Summer Son


With an empty house all to himself, Jay took advantage of the opportunity to strip naked and play with his horny cock for as long as he could keep himself on the edge. It seemed like forever since he’d been able to enjoy a long, uninterrupted play session, even if he was only doing it on his own. He certainly would rather have had the right company, but he’d always been exceptionally adept at pleasing himself.

Not caring that his bedroom door was wide open, the muscular eighteen-year-old sprawled naked on his bed, already half erect out of sheer anticipation, and was swiping through pictures and dirty stories on his tablet. Having just freshened up the shave around his cock and balls a little earlier in the shower, the horny college freshman savored the smooth feel of his body as his cock steadily grew longer and thicker.

He thought about getting up and walking around the house naked with his swollen rod in his fist. He loved the feeling of freedom it gave him. It was the closest he could think of to the feeling of being naked in public, something he hadn’t been able to do in much too long, but then he swiped across a few pictures he had of Denise, a girl he’d had some very good times with during his first year away at college. With Denise, Jay had discovered a surprising taste for risky, public sex.

They’d had dozens of hot encounters in her car parked in places where they could easily have gotten caught, and Jay found the risk always seemed to make his eager dick throb like crazy. The fact that Denise only seemed to be encouraged by the risk made it that much hotter. They’d taken a lot of chances together, but the time he fucked her in a hot tub with two of her friends watching had made him cum as hard as he could ever remember.

One of her friends had spent a couple of weeks housesitting for her boss, who owned a lavish home not too far from their campus. Denise’s friend had invited them over to hang out and have a few beers in her boss’s hot tub. One other girl was there, too.

Jay had enjoyed stripping naked in front of the three college girls more than he would ever expect. Denise could tell it had turned him on to expose himself to her friends, and she hadn’t made any effort to hide it when she started stroking his growing cock under the bubbling water. Before the night was over, she straddled him where he sat and they fucked each other hungrily while her two friends watched, their reactions running between gasps of surprise and nervous laughter.

Jay never expected Denise’s friends to join in. Not that he wouldn’t have loved it, but he knew it wasn’t what his girlfriend wanted. Either way, just exposing himself and fucking his girl in front of her amazed friends had been incredible. He knew they could see his hard dick under the water while he was plunging it into his girlfriend’s pussy with long, excited thrusts while she gasped and moaned, gripping the side of the tub while she rubbed her gorgeous tits up and down his face.

Now looking at a photo on his tablet of Denise’s spread, hairless pussy, her finger deeply lodged in her glistening, pink hole, Jay thought back to that night and stroked his cock until he was fully engorged and throbbing with hot need. He knew he had a special girl and trying to get her friends involved wouldn’t have been worth losing her. Sadly, he’d probably only get to see her only two or three times over the summer.

He’d been home for almost two weeks by now, and since the job he had for the summer demanded staggered hours, he took advantage of these stretches of time where he had the house to himself. With the image of Denise’s smooth, wet pussy on his tablet, Jay kept stroking his hard dick until he was throbbing. He was so hard now his entire body was tingling with sensation while he groaned and fisted his rock-hard pole faster.

Not only did he miss Denise, but he missed all the eye candy that surrounded him on campus back at college. Denise was his girl, but that didn’t keep him from looking at the hot, shapely coeds that seemed to be everywhere. It wasn’t the same now that he was back home. Not even close. Sometimes there were hot looking customers at the large, home improvement center where he worked, but the one who kept drawing his wandering eyes the most was his own mother, Marcie.

At thirty-seven, Marcie was younger and much sexier than any of Jay’s friends’ mothers. His friends had always said so themselves. Sometimes that bothered him, but it also made him admire his mother and feel proud of how good she looked. And she looked better than ever since he’d gotten back. She was on the thick and curvy side, but her body was firm looking and her skin smooth and well cared for. She wore her wavy, brown hair at a medium length, barely touching her shoulders. And while Marcie was blessed with a pretty face with a full, sensuous mouth, her most striking feature was her ripe, full, D cup tits.

Jay’s mother wasn’t a woman who went out of her way to wear revealing escort gaziantep outfits, but she had that kind of body that was hard to conceal. She wasn’t a particularly conservative dresser, either, not being so shy to wear short skirts, yoga pants or low-cut tops. And when she was at home, she often opted for the comfort of going without a bra.

Not for the first time, Jay’s thoughts turned to his pretty mother as he let go of his tablet and began fondling his balls with one hand while the other kept pumping the length of his rigid cock. The closest he’d ever come to seeing her naked was when she put on a bikini to sunbathe in. In his mind, he could see her standing outside in the little turquoise string bikini she sometimes wore. It didn’t take much to imagine her untying those strings and letting the bright strips of fabric fall away from her glorious body.

Her bikini left little doubt his mother either shaved or kept her pussy very closely trimmed. He didn’t feel at all weird about imagining her naked while he stroked his overheated cock. If anything, the excitement of jerking off to his mother was making precum drip heavily out of his cock head. And why not? Wasn’t it better to be able to love a woman who made him this horny?

Jay realized just how much he really did love his mother, yet part of him wished she could see him now. That exhibitionist streak in him drove his excitement higher as he imagined how she’d react to the sight of her son’s fully aroused cock. He was lost in the heightened sensations shooting through him while he gripped his shaft hard. He flashed back on fucking Denise in that hot tub, but in his mind now, it was his mother he saw sitting just a few feet across, her heavy tits bobbing on the surface of the water while she gazed in awe, her nipples hard and glistening wet.

With precum dripping in a mad flow, Jay was quickly rushing toward the peak of his pleasure. His eyes were clenched shut while his tight, young body grew tense at the promise of his oncoming explosion. He started to groan just as he heard the sound of someone coming into his room.

Jay’s eyes suddenly opened wide, shocked to discover his mother standing in the room holding a basket full of laundry. She was gazing openly at the big, swollen cock in his fist, but then her eyes lifted to his face and she kept walking the rest of the way into his room to set down the laundry. She was wearing thin, white yoga pants and a light blue T shirt with a scooped neck. And judging from the way her heavy tits moved as she walked it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Jay could barely move. His hand was frozen still on his cock but his shaft kept pulsing with desperate heat in his grip.

“Uh, I didn’t think anyone was home,” he said breathlessly, at a loss to say anything else.

“Obviously,” his mother said, a faint smile playing at the corners of her lips. “After you’re, um, finished, I could use your help with something.”

And with one more open glance at her son’s hard cock, Marcie walked out of his bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Jay’s hand was pumping his shaft again before the door was even closed. The mixture of embarrassment and excitement he felt was driving him straight toward an urgent climax. It was one thing to fantasize about his own mother seeing him, but the unexpected reality was more than his mind could process. So he just let his cock lead the way while he lifted his ass off the bed and fisted a dizzying geyser of spunk from his cock that ended up spattering half his naked body.

Afterward, he couldn’t help thinking about how calm his mother had seemed, even despite the way she kept sneaking looks at his cock. She’d even expected him to cum. She’d all but invited him to.

He took a quick shower before going to see what she wanted, and while he was hurriedly washing his own cum off his body, he realized how much he wished his mother had stayed in his room long enough to watch him spurt. The very idea made him start tingling all over again.

After his shower he quickly threw on a pair of snug white boxer briefs and a T shirt that didn’t fall far past his waist. With the memory of his mother’s coy smile on her face, he could barely think of anything else except to wonder how she’d react to seeing the way his junk looked in tight briefs. He was so tempted to go downstairs naked as he thought about how much it made him throb to have her looking at his exposed cock, but she probably wouldn’t have reacted the same way if it happened on purpose. She was his mother, after all. She might have been the sexiest mother he knew, and pretty casual and open-minded, but he couldn’t believe she’d have the same kind of naughty streak he was beginning to discover in himself.

When he got downstairs, he found her in the kitchen running a cloth over a counter that already looked perfectly clean. He leaned in the doorway and watched her from behind. What he didn’t notice upstairs was araban escort the outline of a scant, white thong under her yoga pants. Little wonder, considering how distracted he’d been. Her ass looked amazing, but his admiration was cut short when Marcie dropped the cloth and turned around. She almost looked surprised to see him there.

“You said you needed my help with something?” he said.

“Oh sure. I just didn’t expect to see you so soon. Thought you might be busy a while longer.” She was clearly trying to suppress a smirk.

Jay felt his face burn, knowing he must have looked beet red. “Oh, um…I was already going for a while,” he sputtered without thinking, not wanting his mother to think he came really fast.

He caught his mother blushing too.

“You might want to keep your door closed if your father’s home, sweetie,” she suggested. She leaned back against the counter while her eyes drifted down to the bulge in his briefs, and then slowly back to her son’s face.

“Yeah, if Dad’s home,” he agreed. But not if you’re here, he told himself silently.

Jay was already wondering if his mother wanted another look as much as he wanted to give her one. And after what just happened, and looking at his curvaceous mother now, it wasn’t going to be long before he’d be indulging in another stroke session.

“Well I hate to spoil your day, honey, but you’re going to need pants for what I want you to do,” Marcie told him. “I have some errands and I’d like you to drive and help out.”

Jay ran back up to his room and quickly pulled on a pair of shorts, then met his mother outside where she handed him the keys to her minivan. She only had a couple of stops to make, the main one being at a large greenhouse where she bought plants, soil and pots. Jay did all the heavy lifting, and he could barely keep his eyes off her while she stretched or bent over as she made her selections. She hadn’t bothered to put on a bra before leaving the house, and Jay had never been so mesmerized by his mother’s full tits in his life.

There were plenty of times Jay caught other men checking out his curvaceous mother. Anger and jealousy were his first reactions, but then he’d begin to feel proud of her. It was the same reaction he always had when he caught other guys checking out Denise. At first, Jay had the impression his mother was actually encouraging strange men to look. She seemed to be constantly bending over and showing off her ass and camel toe in her revealing yoga pants or offering a generous view of her ripe, braless tits as the scooped neck of her T shirt dipped down. But after it kept happening again and again, he realized she was still doing it when there was no one else around to see but him.

Jay had never seen his mother act this way anytime his father was around. For that matter, he’d never seen her leave the house in his father’s presence dressed the way she was now. It sure looked like Marcie had the same kind of adventurous streak her son had and it made him smile to wonder how much their earlier chance encounter had to do with awakening it. But it could have been an overactive imagination playing tricks on him, too. Either way, his cock was tingling heavily with sensation long before it was time to go back home.

Neither said a word about what his mother had seen earlier, but Jay felt like it was constantly hanging in the air between them. Marcie’s behavior was suddenly more open than usual. At least that’s how it seemed, but Jay wondered if he was only more sensitive to it because of what happened.

When they got home, Jay helped his mother carry her purchases around the side of the house to set them down on the large deck in back, close to where she wanted them when she was working on her gardening.

“Thank you so much, honey,” Marcie told him after they set down the last load. “I couldn’t have done all that without you.”

“No problem, Mom,” Jay replied.

Then his mother gave him a long, tight hug, mashing her full tits against his body. With only the fabric of their T shirts between them, Jay could feel her warm tits like never before, and the struggle to keep his cock from going completely hard was over in seconds. There was no way she couldn’t feel the solid rod pulsing in his shorts, and since she didn’t seem to mind, he couldn’t resist pressing a little harder into her lush body.

“Maybe tomorrow you can help me get some of those flowers planted,” she said while they kept holding each other.

“Um, sure,” Jay replied, keeping his cock snugged against his mother’s body. “I have to work half a day, though.”

Marcie smiled. “You’re the best, baby,” she said.

Then she kissed his cheek, practically on the corner of his mouth. Finally letting him go, she turned to go into the house through the sliding glass doors from the deck. Jay helped himself to a good look at his mother’s full, shapely ass as she swayed slowly into the house, arap escort the sight of the outline of her thong causing a hard dribble of precum to soak into his briefs.

He waited a few minutes before following his mother inside. When he went upstairs, he discovered she was in the bathroom with the shower already running. The door was wide open and she was bending over to remove her thong. She stood back up and saw him gazing in surprise. She just smiled and slid back the door to step into the tub.

Inside the shower stall, behind the frosted glass, Jay’s view of his naked mother was severely diminished. He watched the motion of her body a moment longer, but then continued on to his room with a raging hard on straining at his shorts. He quickly dropped his shorts and briefs, then pulled off his T shirt, too. With his door wide open like before he started stroking his cock to all the images of his hot mother he’d gotten between their shopping trip and the brief look he’d gotten at her naked body.

After a couple of minutes stroking and listening to the sound of his mother in the shower, Jay got off his bed and walked back out of his room. With his raging hard on in his fist, he took those few, slow steps toward the open bathroom door and stood just outside. He watched the cloudy shape of his naked mother in the shower and slowly stroked his rod. His pulse was pounding madly as he thought of the easy chance of her noticing him. It wouldn’t be like what happened earlier when she’d walked in by accident. If she saw him now it would be obvious he meant for her to see him.

With the steam of the shower, his view of his mother was even cloudier, but he could see enough to know when she stopped moving, facing in his direction. Through the misted glass her view of him was probably no better. She might not have seen the details of his bared cock, but she’d certainly see the motion of his hand and arm while his hand slid along the generous length of his excited cock.

Marcie’s hands were moving over her body, but it was hard to tell if she was playing with herself or just washing. Either way, she knew her son was there and that was enough to make Jay’s cock pulse with heat in his stroking fist. He stayed there for a while, but finally went back down the hall to his room, sitting on the edge of his bed and stroking himself slowly while his door hung wide open once again.

Keeping himself on the edge, Jay was careful not to jack himself too hard or fast while he listened to his mother finish showering just down the hall. There were a few minutes of tortuous silence after the water shut off, his hand carefully squeezing his rock-hard flesh, precum oozing heavily out of his cock head.

Then his mother appeared in his doorway, leaning against the frame like she meant to stay there a while. Jay’s heart nearly exploded and he had to stroke extra carefully now or his cock might explode too.

“Again, Jay?” his mother asked, watching the motion of his tight fist.

He could barely think of what to say so he just nodded his head. Marcie’s skin was still shimmering with moisture, and her only covering was a towel wrapped around her body. Her smooth, shapely legs were bare to within an agonizing inch or two below her pussy, and her ripe cleavage was deeply displayed where the towel was tucked into place over her tits.

“You must really miss that girl you’ve been texting all the time,” she said. “What did you say her name was?”

“Denise.” Jay’s voice was little more than a croak.

He was far more excited now than the last time, knowing his mother had come intentionally to catch him jacking off. At the same time, he couldn’t take his eyes off her and wished the towel would come loose and fall off to expose her outrageously hot body.

“Denise,” his mother repeated in a thoughtful tone. “Is she a good fuck, honey?”

Jay nearly came on the spot. His mother had never talked that way in front of him before. She had to be aware of the effect she was having on him, and he was stunned to discover she had it in her to exploit it.

“Well? Is she?” Marcie pressed.

He could barely speak so he just nodded again.

“That’s good, baby,” she replied with a coy smile.

That’s when the sound of his father’s car pulling into the driveway reached them.

“Oh, your father’s home. Remember what we said earlier? About keeping your door closed when he’s in the house?”

“Sure, Mom,” Jay managed to say.

Marcie then pulled her towel loose, letting it fall away from her naked body. Jay was stunned to see that her pussy was completely smooth and bald. Her tits seemed even bigger naked, if that were possible, and he was dangerously close to losing whatever control of his body he had left. His mother made a token show of drying her hair with one hand while she reached for the door knob with the other.

“Be sure to clean up before dinner, baby,” she told him just before pulling the door closed.

Jay leaned back on his bed and finally pumped a hard, frothing gusher of spunk from his overheated cock that spattered the upper half of his body. He was barely finished cumming before he could hear his mother shut herself back into the bathroom, and his father coming into the house downstairs.

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