hours and couldn’t wait to see me . . . naked.”Sarah, thank you so much for inviting me home with you for Thanksgiving,” Jasmine said with a grateful sigh. “No way could I afford to pay for a ticket to L.A. both now and at Christmas.””Hey, glad to have you, Jasmine. My father is anxious to see you again.” I started to laugh and covered my mouth with my hand.”See me again?” Jasmine asked, confused. “I haven’t met your father yet.””No, but he’s seen you.””Seen me? When?”Now I really laughed. “Oh yeah, my father has seen your sweet little black ass, honey. And he sure liked what he saw!””Tell me!” she insisted. So I did tell her. About how my father had hid in my bedroom closet wearing my panties while he watched Jasmine and I please each other. She started to titter half way through the story. “You’re father is such a pervert!””Hey Jasmine, isn’t anybody with a dick between his legs a pervert? Given sufficient motivation? My father said jerking off to our little buddy suck and fuck was way better than spanking the monkey while watching some boring porn flick.””Girlfriend, speaking of a buddy suck and fuck . . .” Jasmine put her arm round me and kissed me lightly on the cheek. A shiver ran up my spine. She sat on my bed and tugged off her Kenneth Cole white leather knee-high spiked boots. She slipped off the Petit Bateau white cotton tank top with no bra underneath. Incredibly firm, succulent breasts. Huge aureolas. Then she stood again and slithered out of the zebra-striped miniskirt. Just a white thong now. So beautiful. No wonder she had modeled in L.A. She lowered her panties, letting me see her pussy. “I used Magic powder just for you. See how smooth I am? Now let me see your kitty.”I quickly tossed off my halter top, jeans, and panties. Then I walked naked out of the bedroom, calling over my shoulder, “I left the toys in my bag downstairs. Back in a minute.”When I came back, Jasmine pulled me down on the bed with her. “I love that little patch of red hair, Sarah. It matches your head so perfectly.” We began to kiss passionately and fondle each other all over eagerly. “Let me do you first,” she insisted.I didn’t object when she pushed me on my back and had her head between my legs. I spread wider as Jasmine licked the inside of my thighs softly nuzzled my little bush. I started to wiggle as she parted my labia and began to give my clit a little attention. She wrapped her arms around my hips and cupped my ass cheeks as she flicked my clit up and down with her tongue. “Jasmine, would you use this on me, please?” I handed her the cute little green jelly butt plug and the lube. Soon she inserted it gently and I didn’t even jump, not even a bit. I pushed her head back down on me and pulled her hair playfully as her tongue met my clit again. She ate me enthusiastically as she manipulated the butt plug. My legs shuddered and my entire body quivered as she brought me to an incredibly intense orgasm. And then she did it again as I moaned, thrashed about, and cried out even louder. We didn’t see my brother Scott standing there. No, but we heard him make a call on his cell phone. “Dad! Dad! Sarah has a black girl here at the house in her bedroom and they are . . . uh . . . they . . . uh . . . they’re . . . naked! And doing things to each other!” Suddenly Scott was quiet and listened to whatever it was my father said in response to his accusations. Scott then folded up his cell phone and snarled at us, “Dad says you’re both gonna get it but good when he gets home!”* * *Two hours later Jasmine and I sat in the kitchen eating sandwiches. The phone rang. It was the hospital. My father had been injured in an automobile accident. He apparently ran off the road and hit a tree. Scott had gone out somewhere. I told Jasmine to try and get in touch with him as I rushed out the door and headed for the hospital.My father was semi-conscious when I got to the emergency room and looked to be in considerable pain. They had already put a cast on his broken left leg. Any other injuries were not obvious to me.”Daddy, what happened?” I hugged him fiercely, but he pushed me away.”Easy, honey, I hurt all over,” he mumbled.”Did somebody run you off the road?””No, no. It was all my fault,” he replied sheepishly. “After Scott called me about you and Jasmine and . . . I . . . well . . . I . . . uh . . . got a little excited and started to masturbate.””Daddy, you shouldn’t do that while you’re driving!””I know, honey, I know. But couldn’t you girls have waited until I got home to start the party? relaxbet güvenilirmi So anyways, I’m choking my chicken like crazy and I just took my eyes off the road, I guess.”Just then a doctor walked in we introduced ourselves. “Sarah, your father should be okay, but we have to do some more tests for internal injuries and so forth. And of course, there’s the broken leg. But those mend in time. We have medicated him substantially and he’ll be out real soon.”Scott showed up not much later and he and I took turns being with my father that night and the next day. Jasmine took over the preparations for dinner on Thanksgiving. We had planned for it to only be the four of us. My father didn’t want to deal with a big shindig the first Thanksgiving we were to spend without mother.* * *On Thanksgiving Scott went over to the hospital in the morning. We decided that I would go as soon as he returned and we would have dinner when I got back.My father had now been moved into a semi-private room. I stopped at the desk to talk to the nurses before I went in to see him. They mentioned he had eaten the hospital turkey dinner about an hour before, complaining all the while it tasted like crap. One attractive nurse smirked at me and said, “I think your father is feeling much better. He’s bitching about everything. Oh, and he pinched me on the bottom.”I tried to look as shocked as I could and said, “It must be the medication. My father is usually quite the gentleman.”When I entered his room, he lay on his back sleeping, with his broken leg elevated. I looked over at the man in the next bed. The curtain was open. He slept also and no one else was there in the room. I sat on the edge of my father’s bed. He didn’t stir. I felt so sorry for him, spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. I mulled over what I could do for my poor father.I pulled down the sheet. He wore one of those stupid gowns. I had brought his pajamas the day before but apparently hadn’t gotten around to putting them on. I lifted the front of the gown. His large but flaccid penis looked so lonely just lying against his leg like that. I bent over to give it a close-up examination. Nope, didn’t look injured to me. I had wondered since he had his cock in his hand when his car hit the tree. I didn’t see any fingerprints from a death grip on his best friend at the moment of impact or any other peculiarities. The only problem I could see with his dick was that it was limp. So the only thing left to check for was impotence. I slowly put the head of his cock between my lips. And kept going until all of it was in my mouth. I began to suck very gently. He began to stiffen.He woke with a start. “Sarah . . . what . . .”I stopped with my mouth and used my hand. “Daddy, I told you we were going to play ‘Gobble, Gobble’ on Thanksgiving, didn’t I? I think Daddy needs a real good blow job, don’t you?””Ohhhh . . . that feels so good. Yes honey, Daddy needs a real good blow job. But I don’t think I can reciprocate on the ‘Gobble, Gobble’ because my mouth is still sore from smashing my face on the steering wheel. And I bit my damn tongue, you know.””No worries, Daddy, you can owe me one.” My lips returned to the head of Daddy’s cock. I traced the lines and texture of it. My tongue ran up and down his shaft. I found the underside of his balls and licked all the way up to the tip of his cock. Over and over. I paused only momentarily to ask, “Do you like the way I lick your lollipop, Daddy?””Uh . . . oh . . . yes . . . oohhh . . . yes, honey.””Are you sure you’re ‘up’ for a blow job, Daddy?” I teased as I stroked his cock and kissed it lovingly. “What with your broken leg and all?””Oh honey . . . please . . . please suck . . . please suck my cock,” he stammered, his eyes begging even more than his words.”Do you want to cum in my mouth, Daddy, and all over my face?””Yes baby . . . oh yeah I do . . . ohhh yeah . . . please . . . please . . . suck me.”Not only could I tell he was ‘up’ for a blow job, I could tell he was getting close to blowing a really big wad. I covered his cock just past the coronal ridge with my mouth. I encased the shaft with my right hand and cupped his balls with my left hand. I gently moved my hand up down as I vigorously sucked on the head. Up and down, in and out, up and down. Over and over.”Oh God, honey . . . I . . . I . . . oh my God . . . I can’t . . . I’m . . .”Daddy began to thrust hip hips upwards to meet my eager mouth. Deeper and deeper in my throat. All of him. When he was right on the edge of orgasm, I practically stopped doing anything except hold him tight and let him thrust in and out of my mouth.”Sarah . . . I . . . oh God . . . I’m going to cum . . . I . . . uh . . . oh God . . . oh Sarah . . .”And then my father exploded spasmodically. I swallowed most of it. Only once did I come up him briefly as he ejaculated gloriously. I let him watch his cum shoot in my mouth as I held the head of his cock on the tip of my tongue. Then I went back down on him to suck out every last drop. Just as I sat up and wiped the cum from my chin with the edge of the sheet from my father’s bed, the man in the next bed gasped loudly. Apparently he had been watching me suck my father’s cock. He pointed toward the door. There stood the cute nurse who had said my father pinched her. She had sort of a slutty pout on her face.”Hey Melinda,” the man in the next bed called, “How about you come over here, darlin’, and blow me?””Now Howard,” she responded sternly, “didn’t I give you a hand job when you got your sponge bath this morning?””Yes you did, honey, but I want you to use your mouth to get me off now. You’re a head nurse, ain’t you? C’mon over here and wipe off your lipstick on my python of pleasure.”Melinda laughed, threw up her arms, and shook her head, indicating that she would. “Don’t ever let it be said that the nurses in this hospital are not above all in service.”After she finished him off about ten minutes, she got up and strolled out with, “Now, I don’t want to hear any more complaining from you two guys for the rest of the day. You both got your fellatio for the day. Now watch TV and sleep. There are some patients in this place who actually have a problem besides relaxbet yeni giriş blue balls.”I pulled a chair up close to my father’s bed so we could talk without Howard eavesdropping. My father looked worried about something.”What’s the matter, Daddy? Are you hurting bad somewhere?””No, honey. I’m a little concerned about your brother. He seems so . . .””Oh Daddy, he’s just a stupid little geek. And that Bible-thumping is beginning to annoy me. Not to mention squealing on me. I should kick his ass. I can, you know.””Yes Sarah, I know you can kick his ass. I want you to do me a really big favor.””Oh? And what might that be, Daddy?””I want you to fuck your brother.””What? Wha . . . what . . . the fuck?””I think I can get a good deal on a Porsche 911 Carerra Cabriolet, your new car. Well, it’s not brand new, but when it rains all you have to do is push a button and the boot slides off, the top comes up, and the side windows roll up on their own. You don’t have to fuss or even get out of the car. It’s yours—provided that your brother is no longer a virgin when I come home from the hospital.”* * *We sat down to Thanksgiving dinner, Jasmine, Scott and I.Jasmine and I had got all dolled up in sexy, low-cut cocktail dresses, both black. We had decided on black because we would soon be mourning the loss of Scott’s virginity. Scott wore his Sunday suit, a crisp white shirt, and a polka-dot tie. My brother kept staring at us. He didn’t look all that hungry. Not for food, anyway.I had told Jasmine what my father had said, about fucking Scott. She said she would of course help, although like me she didn’t think popping his cherry was going to be easy. “What if he starts quoting the Bible?” she worried aloud. Jasmine passed around the plate of turkey, which prompted me to ask Scott sweetly, “Do you like white meat or dark meat, honey?” He glanced from Jasmine to me, staring mostly at our breasts, and muttered, “Uh . . . both . . . I would . . . uh . . . like both . . . white meat . . . and . . . dark meat. Please.”Jasmine leaned over and gave Scott a good gander at her voluptuous melons. We had mutually agreed not to wear underwear. “It’s hot in here,” she purred. “Scotty, aren’t you going to say grace?” I inquired.”I already prayed silently,” he responded. “I didn’t think you two were into praying.””We like to prey on men, Scotty,” Jasmine said demurely. “Especially ones like you. I bet you jerk off a lot, don’t you?””Huh?” he blurted.”How about some veggies?” she then asked, as she stuck that plate in front of him.”Whole cucumbers?” he questioned. “I think you’re supposed to cook the squash. What happened to traditional Thanksgiving vegetables like cranberries and corn? Those big banana peppers look really hot.””Scott honey, see this curve the banana peppers have?” Jasmine cooed. “Great for stimulating one’s G-spot!” I put a drumstick on his plate, and cooed, “Did you ever get drummed by a stick?” He looked quite puzzled.Jasmine put some stuffing on his plate. “Maybe you’d like a stuffing,” she said, smirking. “Show him, Sarah.”I pulled out the big blue dildo from its hiding place and wielded it like a sword. “Scotty, my dear little brother, you squealed on us to Daddy. Now we are going to make you squeal!” Then we both grabbed him and wrestled him to the floor. We started to pulled his pants down and he wailed like a banshee.”No, no, please don’t!” he cried.Suddenly we stopped. “We’re just joking with you, Scott,” I said softly. “But you pissed me off when you squealed to Daddy. Don’t do it again!””I . . . won’t . . . I promise, s*s.””Okay then, let’s finish dinner,” I stated matter-of-factly.”I’m not hungry,” Jasmine complained, “I’m horny. Maybe Scotty doesn’t want that blue dick up his ass, but I want it up mine!”I laughed. “Sure Jasmine, I’m not all that hungry either. We’ll show Scotty what he’s missing here.”We both quickly shed our dresses and hung them neatly on a convenient coat rack around the corner in the living room. I attached the big blue dong to the harness. Jasmine got on all fours, put a footstool under her belly to lean on, and extended her legs out and to the side. One might think she had done this before. I began to rim Jasmine. “Scott, just for educational purposes—you see here I’m giving my chocolate baby a chocolate job with my tongue—this is called analingus.” I applied lube to the dong and gently poked around her opening. “Now, Scott, I’m going to stick my dick up Jasmine’s ass—this is known as analinctus.” “Go ahead, Sarah,” she urged, “hit the heiny hole.”I got the head of the dong past her sphincter muscle. I handed her a small vibrator that looked like a tube of lipstick. “Here, use this too, girlfriend. Double your pleasure.””Okay Sarah, slide it in all the way. I want it hard and fast!”I pulled her hair with one hand and caressed her breasts with my other as the dong began to slide in and out easily. I could hear the vibrator buzz.”Fuck me, Sarah! Oh my . . . that’s it, honey . . . that’s it. Fuck my fanny. Pull my hair. Squeeze my tits. Harder! Ahh . . . yeah . . . oh yeah . . . ohh . . . bang my bum, baby . . . oh my . . . oh my fucking . . .”And then it happened. She seemed to go beyond anything I could imagine. At first I thought she might me having some sort of seizure. I guess it was. A seismic sexual spasm. She collapsed on the floor in convulsions and I held her and petted her until she stopped shaking.Finally she whispered, “Wow, I felt that from the tips of my toes all the way through my body until it exploded in my head. Fucking surreal.”Scott had sat there watching the show with a look of total shock on his face.”s*s?” “Yes, Scotty?””I think I’d like you to do that to me. What you just did to Jasmine.””You would?””Yes. But could you please make love to me and not just fuck me? I want my first time to be special.””Scotty, I do love you! You’re my brother. You just annoy me sometimes. Just don’t be a pain in the ass. Uh . . . forget that last part, about a pain in the ass. Of course I’ll make love to you, b*o.””Hey Scotty, can I suck your cock while Sarah is fucking you . . . lovingly . . . in the ass?” Jasmine asked quite seriously. “I prefer white meat, myself.”He nodded like a relaxbet giriş woodpecker.* * *Six hours later I stood next to my father’s bed in the hospital and talked to him softly. “Daddy,” I never imagined the damn thing would get stuck. “We used lube. We used a lot of lube. Geez, he’s such a girl! He squirmed and squealed and even started to cry. But he didn’t ask me to stop.” Howard, who had occupied the other bed in the room, had been discharged. Now Scott lay in that bed, his butt on top of a donut cushion. He was not conscious at the moment.”Not to worry, honey,” my father reassured me. “You were tight the first time, weren’t you?””Yes, I sure was, Daddy. And you did tell me to fuck him.””That I did, honey. He’ll live.”Jasmine had brought some food to the hospital. Somehow we had not gotten around to finishing Thanksgiving dinner. We ate and chatted. My father was so happy to have some real food after having been force-fed fake turkey, so he said.Scott began to regain consciousness. He stared at the three of us and his expression changed several times as he became alert.”Would you like a muffin?” I asked him.”Would you like a muffing?” he asked me.”He’s slurring his words,” I commented knowingly to Jasmine and my father. “The medication.””I’m not slurring my words!” he insisted. “I asked you if you wanted a muffing. Cunnilingus! That’s what I’m talking about.””I think he wants to eat you,” Jasmine said, amused, “not one of those stale muffins.””Yes,” my father agreed, “that’s it all right.” I think the lewd gestures Scott made with his tongue may have given it away, but I wasn’t sure.”Oh yeah? Well, we’ll see about that. Is that what you want, Scotty? You want to eat your big sister?”Again he nodded like a woodpecker, like he did back at the house.I shed my clothing and lay at the foot of Scott’s bed, facing him. “Okay, Scotty, let’s see how you cut the carpet. C’mere, b*o, and tickle the bearded clam.”But now he seemed reluctant. “Uh . . . I . . . how . . . I . . . never . . .””Oh, now you’re changing your mind?” I snapped. “Now that I’m in the mood?””Scotty,” Jasmine said softly, “eating your sister’s pussy is probably the most wonderful thing you can do for her. What were you going to get her for Christmas? Some cheap earrings or something? If you do this right, Scotty, this is what she’ll want. And it won’t cost you anything.””Jasmine, I . . . uh . . . would you tell me how to do it? I want to do it right. I want to please her.””No worries, Scotty. First, kiss and lick the inside of her thighs. Make her pussy beg for it.” Scott put his face between my legs and began to do as instructed. Quite well, actually. I began to moan a bit. “Now we’ll find your sister’s clitoris,” Jasmine advised. “Lick the creases where those long, lovely legs join her pussy. That’s it, dude, you’re doing good. Nuzzle your face into that cute little red bush. Brush your lips against her slit, but don’t use any pressure yet.” Scott did. I began to buck up and strained to get my brother’s face and tongue closer to me.”It’s getting wet,” Scott observed.”Well, I guess you’re making progress then,” Jasmine responded wryly. “Use your tongue to separate her pussy lips. Run your tongue up and down between the layers of pussy flesh. Okay, good. Now gently spread her legs more with your hands. What you’re looking for looks like a button or a tiny penis, covered by a flap of skin. Use your tongue and fingers. It will peek out at you, begging for more attention.”I squealed in delight, “Oh my God, I can’t believe he found it so quick!”Jasmine kept on lecturing. “Scotty, keep your tongue pointed and stiff, flick here and there, but keep coming back to her clit. Give it quick little sucks.”I screamed, “Jesus Christ almighty! I’m going to heaven! This is the fucking Rapture! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!” I knew Scott would like the Bible references and they make him all the more enthusiastic.My father got sentimental and was saying stuff like, “Son, I am so proud of you.”Melinda the nurse popped in just as my brother began to turn blue from me squeezing his face between my thighs as I kept yelling, “Oh yeah, speak in tongues, Scotty, speak in tongues!””Visiting hours are over!” the nurse screamed. “You girls have to leave immediately! If you’re not gone in five minutes, I’m getting security!” * * *Jasmine and I returned to the hospital the next day to visit my father and brother. We had hoped that they both could be released that morning. But, when we stopped at the nurse’s station to inquire about the matter, Melinda and the other nurses adamantly stated this would not be possible. They all seemed to be smirking.”But Melinda, why not?” I kept questioning.”It seems that your brother has an addiction.””An addiction?””Yes, somehow he has become addicted to muffing. And your father, too. I’m afraid it will be a few more days before they can go home. The nurses here haven’t had it so good since an entire football team was hospitalized on this floor as a precautionary measure. That turned out to be nothing but a scare. But can you imagine an entire football team with nothing to do but . . . uh . . . never mind, that’s confidential medical information. “But I have to go back to school today!””Well, you’ll just have to get a muffing here then. Like all the rest of us.”Jasmine and I got our muffing. We switched places after awhile so the boys could have a taste of both the chocolate and the vanilla. Daddy was even up for a stuffing, so I gave him one. Not Scotty though. But he did let Jasmine suck his cock again, although he demanded that she tell his cock that she loved it. So she did. And she even gave it a name. I can’t even describe how hilarious it was as she said, “I love you, Whitey!” over and over until Whitey, with a mind of his own, starting spouting back and shut her up.When we started to leave, my father put his hand on Jasmine’s arm and stopped her. “Jasmine, are you sure you can’t spend Christmas with us? I’d really like to put on my Bad Santa suit and cum down your hot little chimney.””Well, what are you having for Christmas dinner?” she asked, looking totally serious.”Whatever you’d like my dear,” my father replied.”I’m dreaming of a Whitey Christmas,” she began to sing beautifully. “Don’t forget the stuffing!” I added.”Or the muffing!” Scott chimed.My father stood, broken leg and all, and said very solemnly, “If families celebrated holidays like us, there wouldn’t be any fucking wars.””Amen!” Scott shouted, as Jasmine and I applauded.

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