Swimming Pool Sluts!


“Landing strip or baby bald?” asked 50 year old platinum haired Mandy Collins holding the safety razor in her finger’s, looking at her girlfriend Nikki Brown.

Redheaded Nikki, 40 and only 5 feet tall, took a cheek hollowing drag off her VS 120, then ashed the glowing tip in the ashtray next to the toilet, where she sat nude except for her 6 inch clear acrylic spiked cum fuck me sandals.

“Ummmmmm… Bald.” giggled Nikki passing her cigarette to Mandy. “Do me baby and don’t be a stranger to this little girl poking her head out.”

Touching her silver polished nails to the nickel sized clitoris crowning her swollen pink cunt lips. She added, “She’s hungry! Needs your attention.”

Mandy at five feet nine towered over the saucy redhead. With her matching 6 inch clear spiked cum fuck me’s, it supplied her an Empire State Building view of her girlfriend, and what a view that was. 36DD tanned titties with thick erect nipples that made Mandy’s mouth water. This by itself made her cunt all sticky and gooey.

Mandy stubbed out the cigarette and opened her cigarette case taking out her own brand Mores 120’s. She lit one of the long brown cigarettes and offered it to Nikki’s buttered ruby red lips.

“Thank you darling. ” Nikki purred double pumping the Mores 120, rewarding Mandy with a perfect ball of smoky exhale. Looking up at Mandy with her heavily mascaraed blue eyes. Nikki drank in her beautiful friend and lover. She practically drooled as Mandy modeled her tiny white bikini. The silky triangles fought to cover her magnificent breasts, the silky material tented by her thumb thick nipples.

“You are going to blow a few fuses out at the pool in that bikini baby. Like the song goes “How you going to keep me down on the farm… Once they’ve seen Mandy.” Nikki laughed. “Now babe let’s shave my cooze.”

Kneeling between Nikki’s wide spread thighs, Mandy felt the sharp spikes of her heels digging into her ass cheeks.

“Such a pretty mommy pussy. So pink and wet.” Mandy purred dabbing a small smear of shaving cream on the hump of Nikki’s plump mons.

Nikki drew in a quick breath as Mandy curved her sharp nailed index and forefinger up in the sticky lips of her cunt, forcing her swollen clitoris to beg from the clitoral foreskin.

“Damn mommy, You sure know what baby girl likes!” Nikki hummed, inhaling a mouthful of 120 smoke, causing her big boobs to swell.

“Shave it mommy before you make your baby girl cum…”

Stroking the sharp razor across the mini meadow of pubic fuzz, Mandy leaned forward, capturing Nikki’s stiff nipple between her lips.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” she gasped, feeling Mandy’s sharp teeth bite into her erect nipple. “Bite me, you bitch!”

Nikki cupped her boob in her finger’s, the cigarette filter pressed into the tanned flesh. She lifted the big cantalope sized boob so her extended tongue could lick Mandy’s mouth clamped on her nipple.

Mandy felt Nikki’s pointed tongue tip trace her upper lip, along the curve of her perfect nose and across her forehead. This lascivious face tasting nearly caused Mandy to hands free orgasm.

“You slut you almost made me cum.” moaned Mandy breaking her nipple kiss. “What tramp did you learn that from?”

“Watch how you talk about my granddaughter.” smirked Nikki, French inhaling 120 smoke, snowballing a plume of the fragrant cigarette exhale into Mandy’s sultry smile.

“She did it to me and her mother yesterday before she ate both of us. 18 and already eating pussy like a 40 year old porn star.”

“When do I eat her?” Ummmmmm I mean meet her?” giggled Mandy working her finger’s inside Nikki’s oozing cunt. Her free hand shaving the red pubes, the razor traveling around Nikki’s blood congested clit.

“I’m going to cum. Oh Fuck Mandy your finger’s are making me cum.” hissed the redheaded grandmother.

“Finger me! I’m cumming you bitch!”

Mandy smiled, watching her nasty playmate squirm on her finger’s, crammed in the bitch’s cunt, working the hole into a wet sticky mess. “Cum baby. Cum hard for Mandy.”

Her handiwork was rewarded with Nikki’s yelp of pleasure and a gush of the fragrant juices dripping into the toilet bowl. The smell of Nikk’s cunt was overwhelming to her senses. It made her so hot for this bitch.

Nikki’s pussy scent always drove her crazy. In her car… Shopping… Dining out.. Anytime Nikki was horny and excited she would exude pheromones…Men…Women…Dogs would smell her and want to fuck her.

“Pool Side Preggo Pussy “

The hotel pool was a pussy paradise, but although there was pussy of every description lounging in the sparkling blue water. When Mandy and Nikki entered the palm tree shaded court heads turned. The nearly 12 inch difference in their heights was an eye catching sight, but it was the length of gold chain looped to Nikki’s slave collar that was attracting the attention of the hotel guests.

“We’re getting looks baby. ” Hummed Mandy giving the chain a jerk, causing Nikki to wobble on her tall spiked sandals.

“Lots of cock here feriköy escort and young cunt. What do you have a taste for bitch?”

“Cunt…” exclaimed the busty redheaded grandmother, setting down their beach bags,

“Warm, pink, young wet cunt!”

“Pick up the bags bitch.” ordered Mandy surveying the girls lounging by the pool. She immediately spied a young blonde stretched out on the chaise lounge. A very pregnant young blonde. Her smooth tanned baby belly dwarfing the tiny pink bikini thong.

Mandy drank in the sight of the girl’s obvious milk filled titties, threatening to burst out of the pink bikini top.

The pregnant girl looked over the top of her sunglasses, as Mandy led Nikki to the pool lounging area. She shifted her buttocks on the chaise to accommodate the bulging belly. Biting her lower lip, she drank in the erotic sight of the two cougars coming her way. Almost like two hungry cats stalking their next feast.

“I’m Mandy. Mind if we join you?” asked Mandy leading Nikki to the young girl’s side. “My bitch Nikki is hungry, can you nourish my worthless slut?”

“Well, first off lady. My name is Kimmy. I’m eighteen and this bundle of joy is 8 months along.” the girl answered soothing the big tummy with her long sharp silver lacquered fingernails.

“Honey these boobs are so full of milk, I could nurse you bitch. You and every woman here once an hour. Does this answer your question?” she giggled cupping her breasts in an offering, the tanned orbs nearly overflowing the flimsy bikini cups…

“Ummmmm, well how do you do? Kimmy…” laughed Mandy drawing the cabana privacy curtain on the poolside view. “Nikki this is Kimmy and I think you should greet her in the proper lady like manner.”

Nikki looked at Mandy with a lascivious smile on her full crimson lips.” Can I have a cigarette after I greet baby girl Kimmy. Mistress Mandy?”

Mandy licked her lips, then extended her long wet pink tongue, wagging it lewdly. “Of course you bitch. Now greet the mommy to be Kimmy Girl!”

Nikki knelt next to the young girl placing her tiny hands on the big belly, rubbing her sharp tipped nails over the taut tanned skin.

“Well hello baby.” she cooed, kissing the tummy just below the protruding navel, decorating it with several red lipstick prints.

“Can Nikki come inside and play with you?”

“Baby and mommy say yes!” purred Kimmy. “Let me have one of your cigarettes Mandy.”

Kimmy added, slipping the tiny bikini top off her bulging milk filled tit.

Mandy silently mouthed the word “WOW” as she studied the teen’s upthrust boob. The nipple capping the big cantaloupe was nearly an inch long, the milk duct bull’s-eyed in the center of the thumb thick nugget, clearly ready to ooze mother’s milk…

“Is Mommy Nikki and Mommy Mandy ready to nurse on these tits? They are so fucking full of sweet milk. Baby milk. Nikki milk. Mandy milk.”

Mandy magically produced three long brown Mores 120’s from her handbag, placing one between the young girl’s pouty lips. One between Nikki’s caressing finger’s and the third between her own red hued lips.

“Kiss her bitch!” Mandy casually commanded the kneeling Nikki. “Taste her mouth. Taste her spit. Taste the pussy the little preggo bitch has been eating.”

“Yes, you old cunt kiss me. It makes me wet.” giggled Kimmy, inhaling a mouthful of cigarette smoke, causing her swollen tits to expand to even greater dimensions.

“Taste the bitch I ate this morning, an old bitch really, 60 or so.”

Kimmy let the creamy smoke drift from her red lips, “My mother’s best friend. I made her cum over and over. The bitch squirted all over the coffee table.”

Mandy snickered drawing on her cigarette. “Bet you did! Did she make you cum you slut?”

“5 times, after we licked up her juices from the glass table top. We slurped juice like kittens at a saucer of milk.” laughed Kimmy, watching Nikki trail red lipstick kisses over her tummy, cresting the dome of her baby swollen belly.

“No titty till you kiss my lips.” ordered Kimmy, slipping her milk filled tit back into the tiny bikini top, then exhaling a perfect cone of fragrant smoke into Nikki’s face.

“French kisses bitch!”

Laughing, Mandy snaked her finger’s across her slightly rounded belly, into the low waistband of her bikini bottom searching out her clitoris. Pressing her fingernails against her budding clit, her hips jerked in response, to the pleasurable sensations.

“That’s it Kimmy be hard on the bitch! It’s the only thing she understands!”

Nikki took a hard pull on her cigarette, glaring at Mandy. She whined in a little girl voice.

“Not so! I understand when you tell me to eat your pussy!”

“Does she eat your pussy good mommy?” smiled Kimmy exhaling a plume of smoke across her luscious soon to be mommy titties.

Mandy double snapped her Mores, savoring the cigarette, then she gestured with a flip of her manicured hand.

“Comme ci, comme ca.” she looked at the young gülbağ escort blonde, her other hand cupping the mound of her vagina inside her bikini bottom.

“You bitch!” hissed Nikki, her perfect nostrils flaring with duel jets of cigarette smoke. “I always make you cum!”

“Hey ladies, let’s fight nice.” Kimmy laughed, stubbing out her cigarette. “Nikki light me another cigarette, then press those lips on mine. I want to taste your spit!”

Mandy eased two finger’s between her labia, working her juices into a slosh, saturating the silky bikini triangle. Watching her bitch Nikki hover over the big belly decorated with lipstick prints was getting her insides a burning oven ready to cum.

“Give the slut your spit!” ordered Mandy her knees trembling as the first wave of orgasm’s hit her in the underbelly like a small caged animal banging in his cage’

“Oh God, I’m cumming!” she grunted watching Nikki spit a mouthful of saliva on Kimmy’s boobs, the silvery spittle oozing into the young blonde’s cleavage.

“More!” laughed Kimmy, pressing her big boobs together, working Nikki’s spit between the big orbs. “Bath my titties you old slut!”

Nikki took two cigarettes from her handbag, offering one to Kimmy.

“Thanks Grammy. Kimmy blurted in a girlish giggle. As she and Nikki watched Mandy masturbate, Mandy’s blue eyes glazing with the building orgasms.

Her Mores 120 dangling from her pursed lips, Mandy lowered her buttocks into a squat, pulling her bikini thong to one side releasing a splashing spurt of her juices. The pungent squirt puddled on the flagstone tiles in shimmering pools…”Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck Yes! Cum! I’m cumming Kimmy!”

“Holy Fuck! Look at that old slut juice! All for little Kimmy.” the preggo teen slut giggled.

Mandy rested her elbows on her knees, her big tits hanging in the gap, the bikini cups straining under the weight of the mature breasts. Her breath coming in short, smoky sobs.

“So Fucking Sweet!” she moaned softly, taking a long drag on her cigarette. “Cum for little bitch Kimmy.”

Her knees wobbling slightly, Mandy stood up towering above Nikki and the smiling teenager. Enjoying a final pull on the brown cigarette, she flicked the Mores 120 into the grass.

“Now you cunt, kiss that little bitch properly, so we can do those big milky tits.” ordered Mandy taking Nikki’s cigarette from her finger’s. She double pumped the brown cigarette, then grabbed Nikki’s red hair, twisting the locks so her mouth was level with Kimmy’s pursed crimson lipsticked lips.

“Kiss Her!” shrilled Mandy pressing Nikki’s mouth against Kimmy’s, their red lipstick smearing each other’s open mouths. Nikki’s long pink tongue invaded Kimmy’s, searching out the teenager’s willing tongue tip.

The older redhead broke the kiss with a breathless gasp. “I taste your cigarette and that other bitch’s twat.” laughed Nikki, smacking her lips. “Cunt juice and Mores, Ummmm.”

Cupping her big milk filled boobs Kimmy giggled again. “Are my mommies ready to have their milk cocktails?” her cigarette “V”ed between her long silver nails, Kimmy slipped the bikini cups under each cantaloupe sized tanned tit, the pink material supporting the heavy breasts.

Nikki looked at her older friend Mandy for permission, and was rewarded with a stream of cigarette smoke and a wink. Stepping over the puddles of her recent orgasm, Mandy stood on the opposite side of the reclining blonde mom to be. She placed her hand on Kimmy’s big belly, caressing the tanned skin just below the girl’s protruding navel. Squatting on her heels Mandy leaned forward, taking the erect nipple in her lips, sucking in the entire pink aurole in her open mouth.

“Oh Fuck Yes! Suck It! Suck my tit!” Kimmy hissed, feeding her breast to the older woman. “You too. You old cunt! Suck the other nipple!” she ordered Nikki, who wasted no time wrapping her lipsticked lips around the twin of the boob Mandy was devouring with relish.

Mandy savored the feel of the warm tit flesh in her mouth, her tongue dueling with the swollen nipple, She was rewarded with a mouth filling gush of sweet thin mother’s milk.

The teenager’s underbelly lifted against Mandy’s palm.

The little slut is going to orgasm as we drink her baby’s milk. Thought Mandy swallowing the mouthful of the warm fluid. Well, I’m not going to disappoint the bitch. Mandy suctioned the breast tip deep, drawing another mouthful of the sweet nourishing stream.

“Oh! Oh! Suck my nipples! You’re making me cum!” Kimmy moaned humping her baby belly against Mandy’s caressing fingertip’s.

Mandy released the tanned tit, half a mouthful of Kimmy’s milk streaming over the big boob, flooding the cleavage of her breasts. She watched the opaque milk stream in rivulets over the girl’s arched back, pooling beneath the teen’s taut buttocks on the chaise lounge.

Redheaded Nikki was sucking in the same rich flow of milk between her lips, her pearly teeth biting the erect nipple, drawing a taste of blood with the kağıthane escort sweet mom’s milk, which drove her into a vampire like frenzy.

Kimmy squealed with pain and pleasure as her tits were seduced along with her hands free orgasm.

“Ahhhhhh Fuck! Ahhhhh Fuck Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she whimpered, her bum cheeks dancing in the milk on the lounge chair.

“Do it you little slut!” ordered Mandy snap drawing a mouthful of cigarette smoke. “Cum you greedy bitch! Cum so everyone can hear what a lewd cunt you are!”

Mandy smiled as she noticed a flood of juice saturate the tiny pink bikini bottom, mingling with the baby milk, then dripping through the lounge material pooling on the tile.

Nikki her lips smeared with blood and gleaming tit milk, placed her hand on Kimmy’s swollen belly. “Did her water break? Fuck! I can feel the brat moving in her womb.”

Mandy touched her long red nails into the shimmering liquid on the lounge cushion, then licked them clean with a slurping grin. “Tastes like pussy juice to me.”

Kimmy sated and exhausted from her orgasm purred. “Relax bitch, I just had a good ol’ fashioned cum. The brat is always kicking after I bust a good cummy!”

“Taste it!” ordered Mandy flicking her cigarette onto the lawn. “I want a taste of her cunt.”

Nikki took a quick pull on her Mores 120 cigarette, streaming the smoke across Kimmy’s belly, then licked at the droplets of juice dripping off the cushion, catching the wetness on her extended pink tongue.

“Most definitely pussy juice!” she exclaimed, licking her lips. “With a hint of milk, Yummy.”

“Give the bitch a taste of her cunt.” laughed Mandy pointing her long, sharp nailed index finger at Kimmy.

Kimmy returned the look with an obscene wag of her tongue. “Yeah, you old slut, kiss me!”

Like the good, obedient bitch she enjoyed being, Nikki once again pressed her botoxed lips to little Kimmy’s open mouth, her tongue searching for the teenager’s playful pink tongue.

With Kimmy occupied by Nikki licking her tonsils, Mandy took another cigarette from her handbag, squatting on her spiked heels, she lit the brown cigarette, then touched her finger’s to the pink silk bows tying the bikini bottom at Kimmy’s shapely hips. With a swift jerk she undid the loops holding the cunt squirt saturated bikini bottom.

“Well, Nikki would you just take a look at what I found hidden between Miss Preggo’s thighs.” Mandy purred looking at the teen’s clean shaven pubic mound. She drew in a quick breath as she gazed at a perfect miniature pussy, the dewy pink outer lips were a mere inch long, the budding baby clitoris crowning the tiny prize vagina, a deep pink grape sized glans.

“Nikki leave the bitch’s tongue alone and get your slutty mouth down here and look at this perfect baby girl pussy!” barked Mandy Frenching her cigarette inhale.

Nikki gave Kimmy’s tongue a final lick and followed it with a kiss on the teen nose.

“It’s appears to be just like when the slut came out of her Mama’s womb.” giggled Nikki kissing the baby smooth skin above the erect blood congested clitoris. “Girlfriend how do you get a cock in you?”

“Bitch you would be amazed how well a cock slips into Little Kimmy!” laughed the teenager pursing her lips with a smoky exhale.

Nikki touched her sharp nails to Kimmy’s tiny gleaming labia, pinching the lips, spreading them so Mandy could gaze at the mouth of the teenager’s vagina, exposing the deep pinkish red hole, no larger than a pencil eraser. Clear pearls of Kimmy’s juices bubbled from the tiny orifice.

“So sweet…Sooooo Fucking Sweet!” whispered Mandy touching her blood red fingernail into the seething eye of the girl’s cunt.

“Yessssssss…” hissed Kimmy lifting her hips to meet Mandy’s probing finger. “Fuck my cunt! Fuck my pussy! Make me cum again!”

“Do her Mandy…Make the slut cum…” purred Nikki drawing the swollen labia apart. The baby lips stretched to their limit, enticing a whimper, then a mewing cry from Kimmy as she bucked her ass with Mandy’s finger fucking.

“Oh… Oh… Oh..Fuck Me Mandy! Oh Shit! Oh Shit…Fuck my cunt!”

Nikki looked at Mandy to see what nasty deed the platinum soccer mom had in store for the cum hungry teenager.

“Not yet you bitch! You don’t run this circus. I do. Nikki lift Kimmy’s leg over your shoulder and grab her spiked heel, I want this slut wide open.” Mandy directed her redheaded girlfriend, as she slipped her bikini cups off her magnificent titties.

Mandy with her cigarette dangling from her lips pushed Kimmy’s other leg upward so she could wedge her tanned breasts against the blonde teenager’s asscheek.

“Fuck Mandy you got my cunt wide open!” Kimmy giggled drawing in a mouthful of cigarette smoke. “And we have an audience.”

Looking over her shoulder, Mandy looked out through the poolside cabana opening. Watching the threeway sex circus, was a 40’s something redhead, her nice sized boobs resting on her crossed arms leaning on the pool’s edge.

The pretty redhead fluttered her finger’s in a hello I’m here, gesture. Mandy mouthed a wet lipped kiss back at the peeping intruder.

Nikki kissed Kimmy’s smooth inner thigh, then looked out the cabana front with Mandy, noticing the redhead. Nikki could see the woman had one hand under the shimmering blue water.

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