Summer Fun Ch. 02


Thanks to volunteer editor SexyGeek for help with this story.

This is a story of lust, not a story of love. Chapter 1 told of my cousin Em fucking me in my wheelchair for the first time. Since then I had thought of her sexy big breasts as they bounced when she was riding my dick last week. I thought about how good her pussy tasted when I ate her out. Now it goes on.


It’s been a week and Em came over to clean again. I was hoping she would stick to her word that we would have sex again. This time she came in wearing skin tight jean shorts that lifted her ass up. Just seeing that would make any man hard. For a top she had on a tight spaghetti strap blue tank and a black bra that you could see the edge of because the tank was a few sizes too small.

I was sitting in the kitchen in my wheelchair finishing of the sandwich I had made myself for lunch. I had on a pair of jean shorts that are long enough to cover my knees and a t-shirt with some sexual innuendo on it like most of the shirts I have.

“Wow, you look great!” I said

“Thanks, but it’s coming off as soon as we close the shades and no one can see inside,” Em said as she let the blind down in the front room. Then she headed to close all the others in the house.

“Naked cleaning. A man could get used to this,” I said with a grin.

“You’d better, I don’t like wearing clothes if I don’t have to,” Em said with a smile “You have already seen me naked no need to be shy now.”

That’s what I liked about Em; she just wanted to keep it about sex, no relationship. She had that with her boyfriend. She just wanted the sex and that was just fine with me. She grabbed the bottom of the tank and pulled it up and over her head revealing a sexy 34 DD black lace bra. Then she slid the straps of her bra down off her arms her breasts popped out one at a time revealing their full round shape. The areolas were just a shade or two darker than the rest of her fleshy mounds. Her nipples were hard, sticking out from her firm breast. She turned the bra around so the clasp was in the front so she could unhook it, placing it on the couch with her top. Then she gave her nipples each a pinch and a little twist, smiling at me just to make sure I was watching her.

“I would go naked too but if someone comes over I can’t get dressed that fast. That, and it’s hard to slide on the board to get in bed with a bare ass,” I said being a smart ass

“That’s okay. I can still see the outline of your cock in those shorts,” Em said as she patted my cock with her hand. She started to undo the button on her shorts and then the short zipper on them. She started wiggling them down over her hips. I watched as her tits danced and bounced around with every little move she made. As she pulled her panties down with the shorts I could see the clean shaven pussy with the labia slightly protruding. When the shorts hit the floor she picked them up, putting them with the rest of her clothes. Smiling, she rubbed her pussy and said, “Can’t wait till you’re in here later.”

“I bet. What are you going to start with today?” I gaziantep escort bayan asked.

“Well let’s see, I will vacuum, sweep, then dishes and clean the counter.”

“‘You forgot about polishing my knob,” I said with an evil grin placing my hand on my crotch.

“Oh yeah I’ll do that after I clean around the house, and then again after we are done fucking.”

I asked “How long will this last?” I paused. “A month, a year?”

She sat down, looking like she was giving it a lot of thought. “I don’t know, until it stops being fun I guess. Why, do you find it weird? Is it the incest?”

“No it’s not that,” I started. “That kind of makes it hotter. It’s just that it’s fun and it has been awhile so I would like to get it as much as I can before it stops.”

“Well, okay, then. Let’s not worry about when it ends and just have fun doing it.” Em got up off the couch and grabbed the vacuum to use. Her breasts were swaying back and forth as she unwound the cord. As she bent over to plug the vacuum in her pussy became the bottom of a heart shape with her ass cheeks forming the top. At that point I was wanting to go over and shove my face in between her cheeks and lick her pussy until she got off. I had to try really hard to restrain myself from attacking her right then and there. When she started to vacuum I watched as her big breasts were swaying with every push and pull. When she turned away to get the far side of the room I watched her ass flex with every step forward and back. When she would reach out far enough she would raise her leg slightly giving me a full view of her pussy from in between her legs. When she needed me to move I was going to go and play on the computer, but that was the next room to vacuum so I sat in the living room and watched and waited for her to start sweeping.

When all the floors were done she wiped down all the counters in the kitchen and started on the dishes. When she wasn’t paying attention I rolled up behind her placing my hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy lightly, just enough to roll the lips around but not enough to open them.

“Mmm, that feels good. How about you do that until I’m done here,” Em purred.

“I could do that.” I continued to rub, as the lips opened up I could feel the wetness on the side of my fingers . I slowly started to work my thumb in to her making her moan softly and push down a little. When I got my thumb all the way in to the hot dripping wet cave I began rubbing the clit with the side of my knuckle by twisting my wrist back and forth, which caused my thumb to twist inside of her and rub right behind the clit. As I was doing this she braced herself on the edge of the counter and I continued to twist. I added an in and out motion making sure not to move my knuckle from her clit so it was just short strokes making a circular motion with my wrist. That caused her to moan a little louder than before and push down on to my hand even more. After a few minutes she had an orgasm causing her to fall back towards me a little. She pulled herself back upright anal yapan gaziantep escort and my thumb came out of her. I put my thumb up the crack of her butt as I rubbed her pussy again until she finished the dishes off.

“Now to polish that knob,” Em said pointing at my crotch.

“Yeah, that’s going to be your favorite thing to clean now,” I said with a grin

“You know it,” Em said and bit her lower lip. She bent over and started rubbing my crotch pulling my zipper down putting her hand in to my shorts, “We need to go in your room to get these off but stay in your chair I want to try something out first.” As we moved to my room I went to my bed side so I could lean over and remove my shorts but not my underwear . I took off my shirt and put it on the foot of the bed and then finished taking my shorts off and placing them on the shirt then picked up the socks off the floor and did the same.

“Those need off too, “she said pointing to my underwear.

“Can’t slide on the board if they come off, you will just have to work around them.”

“I can do that.”

She pulled the underwear down and grabbed my shaft and balls. She let the band go up under the balls and rested them on top. Then she took the shaft and started stroking up it and releasing at the top with both hand one after another. As the shaft started to harden she stroked up and down, placing the head in her mouth and licking all around the head when she pulled it out of her mouth.

When I was fully hard I spun my chair so the back was against the bed because I had an idea of what she wanted to try. She threw her right leg up and over my legs straddling my lap. I moved the head of my dick away from my body so she could slide down on the shaft. With me in a seated position she could be all the way down on to my lap because some of my length was hid in between my legs. She rocked back and forth on my lap. I placed my hands on her hips to feel the motion of her .

I moved so my head was by her left breast sucking the nipple into my mouth lightly, nibbling on it and rolling it in my teeth and flicking it with my tongue, then sucking it and rolling my tongue around the nipple, releasing it from my mouth and circling the outline of her areola . Then I moved to her right breast, licking around the areola making a smaller circle until I just was licking the outline of her nipple, then sucking it in to my mouth, rolling it in my lips and flicking the tip of it with my tongue. I could taste the sweat as it started to form on her body. I could feel her hips starting to get sweaty as her body temperature started to rise. As she started to pick up the pace I moved my head back away and the chair started to tip over on to the bed.

“You can’t go that fast, Em,”I groaned, “keep the slower pace until I get in bed.”

She gave a pouty face look to me “It’s not as fun just going slow, but I guess I don’t want you on the floor. Be hard to get you up by myself.”

“You can bounce up and down on just not the fast rocking.”

“The antep escort wheels are in the way, all I can do is rock.” She said pausing for a few deep breaths

“Then turn around and face that way,” I gasped pointing away from me. She slid up off my dick and it came out with a wet thud against my stomach. I pushed it back away from my body but she couldn’t get enough in her to enjoy.

“Over there now,” she demanded pointing to the bed

I turned the chair so I could get the board and slid in bed, No sooner then I got on the bed she pushed me over and grabbed my dick to slide it in her. My lower legs still hung off the bed and the slide board was still under my ass. As she was moving up and down on my shaft she unlocked the brakes on the chair and pushed it out of the way and slid the board out from under me, placing it on the seat of the chair. As I was watching her ass moving up and down I placed my hands back on her hips my right hand started rubbing her right ass cheek. The tips of my fingers were running along the crack as I palmed her firm toned ass . I was wishing my hands worked better than they do so I could have given it a squeeze. I could tell she was getting close. Her moaning became louder and she moved faster up and down the shaft of my dick. All at once I got a rush of pleasure then warmth as she hit the peak of her orgasm.

“Keep going if you can,” I moaned as I made a rocking motion with her hips.

“One more then I am done,” she gasped trying to catch her breath.

“Well just go until it’s done for me then… never mind it’s over now,” I said with a moan. “Now get up here to finish like we did last week.”

She turned to me and smiled, grabbing my legs and putting them on the bed as I turned the upper half of my body. As she got in to the bed she pulled my underwear the rest of the way off. Tossing them to the hamper and crawling over the top of me she placed her well fucked pussy above my mouth. I ran my tongue down the opening until I found the clit. I sucked and flicked her clit until she came on my face.

“God, I wish my boyfriend had a dick like yours,” Em said as she got up off the bed, “or could eat pussy like you.”

“I guess you will just have to keep coming back for more when you want it,” I said pointing at my dick as it started to go soft. “Hand me some clean underwear.”

“Yeah, you need clean ones, the ones I took off were soaked,” Em said as she tossed me the clean pair.

“So, you’re turning the big two zero in two weeks. What are you wanting for your birthday? Do you have plans?”

“I want a dildo the size of you! I’ll probably come over during the night and get some big dick after I am done partying,” she said with an evil grin. “Oh, I’ll be over next Thursday after class. I’m going out of town on Friday.”

“Both those sound good, but, I don’t think I could afford to buy you a dildo. They are pricey.”

“We can think of something,” she said. “You good here? I need to head.”

“Yeah I’m good, see you next week. Have fun this weekend,” I told her as I finished getting dressed.

I know its lust between us and not love. After all she is my cousin. I could hardly wait for the next two times she comes over. Next week she will clean and we can talk more about what she wants for her birthday the following week. Maybe we can find something to give her that is like my dick that doesn’t cost as much as a dildo.

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