submissive suprise


submissive supriseSo Id just put the k**s to bed, my partner was in the shower and i was thinking about all the dirty things i wanted to do to her, when she came out of the bathroom wearing her frumpy period pj’s.Dissapointed i headed to the bathroom to shower.So I rubbed 1 out, shaved, trimmed my pubes and took a shower, the process took 35-40mins. took my clothes to wash and headed down the hall towards our bedroom when i heard a familliar buzzing sound.As i entered the bedroom i was greeted by the sexeist sight ever.There she was my hot fucken ravenhaired MILF stood at foot of the bed, dressed in thigh high black pvc “fuck me” boots, black lace crotchless panties, a black leather and stainless steel studded corset, 3inch thick black leather chocker with inch n 1/2 stainless steel spikes wrapped around her thoat, black lipstick, eyeliner and masscara. one leg up on the bed rubbing her favourite 8inch pink vibrator up n down her clit.”Does this turn you on baby” she asked cock instantly began to stiffin, peering through the part of towel.”mmmm fuck yeah it does” i replied.I sat back on the vanity dresser for a moment to take in the vision id been presented with.I was pleasently supprised as it was only 2 kadıköy escort days earlier that i had confessed to my normally mild mannered groccery store manager girlfriend that id been fantasizing about fucking a hot Goth slut.She turned off her vibrator put it in her clevage came over to me and kissed me passionately. i could taste her lipstick and felt it smear around my mouth. I licked down over the stainless steel spikes and kissed and sucked her neck,shoulders and clevage area, smearing more of her black lippy over her neck and huge tits pushed up by the corset.I threw her vibrator onto the bed, and kissed her passionately again.She took hold of my now rock hard cock and lead me to the bed. She sat me down at the edge of the bed and kneeled between my legs. “lay back please master” she asked. I grabbed a pillow and lay back to watch my hot leather, lace and stainless steel clad Vamp slut devour my cock. I reached down and undid the 1st two clasps on her corset allowing her big tits to bounce out. I told her to wrap those big titties around my cock so could fuck them. I fucked her clevage for a few minutes she licked and üsküdar escort kissed the head of my cock with each stroke.I decided i wanted to taste that hot pussy and ordered her to switch places with me.I tortured her alittle at 1st. Licking her inner thighs breathing on her hot snatch, i kissed, licked and then sucked on each of her labia. then used my thumbs to munipulate them in opposing cicular motions as i continued to lick her thighs. Irubbed her clit with 1 hand and lifted her leg with the other so i could lick the entire length of her boots. Then i went down on her and ate that sweet drooling wet cunt with vigor. I took turns licking her clit and rimming her asshole as i finger fucked her G-spot for few minutes before her thighs started to shake, and her breathing quickend and she grabbed and twisted her own nipples as she orgasmed hard. I sat up and furiously rubbed her clit to prolong her orgasm.Once her orgasm had subsided I mounted her abdomin and fucked her big tits again, I sat forward and fucked her pretty mouth for a little while before deciding that it was time to nail that hot little pussy of hers.I positioned myself between her legs and started a pattern tuzla escort of rubbing my dick on her clit then shoving it in her pussy rubbing on her asshole then starting again. I keep it up around 13 times then plunged my cock balls deep into sexy wet cunt. i fucked in missionary for a few mintutes. Still orgasmic from the toungue lashing she had recieved to orgasmed again. I ordered to ride my cock Rodeo style her favourite position, knowing she wouldnt last long before cumming again.She bucked feverishly up n down on my hard cock her big tits bouncing around as she came. “I cant handle much more of this master” she told me as she fell off my cock.”how do you want me now” she asked slumpped over on all fours.”just like that” i told as i positioned myself behind her. I rimmed her asshole and finger fucked her now sloppy wet pussy for a while then shoved my cock into her and fucked her hard and fast till she came again her convulsing cunt squeesed and shook around my cock my balls tightened up. “IM CUMMING” i yelped and she lay back down on her back. I grabbed the stainless steel lead ring on her chocker and pulled her face up to my cock. She jerked my cock as my jizz spewed out all over her face.She smiled as she licked and kissed my still twitching member. she looked absolutly beautiful mascara bleeding down her cum glazed face, black lipstck smeared all over face tits and pussy. “I love you baby” she said “I fucken love you too baby” i replied.I was so caught up in the moment i totally forgot to grab the time im getting pics for sure.

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